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Oct, 2017

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Mom of 3 living that Suburban life outside of Atlanta, Ga =) I shop mostly online and base my purchases off others feedback so I know how important good feedback and reviews are.
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It has pockets!

26 Apr, 2019
Pros: This dress has pockets. True to size. Flattering fit. Flattering length. Soft material that does not cling. Cute casual dress. Can be dressed up or down. Cons: Nothi... read more »

Handy 3 pack charging cables

26 Apr, 2019
Pros:  Good quality. Long cods (6 feet) Comes 3 to a pack. Fits so many items - androids, nintendo ds, portable chargers, my tablet. Nylon braided is more durable Cons: T... read more »

Awesome Foldable Headphones

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: Lightweight. Nice assortment of colors. Long battery life. Earpad is soft and cushiony. 1 year warranty. Well made. Good quality sound. Cons: Lighter colors show wea... read more »

Great heavy duty floor mats

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: Easy to install. Raised edges & channels prevent liquid from getting on your interior. Reinforced edges. Flexible & durable. Easy clean up - just hose off. Good fit.... read more »

Flattering, well made, reversible swimsuit

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: Reversible to a cute pattern on both sides Well sewn and durable. Flattering cut and fit. Has full butt coverage. Adjustable in the back and neckline. Cons: Very low cut... read more »

Iphone spltter adapter

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: You can listen to your earbuds while charging! Compatible with several types of iphones - iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus, iP 7, iP 7 Plus. Easy to use and you don't have to d... read more »

Super cute Fox Iphone Case

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: This design is beyond cute. Foxes? So adorable. Easy to install. Comes with glass sceen protector. Fits the Iphone 8. Protective - does it's job well. 1 year warranty. C... read more »

Good Type C charging cable

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: Long length - perfect length for me to charge my phone at night (I can play on the phone in bed while it's charging haha) Fast charging. Flexible & durable. Simple, easy to o... read more »

Very unique and flattering bathing suit

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: Very unique design and patterns available. Flattering fit & cut. Very modest butt coverage. Very eye catching. Great for teens, young adults or any age really - yes, it is that c... read more »

Well made, lightweight set of packing cubes.

25 Apr, 2019
Pros: Lightweight & Durable Efficient for storage & space saving. Good sizes - ranging from small for socks (I was able to fit 12 pair of flat folded socks!) Good for narrow spaces... read more »

Decent little air purifier

23 Apr, 2019
Pros: Definitely purifies the air Easy plug in. Sleek shape and design. Helps to remove dust/pollen from the air. Cons: Not really an air freshener. I like this little devi... read more »

Basic Set of Digital Scales

23 Apr, 2019
Pros:  Small travel size Convenient Accurate Discreet Cons: Uses battery like crazy Did not come with tweezers as advertised Decent set of digital scales. My only co... read more »

Basic Packing Cube Set

23 Apr, 2019
Pros:  Dark color will not show dirt/stains. Small size for small items, perhaps for socks, underwear, jewelry Gets the job done. Good for organization. Labeled for easy organizatio... read more »

Surprisingly well made

23 Apr, 2019
Pros:  Well made. By this I mean high quality material, fine stitching, no loose threads, extra care to details. Lovely pattern, color. No fading even after sitting in the direct sun for... read more »

Flattering & Reversible

23 Apr, 2019
Pros: Reversible Cute patterns on both sides Flattering fit Flattering back/butt area Adjustable straps to get a "custom" fit Not too high cut in the crotch area Cons:... read more »

Great multi-use charger!!

23 Apr, 2019
Pros: It's a 3-in-1 - Great for Lyft/Uber drivers - no longer have to carry 3 different chargers. Well, good for anyone, one charger for 3 different types of devices. Great length. High... read more »

Amazing Bikini!!

31 Mar, 2019
First off, I have been searching high and low for a 2 piece that I can wear that isn't going to make me look like a busted can of biscuits. I lost 138 lbs and I honestly had given up hope.  I... read more »

Works great! Easy to carry.

15 Dec, 2018
So, I wasn't expecting much but this tool really works! It's small and easy to carry, or keep in your car and use at traffic lights. 10-10 I'd buy again. read more »

Perfect orginization!!

20 Nov, 2017
This is exactly what I needed. I'm a professional shopper and I needed something to hold my drink, keys, snacks, charger & cord, receipts, pens, cards, etc and this is it! It has straps that w... read more »

Feels Great!

01 Nov, 2017
This activewear top is pretty great! The material is thick and feels really nice on the skin.  I was actually impressed with the quality of the material vs the price because usually for something... read more »


25 Oct, 2017
I have very odd vents in my car and I've tried so many vent clips and wasted my money. My vents are turned sideways (as you can see in the picture) so most vent clips won't fit. This one fits!... read more »

Cute and well made.

25 Oct, 2017
Pros: Well made (seams sewn tightly) Small but roomy. Smooth zipper. RFID protection. Cons: Nothing that I am aware of. I really like this wallet. It's small but it hol... read more »

Cut resistant gloves, pretty nice.

25 Oct, 2017
Pros: They actually work! Cut resistant. Cons: Seemed flimsy (but were not, so is this really a con?) I was surprised. They seemed small and flimsy when I took them out of the... read more »

Good quality & discretely shipped

25 Oct, 2017
Arrived as expected. I'm very pleased with the presentation, the way it's set up and the quality of the material. Item is very discrete! The balls are the perfect size and the material feels s... read more »

Everything you need!

25 Oct, 2017
I was rather impressed by the quality of the tools. I expected something flimsy but the tools have a good weight to them! The kit was great in that it had many different sizes.  It's a good p... read more »

Great Quality & Cute

23 Oct, 2017
I was kind of skeptical when I bought these because the ones I get locally never seem to last long and Amazon is my last resort! I was very pleased to get them and the colors were super cute. I got bl... read more »

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