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I'm interested in photography, tech and computer products. I also like testing and reviewing a variety of products and have a wide range of hobbies and interests. I review products from a buyers perspective and after testing the product try to leave an informative video and good quality photos to go with the written review. I post these reviews on several social media platforms including YouTube, FaceBook and Pinterest in an established reviewing group.
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Cute Cat Night Light

07 Sep, 2021
  I have a cat lover friend who has a small child who also loves cats so I thought I'd buy her this this colour changing cat shaped night light. This night light from OneFire has a child f... read more »

Brilliant Head Torches

31 Aug, 2021
Head torches can be very useful tools when needing to use both hands in a dark or dimly lit conditions. I imagine many of us including me have had to hold a small torch in the mouth whilst having to c... read more »

Good Quality Charging/Data Cables At A Reasonable Price

24 Aug, 2021
I recently bought myself a new phone but overlooked the fact that this one charges via a USB type C port whereas my old one was micro USB and although it came with a 1 metre cable where I charge... read more »

Small Pump With A Great Double Airline Output

17 Aug, 2021
You might think all aquarium air pumps are the same but this one from AKKEE certainly does manage to do something different. It has two separate air output which means you have a large a aquarium you... read more »

Mini Tower With Many Power Outlets

26 Jul, 2021
A friend came over and commented on my recently bought mini extension tower that had tidied up my work desk considerably, she said she could do with one of those in her bedroom as that room only has o... read more »

This Mini Power Tower Offers A Good Solution To Your Power / Charging Needs

20 Jul, 2021
I got this Bedee power extension tower to try and tidy up my work desk so that the spaghetti junction of wiring and connections of my laptop, scanner, printer and other occasionally connected devices... read more »

Colourful Aquarium LED Remote Control Light

06 Jul, 2021
  Keeping colourful tropical fish in an aquarium is a bit pointless if you can't see them therefore you need an appropriate light to illuminate the aquarium. Until recently this was done u... read more »

Great Educational Dinosaur Construction Toy

20 Jun, 2021
This is sold as a child's educational toy as the child has to build the dinosaurs and once built the dinosaurs can be played with like a normal toy. The dinosaurs are made from recyclable ABS plas... read more »

Great Gravel Cleaner

11 Jun, 2021
Keeping fish in an aquarium is not as easy as some people imagine especially if it's a big aquarium with a variety of fish, you've got to get the perfect balance of temperature, water conditio... read more »

Good Little Air Pump

03 Jun, 2021
  My daughter keeps tropical fish and needed an air pump for a small aquarium she was setting up as a nursery tank for the fry of any live breeders in her main aquarium,  I thought that t... read more »

Handy Mini Vacuum Cleaner

22 May, 2021
The usefulness of mini rechargeable vacuum cleaners can't be overstated whether you use them around the home, car, caravan or anywhere you need a small clean-up job. This one from Bedee can be use... read more »

Good For Adding Bluetooth Connectivity To Older Computers

18 May, 2021
A family member's laptop broke so to help them out i offered to lend them my old laptop till they could afford to buy one. Being an old laptop running Windows 7 wasn't a problem for the relati... read more »

Very Useful Rechargeable Liquid Soap Dispenser

11 May, 2021
Although I prefer bars of soap I understand that many people like liquid soap especially if they have to share the soap with other family members. I've usually found that the pump action liquid so... read more »

Powerful Little Torch

27 Apr, 2021
This is a premium small torch made from aluminium and capable of giving a brilliance of 1200 Lumens on the highest setting by using a large LED chip behind a convex lens. This Letion torch comes in... read more »

Brilliant Torches

07 Apr, 2021
This set from Letion comes in a smart box with good packaging and comprises of 2 x well made aluminium torches with a zoom lens,  4 x 18650 2600mAh rechargeable batteries, a battery charging unit... read more »

Marvellous Music Machine

30 Mar, 2021
  I've reviewed several budget radios recently and thought it would be interesting to review a more expensive radio with extra functions. So after having a look I thought this ENUOSUMA &nb... read more »

Great Charger & Battery Set Should Ensure I Don't Feel Run Down

09 Mar, 2021
I have been using various battery powered lighting around my home but my current battery charger has only 4 slots which can be a problem if I have several lights with batteries needing charging at the... read more »

