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Atheletic socks

28 Sep, 2018
 am not a sock person as i very rarely wear then but i have started trainning and running so with the weather getting cooler thought it maybe a good idea and these wete perfect! I cannot even tel... read more »

Atheletic socks

28 Sep, 2018
I am not a sock person as i very rarely wear then but i have started trainning and running so with the weather getting cooler thought it maybe a good idea and these wete perfect! I cannot even tell i... read more »

LED solar lights

05 Sep, 2018
These lights are lovely in a garden or around the edged. They have 8 led lights and look great! There very bright at night and look realy expensive. Very good value and made to good quality read more »

Led solar laterne

26 Aug, 2018
Very well made, looks elegant in any garden. Beautiful  pattern when it lights up in the dark read more »

Piano keyboard

17 Aug, 2018
Only had a look at this as its a christmas present for my 4year old grandson who loves singing on his karaoke and learning to play guitar. Hes going to love play on this piano keyboard and learni... read more »

Ps4 control charger

17 Aug, 2018
I dont no much about ps4 but my grandson says its perfect to charge the controlers up  read more »

Wireless charger

17 Aug, 2018
Very clever little gadget. Got for my holidays to keep charge in phone on days out, very good size to store in handbags so ideal size never to run out of charge while on the go  read more »

Russian hat

17 Aug, 2018
Great quality material made to a high standed. This will definatly keep you warm in the winter months read more »

Bodyfat scales

17 Aug, 2018
Look great and stylish and would look lovely in any colour bathroom. Easy connects to bluetooth and easy to download app. Only thing i found was that they dont weigh in stones but very quick to work o... read more »

Kids hola hoop

17 Aug, 2018
Well i ordered this hola hoop for myself (45).. yes it does say for kids but i thought with the good price and how expensive a grownups hola hoops are i thought id give this a try and if it wasnt any... read more »

Beach cover up

08 Aug, 2018
Arrived today fast delivery and great quality. Just what i was looking for, for going to ibiza next few weeks. Looks great on too realy pleased. Very light and lovely materiel  read more »

Body face gliter

08 Aug, 2018
Great colours to choose from and look amazing on and glitter stays on well even when you sweat read more »

Mini play cars

03 Aug, 2018
Mini cars dumper trucks etc. These are lovely and the right size for little hand. My 3year old grandson lives these and they have also stood been thrown around like kids do and nice to see there still... read more »

Xmas tree base cover

23 Jul, 2018
Obviously not used this yet but thought id get prepared for christmas.looks very good quality so am sure its going to look lovely round the tree  read more »


23 Jul, 2018
Good value for money these cars.grandson loves them and not broke as hes sent them flying in the air like most cars do  read more »

Motorbike goggles

23 Jul, 2018
Great quality my hubby loves them. Definatly help when sun is very bright. Hes happy with them  read more »

Racing car monster truck

23 Jul, 2018
Bought this for my 4 yr old grandson as he loves remote control cars and is very clever for 4! Got this for his birthday but grandad as tested it before hand to make sure it works and he loves it haha... read more »

Stainless steel ring

23 Jul, 2018
Looks lovely in my bathroom for the hand towels. Easy to fit and good quality stainless steel read more »

Stainless steel hook

23 Jul, 2018
Good quality steel. Easy to fit as i did this myself. Very sturdy  read more »

High waist jog pants

23 Jul, 2018
Fantastic material realy good quality.. i normaly get my jog pants from a well known retailer but not nomore more. The fit are perfect and was up lovely each time read more »

Wireless wifi camara

15 Jul, 2018
I bought this after looking at a few but this one i had noticed also record. My daughter wanted something reliable to watch my grandson as he was thought to be suffering from child sleep apnea. Highly... read more »

Pizza paddle

01 Jul, 2018
I love this pizza paddle it can be used in oven or on a low light in bbq.. very pleased  read more »

Summer sun hat

01 Jul, 2018
Very well made amd very light. Looks very stylish on too..i got this hat for my holidays but since we had great weather its been lovely to wear this summer hat that keeps you nice and cool  read more »

Bathroom steel holder

01 Jul, 2018
Very well made and look beautiful in bathroom with this toothbrusher holder. More nicer than seeing a cup for these items read more »

Air dry clay

30 Apr, 2018
Kids love these to make little ornaments and diffrent shapes.only problem was that the instructions wasnt in English  read more »

Multi coloured lights

30 Apr, 2018
Thes lights are remote control and alot brighter than i thought they would be. They look beautiful inside some old glass lanterns i have in the garden  read more »

Fur remover

15 Apr, 2018
Highly suprised this actualy does work. I did think it ran on batterys but it dos not. All you have to do is run it gently over your item and it removes bobbles of your clothin. Great product  read more »

Tablet stand

20 Mar, 2018
Thought at first this looked too little to hold my tablet but its great and does exactly what i wanted it for. I use my phone and tablet on the stand. Very good quality and well made  read more »

