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08 Oct, 2021
This is not only a very intelligent watch... it is also very trendy too - which is great for a smart watch. The face has plenty of modern style and the black straps have a great style too. The huge 1.... read more »

super twin pack

13 Apr, 2021
This is a great torch. Don't be dissuaded by the unknown brand. It's very well built and the four modes are easy to operate. Not sure I need a strobe mode though. I use it at work all the time... read more »

very good pump

13 Apr, 2021
Purchased to replace broken unit, never seen a battery powered one before which is amazing. So much easier for inflating garden toys & pools than running extension leads out! read more »


13 Apr, 2021
good ice trays twin set. does what it says read more »

great cam

13 Apr, 2021
Picture quality much improved over my ancient MacBook Pro's camera. Good autofocus and light levels. A bit bright but realistic colours. I have not tried it's mic yet. read more »

good 4 the price

16 Mar, 2021
Already got some Soundpeats earbuds which were good quality for their remarkably low price, so I thought I'd try this fitness watch and see if the same applies. Mainly I just wanted to count my st... read more »


11 Mar, 2021
I have bought it for my sons bike.It is very bright and easy to assemble on the bike. read more »

good value

08 Mar, 2021
Great value led tourch  read more »

good 4 the price

23 Feb, 2021
easy connection and fast auto connection for 2 nd time use ???????? Auto pairing both earphones is way better than some brands that you need to pair one by one. Sound quality is good, but the micropho... read more »


23 Feb, 2021
prefect nice little torch i kept in my car very handy it got nice 18650 battery with USB charger it is very bright for it size got 3 different power level which can be handy but i use on full brightne... read more »

good lights for a bike

17 Feb, 2021
The front light is very bright, even on the lower setting. It also doesn't have a flash function, which was disappointing although it wasn't stated to in the listing, I just assumed it would.... read more »

stand by me

05 Jan, 2021
If you are looking for the lightest, best priced and well made laptop stand then this is one you should consider! The engineering that went into this laptop stand is EXCELLENT. The quality of the wo... read more »


19 Aug, 2020
Great for small and big hands this compact controller is quirky and colourful. He loves the screenshot button and being able to show off his latest scores to his friends. Connected easily and was s... read more »

super batts

20 Jan, 2020
Being a dad of 2 young kids, I realised that they require batteries for the christmas presents. But I did not realise just how many they would need. So me being me did not buy quite as much. So I got... read more »

ok set

25 Nov, 2019
Fairly good set of camera cleaning tools. Quite surprised that just about all of it is actually usable and the quality is pretty good. Bottle for cleaning fluid, or just water, but no fluid comes w... read more »

nice charger

25 Nov, 2019
This is a really nice charger. It has enough power to recharge my device up to 3 times. Never have to worry about not having power. Had it for 2 weeks now and only charged it once. So it’s very... read more »

super ss bowl

25 Nov, 2019
This bowl is great for mixing or for salads. I like the soft bottom to keep it quiet while working and the light weight for easy handling. read more »

good all round power bank

25 Nov, 2019
I really needed a power bank as I was fed up looking for sockets or using those small power banks that charge my phone once and takes a long time to charge. This item arrived safe and well packaged. T... read more »

great torch

18 Nov, 2019
I walk my dog most nights, and you never know what your going yo walk into up the park, let alone who might me hanging around. I had seen some videos on youtube about just how bright these led torch... read more »

great charger

08 Oct, 2019
I have lots of device lying around, headohones , phones , powerbank , and this charger is able to charge 3 of them at once , convinently. And it feels pretty strong to hold in hand. So i would say it... read more »

did not work

02 Sep, 2019


02 Sep, 2019
I've had this speaker for a couple of days now and so far it's been brilliant. For its size and price the sound quality isn't bad. I've been using it just indoors in small rooms and it... read more »

the best small speaker

29 May, 2019
 I was looking for a speaker that is compact and powerful and is also bluetooth which can be carried easily anywhere but should be good enough to play in a house party but did not want to spend t... read more »

the best small speaker for the price

30 Apr, 2019
Wow! Let's start by saying that the volume level of this speaker is LOUD! Indeed it have 4 active drivers, 2 for bass/mid and 2 for high's L+R of the device's face, and a pair of "pas... read more »

good heater/fan

10 Apr, 2019
Well delighted with this product. Using it for 20 days at my office and have no issues. Very nice stylish design, portable and very easy to use. The heater has good heating temperature and it's ve... read more »

great power bank

01 Apr, 2019
this mini power bank is slim , light weight design, easily to put in my pocket , it can hold among 10000mAh power. An advice for fields , trip , trekking and tourism, is to use the USB port which shou... read more »

good battery bank

18 Mar, 2019
Great compact power bank unit. Very easy to use, charged my Samsung S7 edge twice using this unit at different instances before I needed to recharge the power bank. I also have used it for my other de... read more »

good usb hub

08 Mar, 2019
A remarkable piece of kit. Does everything it claims to do. The one slight issue I've had so far is that it didn't want to give me a Gbit ethernet connection when connected to my laptop's... read more »

good drive

08 Mar, 2019
Easy to set up. Stores my files well. The translation of the manual is not as clear as could be and needs updating to match the current app. read more »

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