Nice Watch But No Velvet Pouch

15 Dec, 2020
This is a lightweight, 30g, casual inexpensive fashion watch with a case thickness of approximately 7mm and a faux pin buckle leather strap which has a width of 19mm, meaning it if light and comfortab... read more »

Flying Ball Toy That Really Takes Off

24 Nov, 2020
  Looking for a Christmas gift for a young relative that would be fun and under £10  I came upon this flying ball toy. Now I know the young child's father has drones but she is... read more »

Contactless Door Opener Tool A Great Idea For These Times

28 Oct, 2020
  With the current problems with the pandemic and the importance of trying to avoid touching something which may have traces of the virus present. This is of a particular problem for people... read more »

Hard Skin Problem Easy Solution

27 Oct, 2020
I have an elderly relative who has problems with calloused hard skin on her feet but unfortunately due to current restrictions the chiropodist can't visit her anymore and as my relative is shieldi... read more »

EDUP HOME Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker Small In Size Loud & Clear In Volume

27 Oct, 2020
I am a fan of audio books, audio plays and podcasts as I can be doing other things whilst enjoying my audios. I use a Bluetooth speaker either connected to my phone or laptop so I can easily move it a... read more »

Great Military Style Watch

06 Oct, 2020
I wanted to get myself a new watch and fancied a change of style to my previous watch, I liked the look of a military style watches so decided to have a look for one that fit into my budget. When I sa... read more »

A 64GB Flash Drive At A Very Good Price

21 Feb, 2020
  Flash drives, memory sticks or whatever you call them are very useful for backing up or transferring data from one device to another and these days the prices seem to be lower than ever. Thi... read more »

Gives Extra Features To A Phone's Camera

17 Jan, 2020
  This is a little attachment for a camera phone that I was interested to try out, it's a clip on 60 magnification microscope with a built in LED light to illuminate the item being observe... read more »

Bling Without The High Price Tag

12 Jan, 2020
  I found myself needing an inexpensive piece of blingy costume jewellery (a 70's themed party) which would look authentic but be relatively cheap. With this in mind I thought that I'd... read more »

Handy Battery Powered Motion Sensor Lights

11 Jan, 2020
Battery powered portable motion sensor lights are very useful for many purposes, cupboards, dark hallways, stairs, garden sheds and out houses. Finding I needed a couple of these lights for an elderly... read more »

Good Jacket, Bad Sizing

08 Jan, 2020
    I bought this as a birthday present for a young nephew after consulting with other relatives to find out what style of jackets were popular with the young I decided to buy him this... read more »

Stylish Storage Boxes

14 Dec, 2019
Showing a folded and an unfolded box If, like me, you are tired of keeping your paperwork, odds and ends, toys or craft stuff etc in old cardboard boxes or something similar then these boxes... read more »

A Very Useful Precision Screwdriver Kit

07 Dec, 2019
  If you find yourself needing a a set of small screwdrivers for repairing smartphones, laptops, games consoles, and other similar devices you could do a lot worse than this one from Gocheer.... read more »

Adorable Christmas Cat Design Men's Pyjama Bottoms

18 Nov, 2019
RAISEVERN Men's Novelty Christmas Cat Pyjama Bottoms These novelty Christmas Men's Cat Pyjama Bottoms will make a fun gift for a cat loving family member or friend. These pyjama botto... read more »

Warm & Cosy Novelty Christmas Slipper Socks

12 Nov, 2019
Spreadhoodie Novelty Christmas Sloth Slipper Socks   These novelty Christmas slipper socks are an ideal stocking filler gift especially for a friend or family member who suffers from... read more »

A Well Made Small Power Bank With A Large Charging Capacity

09 Nov, 2019
  This Poweradd 15,000mAh Portable Power Bank is a small and compact charger measuring 10.9 x 7.3 x 2.5 cms which still has a useful 15,000mAh charge capacity. SPECIFICATIONS:- Battery... read more »

A Compact 5 Port Mains Powered USB Charger

30 Oct, 2019
  The Poweradd Mains Charger   This Poweradd Mains powered charger with 5 USB charging ports is a a small and compact charger which comes in a box along with a 1 metre l... read more »

