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I am a US Army veteran and my favorite hobby is shopping online and reviewing merchandise to help others make informed decisions. Mostly buy items that promote family activities such as toys, outdoor activities merchandise, items I can use in our kitchen and around the house. Sometimes, personal items such as watches, wallets and so on. Having a big family (7 kids and 7 grand kids), shopping for presents its an all year around activity. When I am interested in a product is because I feel it is a great and useful one. However, I do my very best to make my reviews as objective, impartial and honest as humanly possible and solely based on my own experiences.
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This brought me some childhood memories!

16 May, 2019
I came across this Soprano Recorder that seemed very similar to the one I used to have when I was a kid. So I ordered it, and to my surprise, it sounded as great as the one I had! My daughter is takin... read more »

Great wireless drill for light duty projects.

16 May, 2019
I was very excited and eager to test this drill with a cedar wood fence project I'm just finishing this week. However, it was not strong enough to sink the self drilling screws I used to fasten th... read more »

Excellent kitchen gadget for garlic lovers!

16 May, 2019
This particular style of garlic press and slicer is my favorite. The second time I ordered one of this particular style because the first one I had, someone decided to take it!...The only complaint I... read more »

Amazingly soft even though it is 100% polyester!

16 May, 2019
I wear size 34 (USA) and ordered this trunks in medium. The fit perfectly (as I expected). The trunks exhibit excellent craftsmanship in terms of stitching and design. Have 3 pockets, one of them that... read more »

Great little bag to have as a workout companion!

15 Apr, 2019
This is not my first purchase of this item. Have bought them to give as gifts because they are versatile, nicely made and useful. Great for carrying the essentials such as the smartphone and small wal... read more »

Fairly fitted my 2015 Nissan Versa.

15 Apr, 2019
Fairly fitted our small car. However, it was quite difficult to install without having to remove the seats. Do not expect great quality at this price. The fabric is thin, yet quite flexible. I do not... read more »

Great for carrying all my valuables, car keys, and more!

15 Apr, 2019
When you have lots of kids (and grandkids), you need all the help you can get to carry your wallet, car keys, smartphone and other valuables without worrying that they would slip out from your pocket,... read more »

Very cheaply made...worthless...

07 Apr, 2019
This earphones are not quality made. Arrived missing one of the ear pieces. Would not even waste my time returning it since it was very cheap. read more »

Nice for the kids, but made of cheap plastic.

05 Apr, 2019
I bought this for my kids so they would have their own instead of using my expensive one. Unfortunately, it came with a broken part, but it still works. I can not deny it would make a perfect gift for... read more »

The cable works great with my S9...However...

05 Apr, 2019
This cable works great with my Samsung S9, but I think it is overpriced. Most phone charging cables do not last very long and you can find many decent ones in the $10 to $20 range. However, at this pr... read more »

One of my favorite hobbies!

05 Apr, 2019
Diamond painting kits are one of my favorites hobbies to enjoy with my 5 year old daughter. Spend hours of leisure time with your loved ones doing things together. It is so satisfying to see the end r... read more »

An extra kit always comes in handy.

30 Mar, 2019
My nails grow very fast! And I dislike with a passion not finding a nail clipper when I need it the most. Hopefully, having this extra kit nicely organized in it's own carrying case may alleviate... read more »

Makes your life easier when dealing with garlic!

30 Mar, 2019
This garlic press and peeler kit does it jobs. It makes so easy to peel them with the silicone tube roller and the press does a good job. Includes a brush to clean it and it is made in stainless steel... read more »

Perfect for my Galaxy S9!

30 Mar, 2019
I dislike when someone unplugs my smartphone to charge theirs when riding my van. This car charger adapter is nicely made in metal and its gray color termination matches perfectly with the interiors.... read more »

Great kit to keep handy in my van!

30 Mar, 2019
I dislike with a passion having to buy a nail clipper every time "someone" takes mine...So I bought this nice and very complete set to hide in one of my van's compartments. It comes neat... read more »

Decent charger for its price!

26 Mar, 2019
We use lots of AA and AAA batteries in our house! The smoke detectors, remote controls for appliances and RC toys, karaoke microphones, etc. It does not come with batteries, but I ordered both types w... read more »

Great addition to any vehicle emergency kit!

26 Mar, 2019
I have an emergency power pack in all my vehicles (3). Got this one for my new minivan and it's perfect in many ways. First of all, it comes in a small carrying case making it an excellent choice... read more »

Never received.

15 Mar, 2019
Can not review since I never received the item I bought. read more »

Great little gadget to have as a workout companion!

15 Mar, 2019
Bought this little MP player for its many features. However, I prefer to listen to my favorite radio stations while running or working out and this makes it easier on me. It is very small and light. T... read more »

An excellent addition to my kid's bathroom!

03 Mar, 2019
I bought this night light/speaker for my kids. That way they just get up at night if the needs arise and easily head to their restrooms. I love the wireless speaker feature because I either love to si... read more »

Excellent assortment to use when going for smaller fishes.

03 Mar, 2019
Fairly priced assortment of small fishing hooks. Can't wait to go fresh water fishing as soon as the weather gets warmer! They seem of acceptable quality, expect them to perform well in the field. read more »

It could save you money in the long run!

23 Feb, 2019
Batteries could be expensive! I have seen 9V batteries priced at $3 or more each. However, this battery charger package includes 3 9V rechargeable batteries! With just using each battery 3 times you r... read more »

Excellent gift idea!

23 Feb, 2019
I got this for a friend because he mentioned to me that he was tired of seeing shoes by his entrance door hallway. This can hold up to 12 pairs and hangs neatly behind a closet door by his entrance. U... read more »

Kind of heavy, but it's still a great deal!

27 Dec, 2018
I own a few tactical best, and this one is not my favorite because it feels a little heavier than my other ones. However, it can not be denied that its quality justifies its cost. This one i... read more »

After getting the camo one and being impressed by its quality, I could not resist the temptation of getting it in black also...

27 Dec, 2018
I am very pleased with the quality of this vest at such a reasonable price, the only flaw I noticed is that it would not be practical trying to fit 2 AR15 magazines per pouch (would not fit). I g... read more »

This made an excellent Christmas present for my daughter!

27 Dec, 2018
This tiny backpack exhibits great craftmanship. It is made of a multicolor, soft, hairy material with a silver metallic backing and long enough adjustable straps. The inside is lined with a pink, cott... read more »

Very soft... love the "radiant" pink color... excellent gift!

19 Dec, 2018
So far I am very pleased with this bedding set I bought for my wife and our soon to be born baby girl. The material feels very soft and the pink color looks radiant, vibrant... love the color. Bought... read more »

Simply beautiful! My daughter will love it!

15 Dec, 2018
This mini backpack is simply beautiful! Great gift for unicorn enthusiasts! It has two outer zippered pockets, front and back. And a main compartment with zipper also. Beautifully made of a... read more »

Great stunt car, minor defects.

15 Dec, 2018
This stunt car is really awesome and very much worth its price. However, there are two issues I think that should be addressed: the lettering in the wheels falls off easily and it does not come w... read more »

Compact, beautiful leather and excellent craftmanship.

13 Dec, 2018
This bi-fold wallet is beatifuly made in leather. It truly exhibits excellent craftmanship, perfect stitching all around. It has six slots for credit cards (it may hold 8 to 9 credit cards, but I woul... read more »

This is one of the best products I could have gifted myself!

13 Dec, 2018
I bought this 9v battery charger set for myself with the hope of saving money and time. The kit consists of a 3 slots charging station and six 9 volt rechargeable batteries. With so many batterie... read more »

One of the best RC Cars I have bought so far!

13 Dec, 2018
I have a decent collection of RC Cars and other vehicles. This one is one of our favorites. It is heavy and stable, and runs great in our rug(I play with my son in our big living room). The vehicle fe... read more »

Nice doll, but the packaging is not a great marketing idea.

08 Dec, 2018
This will be one of my daughter's Christmas present, so I can not say much about the sounds it makes. However, it is a cute little doll. It is actually smaller than perceived in the picture.... read more »

Soft and warm! Awesome pajama set!

08 Dec, 2018
Ordered this pajama set for my 2 year old boy in size 18 to 24 months, it fits perfect! Made of 100% soft and cozy cotton! The fabric is thicker than expected, which its great! Specially for this cold... read more »

Very fragile, feels like a cheap not even rechargeable.

