Cut Resistant Gloves Food Grade Level 5 Protection,Ibowooforrest Safety Kitchen Cut Gloves for Multiple Uses(Medium) - Suitable for Hand Length 9.06" - 9.25"
Price: $9.99
4.88 / 5   (17 Reviews)


Great Protection including in the shop

07 Jan, 2018
These gloves provide excelent protection when using sharp cutting tools like potato peelers. But it also works well when working around sharp objects in the shop where workgloves cant cut it. read more »

Multiple types of safety for us.

12 Nov, 2017
We got one pair in a medium for myself and later a pair in size small for my daughter.   Fit was a little tighter than expected but, I am guessing there is a very valid reason for this. ... read more »

Just got these in, and...

29 Oct, 2017
they are fantastic. Every now, and then, as a home cook I have a tendency to slice one of my fingers. Not anymore! Thank goodness I was able to try this out, and I think I'll buy some more. read more »

Great Product

28 Oct, 2017 I purchase this for my husband. He loves to cook and the last time he nearly cut the tip of his thumb off. I'm so happy that that won't happen again. I rec... read more »

No more cuts

25 Oct, 2017
Okay so I have huge hands, so my first thought was  they are never going to fit. But I got a size 9 and wow, they are the best gloves ever. Probably the most comfortable gloves I ever put on my h... read more »

Cut resistant gloves, pretty nice.

25 Oct, 2017
Pros: They actually work! Cut resistant. Cons: Seemed flimsy (but were not, so is this really a con?) I was surprised. They seemed small and flimsy when I took them out of the... read more »

Perfect for saving fingers

23 Oct, 2017
I really like these cut resistant gloves by IBOWOOFORREST. I wanted these gloves for my boyfriend. We go fishing a lot and when we catch fish he is the one who fillets them. I worry all the time he wi... read more »

Cut Resistant Gloves

22 Oct, 2017
These Cut Resistant Gloves,  Ibowooforrest Multiple Use gloves are  awesome and does as advertised.    The day we got these, our son  tried them on, and used them at his job a... read more »

Cut Resistant Gloves

22 Oct, 2017
I got these for my sister n law to use as she has been diagnosed with Factor Five Blood disease and likes to go fishing, To keep the risk down of pricking herself when she is trying to bait her hook o... read more »

Great working gloves

19 Oct, 2017…/…/B073PYX7DW I live on a four acre farm and I wanted these gloves to help protect my hands doing chores. These gloves work so well I never... read more »

Cut Resistant

17 Oct, 2017
I purchased these gloves for my husband who is a chainsaw carving artist.  Turns out he loves them but not for his chainsaw.  The gloves fit so well and so comfortable that he sometimes lose... read more »

They worked the first time!

08 Oct, 2017
There's a spoken rule in my house, "Mom's not allowed to use a knife!" I don't know why but pretty much every time I use a knife to cut something, I end up cutting myself. I'... read more »

Great gloves for the kitchen!

18 Sep, 2017
These gloves really do keep your hands safe from being cut! I did exactly what the picture shows and took a knife against my palm. Well all good because it worked! They are food safe so you can prep f... read more »

Might have to hide these!

16 Sep, 2017
My kids are taking this as a personal challenge to find a way to cut through them! Great for cooking or when you are pruning plants. They keep you from getting cut or scratched, and they work. I'm... read more »

No More Cute While Cooking

14 Sep, 2017
I always get cut when trying to prepare food my family because I hold a knife funny due to arthritis in my hands. I no longer have to worry about that. These gloves are super comfy and soft while prot... read more »

Cut Resistant Gloves

04 Sep, 2017
I wear these while I hollow out lightbulbs. They work! I do not get cut when the lightbulb shatters on accident. read more »

Great invention and Great Product

14 Aug, 2017
These are great for the kitchen, keeping you safe and preventing any accident cutting yourself.  They are also great for thr yard to prevent getting stuck by thorns.  These are must haves fo... read more »

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