Classy Looking Women's Retro Sunglasses

19 Oct, 2019
These are attractive looking retro lady's sunglasses with brown gradient lenses which block out all harmful UVA & UVB light and are fitted in a lightweight thermoplastic frame which the makers... read more »

The isYoung Little Flower Pet Fountain

28 Sep, 2019
The isYoung Little Flower Pet Fountain Providing your pet with clean water to drink is vital to it’s health and wellbeing. If you are away from your home for long periods of time s... read more »

A Surprisingly Good Personal Space Heater

28 Sep, 2019
The ARINO Mini Personal Space Fan Heater Personal fan heaters seem to be popular at the moment so I decided to have a look at this small one from Arino. My first impression was that it s... read more »

Automatic Water Dispenser With A Large Capacity

19 Sep, 2019
The Ankidz  Automatic Water Dispenser For Cats & Dogs My friend has a small dog which is often left on it’s own while he is at work during the day and as he sometimes work... read more »

A Versatile Rechargeable Motion Activated LED Light

24 Aug, 2019
The BXROIU LED Rechargeable Motion Sensor Light                    I have a cupboard, which to be honest, is full of stuff shoved... read more »

An Ideal Drill/Screwdriver For An Expert Or Novice DIY Enthusiast

17 Aug, 2019
A female relative interested in DIY recently asked me for advice about buying power tools, one of these was a drill/screwdriver. I offered to lend her my mains powered hammer drill but she said it was... read more »

Good Personal Space Cooling Fan

10 Aug, 2019
I have experienced the hottest Summer I can remember and there were times even with windows open and fans blowing I still found things uncomfortable. With this in mind and a limited budget available I... read more »

A Toy To Keep Your Cat Happy

05 Aug, 2019
  Many people keep "indoor" cats which, because they don't get the exercise that cats allowed to roam outdoors enjoy, need extra play and exercise. One of these cat toys will hel... read more »

Useful Robust Mini Torches

28 Jul, 2019
Torches / flashlights have always been handy to have around the home, in the car, shed etc. Yes most of us have a flashlight built into our mobile phones but I would rather have a proper torch. Imagin... read more »

Spacious Well Made Backpack

14 Jul, 2019
With a backpack to buy for a nephew starting secondary school and a stipulation that it had to be a plain colour and able to carry a laptop when needed I found this laptop from Keenstone which seemed... read more »

Useful And Easy To Use Portable External Hard Drive

06 Jul, 2019
Having just bought a Smart TV with a built in PVR function which allows me to make off air recordings of TV programmes on connected memory sticks or external hard drives I decided to buy an external h... read more »

A 10,000mAh Power Bank with USB C & Micro USB Ports

29 Jun, 2019
This Poweradd Virgo I 10000mAh is a power bank which is future proofed thanks to it using both USB C and micro USB ports. This power bank  measures 18.6 x 9 x 3 cms, and weighs 337g making it por... read more »

A Low Priced Effective Amplified Indoor Aerial

09 Jun, 2019
As my old indoor amplified aerial had stopped working I decided to try this one from MSQIN because it was relatively cheap and I thought it would look less noticeable stuck to my window. What you get... read more »

Good Power Bank With A Great Charge Capacity

02 Jun, 2019
When carrying a power bank around with you it's always a compromise between portability and capacity, we'd all like the highest capacity to ensure our portable devices remained charged but we... read more »

Nice 15 Colour Make-Up Set

31 May, 2019
I would say that this was a good "starter" make-up set for a young teenager. This set comprises of :- 1 x 15 colour concealer palette  1 x Make-up brush 1 x Make-up puff Initial... read more »

A Nice Piece Of Inexpensive Costume Jewellery

25 May, 2019
A nice piece of inexpensive costume jewellery which is stated to be made from gold plated copper but as I could not find any hallmark can't say whether it is or not. What I can say though is that... read more »

Silk Sleep Eye Mask With Bluetooth Speakers

18 May, 2019
People wear sleep masks for various reasons, insomnia, migraine, night shift workers who can't sleep during daylight, relaxation etc. Also a lot of people who use these masks to try to get to slee... read more »