05 Dec, 2018
Very weak and cheaply made. Operates with batteries and is not even rechargeable. Comes with a few sheets that look like fabric softener sheets. Not happy at all. You can not mop with this, and much l... read more »

Got to love this apron set! Ideal for this Christmas season!

05 Dec, 2018
Ordered this set and came just in time to use it in my wife's baby shower! Even my daughter enjoyed helping in the kitchen as long as I let her borrow it. The only downside is that is not waterpro... read more »

A lot of work, but turns out beautiful!

30 Nov, 2018
This is the ideal kit for a cold evening at home with nothing better to do...Spent a couple of hours on it, but it was worth it! The only downside is that it is a little overpriced for its size. Howev... read more »

Excellent quality and craftmanship!

28 Nov, 2018
At first, I was impressed by the quality of this tactical chest vest, but disappointed with the "apparent fact" that I could not remove any of the attached pouches. After carefully inspectin... read more »

Awesome educational toy for parents to bond with their toddlers!

28 Nov, 2018
This toy is awesome! My 2 year old son already knows shapes, colors, numbers and letters, but it still was a great idea to get this toy set. Includes 10 perforated cardboards with different shapes and... read more »

Excellent acrylic painting set for the price! Includes canvases!

27 Nov, 2018
I bought this set to enjoy sharing with my 5 year old daughter while introducing her to art. It is certainly a great starting set. Includes 12 acrylic paint tubes, 3 canvas panels and all the brushes... read more »

Never received the item, given refund instead of another option.

27 Nov, 2018
Can not review a product I never received. However, was not very happy with just receiving a refund after waiting for so long without being given the option to choose a replacement.  #RankBoos... read more »

WOW...Very pleased with the utility and versatility of this massager!

23 Nov, 2018
This is one of the best investments in my life! This massager can be used in your car or the house. Comes with two set of cables so you can either connect to your house's AC current outlet or your... read more »

Very pleased with the completeness of this set!

23 Nov, 2018
 I grew up as a "jack of all trades", and sketching, painting and drawing were part of my favorite hobbies. When I came across this kit, it reminded me when I used to make pictures of a... read more »

Very light material.

23 Nov, 2018
Bought this mouse to have as spare one because one of the mouses at work broke and was kind of tired of moving the mouse from one computer to the other. The mouse is light and comfortable to use but s... read more »

Excellent choice of water coloring set!

17 Nov, 2018
Consisting of a 36 vibrant colors palette, 6 different sizes brushes and a 12 sheets coloring pad, just all you need to bring out the artistic talents in you or your kids! I bought this to expose my c... read more »

This is definitely a 5 STAR item considering such a low price for a cowhide wallet!

17 Nov, 2018
This check book wallet is made of real leather! And so inexpensive! Well, the best features: RFID BLOCKING, I'D see through slot, slots for 7 credit cards, a compartment for bills, a see through c... read more »

Just what I needed to have better access to my shoes!

17 Nov, 2018
I could not be any happier! I own quite a number of shoes... And when I head out the door, I just like slip my feet and go! However, I hate to be looking for a specific pair, specially if someone in m... read more »

Very simple decorative item. Yet, my wife loves it!

16 Nov, 2018
I bought these as a gift for my wife. She likes them very much and they make a great decor item. They include the wall hanging hardware and the wooden pins to hold the pictures. However, I consider th... read more »

Wow! Exquisite smell (very light)...

06 Nov, 2018
My wife washed the kids clothes and they felt soft and fresh. Love the fact that it does not have a strong smell. Compatible with my HE front loading washer. Can't wait to the the results when was... read more »

I am very disappointed with this product...Does not turn on.

06 Nov, 2018
I bought this MP3 to give as a present. To my surprise, this one is worthless (I have bought another one a while back and still enjoy it). However, even though it seems to have charge when I touc... read more »

Excellent choice for travelers like me!

03 Nov, 2018
When I travel by air I prefer to do it light. I bring my bag almost empty but on my way back...Extremelly full. I bought this duffle because it comes with a matching carrying bag (ideal for my traveli... read more »

Love the sound, even though they are a little pricey.

03 Nov, 2018
I use this headset with my Samsung Smartphone. Listening to the song "Despacito" I was impressed with the crispness of its sounds. The bass, vocals, cords, in fact, every note, sounded great... read more »

Nice and comfortable, but lack of information regarding materials and handling. Size is kind of deceptive

03 Nov, 2018
The shirt feels comfortable and seems to be made of nylon or Spandex material. However, there is no English description of materials. I ordered size XXL hoping that it would fit me (I wear medium). Lu... read more »

One of the most complete cordless drill set at such a low price!

30 Oct, 2018
This is one of the most complete cordless drill sets at such a great price. Drill bits, screwdriver bits, tape measure, plier, you name it. Ideal for installing wall shelves, picture frames and other... read more »

Slip on sneakers are soooo versatile!

19 Oct, 2018
There are times in which you are in a hurry and tying shoe laces become impractical. I decided to get me a pair (after receiving the ones I bought to give my cousin) because they are so light, flexibl... read more »

Well designed, but cheap materials.

17 Oct, 2018
I am somewhat satisfied with this product, serves its intended purpose. However, it should have better instruction manual, I assembled it without the one included and still had to take the legs apart... read more »

Light, stylish and best of all...No shoe laces!

16 Oct, 2018
Bought this pair of sneakers as a present for a family member. They are very light, comfortable and you do not have to worry about tying them. Great value for its price. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsore... read more »

Perfect for the kids bathrooms!

16 Oct, 2018
Finally got a product that will promote peace in my house! read more »

Beautiful decorative item...Love it!

11 Oct, 2018
Seems very fragile, but it makes a beautiful decorative item. Do not expect to be able to use it to boil the water for the tea because this is actually for straining the tea and serve it. It has an co... read more »

Adjusting is easy thanks to the "Velcro" style straps...

09 Oct, 2018
Excellent choice of sandals bearing the distinctive quality that characterize most Camel products. Very light, feel comfortable with or without socks. Love the "Velcro" style straps, make ea... read more »

Very light, well made.

05 Oct, 2018
Got to love the feel and fit of this pant! Made of a thin but yet strong feeling fabric, they are awesomely comfortable. However, I always like to know what kind of materials are used in the elab... read more »

Perfect fit, very light, flexible and comfortable.

04 Oct, 2018
Great shoes considering its price range. These pair fit perfect and are very light. It is a great thing that they are made of a meshlike breathable cloth making them ideal for wearing in summer hot da... read more »

Love the design, but the right side shoe was too tight.

04 Oct, 2018
I bought this pair of sneakers because I like Camel shoes. They generally exhibit excellent craftmanship and designs that are pleasant to the eye besides being comfortable. However, for some reason, t... read more »

Nice packaging, but still looks and feel cheap. So you get what you pay for.

30 Sep, 2018
These suspenders feel comfortable. Easy to adjust and wear. However, I do not like the metal attachments because they feel and seem cheap. For the price, they are just "ok", serve their inte... read more »

Easy way to keep your coffee warm...

27 Sep, 2018
Now I will not end up throwing away half my cup of coffee when driving because it will not get cold. This is an easy way to keep your drinks hot. Nicely finished in brushed stainless steel, includes b... read more »

No wonder why these are considered the #1 release...They are just awesome!

25 Sep, 2018
I bought me a pair and was very pleased. My aunt liked them so I ordered her a pair. Whether for men or women, they exhibit excellent craftmanship. They look and feel gorgeous. What I like the most is... read more »

Light, soft and fresh...What else could the wearer wish for?

25 Sep, 2018
Made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this blouse is very light and feels so fresh. I was surprised by its softness considering that it is not made of 100% cotton. Bought it as a gift and the recipien... read more »

Very light and comfortable, but...

24 Sep, 2018
 This pair of sneakers are very light and comfortable, but they are in the lower quality range and are less expensive than most of my other shoes. This company makes decent shoes and my expe... read more »

Great design and excellent craftmanship! Love this shoes!

24 Sep, 2018
I own a few pairs of shoes made by Camel and love them all! This is my last acquisition and one of my favorites! Great looking design, excellent craftmanship and very comfortable. Fit as expected. Mat... read more »

Perfect fit and very soft and fresh...

