Mugig Phantom Power Supply for Condenser Microphone, 48V Adaptable Professional Power Supply for Studio Music Recording
Price: £17.59
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04 Apr, 2019
Got them for camping ⛺ and fishing read more »

Can't wait for Christmas

26 Mar, 2019
I bought this ready for Christmas 2019, great quality and really good size. I cnn't wait to give to my grandsons to decorate read more »

Dog lead

25 Mar, 2019
A brilliant little lead. Strong and durable, and very comfortable to hold. Our little staffy is loving using it. Clasp very easy to use, would be suitable for most, if not all collars. Great for letti... read more »

cat loves it

23 Mar, 2019
wow what a cool toy! my cat absolutely loves it, its big enough that he can access all levels and he loves the balls.  its good quality and easy to clean when hes finished playing.  read more »

Very good

23 Mar, 2019
Very good item.  read more »

good hub

19 Mar, 2019
I've been using this with a couple of laptops that don't have Ethernet ports (Huawei Matebook X and Asus Spin 5) and it works perfectly. The quality is excellent - it's a metallic (alumini... read more »

Great quality!

02 Mar, 2019
Does the job it's supposed to do. Well made product and fast speed. Exactly what I was looking for. Great product and good service from seller. read more »

Great hub

01 Mar, 2019
Fantastic hub it has everything you could need on one small compact box Ive used this a few times now and it works perfectly. read more »

Great gamer headset

20 Feb, 2019
It's hard to find a great gamer headset, some of them is not comfortable to use, bit tricky to get a good one, but I found this one and very comfortable to use and the bass is briliant sounds. Ver... read more »

Rubbery plastic material

31 Jan, 2019
Nothing to dislike about this set. Very detailed, from the dinosaurs to the foliage, realistic,  the size is not too small. Great value for money. Made from rubbery plastic. Nephew loved this set... read more »

Good quality & worth the money

05 Jan, 2019
Its size is perfect for our car and the phone button is in a very easy to see and reach area of the device. We especially like the ease in adjusting the volume by turning the phone button. The device... read more »

Christmas tree with decorations

02 Jan, 2019
rankbooster#WOSTOO DIY Amasing Christmas tree with 32 pieces of decorations (vary ornaments) superb quality, about 160cm , bright colours, beautifully make , seperate envelope for te decorations... read more »

Gloves for bike riding skying any outdoor activity

31 Dec, 2018
these are well made gloves very warm and good stitching read more »

Such a difference

27 Dec, 2018
purchased this because I’m really concerned that my new kitten is not drinking. I know cats can be fussy and he’s not poorly so he’s clearly getting hydrated but concerns me non... read more »

Reflecting vests

21 Nov, 2018
Got for hubby for when hes on his moped.  They are good quality and very bright which is brilliant and the reflective strips are good as well and work great with the car headlights on them. Glad... read more »

Safe DIY? Yeah!

21 Nov, 2018
So much cheaper than stores around me!! Makes diy safe to so I'm up for that! 5* does exactly what it says it should!  #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #ink-topoint read more »

Fantastic quality

19 Nov, 2018
Whilst searching for headphones for my son after he’s broken his 3rd pair I came across these, they’re really cool and perfect for games that he plays on Xbox one and PS4... shame he... read more »

Worth purchasing

10 Nov, 2018
Decent packaging , strong hardened casing and hassle free instalation , comes with foam anti-vibration and anti-slipping as the unit tends to tackle the sidewalls if they're not installed properly... read more »

Game headset

06 Nov, 2018
Good quality and comfortable to wear.  Sound is nice and clear and not muffled micro phone works ok. Had them for my xbox #rankboosterreview #gameheadset  #ARINO read more »

Warm Glow

03 Nov, 2018
A lovely set of lights which give off a warm glow.  Bought for her party but ideal for my daughters bedroom which is wherre they are now. #Rank Buster #2 x Fairy String Lights read more »

Nice bright lights

02 Nov, 2018
Purchased these to light up our little side pathway and they give off more than enough light for us to get all the way down. So simple to install and there's no wiring to... read more »

Nice material but too small

22 Oct, 2018
Great idea in theory but far too be practical. Probably fit just a couple of items if used as a laundry basket. Expensive for what it is.   #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored... read more »

Nice gloves, but beware of size

20 Oct, 2018
The gloves are ace - stylish, not too thick or thin, and the touch screen patch works wonders... But they're small in size. I would consider this (L) a Medium... slightly too big the female han... read more »

A must if you have children.