Comfortable Well Made Trainers

17 May, 2019
I was wanting a pair of comfortable trainers to wear in the gym and would not mark the gym floor so these trainers from Jazba seemed a good choice. They came in a printed cardboard box and are well ma... read more »

A Loud Bluetooth Speaker With Power Bank Functionality

20 Apr, 2019
If you need a weatherproof Bluetooth speaker which can produce a very loud output with a heavy bass in a surprising small 22.7 x 6.7 x 8.8 cm speaker which weighs 1.04 Kg then this could be a good one... read more »

Ausein Blue Mini Clip-On 5000mAh Rechargeable Fan

20 Apr, 2019
This nice blue fan makes a change from the majority of black or white fans available and would be ideal for someone wanting to match the decor of the room the fan is to be used in or for that matter h... read more »

A Multi-Purpose Mini Fan

06 Apr, 2019
As people who have read my reviews before will know that I have a penchant for devices which in addition to their original function also offer additional functions, This also applies to this little re... read more »

The Perfect Portable Power Bank

29 Mar, 2019
  This is a small power bank with a very useful 10,000mAh capacity. Weighing just 172g and measuring 10.3 x 5 x 2.5 cm meaning this is highly portable so can be easily carried so you can charg... read more »

A Very Useful Relaxation Aid

24 Mar, 2019
As I have said before. I like devices and tools that are multi-functional and when I saw this sleep mask with Bluetooth headphone functionality I was interested to see if the product worked. Firstly I... read more »

An Iconic Make-Up Set

22 Mar, 2019
      I recently bought my niece a nice make-up set as she is going to college to do a hair & beauty course. Well that didn't go down well with my niece's young... read more »

Handy Little Multi-Functional Tool

22 Mar, 2019
    I am a fan of gadgets, devices and tools which are multi-functional and particularly fond of the good old Swiss Army Knife. When I saw this little credit sized too; with a stated 4... read more »

72 Pieces Of Make-Up In An Attractive Carry Case

21 Mar, 2019
My niece has just been accepted in a local college to take a hair & beauty course so I decided to get her something appropriate but my knowledge of make-up and beauty products fall way behind my m... read more »

Small & Portable Power Bank With A Useful Charging Capacity

15 Mar, 2019
This is an unusual little power bank which is cylindrical in shape, measuring 11 x 2.7 x 2.7 cm and weighing 99 grams which makes it small enough to carry around with you because with a capacity of 50... read more »

A Memory Stick Which Can Be Used With Apple / Mac Devices

03 Mar, 2019
The problem I've heard mentioned about Apple products is that they don't have card slots for memory expansion which means that that if, for example, you're on holiday taking loads of photo... read more »

Ideal 3 In 1 Charging Device For Taking On Holiday

25 Feb, 2019
I like multi-functional devices especially if they mean carrying less equipment around with you if you are trying to travel light so when I saw this 6500mAh power bank, SD card reader with a detachabl... read more »

Smart & Quick Battery Charger

23 Feb, 2019
After the demise of my old Ni-MH & Ni-Cd battery charger I decided to get a new one which will also have the capability to recharge Li-ion batteries as well. After looking at various chargers I de... read more »

Good Headphone Set With Built In MP3 Player & FM Radio

08 Dec, 2018
I prefer over the ear headphones and when I saw these headphones which can be used as wired or wireless plus had a built it MP3 player and FM radio player with a price of well under £20 I decide... read more »

A Very Useful Men's Grooming Tool

11 Nov, 2018
This is an interesting rechargeable electric shaver which also comes with replaceable heads so in reality is a multi-function grooming tool . This kit comes in a box and contents are:- 1 x Shaver b... read more »

Smart Looking Novelty Spoons

20 Oct, 2018
This is a nice set of multicoloured guitar shaped stainless steel coffee/teaspoons which were bought as a stocking filler for a musical relative who likes their "posh" coffees. The spoons ar... read more »

Nice Warm & Stylish Scarf

09 Oct, 2018
With the cold weather on the way I was needing a new scarf for myself to keep warm, I wanted something fairly long, warm, soft and smart looking and this one ticked all the boxes. Although it's 10... read more »