24 Sep, 2018
My little daughter is very pleased with this soft and fresh pajama set. Fit as expected. Nice "owl" print, but seems like the type of material  (has a rubbery feel) that would crack or... read more »

Say "bye" to those annoying mosquitoes...

15 Sep, 2018
Bought this mosquito killer to use mainly outside (I do not have mosquitoes inside). This device have been designed not just to kill bugs,  but also to look great. Its ultraviolet light attract a... read more »

Nice colors, great craftmanship.

13 Sep, 2018
Bought this in small for my wife, but will have to wait after she delivers the baby to be able to wear it...Made of a combination of nylon, polyester and spandex. Love the colors! The breast section i... read more »

Comes in a plastic envelope and obviously it is cheaply made...

13 Sep, 2018
Bought this trimmer to give as a gift...Was not very impressed, it seems cheaply made of plastic and does not come in a box (comes in a plastic envelope) . Needs batteries that are not included. Would... read more »

This item would make your life easier when dealing with garlic...

09 Sep, 2018
If you love garlic like I do, this is a great gadget to have around your kitchen! With the green silicone roll, peeling garlic could not get any easier. Then, with the presser you can crush or squeeze... read more »

Awesome decorative piece! The ball is actually suspended in the air!

09 Sep, 2018
This is an awesome piece of decoration that will awakens curiosity in any person that sees it. The "world" actually gets suspended in the air and the multicolored light looks great and refle... read more »

One of the best compact and complete personal grooming kit!

06 Sep, 2018
This is one of the most complete grooming mini kits in the market. It has four attachments: for the nose, beard, hair trimming and eyebrows. Includes a base to place it with its attachments and a char... read more »

Great looking design and value.

05 Sep, 2018
Bought these leggings for my aunt. Made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, I assume could not be put in the dryer (these materials do not do good at high temps). However, if cold washed and air dried,... read more »

Nice dress for my little girl...just at the right time.

02 Sep, 2018
This is a nice dress for spring and maybe summer season (fabric material is somewhat thin). Fabric is 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. Nicely printed sunflowers in a dark blue (almost black) cloth. #Rank... read more »

Tight, but comfortable fit and feel.

02 Sep, 2018
Very thick and comfortable socks in spite of being kind of tight. Feels like cotton and best to wear with shoes that are not tight (it provides a better feeling and fit). Includes white, gray and blac... read more »

Can't beat this price for 50 glue sticks and a gun that actually works!

01 Sep, 2018
Happy to have acquired this glue gun with 50 glue sticks at such a low price. Ideal for helping my daughter with her school projects and crafts works. I wish it came with a carrying case.  #Ra... read more »

Got to love this little gadget!

01 Sep, 2018
This is my first MP3/MP4 player ever (have never been interested in having one). However, I am very pleased with this little gadget. Voice recorder, FM radio, 8GB and size are my favorite features. In... read more »

Comparable quality and visual appeal as more expensive branded ones...

01 Sep, 2018
I bought this leggings a little afraid that it would not fit as expected (ordered medium). It was intended as a gift and the recipient was very happy with it. It fits perfectly and seems well made exh... read more »

Beautiful set, but broken packaging...

01 Sep, 2018
I like this set very much. Beautifully designed, but arrived in damaged box. The gem looking designs are gorgeous. They make a great collectable set. Includes the chopsticks, fork, soup spoon and squa... read more »

Just what I needed to trim some bushes around the house!

31 Aug, 2018
Furnished with a safety lock to protect my children, this is just what I needed to trim some bushes around the house. Easy to use, and fairly made, my major concern is the spring  (does not seem... read more »

Beautiful wooden finish, nice case, but disliked its metal finish (does not seem strong and long lasting).

30 Aug, 2018
 I doubt it would last long if used,  but would make a great display ot collectible item in a curio or something similar. Love its wooden termination, but not impressed with its metal integr... read more »

Great value considering the items included!

30 Aug, 2018
What I like the most? It's stainless steel finish with black accents that perfectly matches with all my kitchen appliances and gadgets! Includes 8 pieces: spatula, wine stopper, cork screw opener,... read more »

Excellent choice if you have messy children like I do!

30 Aug, 2018
I bought this clear plastic curtain to better protect the fabric printed ones I have installed in my kids bath (I installed double rods and curtains in each of my three bathrooms, but was using f... read more »

At this price I expected a thicker towel, but at least is big enough.

30 Aug, 2018
This cotton beach towel is finished in brilliant colors, and very patriotic (blue, red and white). White shark's shapes adorn the blue stripes. While it is big enough, I expected it to be somewhat... read more »

It's so light, that trimming and edging becomes a "piece of cake"!

30 Aug, 2018
I was desperately needing a trimmer for certain hard to reach areas in my yard. When I received this one, I noticed that it's construction resembled a "leading brand" cordless blower I b... read more »

Compact and effective, great vacuum/sealer in its price range.

21 Aug, 2018
Excellent vacuum/sealer machine for a kitchen with limited space. It is very compact, effective and easy to use. Comes with 5 bags and an extra attachment for external type bags. Vacuum and seals with... read more »

Great value drill kit for small jobs around the house.

14 Aug, 2018
I bought this set because I needed a less powerful drill (I already have a top of the line hammer drill) for driving screws in pre-drilled holes with anchors in drywalls. Being exposed to all kin... read more »

Seems like a great item, let's see how it performs in a busy environment!

14 Aug, 2018
I bought this to give my daughter as a present she could test in her new nails saloon. She is a professional of many years doing all kind of nails jobs. I have not tested it because I sent it to Puert... read more »

The best feature, it actually tells you the temperature in case you are unable to see well.

14 Aug, 2018
This is certainly a handy tool to have around your kitchen if you are concerned about food safety. Easy to calibrate and read with an added perk: it actually tells you the temperature loud and clear.... read more »

Ideal size for my master's bathroom!

12 Aug, 2018
Nicely finished in stainless steel with black plastic lid and foot lever action to open the lid, this trash can is the right size for a restroom or small office. The plastic trash container easily com... read more »

Great novelty item, wish it was rechargeable.

10 Aug, 2018
This is such a cute novelty item! The set includes a dozen of tea light candles, batteries and a remote control! Great for seasonal decorations. Wish they were rechargeable via USB... #RankBoosterR... read more »

Excellent addition to my stainless steel kitchen collection! Love it!

10 Aug, 2018
This toaster has 4 buttons to operate: cancel, bagel, reheat and defrost. Also has a knob with 6 levels of darkness settings for any "toasty lover" preference. The 2 slots are so wide that y... read more »

Awesome gift! The recipient is very happy with it!

10 Aug, 2018
I bought this to give as a present and scored high! It has 3 buttons for easy operation:defrost, bagel and cancel. Easy lever action and includes removable tray that catches the bread crumbs. Select o... read more »

Very complete set for all your manicure and pedicure needs.Ideal for keeping in your car or travelling.

07 Aug, 2018
This is a must have! I spend a lot of money buying inexpensive nail cutters because they either get lost or taken. This set comes in a handy carrying case than I can hide under my car seat (he, he, he... read more »

Nice fit, great for even construction work!

07 Aug, 2018
Excellent pair of gloves...Had to buy me an extra pair because my older son was helping me doing some digging and concrete block setting and confiscated my other pair. Ordered medium and fit as expect... read more »

With 4 ISH charging ports, hopefully no one unplugs my smartphone when charging their gadgets.

07 Aug, 2018
There is nothing I dislike more than having someone unplug my phone from the charger to charge something else. And my wife and daughter are great at this. Ipads, phones, tablets, you name it, and up i... read more »

Very appealing shoes, at a very low price.

07 Aug, 2018
I like the way this shoes look and feel. Ordered my size (8.5 US) and they fit perfect. The only set back is that the soles are kind of rubbery and do not slip easily (a quality I value very much in d... read more »

My girl loves this pajama set, but I do not like the color combination that much.

06 Aug, 2018
Made of 100% cotton, this pajama set is very soft and comfortable. My daughter loves it. The pants were a perfect fit, but the shirt is a little big. In my opinion, the combination of colors is not th... read more »

Light and classy even though it is so inexpensive.