20 Oct, 2018
Very easy to set up and easy to clean. Fabric has a nice feel and look to it with its honeycomb patterned material. It has transformed the back of my seats to a multimedia haven for my teenagers. It h... read more »

Back seat Tidy...

19 Oct, 2018
These back seat organisers are great. They are made with good quality materials. Both have compartments to put tablets in, it's very useful to keep the kids organised. Both have large pouc... read more »

Baby romper

19 Oct, 2018
This is just lovely and great quality and love the small headband that came with it. Cant want for my granddaughter to try it on but she not being born yet. She's due 6th December. This will be on... read more »

Excellent value for money

18 Oct, 2018
These are really good sound quality and they are very comfortable on your head microphone sound quality is clear  read more »

Perfect little item

10 Oct, 2018
Great item works perfwct Very simple and easy to use read more »

Kids love it

09 Oct, 2018
this is a great play set, the kids love it and play with it all the time  #RankBoosterReview   #Sponsored   #pm  read more »

The best tripod I’ve ever had!

28 Sep, 2018
I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have purchased this little tripod, I’ve been looking at one for a while and with an upcoming trip to Thailand I wanted to take something that would cap... read more »

WOW GREAT value for the money

28 Sep, 2018
Full HD 1080P Recording: With the SONY 2MP CMOS sensor and advanced image processor, the dash cam prioritises crystal clear videos and vivid images, let you make out easily license plates i was unsure... read more »

5 stars

18 Sep, 2018
This is a great quality fitness tracker. All the features you expect from a high end model like blood pressure monitoring at a great price, It is very easy to use and easy to set up. Had it a... read more »

Get old tech connected by Bluetooth!

18 Sep, 2018
We have an old stereo that doesn't have bluetooth - and this was a lot cheaper than buying a new speaker/soudbar/stereo! Does the job perfectly and will happily buy another for my other old speake... read more »


18 Sep, 2018
Such a stunning lamp! It casts a beatiful pattern over all the surfaces around it. It looks pretty on or off and has survied the rain brilliantly. I could watch this for hours. Works for m... read more »

Fun 3D printed Backpack.

16 Sep, 2018
Great heavy duty backpack. It's suitable for small day trips and school. Holds A4 size books no problem. Well sewn seams and ideal for heavier items. Has two pockets suitable for water bottle or s... read more »

Great fitness activity band

13 Sep, 2018
Really impressed with this fitness band. Good value for money. Really comfortable to wear and barely know you’re wearing it. Has time and date, step counter, distance walked, calories burned, sp... read more »


12 Sep, 2018
Bought this led solar lights for Christmas, will be putting it around the back garden fence to make it look festive. Got the idea from my daughter's house, and it looked lovely. Can't wait to... read more »


10 Sep, 2018
great loads of battery life last a long time  read more »

Hard Drive Enclosure.

08 Sep, 2018
This is a nice hard drive enclosure, very slim, not much bigger than the hard drive itself. It was very easy to install the hard drive into it and then it's just plug and play. Very Happy with... read more »

Messy eaters? Here is the solution!

