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perfect !!

05 Dec, 2019
Bought them for our new summerhouse, it looks fabulous, I need to get another one to add to it as it is a bit short. Effect is wonderful, lights are mesmerising, so Christmassy... We love it and highl... read more »

Very well presented !!

30 Mar, 2019
Ordered this make up kit to give as present, was curious  and when it came was amazed at how beautifully it was presented in a sort of stainless box complete with snap locks...  Have not tri... read more »

fantastic !!

25 Nov, 2018
Bought this serum as I have finished my last bottle. The item was delivered on time  and started using it. Love the feel of it on my face, my skin feels soft and silky. My skin looks brighter and... read more »

Nice !!

18 Nov, 2018
I needed new eyelash curler and bought this as replacement. It arrived as promised by the seller, I already have tried it and it's perfect. I hope it will last longer than my other curlers. ... read more »

Love it !!

18 Nov, 2018
Bought this No tie laces for my trainers, wanted to see if they are really easy and better to use as being advertised... and yes they are!!! absolutely easy to use, so comfy and no fuss, no more laces... read more »

Love them!!!

04 Nov, 2018
Bought this set of tweezers for my personal use, my old one is almost worn out. The tweezers are super sharp and super good, love the grip on the hair , very balanced grip and is superb. I love them a... read more »

Excellent gadget!!

03 Nov, 2018
Ordered this precision Toenail clippers because I have ingrown toenails, it was really sharp, easy to use. It came with nail file and a little scoop , so so happy with it. Packaging is brilliant as we... read more »

nice little hat!!

23 Oct, 2018
Received the   beanie on time as promised by the seller. it looked alright and material is stretchy. Colour is okay, will enjoy using it for work in the coming cold weather days. the little... read more »

Amazing colours!!

23 Oct, 2018
Bought this make up palette to use for the Goth Festival in Whitby this weekend, trust the colours will stay all day long. I have not tried it yet, so am hoping it will be alright . Wi;; send you more... read more »

great cover!!!

23 Sep, 2018
Ordered this in the off chance that it will fit my OPPO F5, but no luck, it's a bit small. The design is lovely and love the handle feature as well. Thanks , this will be present to somebody for C... read more »

Nice !!

23 Sep, 2018
The items came on time as per the seller's info, materials and design are good too. Love the additional feature of the card slots or money slot? I thought this would fit my OPPO F5 as they ar... read more »

Love it!!!

23 Sep, 2018
Bought this cable for my husband's phone, he's got the new Huwaei P20Pro and the he needs charging cable that is long for his bedside table, and these cables are fabulous, they are at least 2... read more »


12 Sep, 2018
Bought this for my husband's watch, it is fabulous, he loves it. The watch winder is very quiet and very efficient, it works perfectly. The material is superb and workmanship is excellent too. Lov... read more »


12 Sep, 2018
Bought this led solar lights for Christmas, will be putting it around the back garden fence to make it look festive. Got the idea from my daughter's house, and it looked lovely. Can't wait to... read more »

Love it!

12 Sep, 2018
Bought this for my husband, his last beard trimmer broke so got his as replacement. He thinks it is lovely being  rechargeable also daves on battery. love the accessories, and the gold colou... read more »

Great design

27 Aug, 2018
Bought this peeler mainly because I was intrigued with the design, double ended blades, it is really clever, one gadget to use with different vegetables and fruits. The colour combination is really co... read more »


27 Aug, 2018
Bought this for hubby to use on his Huwaei P20 pro phone. Love the    design and the digital display of how much charge it has, very clever and know when to recharge the charger. It will be... read more »

Love it!!

27 Aug, 2018
Bought this oil diffuser for a friend, tried it first to see it it works, it is lovely, silent and it looked very elegant as well. The wood grain and colour will go with any room and is very decorativ... read more »

great gadget!!

09 Aug, 2018
Got this three in one multi function juicer, cheese grater and  it was great. One item for 3 uses, saves space in the cupboard, and really amazing product. Love it !!! read more »

Good oil!!

08 Jul, 2018
Bought this oil to try for my hair as treatment, mixed with lemon and olive oil for ease of application. It works wonderfully, made my hair nice and soft after. I am also using it on my lashes and I c... read more »


05 Jul, 2018
Bought this little chopper to use for my hubby's bbq party, was skeptical at first if it will be effective, and was really surprised when it did, helped me chopped oions, garlic and other veggies... read more »

Very nice!!

28 Jun, 2018
Bought this earpiece to replace my old one which is a Jabra, design is good but it is a bit tight around the ears. Very clear sound , easy to use . Love the colour and the instruction manual is handy... read more »

Love it!!

16 Jun, 2018
Ordered this salt and pepper grinder to replace our old one. it seems we are not very lucky in buying one that really works? I tried this sall tand pepper grinder and luckily it is working fabulously,... read more »

No mess, no fuss!!

08 Jun, 2018
Bought his candles to use in the room for a lovely romantic effect, and to use on the dining table when having dinner with friends. The remote control to switch them ON/OFF is an ingenious idea, no me... read more »

Cute Table

08 Jun, 2018
Bought this table to use at the end of the sofa to serve as coffee or drinks table, it's lovely, however, it's on the small side, I was expecting a bit bigger table? It is still a lovely drink... read more »


06 Jun, 2018
Bought this necklace for my grand daughter, she loves blue coloured stones, she will love this one especially the unique design and the Blue Topaz stones are really sparkly and lovely to look at. It i... read more »

exquisite !!

02 Jun, 2018
Love the design of this bangle, the swarovski crystals are bright and shiny, and it is easy on the eye to look at. Material and finish is superb, the lock looks strong and easy to use. It is well poli... read more »

Excellent gadget!!

01 Jun, 2018
I have one of this massager and my friend came to visit, she tried it, and she was wowed by it, she said it is simply amazing and she wants one. Hence I ordered this unique massager for her. She also... read more »

Excellent organiser !

28 May, 2018
Received my organiser today and initially I wanted to use it for office use, but then I changed my mind and used it for my makeup and skin care regime, it does look fabulous. The clear plastic makes i... read more »

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