04 Aug, 2018
Bought this watch for a present. At this price, I did not expect it to be so nice and classy. Easy to adjust without the need to remove anything, very thin and light weight. The recipient loved it.... read more »

Extract juices from citric fruits, grate garlic, ginger, cheese and so on with this handy set!

01 Aug, 2018
This gadget is one of the best bridges between our two cultures (my wife is Filipina and I am Hispanic American, read more »

My 5 year old daughter loves them! So that makes it a 5 star product!

31 Jul, 2018
Excellent tennis shoes for its price! Beautiful pink color with multi-colored lights activated while wearing them. Fit great in my daughter and she loves them!  #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored# E... read more »

Gets the job done, but recommend a little more suction power.

31 Jul, 2018
This vacuum food sealer does it jobs, but seems to lack a little power. The sealing seam its kind of thin (about 1/8th of an inch, a 1/4 of an inch seam was provided by my older model). Has two vacuum... read more »

I am glad I got this color, just found out it will be a girl!

31 Jul, 2018
I order this for carrying our baby due in December. This type of baby carriers make it so easy (had a similar one more than a year ago), specially when shopping! I am glad I got this neutral color bec... read more »

A little difficult to use, but with practice gets better.

29 Jul, 2018
This slicer has multiple settings, slices and strips at different thickness settings controlled by a knob. It seems that the difficulty arises when the operator presses down too hard instead of just e... read more »

Better quality than I expected!

28 Jul, 2018
I love cooking! And for that hobby of mine, I like to always have the right tools. Frying pans do not usually last a long time with me (specially the Teflon lined and others similarly priced I have ha... read more »

Can not rate what I never received.

25 Jul, 2018
I ordered this on July 16th, but somehow got lost on its way... had no option to have it resent, but just to have it refunded. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#ProCore read more »

Beautify your steering wheel while also protecting it. Provides excellent grip feel.

25 Jul, 2018
Got to love the way this fits and feels when installed in your vehicle steering wheel. I bought this one for my wife to use in her 2015 Nissan Versa (have one with red threads installed and wanted thi... read more »

These pants are so light and comfortable, that I got me a second pair!

25 Jul, 2018
Made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex (this fabric tends to be sort of water resistant, so they do not absorb much humidity and dry faster), makes them ideal for running, exercising, wear at home, swim... read more »

Very complete set of smaller hooks ideal for fresh water fishing.

25 Jul, 2018
At this price range, this is an excellent set of smaller sized fishing hooks. Ideal for fresh water fishing. However, the smaller sizes are great to catch live saltwater bait. They come in a handy car... read more »

Since I have no net yet, I will use as small fishing line.

25 Jul, 2018
This would make a handy tool if you own a fishing net. However the roll included, can be used as fishing line. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#Goture read more »

My preggy wife loves it!

23 Jul, 2018
  Just got this pajama set for my wife in size medium (she wears small) because she is on her fourth month of pregnancy. It fits perfect, the prints are beautiful and is made 100% of cotton. F... read more »

Reasonably priced mats ideal for work crew trucks!

22 Jul, 2018
Bought this mat set for my Ford Ranger (only needed the front mats). They match nicely with my interiors, but they are a better fit for larger trucks. However, at their price, they are worth it consid... read more »

Light and easy on your feet, but.....

22 Jul, 2018
I have bought a couple pairs of RZEN athletic shoes, and loved them. Got me this pair because I know by experience that their shoes are very comfortable, light and made of breathable fabric. This pair... read more »

Awesome rechargeable toothbrush with 5 settings and low priced.

22 Jul, 2018
I am very pleased with this rechargeable toothbrush because it works as great as others I have bought for twice its price. It has 5 settings:clean, white, polish, massage and sensitive. Yet, it is awe... read more »

Easy to clean, adds protection to your vehicles interior flooring.

19 Jul, 2018
Having small kids, it is hard to keep my car interiors clean. The original floor mats are not rubber made like this and get stained easily or stuff sticks to them easily. So I decided to get this set... read more »

Useful device, but wish it had at least another outlet.

19 Jul, 2018
This power bank has an excellent capacity for its size (10000 mAh). It is the right size to fit in your small gadget bags or backpack pouches. Very easy to operate and clear LED display shows how much... read more »

Very light, a little difficult to replace battery.

19 Jul, 2018
A good feature this selfie stick has is that is very light and has a detachable remote. It is mostly made of plastic. I just don't like the process of changing the battery (it says it can be done... read more »

Good sound quality, beautiful wood finish.

18 Jul, 2018
Bought this headset because of the wood finish, yet I was somehow impressed by its sound quality and crispness. It comes with different sizes ear plugs (I prefer the smaller one). However, I am never... read more »

This belts last a long time and look awesome!

17 Jul, 2018
I really love this type of belts (I own a few)! While they tend to wear out and break at the tip you attach to the buckle, they do last a long time. Besides, the look great, they have a glossy side an... read more »

Easy to use and pleasant to the eye. Great addition to my stainless steel collection!

17 Jul, 2018
Nice toaster for its price. Has a 3-position lever: defrost, bagel and cancel. Also has 7 levels of darkening your toasts. Nice stainless steel finish with black sides matches perfectly with my applia... read more »

Awesome graphics!

17 Jul, 2018
I ordered this sweatpants because I liked the prints, which by the way, did not disappointed me. The seller claims its made of polyester, cotton and spandex. However, only cotton and spandex is mentio... read more »

Very comfortable and light shoes, but the sole feels kind of stiff.

15 Jul, 2018
At this price range, this athletic shoes are a great buy... They are light, comfortable and aesthetically appealing. The sole is wider than normal (which I consider a good thing because adds stability... read more »

I love these plain ceramic dinnerware, but...

15 Jul, 2018
I love these plain ceramic coffee mugs...However, 2 of them arrived with some flaws. It is sad that they are so beautifully made, but quality control failed to ensure I received quality mugs. In or... read more »

Add beauty to your vehicle while protecting and providing a nice grip.

15 Jul, 2018
I ordered this steering wheel cover to give as a gift...However, it came a little stained because of the rubber band used to keep it bent for packaging (reason why I slashed a star). It is made of fin... read more »

Great novelty shirt, but beware, they run small! Other than that, they are beautiful and comfortable.

14 Jul, 2018
Like the colors in this one...Made of a mixture of cotton and spandex as mentioned in its size tag, feel cool and comfortable if you get the right size (they run small). I ordered medium because I lik... read more »

Perfect fit for my wife's Nissan Versa steering wheel! Available in different colors and styles.

14 Jul, 2018
I had bought this same set in Black/Red for my 2008 Ford Ranger and my wife got jealous... read more »

This steering wheel cover is ideal to enhance the appearance or worn out steering wheels!

14 Jul, 2018
I have bought a steering wheel cover for all my 3 vehicles so far! They fit nicely and enhance the appearance of your vehicle. This one is for my 1985 Mercedes station wagon that has dark blue leather... read more »

These are very light and comfortable...My fourth pair!!!

14 Jul, 2018
I bought this pair of Camel shoes because I am familiar with their craftmanship and how light and comfortable their shoes feel. I can wear this pair all day long without coming home and suffer the lit... read more »

Really dissapointing...considering its price tag...

14 Jul, 2018
I should have read the description more thoroughly before ordering this item. I got focused on the description "Kids Puzzle Play Mats" and did not notice its size (roughly 2 in X 2 in). Judg... read more »

Very useful little device.

14 Jul, 2018
I am very happy with my purchase of this little device. It has an HDMI 4K adapter ( I have a 4K flatscreen tv in every room of my house), 2 USB 3.0 ports (most important feature for me), and the 2 dif... read more »

I love these sling bags! Great gift idea!

12 Jul, 2018
I love these sling bags! This year they saved my day again, bought them to gift my employees for Christmas.They are ideal for short shopping trips, going to the swimming pool, or activities were you j... read more »

Very soft and comfortable, run small (order 1 size up).

12 Jul, 2018
Light and soft shorts! Very comfortable, but recommends to order a size up because they run kind of small. I am happy with my purchase so far. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#Gititlys https://www.a... read more »

Nice and complete soldering kit recommended for small soldering jobs or even wood burning crafts.

11 Jul, 2018
These soldering tool and attachments come nicely packed in a carrying zippered pouch. Includes multiple soldering tips, tweezers, desoldering pump and much more. Ideal for small soldering jobs. Can be... read more »

Excellent and realistic rubber toy!