A Good Power Bank To Take On Outdoor Pursuits

03 Oct, 2018
This power bank from FLOUREON is a good choice for anyone who engages in outdoor pursuits such as camping , hiking or trekking as not only has this 10,000mAh capacity power bank got IP67 water, dust &... read more »

Family Friendly Quiet Hair Clipper Set

29 Sep, 2018
These hair clippers will be useful for families wanting to save money on barbers fees and these have the convenience of being cordless so you can use them anywhere. Also as they are considerably more... read more »

Good Quality Leather Belt With Ratchet Fastening

29 Sep, 2018
I needed a new belt as my old one was looking a bit worse for wear and I needed a smart looking one to go with my dress trousers. I prefer black leather belts with a ratchet buckle as they can be tigh... read more »

A Great Toothbrush Which Is As Effective As More Expensive Big Brand Models

27 Sep, 2018
My "famous brand" expensive electric toothbrush recently stopped working, probably due to the rechargeable battery refusing to take a charge anymore, which is very annoying as it's a sea... read more »

Excellent Aviator Style Polarised Sunglasses

08 Sep, 2018
I have photosensitive migraine which means when I go out in daylight I need to wear sunglasses with a good UV.  I have several pairs of sunglasses and got these to add to my collection because of... read more »

Sturdy, Well Made Portable 10,000mAh Power Bank

08 Sep, 2018
Power banks are really useful these days as lot of us have many portable devices which we carry around with us which need to be charged. The ideal portable power bank should be small and lightweight e... read more »

This Mini Power Bank Packs A Useful 5000mAh Capacity

28 Aug, 2018
I'm testing this mini power bank from eeco which thanks to it's small size which could be carried in a jacket pocket without taking up too much room or being too heavy. Also despite only measu... read more »

A Portable LED Projector Which Is Great Value For It's Low Price

26 Aug, 2018
I've tested a few LCD projectors but so far this one measuring approximately 23 x 16 x 6.5 cms is the smallest.which of course makes it the most portable to date. This one comes in a box along wit... read more »

This Mini Rechargeable Fan With A Misting Function Is Cool

21 Aug, 2018
This is a personal fan with a difference for as well as using a 3 speed fan to cool you down this also produces a cooling mist to humidify the air as well which makes the breeze from the fan feel more... read more »

SLB USB Rechargeable Muscle Stimulator Helps To Tone Muscles

19 Aug, 2018
This muscle stimulation / toning kit was bought for a younger relative who is "into" keeping fit as a Christmas present as he is difficult to buy for. I'd heard of these devices which us... read more »

Attractive Looking Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp With Possible Health Benefits

15 Aug, 2018
This lamp was bought for a relative who has asthma and suffers from migraines after an acquaintance told me that since he had been using a Himalayan salt inhaler and had a Himalayan salt crystal lamp... read more »

Colourful & Spacious Backpack

11 Aug, 2018
This is a bright and cheerful looking canvas backpack which is ideal for young students for school or college. This backpack has a large zip on the top which when unzipped gives access to it's spa... read more »

A Handy Little Vacuum Cleaner For The Home Or Car

10 Aug, 2018
This Evertop rechargeable handheld vacuum cleaner is handy for use around the home or in the car and as it is cordless this add to the speed and ease that you can sort out minor accidents in home, car... read more »

A Rugged Waterproof Power Bank Ideal To Use Outdoors

04 Aug, 2018
I have a friend who goes off for days hiking and camping in the local countryside and moors, he likes to get away from it all but still likes having his phone and MP3 player with him and needs somethi... read more »

Small Rugged Memory Stick With A Good 32GB Capacity

28 Jul, 2018
This is solid little USB 3.0 memory stick made out of aluminium and comes with a key ring do it can be put on a key chain so you can carry this around with you. Being a USB 3.0 stick the data transfer... read more »

Mini Pink Power Bank Is Ideal For On The Go Charging

14 Jul, 2018
This is a small, slim lightweight power bank which easily slips into a pocket, even a shirt pocket, or small handbag so it can be carried around with you allowing you to charge your phone, MP3 player... read more »

A Good Wireless Mouse From A Big Brand Name

26 Jun, 2018
I have a new Android TV box and whilst the supplied remote control is good for basic functions some of the apps I use are easier to use with a mouse so I decided to get a basic wireless mouse. I wante... read more »