02 Sep, 2018
Pets are very similar to babies, they do have a tendancy to make a mess when eating. We had a ceramic pet bowl for our dogs food and he managed to push his bowl around the kitchen while he was eating,... read more »

Feels luxurious

25 Aug, 2018
Got this for my son and he absolutely loves it. It looks nice and masculine, feels heavy and luxurious.  read more »

looks fab

24 Aug, 2018
bought for my holiday looks fab amd fits well read more »


16 Aug, 2018
This lighter is brilliant. No flame to get blown out!!!  Long bendable neck ensures that you can reach into the tallest candle holder.  Comes in a lovely presentation box with usb... read more »

Works perfect

15 Aug, 2018
prompt delivery, very pleased, worked well on our scart to hdmi converter, the hdmi cable went to our 4K smart tv and worked well   read more »

As expected good long cable

12 Aug, 2018
Good long hdmi cable 3m. Works as you'd expect. the actual plugs are nice and thin which make it easy to use in a tight area behind a TV read more »

Spot on water bottle. Right, no spills

10 Aug, 2018
Loving this water bottle, easy to drink from, watertight, looks cool and lots of compliments from friends   #RankBoosterReview#Sponsored #tonze read more »

Car vent holder

06 Aug, 2018
Car vent holder is very good quality and strong and brilliant in the car for holding my electric cigarette it fits in brilliant #RankBoosterReview #ventholder #LOCEN read more »

Sizing lets them down

03 Aug, 2018
Got these for my wife (funnily enough not for me) and she was impressed, seem to be well made, fit for purpose and basically do what they are meant for. Down rated slightly on the review as luckily sh... read more »

Fabulous fun

01 Aug, 2018
What a brilliant little set of toys, my Grandson just loves playing with these.  The fishing rod is made of strong plastic and is a lot sturdier than I was expecting which was a relief. The to... read more »

Ideal for the Greenhouse.

30 Jul, 2018
The best way to check the humidity and temperature level in my greenhouse. It's very easy to set the f unctions using the manual. The display screen has nice big digits which is ideal, a blue back... read more »

Highest quality

24 Jul, 2018
The audio works fine and I can now connect wirelessly. read more »

Excellent piece of kit

20 Jul, 2018
Brilliant little tripod, now a permanent fixture in my photography kit! I always travel with an extendable tripod, but occasionally the job calls for something a little more *flexible*, or I need the... read more »


20 Jul, 2018
oh my oh my. what a great product for stripping away the excess flab. Obviously have to be used with exercise and a decent diet, but for a helping hand at dropping a few extra pounds, brilliant! read more »

Electric and rechargeable arc lighter with flexible neck safe to use for both indoor and outdoor activities by Megainvo

11 Jul, 2018
The electric lighter by Megainvo uses an electric arc without flame and odourless to light anything from candles to gas stoves. The lighter has an 11.2 cm long and flexible neck so one can light at an... read more »

A great pack with different types of rope toys

09 Jul, 2018
These rope toys by #Pecute are great for dogs that like to chew, especially puppies that are teething. A good tip is to soak one in chicken stock and freeze it - great for sore gums! They are well mad... read more »

not happy

07 Jul, 2018
sadly this brush looks like women brush.. its not good for short or even long haired dogs.. doesnt do the job i have tried it on pug ( short hair) and tibetan mastiff (long hair) brush was still same... read more »

They do the job perfectly

30 Jun, 2018
great pair of secateurs.  Larger sized with sharp cutting blades.  Nice grip too.  Really well made quality product for a decent price.  read more »

great tv led

27 Jun, 2018
 The USB powered LED kit is an ideal kit to provide some ambient lighting around your various devices and screens such as TV, monitors or even desks. I do have a lighting kit around my desk alrea... read more »

Do what they need to do

21 Jun, 2018
Like these they will do what i hope will not be needed but if required will alert other people to my girls if in trouble. Very loud with flashing light, easy to trigger can be put on keys, belt buckle... read more »

perfect for my messy pup

15 Jun, 2018
I bought this set as it is suitable for a small dog and i have a Jack Russel but he's a little messy when he eats so i knew id have to get a mat but , i found this one and its perfect , by Pecute&... read more »