11 Jul, 2018
Nice and realistic rubber toy. Seems made to last in a semi-flexible rubbery material. Excellent and durable toy that will certainly withstand any punishment brought by hard playing kids. For now it w... read more »

WOW!!!! Expect your preschooler to enjoy this for hours!

09 Jul, 2018
I bought this set for my 5 year old daughter and she loves it! This is a very complete set of stencils: farm animals, jungle animals, dinosaurs, unicorns, e-mojis, numbers, letters, vehicles, and many... read more »

Great sunglasses in this price range!

09 Jul, 2018
This sunglasses come in a neat box, with it's own carrying bag and cleaning cloth. Offering 400 UV protection, these are ideal for wearing during sunny days...However, these are pretty big, so I w... read more »

Neat looking shirt, but seems to run smaller.

09 Jul, 2018
I ordered this shirt in medium,  but feels more like a small. Made of an undisclosed mixture of Spandex and cotton, the shirt feels pretty cool, but would recommend 1 to 2 sizes up because it see... read more »

Excellent wallet, but a little pricey...

05 Jul, 2018
I would have given this wallet a 5 stars rating, but the flap obviously was re-sewn (note the needle holes in the last picture). Now, the best features... First of all, even though it is synthetic lea... read more »

Not real leather, but certainly feels like it without the smell!

05 Jul, 2018
There are a couple of reasons why I like this wallet. First of all, it feels nice to the touch and "fluffy", very flexible and comfortable when carrying in back pocket. Second, the color loo... read more »

Great knife for the price!

05 Jul, 2018
This knife is beautifully made resembling Damascus steel (please note that it is stainless steel). The knife is light and very sharp. It comes in a nice box and costs 25% to 30% less than similar kniv... read more »

Nice, thin, fresh and beautiful prints, but a little long and wide.

05 Jul, 2018
I'm so glad that my daughter ends up liking everything I buy her (hope it will be the same when she becomes a teenager). This dress is ideal for hot weather. Made of a mixture of Polyester and cot... read more »

Great price for so many rollers!

03 Jul, 2018
Having a few extra rollers around the house is a must when you are a do-it-yourself type of guy. I enjoy doing projects around the house, and painting is one of them. Great price for this set of 12 ro... read more »

Very happy with my new sauce pan.

03 Jul, 2018
Very happy with my new sauce pan. Beautiful stainless steel design and glass lid. Feels very solid and heavy duty. I own a few CUSIBOX products, and they are awesome quality! #RankBoosterReview#Spo... read more »

Perfect fit, ideal for this summer weather.

29 Jun, 2018
I am glad this was a perfect fit for my daughter. Made of a thin and fresh cotton fabric is ideal for this summer season (even if running the air conditioner). Looks great on my little princess!... read more »

My daughter loves it!

28 Jun, 2018
Made of a mixture of cotton and polyester, this beautiful printed blouse is light and very comfortable. Ideally fresh for this hot weather season. #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored#BFUSTYLE https://w... read more »

Somewhat disappointed...

25 Jun, 2018
For a Remote Control toy with this price tag, I was expecting much more...First of all, it is very small. Second, the chopper can only be charged with the remote that requires 6 AA batteries (not incl... read more »

Love the way it looks, feels and price!

24 Jun, 2018
I am very pleased with this reversible belt. One side has a slight gloss, the other side is matte. Made of leather and sewn together with a cushioned filler. The buckle is classic and simple. Good thi... read more »

Very light and comfortable, but a little big. Reminds me of the "Kung Fu" sandals I used to wear 30+ years ago.

23 Jun, 2018
This water shoes are so colorful and full of life! Very nice and stylish, yet reminds me of the "Kung Fu" sandals I used to wear decades ago. I ordered in 8.5 US (41 EU), which is my size bu... read more »

Beautiful pajama set, but the smaller size is still a little big for my son.

23 Jun, 2018
This is a beautiful pajama set for boys. Too bad the smallest size is still a little to big for my son. However,  that is not too bad because he is outgrowing his clothes fast. Soft, fresh and co... read more »

Excellent collectible item for "Deadpool" fans!

23 Jun, 2018
This is a very cool looking weed grinder! But if you are not into weed, then grind tobacco,  oregano or any kind of spices and herbs! It certainly makes an awesome collectible item for "Dead... read more »

Nice shirt, but received the wrong one.

22 Jun, 2018
I ordered a sleeve less shirt and received a T-shirt. First of all, the fabric is not polyester-cotton blend as described. Instead, it's a blend of 88% Polyester and 12% Spandex. Second, it is not... read more »

Great food vacuum sealer! Totally AWESOME!

21 Jun, 2018
One of the best kitchen gadgets I have ever bought. I wish I have had something like this when I was single. Even bought an extra case of sealing bags! Well, I decided to test this sealer with a few &... read more »

Seems well made, however, I have my doubts.

20 Jun, 2018
This fireproof document bag seems well made, of a rubbery finished fabric. It is practically odorless. I have my doubts about its fireproofing capabilities because of the zipper fabric. It looks reall... read more »

This is a must have if you have an aversion toward flies as I do!

20 Jun, 2018
I love this gadget as much as I hate flies. While it is a little pricey, is bigger than others I have. Best of all, it is rechargeable! You do not need to buy batteries nor run the risk of running out... read more »

Great pajama for my little boy, and perfect fit...

19 Jun, 2018
Love the soft feel of this romper pajama in a neutral gray color and nice graphics. Ordered it for my 18 month old kid, and to my surprise fits perfectly  (I was afraid it would run smaller)... read more »

Just love this neat buckle!

19 Jun, 2018
First time ever I buy a belt buckle (without a belt)...Should have known better.  Well, I like this pretty neat buckle, so I just ordered a dark gray belt to attach it. Beautiful design, the deer... read more »

Decent sized backpack for its price.

18 Jun, 2018
I love my collection of backpacks, and this is a nice addition to it. When I travel I like to do so light. This backpack is very light and just big enough for my weekend escapades. However, lighter me... read more »

They are ok, but a little weak at the tip for using with outdoor grilling.

18 Jun, 2018
This set of tongs is not as strong as I would prefer, but is ok. I mean, the rubber tip is not stiff enough, so you have to make sure that you grab those steaks and porkchops with more than the tip. H... read more »

I guess a little protection may save me from a high hospital bill!

18 Jun, 2018
I am from a generation that learned how to ride a bike without protection (and many other things). Most of us had broken bones, "peeled" elbows and knees, but we survived! Too bad this kind... read more »

Very pleased with these car mats! Perfect fit!

16 Jun, 2018
Bought these car mats for my wife's Nissan Versa and fit perfectly! Made of a rubber material, these are easier to clean and better protect her car's rug than the previous ones. They seem dura... read more »

Just surprised my wife with this mannequin for her business...But...forgot the wig!

16 Jun, 2018
This mannequin is perfect for displaying clothes, underwears, bags, purses, hats, etc. My wife uses them (she has a few) to display her merchandise and take pictures. This is built of a light plastic... read more »

Great kitchen gadget to make your life easier.

16 Jun, 2018
This set is perfectly priced in accordance with its utility.  Includes 5 inserts to slice or grate and the manual pusher. Has a little box to store the inserts. Designed to avoid making a mess (t... read more »

Great to have in your emergency kit.

16 Jun, 2018
Slightly smaller than a previously bought before, this lamp has about the same luminescent power. However, it requires 3 AAA batteries to operate and it's built  in very light cheap plastic.... read more »

Great light for an emergency, but is not rechargeable.

16 Jun, 2018
Very light lamp built in plastic. Requires 3 AA batteries to function. Ideal for emergencies, it can be carried by the attached metal hangers. It has a hook in the bottom to hang it. Very easy to... read more »

Very light and comfortable fit.

12 Jun, 2018
Made of 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex, I can't believe they feel as soft as if they were made of cotton. I ordered them XXL and they fit well even though I am medium US  (32 waist). Very lig... read more »

Excellent belt for the price.

11 Jun, 2018
Having extra belts and buckles always come in handy. Belts wear off so easy with me that if I were to buy them all in leather I would go for broke! So at this price, I can stock up on a few to use for... read more »

Beautiful belt for all occasions!