A Bright Battery Powered LED Lantern

26 Jun, 2018
If you want some emergency lighting or just  a portable lantern to take on camping trips, night fishing, use on a small boat etc then I think that you will find this the ideal reasonably priced o... read more »

A Reasonably Priced Stylish His & Hers Wristwatch Set

20 Jun, 2018
With a friends wedding anniversary looming I was looking for a present that they could both share that wasn't going to break my delicate bank. I didn't want to by the usual household stuff but... read more »

Great Multi-Function Rechargeable Radio Which Is Ideal To Keep In The Car Or House For Emergencies

20 Jun, 2018
This multifunctional radio would be useful for people who like outdoor pursuits  like camping, hiking, fishing etc or equally useful to keep in the home or car as an emergency radio. It comes in... read more »

A Stylish Looking Flameless Lighter

14 Jun, 2018
I recently bought a similar electric lighter for a friend but when I showed it to a relative she thought that it was great so I thought I'd buy her one for an upcoming birthday. As I happen to kno... read more »

Comfortable And Practical Suede Leather Slippers

04 Jun, 2018
I bought these for an elderly relative who need backless slippers as he has problems bending down to put slippers on so I thought these would be good for him so when he gets out of bed he can just sli... read more »

Good Looking & Robust 16gb Metal Memory Stick

03 Jun, 2018
 bought this 16gb memory stick because it looks to be rugged enough for my clumsy nephew who needs one for his college work. As this is made from metal, can be fastened onto a key ring, is stated... read more »

LONGQI Women’s Quartz Watch & Bracelet Set

25 May, 2018
I bought this as a cheap present for a female friend who's favourite colour happens to be the same shade of blue as the strap, hands and dial numbers in this wrist watch and the fact that it comes... read more »

A Fashionable But Practical Woman's Quartz Watch & Bangle Set

18 May, 2018
This was bought as a gift for a female relative who needed a fashionable but practical watch and have a big enough dial so she can see the time without the need for reading glasses  so when I saw... read more »

Smart Looking Electronic Arc Lighter

14 May, 2018
I wanted a little gift for a friend who still smokes cigarettes despite pressures from his family to pack them in. He's always running out of gas for his lighter and never can find his gas refill... read more »

Lovely Leather Slim RFID Blocking Wallet

13 May, 2018
With credit card fraud on the rise especially with contactless cards this little credit card wallet which blocks any signal reaching the RFID chips in the cards, so is an ideal way of protecting yours... read more »

Versatile 32gb Memory Stick With USB 2.0 & Micro USB Plugs

12 May, 2018
This is a memory stick with a great 32gb capacity with the added bonus of having a USB 2.0 plug at one end and a micro USB plug at the other end meaning that this memory stick will be able toplug into... read more »

Good Novelty Memory Stick

12 May, 2018
This is nice novelty memory stick in the shape of a racing car which I think would make an amusing but also useful gift. This 16gb USB 2.0 memory stick is made of shiny metal in the shape of an F1 rac... read more »

Stylish Looking Glass Bodied 32gb Memory Stick

12 May, 2018
This is certainly a memory stick which looks different to the usual ones you see sporting the same metal or plastic design. This memory stick has a glass transparent body with a silver metal cap cover... read more »

Attractive Alarm Clock Without the Tick

05 May, 2018
What do want from a bedside alarm clock ? Well for me it's not having an annoying loud tick and fitting in with the decor of my bedroom and this clock from Moobom ticks those boxes. I like the sim... read more »

Useful Memory Stick With USB 2 & Micro USB Functionality

01 May, 2018
There's no doubt that memory sticks are very handy for storing and transferring data from one device to another device and this memory stick with an 8gb capacity is more handy than most as it has... read more »

Versatile Battery Powered Fairy Lights

30 Apr, 2018
These lights are ideal to use as party /celebration decoration because as they are battery powered they can be hung anywhere indoors ot outdoors as they don't have to be plugged into a power point... read more »

A Nice Space Saving Make-Up Organiser

29 Apr, 2018
This was bought for a teen girl with a small bedroom and consequently not a lot of storage space for her ever increasing collection of makeup and nail varnishes.  This cylinder shaped rotating... read more »