13 Jun, 2018
Far too small and very bad quality.  You would need a very strange shaped dog to fit this. Measurements are much different to item description #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #SunGrow htt... read more »


07 May, 2018
After assembling this organiser (which was fairly straightforward) I very excitedly filled it with the contents of about 6 make up bags! I have a lot of make up! I quickly worked out how I would like... read more »

Almost perfect

07 May, 2018
The Combatwing W100 mouse is really beautiful and works great  the only issue I have is that the USB charging of the mouse is built wrongly. It is very hard to use the mouse when the US... read more »


22 Apr, 2018 Nice stylish ends for our darts. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Rocita read more »

Lightweight & perfect

21 Apr, 2018
purchased this mirror because I travel a lot and this is perfect for that... it’s very lightweight and folds up lovely and neat.. it has a stand that can be removed and is useful for storing bit... read more »

Brilliant headset

18 Apr, 2018
Whilst searching for headphones for my son after he’s broken his 3rd pair I came across these, they’re really cool and perfect games that he plays on Xbox one and PS4... shame he has... read more »

easy to clean

15 Apr, 2018
So we tried these silicone waffle shaped moulds , these came in a set of two the classic rectangle waffle shape and  heart shaped and after reading up on these first , being quite fussy I was rea... read more »

A Good Quality Burger Chef Press

02 Apr, 2018
#Rank Booster Review # Sponsored by KROM This is a good quality burger press kit and a non-stick grill mat, which come i... read more »

A firm favourite

24 Mar, 2018
since purchasing this my daughter has played with it daily.. she’s only little and definitely one for finding her way around shapes and puzzles atm she was instantly excited when th... read more »

Toy storage

10 Mar, 2018
Easy use Very convenient can take out with you  Ideal for summer can put in garden  Easy to clean  read more »

Great for camping

05 Mar, 2018
We’ve only tested these in doors... we’re going camping this year and so are steadily buying bits and pieces that we’ll need and that will be needed  I’m not that keen... read more »

Useful Lights For Book Reading, DIY Or Craft Work

28 Feb, 2018
If you like reading in a darkened room or in bed whilst not wishing to disturb your partner then one of these LUXJET LED rechargeable neck book lights may be ideal for your needs. This book light has... read more »


25 Feb, 2018
Great pens. i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #allescool read more »

Best school bag for my child

08 Feb, 2018
Excellent item my son has had problems in school with children taking stuff out of his bag but this bag has put an end to that he was ecstatic with all the pockets etc and the security of his belongin... read more »

works well

04 Feb, 2018
  This phone holder for car vents is small but powerful ,  it is magnetic and with two metal discs supplied , stick to your phone case and the holder will holder the phone in place ... read more »

Shrimp cave

17 Jan, 2018
Looks very plain but looks very affective when its in the tank too even the little fish go inside. Good value for money  read more »


09 Jan, 2018
 Silver Swarovski necklace has been personalised with the script love and beautiful crystals in the o and e  , this Women's Necklace has no allergic materials is lead and... read more »

Guitar strap

04 Dec, 2017
Good quality and strong guitar strap lovely colour red, easy to fit great product #RankBoosterReview #guitarstrap #mugig read more »


17 Nov, 2017
Nice design,very compact.Now can dont worry if my phone battery low. Can charge battery in front car miself and back car my child.I happy for this product. read more »


16 Nov, 2017
great quality, really well made  read more »

Does what it says it does

13 Nov, 2017
Using this kit I have saved so many pairs of jeans and jackets from being thrown out! Price is very fair for the amount you will save by replacing the clothing! #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sp... read more »


02 Nov, 2017
 i purchased this for my autistic son for when he is having sensory overload,he tried it out last night when it was bed time he was mesmorized by all the lovely bright colours,if you want some li... read more »

Lovely funky colours

26 Oct, 2017
As these are the lids i had some problemz finding jars but now havd some and they look lovely in ths garden.   read more »

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