11 Jun, 2018
This is an excellent ratchet belt for any occasion. It comes with two different buckles. Very easy to cut so you can adjust to your waist size. I use them for work with my formal uniform. Easy to tigh... read more »

Beautiful color, ideal for small shopping trips when needing to go light.

10 Jun, 2018
This is a beautifully colored sling bag. Ideal for small shopping trips when only needing to carry minimal stuff (smartphone, wallet, keys, etc). Seems well made. Multiple compartments with zippers. C... read more »

As good as the leading brand! Great for cleaning after the "stormy" kids.

09 Jun, 2018
I am so glad that these already arrived (took 17 days). Ordered 100 and received 104... Great! Well, having a toddler and a 5 year old in the house, I never run of "Magic Erasers", so I can... read more »

Very disappointed...arrives in 2 days (broken), but must wait 10 to 30 days for replacement.

09 Jun, 2018
I ordered this portable blender because it is a 6 blades (they tend to work great at crushing ice). However, it arrived broken (poses an obvious quality and durability weakness). It is quite sad that... read more »

Excellent kitchen gadget, specially if your diet consists of a lot of fruits and veggies!

07 Jun, 2018
Cut, slice, chunk a pineapple.  Cut, slice, peel an avocado. Slice a banana. Process your kiwis and oranges. Slice your tomatoes. Easily take care of a juicy melon. There is certainly the right&n... read more »

Its usefulness outweighs its cost.

07 Jun, 2018
This is one of those items that their usefulness surpass by far its cost. Used correctly and with a good sharp knife will do its job. The only flaw is that the material is to flexible and you must be... read more »

Awesomely beautiful as a kitchen accent, but bad performance.

07 Jun, 2018
Love the way they look, they certainly beautify our table. However, they are not as easy to operate (which should be the most important feature), specially if filled too much. Would love to see this u... read more »

I was skeptical about ordering this without a size, but luckily fits on my wife.

06 Jun, 2018
Bought this for my wife taking my chances because there is no size specifications. Luckily it fits perfectly on her (she is almost 5 feet tall and 109 lbs), not for too long as she is 2 months "p... read more »

The worst watch I have ever bought!

06 Jun, 2018
I bought this watch to add to my collection of "inexpensive" watches and it is extremely dissapointing. Really bad craftmanship, rough machined surfaces, plastic parts in bracelet, not even... read more »

Excellent kitchen toy. Great for using your imagination in meal preps to impress!

05 Jun, 2018
This is one of the best kitchen gadgets I have bought in a long time! With three width settings, you can shred and spiralize "veggies" like a pro. Shred, slice, chip...only your imagination... read more »

This is the type of item kids really enjoy! Better than hiding under a blanket.

05 Jun, 2018
Still undecided as to where to install this canopy. Made of 100% cotton, it feels a little rough. Hanging hardware is included. It is easy to attach the metal ring that comes with it, but mine arrived... read more »

AWESOME in terms of performance and sound quality!

04 Jun, 2018
HIFI  Bass Stereo Sound? YESSSS...these pair of headphones are nothing but "little varmints" in terms of performance and sound quality, SIMPLY AWESOME! They come neatly packed in a grea... read more »

This tool comes in handy when you must be a do-it-yourself "Jack of all trades"!

04 Jun, 2018
I bought this little gadget because I will have to complete a few projects on my new house (deck, shed, fence and so on). Was a little disappointed that it did not include the level shown in a picture... read more »

Sturdy enough and easy to move around...Nice hamper!

04 Jun, 2018
Nice hamper! Easy to assemble (just insert the rods through the slots in each corner). Very light and compact, it will be a great addition for my second master's bedroom. Easy to move around thank... read more »

Like this hamper, it has casters, the lid closes, light weight and useful.

04 Jun, 2018
Got to love this hamper: easy to assemble, light weight, closing lid, and wheels to push around! Identified for light and dark clothes. Smaller than I expected, but great for my master's walk in c... read more »

Ideal size for a kids closet.

03 Jun, 2018
I prefer to have a hamper in each of our four rooms, so I bought this extra one for my son's room. While it is smaller than I expected, its size is ideal for the kids rooms. Easy to assemble and v... read more »

Great backpack for its price!

03 Jun, 2018
This backpack is made of a canvas-like material in a beautiful purple color. Ideal for high school or college students. It has two zippered front pockets, two lateral mesh pockets ideal for carrying s... read more »

Ended in my daughter's hand because it was too big for my son...She loves it!

02 Jun, 2018
I can not understand the tag, but apparently means that this "onesie" is made of 100% cotton. The fabric seems thick but very soft to the touch. Excellent craftmanship, exquisitely sewn... read more »

Great LED lights activated by motion...and they are rechargeable!

31 May, 2018
Acquired this set of wireless LED lights mainly because they are attached to a magnetic strip which makes it easier to pull out and charge as needed. They come with a charging USB cable and the magnet... read more »

Much safer than a "guillotine", ideal for parents that have kids.

30 May, 2018
I decided to buy this paper trimmer because the "guillotine" type I have is to dangerous to have around the kids. While it is not as easy to operate, its performance is compensated by being... read more »

Great hamper for the kids (somewhat smaller than I thought).

29 May, 2018
If properly assembled, this hamper would not easily fall apart (must apply strong pressure when attaching the angular plastic to the rods). The hamper is smaller than I imagine, but it is great for my... read more »

My wife loves them! So I scored!

27 May, 2018
When it comes to socks (or undies), softness and fit are very important for them to feel comfortable. I bought these socks for my wife and scored a "touch down" because she liked them. These... read more »

I guess I was lucky with the fit...

27 May, 2018
I ordered these boxers a size up, I am medium (36 in waste). Their chart suggests L, I ordered XL and they fit perfectly. I am already used to Asian sizes that run much smaller than US sizes. This is... read more »

Beautifully printed shower curtain in polyester.

26 May, 2018
I have 3 full baths in my house with double curtains. I love imprinted polyester curtains to beautify my restrooms and to prolong their life, I add cheaper white or opaque ones in another rod. Nice gr... read more »

It makes dishwashing a little easier!

26 May, 2018
Even though we have a top of the line dishwasher machine, when it comes to dishwashing, I prefer the old way: wash dishes by hand. I have my own tricks to tackle the hardest dirty pans and dishes with... read more »

Pulls hair, shaves and even removes calluses!

26 May, 2018
Rechargeable, light weight, perfect beauty item to surprise a beautiful wife like mine! This professional epilator? Or, depilator? I am a little confused (thinking in Spanish, writing in English), he,... read more »

With an 18 months replacement warranty, and 100% satisfaction warranty or money back!

26 May, 2018
Very pleased with this multipurpose power bank. Charge your gadgets, warm your hands, use it as a flashlight, certainly a great gadget to own. Fully guaranteed by the seller, what could go wrong by tr... read more »

Perfect little dress for spring and summer time!

26 May, 2018
My little princess could not be more excited when she opened my delivery box and found this dress! It is made of 100% cotton but the black straps in the back seem polyester. Seems very thin and soft m... read more »

Nice looking socks and fit perfect!

26 May, 2018
My daughter is very happy with her new socks. Fit her perfectly up to her knees with a little room to grow. Really nice colors to combine with multiple outfits. #RankbBoosterReview#Sponsored#N... read more »

Nice comfortable seal. Easy to breath and high visibility.

23 May, 2018
I ordered this small because my face is thin. Fits perfectly and seals okay. Very comfortable to breath. Comes with a carrying net bag an some extra replacement valve gadgets. Like the fact that a cam... read more »

One of my best headset so far! Crispy and lovely sound performance!

21 May, 2018
This headset comes in a nice "conch" style carrying case. Includes the USB charging cable, an audio cable and a double sprocket audio cable adapter. Of course, there is a user guide included... read more »

Light weight and useful hamper but...

20 May, 2018
I bought this hamper to set it by my washer and dryer closet, however, I dislike with a passion items that are not symmetrical, so they will end up in a closet. The concept is great, the construction... read more »

Aesthetically pleasing. Decent sling bag for multiple uses.

20 May, 2018
This bag is great for packing your gun and some ammo when going to the shooting range.  Also can be used to carry your I-pad, smartphone, power bank and other gadgets when going shopping or to th... read more »

This is my favorite set. Will install close to the power outlet for easy recharge.