A Great Small Power Bank

23 Apr, 2018
Remember the old mobile phones when you only had to charge them a couple of times a week and then smartphones took over and you were lucky if you could get a day's use out of them before they need... read more »

Useful Rechargeable Indoor Motion Sensor Lights

16 Apr, 2018
I find these indoor lights, which automatically switch on when it senses movement in close proximity, very useful. they are particularly good in dark cupboards, sheds or outbuildings with no power sou... read more »

Handy Picket Sized Multi-Function Tool

16 Apr, 2018
This multi-functional pocket tool was bought as a stocking filler Christmas present (yes I'm starting early this year) for a techie teen. Not only is it a ball point pen and touchscreen stylus but... read more »

A Colour Changing Low Energy Bulb With A Good Quality Built In Bluetooth Speaker

16 Apr, 2018
This was bought for a teen girl who has a small box bedroom and constantly complains about having no space for anything in her tiny bedroom. I think this dual purpose bulb is a great idea as as well a... read more »

Cute Novelty Piggy Bank

09 Apr, 2018
This novelty piggy bank is an ideal way of encouraging children to save their pennies rather than spending them on sweeties. This is because the money box looks like a small blue cardboard box measuri... read more »

Great Kitchen Tool For Reducing Food Waste & Saving Money

01 Apr, 2018
As someone who likes to buy in bulk and batch cook then freeze in individual portions as to save money this vacuum sealer will prove to be a useful for this purpose. The compact unit can either just s... read more »

A Colour Changing Low Energy Bulb Ideal For Room Mood Enhancement

30 Mar, 2018
One of the easiest ways of altering the "mood" of a room is by the way it is lit and this LED bulb either on it's own or along with other similar bulbs are a simple way of doing that. T... read more »

A Small But Loud Bluetooth Speaker With Good Sound Quality

30 Mar, 2018
This is a small but surprisingly loud Bluetooth speaker with a decent amount of bass and good sound quality. As well as being able to play music via your Bluetooth devices as this speaker has a micro... read more »

Compact Over The Ear Bluetooth Headphones

14 Mar, 2018
These Bluetooth over the ear headphones are handy for people who can't wear Bluetooth  earphones but like the idea of the freedom that wearing a wireless headset can bring. Also a bonus point... read more »

A Cute Novelty Child's Piggy Bank

07 Mar, 2018
 I thought this delightful little coin bank would be ideal to try and encourage a child to save up money. The novelty aspect  of this box is that it looks like a small cardboard box but when... read more »

Useful Illuminated Portable Folding Mirror

05 Mar, 2018
I was looking for a gift for a fashion and make-up obsessed teenage girl and thought that this illuminated portable tri-folding mirror would be ideal for her. This mirror measures 15cms x 12cms fol... read more »

Useful Lights For Book Reading, DIY Or Craft Work

28 Feb, 2018
If you like reading in a darkened room or in bed whilst not wishing to disturb your partner then one of these LUXJET LED rechargeable neck book lights may be ideal for your needs. This book light has... read more »

Versatile Bluetooth Headphones Which Can Also Be Used As Wired Headphones

28 Feb, 2018
I use my laptop as a media centre and it has all of my music and audio books on it, and not to annoy the rest of the family I usually listen to to my media via wired over the ear headphones but this m... read more »

Nice Novelty Memory Stick

28 Feb, 2018
A nice little novelty 16gb memory stick in the shape of a guitar and at just under £10 would make a nice gift for a musical friend or family member, The memory stick is well made from a silicone... read more »

Handy Mini Photography Studio Which Gets the Job Done Well

05 Feb, 2018
Something different for me to review this time, it's a portable mini studio with built in lighting. This HanSemay small, portable and  foldable photo studio tent is currently on sale for unde... read more »

Good Multipurpose Men's Grooming Tool

03 Feb, 2018
This BEISIWO 4 In1 waterproof cordless electric rotary shaver is a handy men's grooming tool as it has 4 interchangeable heads. One head is a treble rotary shaver head, the second is a beard &... read more »

