Carejoy C shape Decoration Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map
Price: $12.99
4.67 / 5   (12 Reviews)


Great Desk Topper

11 Sep, 2018 This is the coolest little gadget. I bought this for my son's desk and it is just amazing watching the globe le... read more »

Great desk decor !

10 Sep, 2018
Having this at the office makes everyone stop and ask questions about it. The globe comes well packed and setting up only took about a minute or 2. Getting the globe to float took me a few try’s... read more »

Awesome decorative piece! The ball is actually suspended in the air!

09 Sep, 2018
This is an awesome piece of decoration that will awakens curiosity in any person that sees it. The "world" actually gets suspended in the air and the multicolored light looks great and refle... read more »

Floating Globe

09 Sep, 2018
This is a fantastic gift for those that love differnt thiings! when this was ngiven to the birthday boy, he got so excited, plugged it in right away and was amazed. it was the best gift i could have g... read more »

Fantastic Product

08 Sep, 2018
When I first received this product I was a bit skeptical that it would work correctly. But after carefully following the directions the globe levitated perfectly! It was a little annoying how the... read more »


08 Sep, 2018
When first it out the box I couldn't get it to work. I wasn't following the directions read more »


07 Sep, 2018
So cool & entertaining love this! read more »


05 Sep, 2018
Even after reading, miticulously going over instructions over and over again I had a hard time having that ball floating. I used my figure over it and even the little wooden piece provided with it, ha... read more »

Excellent Value & Awesome Quality

04 Sep, 2018
This is an awesome display piece and draws the attention for people as soon as they walk in the door! I love the attention that I get from this particular piece! # RankBooeter #Carejoy read more »


03 Sep, 2018
Very curious and striking. At the beginning I received it trying to make the earth globe levitate but I could not achieve it until after several attempts I learned very well how to do it. Now it draws... read more »

Really Good

30 Aug, 2018
Carejoy C shape Decoration Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map  Price: $12.99 read more »

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