20 May, 2018
I bought two sets (the other one is battery operated), but this is my favorite because it is rechargeable. The power button has 3 positions: on, off and Auto (movement activated). Having kids in my bi... read more »

Very useful light, specially when you have kids in the house.

20 May, 2018
I bought this set that requires 3 AAA batteries for my cabinet area that is not close to a power outlet. This will complement a series of motion detection lights I have all over the house for the sake... read more »

Awesome leather steering wheel cover

20 May, 2018
I already had a steering wheel cover on my wife's Nissan Versa that looked great but I wanted it solid black. This is the perfect size and unlike others I have bought, it seems the manufacturer an... read more »

The girls will have some gun with these, but...

19 May, 2018
At first, when I unpacked this headset I had this strong feeling of disappointment. The plug in cable is very thin (that slashed a star for durability concerns), and kids can be rough and uncaring, ma... read more »

Excellent small hot glue gun for the hobbyist and professional as well.

17 May, 2018
Ended up buying another one of these, my other one was confiscated by a craftwoman! This hot glue gun is awesome for being so small. It comes in a decent carrying case and includes 20 clear glue... read more »

Just for whiskey? What about a "Cuba Libre" (rum and coke) on the rocks?

17 May, 2018
Well, what can be said about these drinking glasses? Certain drinks call for glasses like this: wide mouthed to enjoy the aromatic spirits! I got me this set and am happy with its design and usefulnes... read more »

Definitely a cheap looking watch...

16 May, 2018
I have a collection of inexpensive watches for men and women and this one is by far the cheapest looking one for women. The "leather" bracelet looks cute and is very comfortable to wear. The... read more »

The case is sloppy and cheap, but the scissors have a high quality feel!

16 May, 2018
If I were to grade this set judging by its case, I would have rated it a 3 star, but it is the two scissors (hair cutting and thinning)I am concerned about. They seem and feel of great quali... read more »

If my daughter likes it, so do I...

15 May, 2018
Just received this RC vending truck and my daughter loves It! She enjoys inserting the 3 plastic coins to buy the burger, fries and soda (I can barely understand the talking). My toddler sons lov... read more »

This headsets are such a great value that I ended up buying a couple more!

15 May, 2018
This headsets provide decent sound and easily pairs with all my devices and gadgets. The girls love its rose-gold finish. They are light and comfortable. They are foldable for easy storage. Work with... read more »

Very comfortable but arrived with a vinegar smell.

15 May, 2018
When it comes to t-shirts, I prefer them tight. Usually wear small but I am glad I ordered this one medium (I have gained almost 20 pounds lately. It feels tight in my chest area but the length is goo... read more »

Better buy this than paying a plumber!

14 May, 2018
Just bought this set of two strainer for my kitchen sink. They are excellent for preventing waste from going into your drainage and cause problems later. Did not rate a 5 star because they have lightl... read more »

Beautifully polished, but....

13 May, 2018
Everything in my kitchen is stainless steel. Either polished or brushed, stainless steel is the cleanest and safest material you can have in your kitchen (I managed restaurants most of my life). This... read more »

Nice color with plenty of credit card slots!

13 May, 2018
This is an excellent clutch wallet considering its low price. Love the color and design. You can accommodate up to 10 credit cards, 2 AD cards and an ID or Drivers License. The strap has its own attac... read more »

Fits, looks and feels great in my wife's Nissan Versa Note!

13 May, 2018
Got this for my wife's car since she liked the previous one I got for my truck. Only wished the treads was silver or gray because her car interiors are black and silver. But the tread is red (at l... read more »

Excellent light for the kids!

13 May, 2018
My 5 year old daughter is in that stage in which she must be more independent and self reliant. So I plugged one if these in her room and another one in the restroom. Love the fact that you control it... read more »

Nice gadget to keep my kids busy!

13 May, 2018
Very sleek and classy looking microphone, just the right size for my 5 year old daughter. Had to download Yokee app to be able to use it. So far it is a neat and crisp microphone. However, I personall... read more »

Nice decorative addition for the kitchen...But the neon is all white.

10 May, 2018
This is a nice neon sign to enhance any kitchen wall. However,  it does not look as in the picture (it is all white). The best feature is that it comes with a remote control that puts at your fin... read more »

The best way to pack when traveling!

10 May, 2018
This 6 piece set of storage bags to organize your luggage is awesome! Now you can divide your clean and dirty items when traveling because this set has 3 different sizes aired baskets for clean items... read more »

Makes processing a pineapple a piece of cake!

08 May, 2018
Got this set of 2 pineapple corer/cuter/slicer and I am very pleased with it. It is so easy to process pineapples by just cutting their crowns, accommodating the tool and just twist with your hand. I... read more »

Beautiful and useful device to bring me peace of mind.

07 May, 2018
Bought this wireless headset for my 5 year old daughter that drives me "nuts" watching "Mia" and other cartoons while I try to rest in my hammock at our living room. Everyone in my... read more »

Looks and feels awesome in my Red Ford Ranger!

07 May, 2018
I bought this steering wheel cover for my red 2008 Ford Ranger I have had since brand new. The steering wheel has areas that were peeled of so this cover is great in making my steering wheel look aest... read more »

Great variety of colors and lower temperature requirements.

07 May, 2018
I accidentally bought these PCL filaments to use with an ABS and PLA compatible pen. It's melting point is between 150 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit, which is much lower than the required t... read more »

The best sharpener so far in that price range.

07 May, 2018
This sharpener has a removable insert that holds the sharpening devices. It had three grades, fine, medium and coarse. So depending on how much grinding you need to sharpen your knives, you start at t... read more »

Got to love these socks, just tested a pair in a 2 mile March of Dimes, and my feet feel great!

05 May, 2018
Awesome set of 5 pairs of socks for a great price! Just completed a 2 mile march (we assist the March of Dimes every year) and the socks were very comfortable and friction free. Made of cotton,&n... read more »

Made of cheap plastic and very light, however, it does the job.

05 May, 2018
Even though this sharpener is made of cheap plastic, it serves its intended purpose. However, it is a major flaw not to include any type of instructions considering that apparently many people have ne... read more »

Another awesome collectible! A weed grinder!

03 May, 2018
Awesome weed grinder reminiscent of the the all time classic: Star Wars! Great collector item. This one will be my favorite oregano grinder...Nice figure to display on my countertop. It has a compartm... read more »

Excellent novelty item for Star Wars fans!

03 May, 2018
Bought this "weed" grinder to process my oregano for cooking since I do not smoke. But it is also a nice adornment to add some sort of beauty to my cabinet counters! Really nice looking Star... read more »

Awesome set of scissors at a decent price!

03 May, 2018
I am very pleased with this set of 3 scissors and its price. Excellent craftsmanship and very useful for the many tasks I have at home day in and day out (got to cut coupons, papers, etc). I will... read more »

To bad this set does not come in a smaller size.

02 May, 2018
Ordered this set in its smallest available size for my 18 months old baby. However, it is too big for him (which I expected). Still I am glad with my purchase because he is outgrowing his clothes too... read more »

Safer for your hair than hot blowers.

02 May, 2018
Constant use of hot air dryers can damage your hair. So as an alternative, this steam curler, is a better alternative. I got this one for my daughter. It works perfect on thin hair. However,  I c... read more »

Thick and soft.

01 May, 2018
Bought this socks for my wife and she likes them! They are 3 pairs in the set. Made of nicely knitted cotton, they are thick, soft and comfortable.  Great for wearing with athletic shoes. Colors... read more »

She loves this pajama!

01 May, 2018
She was so excited when this pajama arrived, that she wore it right away! I bought this set of pajamas a little bigger for my daughter so she would not outgrow them too fast. Still, they fit her well.... read more »

Just the way I love my socks to fit and feel!

30 Apr, 2018
This set includes 4 pair of socks. I love them because they feel tighter than others I have, but best of all the cushioned feel. They are made of nicely knitted cotton. Perfect fit for my size 8US fee... read more »

Too thin...feels like wearing nothing.

30 Apr, 2018
This set of socks includes 5 pairs of different colors. They are very thin, to the point that feels as if you are not wearing them. I tested a pair wearing slip on shoes while mowing my grass, and the... read more »

Very small, light and comfortable. Yet powerful enough.