Decent Quality Wired Earphones

26 Jan, 2018
Most audiophiles would agree that wired earphones give a better quality of music to  Bluetooth / wireless earphones. That said wired earphones, including expensive ones, are prone to tangling and... read more »

Handy Credit Card Sized USB Memory Flash Drive

22 Jan, 2018
This a useful little novelty item a 16GB memory USB flash drive in the shape of a credit card. It comes in a plastic case and removed from the case I was surprised at how thin this card is, infact it&... read more »

Very Good Wired Or Wireless Gaming Mouse

15 Jan, 2018
I recently bought an Android TV box but found the basic remote control that came with it difficult to use for navigating, web browsing and plating games. I was advised to get a wireless mouse so got t... read more »

Attractive Vine Design LED String Lights

03 Dec, 2017
This set of string lights is really versatile as it can be used indoors or outdoors as they are waterproof, they also look different to other string lights as they are made to look like a vine with th... read more »

Good Lightweight Winter Boots

15 Nov, 2017
These ankle boots by Soulsfeng are strong, well made but comfortable and lightweight enough to wear either as casual or Winter footwear. The sizes also correspond to UK sizes so no need to order bigge... read more »

Comfortable Leather Hi-Top Trainers Also Suitable As Winter Footwear

02 Nov, 2017
As Winter approaches I realised my old Winter boots were showing severe signs of wear which made me doubt that they'd last through the upcoming few months. So I decided to get myself a new pair in... read more »

Just As Good As The Expensive Brands

21 Oct, 2017
These Kuji Tiger trainers are well made, comfortable white leather training shoes from Soulsfeng with a Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sole which is softer, more flexible and durable than gum rubber esp... read more »

Quality Leather Trainers At A Surprisingly Low Price

14 Oct, 2017
A pair of training shoes for me to review today and these are an unknown brand to me called Soulsfeng. These trainers are designed to be worn by skateboarders and consequently have a non-slip rubber s... read more »

Good Quality Wired Earphones

10 Oct, 2017
Good quality wired earphones which come in a nice cardboard with a transparent window showing the earpiece. The earphones have a modern design and an inline control unit with a built in microphone so... read more »

Keep Your Feet Warm And Cosy

29 Sep, 2017
With Winter coming these socks would be an ideal gift for a female friend or relative to keep their feet in warmth and comfort. These socks can be used as bed socks or as an alternative to slippers as... read more »

Ideal For A Nip Of The Highland Nectar

29 Sep, 2017
Christmas is not too far away and with it comes the problem of buying presents for people. We all have two or three difficult people to buy for that we can never think of what we can buy them that isn... read more »

Keep Your Feet Warm And Cosy

19 Sep, 2017
A nice pack containing 5 pairs of  ladies thermal socks,.each pair pair features a little house in the woods with slight differences and colour designs for each pair. the socks feel soft and warm... read more »

A Good Lightweight Camera Tripod At A Great Price

02 Sep, 2017
Once camera tripods were only used by the professional or dedicated amateur photographers infact I'm old enough to remember when many households didn't even own a camera. So why do you need a... read more »

No Elbow Grease Needed ............ Just Polish

09 Aug, 2017
If you have leather products to care for like furniture, shoes or coats then this electric polishing kit can save you elbow grease whilst polishing and protecting the leather. The kit comes in a bo... read more »

More Than A Bluetooth Speaker

03 Aug, 2017
This is a small stereo Bluetooth speaker measures 5.5 x 28 x 4 cms and weighing in at 280g makes it light and portable for use around the home or an ideal music player for a caravan or shed where spac... read more »

Useful Motion Sensor Activated Light

23 Jul, 2017
First of all I have to say that despite that the description given in the link below that this is a two pack  you do only get  one light so I think the seller should amend the description. I... read more »

Good General Purpose Binoculars At A Reasonable Price

12 Jul, 2017
There a many different types of binoculars and all have been designed for a purpose. Mini binoculars are great for carrying around for spontaneous use if you spot something. High or zoom magnification... read more »

An Effective 8 x Magnification Monocular For It's Price

05 Jul, 2017
Some people find it difficult to use or can't use binoculars at all so a good alternative is to use a monocular which is a kind of cross between  binoculars and a telescope. As with most o... read more »

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