Non surgical face kit

13 Mar, 2018
Wow, i was very scepical using this but got to say it does work.. i am so impressed with it. Theres a warmin sensation when its on but 150% it does the job. The way it tells you to measure with the ta... read more »

Pom beanie

13 Mar, 2018
Lovely quality wool used for this great stylish beanie hat. With the cold weather wevr had wanted something warm to keep warm and this hat kept my head toastie warm. Looks great too  read more »

Fur remover

10 Mar, 2018
Ive not seen one of these that actualy work for many many years, most are sticky paper nowdays so very pleased thats i saw this proper fur remover. Brilliant just like they used to and ive also a trav... read more »

Toy tea set

07 Feb, 2018
This little tea set is realy value for money. Got this for my Grandson whos 3yrs old who loves role play. Even tho this is pink its not just for girls. Weve had hours of fun already with this tea set... read more »

No socks

29 Jan, 2018
Great fitting socks.. good quality material toi. Not too thick and also like some trainer socks which you do not want them to show they do but with these proper NO show sock thats exactly wot they do.... read more »

Solar light

23 Jan, 2018
This light seamed smaller than i expected but am very impressed how powerful and bright this light is. Fits great to any wall and very compact. Great product  read more »

Swimming trunks

23 Jan, 2018
Very good high quality materiel and very soft. Very good size too and fit great. Seam to dry quick after a swim .  read more »

Electrical tape

17 Jan, 2018
Very good quality tape, some you can get easy break but this is quite strong which is good..very good value for money for 6 rolls of tape  read more »

Shrimp cave

17 Jan, 2018
Looks very plain but looks very affective when its in the tank too even the little fish go inside. Good value for money  read more »

Glass light

21 Dec, 2017
Looks very plain but its very affective and beautiful once the light is on.. glass is not too thick either so looks very delicate what makes it more impresive and makes the changing colours look lovel... read more »

Snowflakes decorations

10 Dec, 2017
Beautiful made glittery snowflakes for christmas tree these are perfect quality and bargin for 36 piece.   read more »

Great for decoration too

03 Nov, 2017
These flashing lights are great with have put it on the wooden wheel the grandkids think it great.. great product  read more »

Great product

27 Oct, 2017
Bought these for my daughter as i got some myself first and she was impressed with the results i had.. would definatly recommend read more »

Value for money

27 Oct, 2017
I got these as a massage therapy as i have a muscle condition and after using for a week i can feel a diffrence so i thought id try them for stretch marks and after a few day they seam to be fading..... read more »

Great product

13 Oct, 2017
Arrived today and my grandkids think these are great and loved giving them to there friends so there all cool read more »

Nice and warm

10 Oct, 2017
For a poncho its very warm for the chilly evenings and nice and soft too  read more »

Amazing and fancy gold chalk markers

05 Oct, 2017
These gold chalk markers are fantastic and stylish just for making things look so pretty and effective.. great delivery too  read more »

Great liquid chalk marker

05 Oct, 2017
Fast delivery...My grandson loves these to doodle with on his chalk board my husband uses them to mark things when hes working win win they can be uses for somany things, fantastic product  read more »

Gel sock great buy

04 Oct, 2017
These gels socks felt little heavy but they feel light on your feet and 30mins of wearin them my feet feel nice and fresh which am suprised at something so simple but definatly works read more »

Great buy

02 Oct, 2017
My neice will love this princess set, it looks amazing even i could play with it with her read more »

Value for money

30 Sep, 2017
Great buy as i love cooking and never bothered to use one of these but wouldnt be without it now,definatly no i cannot poison no one read more »

Great buy

30 Sep, 2017
Ive bought this fitbit for my nephew for christmas as i have one myself.. they are fantastic they track everything apart from your shopping list haha..  definatly as good as there more expensive... read more »

Fluffy socks

24 Sep, 2017
These socks are great, and half the price from other decent socks.. i have problems with walking and when my feet get cold the pain is unreal.. thought these sock looked realy fluffy and thick so id g... read more »

Little is better

21 Sep, 2017
I was definatly sceptical over this little towel, as i go swimming often i thought this surely couldnt replace a bath towel but it certainly does ... no more big bulky towel for me anymore.. definatly... read more »


19 Sep, 2017
Wow wow can not rate these insoles enough, thought id give these ago, tryed diffrent ones previous and my feet have been still as painful! Well not with these life savers they are like walking on air... read more »

Great buy

14 Sep, 2017
Was bought for my son-inlaw he could never find a good one after his last one broke.. 5 ***** product 5 ***** to me as hes over the moon with this fitness tracker says it does everything even better t... read more »

Value for money

12 Sep, 2017
Fantastic fry pan, nothing sticks at all best frying ive ever had.. definatly would highly recommend. Great product! read more »

Great buy

11 Sep, 2017
Bought this for my daughter and she loves it, said its best thing ever she would definatly buy one if it ever broke.. keeps track on everything she does Many thanks  read more »

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