30 Apr, 2018
Got my new rechargeable mini earphones with integrated mic and love it. It fits so comfortably in my ear and I can easily listen to music or take a phone call without needing to touch it. They come wi... read more »

Truly 4×4....Slow but steady, great for first-timers...Climb everywhere.

29 Apr, 2018
Just got done test driving this little brat. While its speed is nothing to be excited about, its strength and climbing capabilities are. This buggy has traction in all wheels and its high profile make... read more »

Nice placemats to combine with my silver table cloth and stainless steel appliances.

28 Apr, 2018
I bought these placemats for my wife to combine them with her silver table cloth. The colors match perfectly. These mats are made of PVC which is a material that does not absorb liquids (making them s... read more »

Got to love this socks!

28 Apr, 2018
This socks are thin, soft and very comfortable. In my case, they are perfect. I am very happy with the fit and feel. However, I am size 8 US, if your size is larger, they may be too small. In oth... read more »

Very comfortable socks. Nice image designs.

26 Apr, 2018
I wanted these for my daughter but ended up buying them for my wife because of their size. They fit perfectly and look and feel great,  soft. It is a good thing that the designs are threaded... read more »

Nice toy, but a little overpriced.

24 Apr, 2018
Bought this boat to enjoy with my kids at the lake. The remote control requires 2 AA batteries (not included). It is a great entertainment,  but I think it is a little overpriced for its size and... read more »

Looks and fits perfect on my daughter.

22 Apr, 2018
Ordered this clothing set for my little daughter and she is very happy with it. I followed the conversion table while ordering, and it fits her perfectly. This is made of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. Pe... read more »

Nothing beats the aroma and taste of homemade toasted and grinded coffee.

22 Apr, 2018
This is a nice compact and manual coffee grinder. I could easily take it with me on my trips to Puerto Rico (we still have coffee bean trees there). The only set back is that the foam maker requi... read more »

Feels great even though it is 100% Polyester!

22 Apr, 2018
My waist is in the 32 to 33 inches range and I bought this XXL. It fits perfect, however I do not think it would feel comfortable for a person with a waist 36 inches or above. I love the blue color, b... read more »

Very soft and comfortable.

22 Apr, 2018
These briefs are made of 95% Modal ( a type of rayon) and 5% Spandex. Even though modal is semi-synthetic, it is breathable and does not retain humidity. They are not cotton, but feel very soft a... read more »

Nice wallet, very light material.

21 Apr, 2018
Considering its price, this is a great deal on a wallet. It has 3 credit card slots and an ID window. A side pocket under the credit card slots, a divided bill currency compartment and a zippered one.... read more »

Bought this beanie for my wife, but my daughter confiscated it!

19 Apr, 2018
This is a cozy beanie, but not as thick and warm as others I have bought. It is plain and simple, maybe more appropriate for a kid or teenager. My daughter loves it, so I guess it is an ok product. Th... read more »

Could not resist the temptation...of...

19 Apr, 2018
Well, my wife has a burgundy and a beige beanies, so I could not resist the temptation of getting her this black one. They are as described, warm, soft, hand knit and beautiful! We are still having oc... read more »

Too small and weak sound.

17 Apr, 2018
I bought this speaker because of being water resistant. I was expecting a small size, but "big" sound. I was kind of disappointed because even my smartphone speakers sound about the same. It... read more »

The best RC toy I have ever bought!

17 Apr, 2018
This RC Excavator It's AMAZING (just like operating the real deal)! It comes with a rechargeable battery pack, a USB charging cable and a remote controller that requires 2 AA batteries not include... read more »

Perfect knife to slice veggies fast!

16 Apr, 2018
I am phasing out all my ceramic knives (they are prone to breakage) for safety concerns. One of the best ways to handle food safely and avoid cross-contamination is to have a knife for different produ... read more »

Awesome and exciting bus with lots of features!

16 Apr, 2018
This bus is very exciting to drive with my kid. It has head and tail lights that flash the signal when turning left or right. The doors open and  close at the touch of a button. Another button tu... read more »

Perfect to carry to church or a business meeting!

15 Apr, 2018
I almost never carry cash, so my pocket wallets are always full with credit and debit cards and never last too long, besides being bulky. So I got me this slim money clip to carry just my license,&nbs... read more »

A set of tongs always come in handy.

14 Apr, 2018
Most of my wife's friends are party "animals" that mostly eat an sing in the karaoke in our get together parties (not drinkers like mine, lol). Since all of them always bring an ext... read more »

Great value! Nice FM reception in my area.

11 Apr, 2018
Bought this headset in pink to give as a birthday present for a teenage girl and now I am tempted to buy the blue one for myself. Good sound quality when I paired to my Samsung smartphone. Beautiful a... read more »

Warm, beautiful and..... a low price tag.

11 Apr, 2018
I bought this beige beanie for my wife because during our last winter she bought one in burgundy from the same manufacturer, which was beautiful,  warm and well made. No exception with this one.... read more »

Sleek design, but does not hold a lot of charge.

11 Apr, 2018
This is the smallest power bank I own. I love that it is light, compact and ergonomically comfortable in the palm of my hand. It does charge my Samsung very fast. However, it will only charge my smart... read more »

Nice to keep the soap with less mess.

08 Apr, 2018
This two pack of soap holders come in handy when you prefer clean areas over messy ones. I dislike with a passion to see soaps lying around the bathtub, sinks or any other surfaces in the house. This... read more »

Great cleaning tool to make your life easier!

08 Apr, 2018
This is my third scrubber (having a 3 bathroom house requires having one on each bath, lol). This tool is great to keep the bathtubs clean with minimal effort. You can also use it to clean house's... read more »

Not safe for a toddler. Magnets loosen up.

08 Apr, 2018
I bought this board and magnets to teach my 18 months old boy the ABC (bad luck for me to receive a pink one)[. Sadly, the quality is not up to my expectations as a parent. First of all, the magnets f... read more »

I loveeeee this "hachuela", it reminds me of my grandmother's cooking.

04 Apr, 2018
Got my chopping knife that perfectly matches with my other new knife and stainless steel appliances. Love the design, the handle and blade are just one piece. Nice integrated black adornment. Judging... read more »

Very comfortable and decent sound, but FM did not work in my house.

04 Apr, 2018
I bought this headset as a present for one of my employees. The headset is light, comfortable and looks and sounds great. Tested with my I-pad and smart phone listening to my favorite songs and I like... read more »

Excellent knife, awesome design.

04 Apr, 2018
I bought this knife for me (not for my wife, he, he,he). One of my passions is cooking. It is a must for me to have nothing but the best tools and gadgets in my kitchen. A good knife is one of the mos... read more »

Nicely terminated power bank.

04 Apr, 2018
I bought this power bank to give as a present. In my initial testing, it took less than 2 hours to charge. The body feels like aluminum with a nice silver metallic color and a glossy black top. It inc... read more »

Wish they were PVC, but they are OK.

02 Apr, 2018
Having small kids and 3 full baths in our house I decided to buy these for the kids bathrooms thinking that they were PVC to protect the polyester printed ones that they have. I should have read... read more »

Got 6 outlets, but also 4 Ports for USB charging for just $2 more!

30 Mar, 2018
I needed a few more surge protectors for my new house and decided to give this a try. For now I will only use it in one of our rooms to hook up the kid's lamp, humidifier and charge their gadgets... read more »

Real nice watch considering its price.

30 Mar, 2018
I bought this watch for my wife since it is a smaller replica of the one I got for myself. This is a simple stainless steel watch easy to adjust to the wrist and very light. May have to buy another on... read more »

Light and decent watch. Great value.

25 Mar, 2018
I have a collection of inexpensive watches, and this is certainly the least expensive one so far, yet it is very comfortable to wear and fits great on my wrist due to its sleek design. It was very eas... read more »

The bag is AWESOME. However...needs better strap.

25 Mar, 2018
Got this leather messenger bag because it's bigger than the one I had. I love anything that is made of leather, and this bag is AWESOME. It certainly does not shine as in the Amazon site picture,... read more »

"Casually" beautiful

10 Mar, 2018
This wacht is "casually" beautiful. The brown leather belt resembles alligator skin and seems well stitched. The dial is aesthetically appealing and includes the date (just the day number).... read more »

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