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Jun, 2018

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A good dishwasher-safe alternative to my bamboo boards

31 Aug, 2018
These are great cutting boards for everyday cooking. They are rigid boards and have a decent sized surface for cutting, although not overly big so they are easy to store. The silicone pads on the corn... read more »


23 Aug, 2018
These are wonderful and serve so many different uses. My oven mitts made out of a fabric material were getting disgusting over time -- stains, crusty, scorched, and discolouring -- so I really want... read more »

Really happy

23 Aug, 2018
To be honest at first I was a bit concerned about ordering this as the similar products from other manufacturers cost a lot more. But still I decided to give it a try, as the price was quite tempting.... read more »

Love these

15 Aug, 2018
Wow, so glad these are finally available! I've always maintained that plastic bags, while convenient, are going to be awful for the environment in the long run, as you tend to throw them away afte... read more »

So far so good

14 Aug, 2018
Bought this to replace an Anker cable which kept going faulty on me - would randomly stop charging! Always trusted Anker but that was my 3rd cable from them which stopped working, and the last straw.... read more »


14 Aug, 2018
I'm really happy with this - I have a LOT of beauty products and I store most of them in drawer towers, but I wanted this to store all the items I use on a daily basis so I don't have to go op... read more »


09 Aug, 2018
Tremendously pleased. Wanted to purchase a robotic vacuum as crumbs seem to fabricate out of thin air in my home (that's a lie, I'm just a very snacky person and like to walk around munching r... read more »

It works!

07 Aug, 2018
Very pleased with this smart plug - setup is a breeze, haven't discovered any issues yet, and it's not as bulky as some of the other wifi plugs around! I'm also quite happy that this one d... read more »

I've named him Gerald

30 Jul, 2018
  A great little toaster!! Has been with me through thick (bagels) and thin (rye slices) and performed commendably. Lovely bright red colour, ideal if you've got a colourful fun kitchen! T... read more »

Pleased to find everything in one supplement

30 Jul, 2018
I normally only get sick a few times a year, but when you've got a lot to do, even a few times is far too many! I set out to do some research into immune boosting supplements and made a list of al... read more »

Good so far

20 Jul, 2018
Just started using it so I can't say whether or not it helps with weight loss but I do feel less hungry and have more energy. I don't get the jitters which is great..its more of a clean energy... read more »


20 Jul, 2018
This item is GREAT! Came as described. EXTREMELY Sharp (do be careful!) The entire width of the metal goes securely into the handle, so the Zester is nice & sturdy, unlike other that taper down to... read more »


20 Jul, 2018
Bought this to replace a standard tripod I purchased from Jessops as it had become rather tired and several of the clips were showing signs of cracking - didn't trust the thing! This one looks and... read more »

Pleased with them

20 Jul, 2018
I haven't found it to be uber consistent on tapping my phone screen, but in a pinch and with a moment of patience, it responds to a tap after a try or two. Sometimes instantly. They're warm an... read more »

Excellent piece of kit

20 Jul, 2018
Brilliant little tripod, now a permanent fixture in my photography kit! I always travel with an extendable tripod, but occasionally the job calls for something a little more *flexible*, or I need the... read more »


09 Jul, 2018
Bought this to store cotton pads and swabs on my vanity table, found that it holds so much more! It is now my mini go-to station, holding the cotton pads and cotton swabs perfectly, as well as makeup... read more »

Stunning! Very happy

09 Jul, 2018
Thrilled with this! Was looking for a white lace top to go with a pair of white jeans for a causal summer look that I could wear for a full day - it's tricky wearing a sundress when it gets cooler... read more »

Brilliant for long hair!

29 Jun, 2018
These are HEAVEN SENT for long hair! I have hair that nearly reaches my bum, and it takes so long to curl I had all but given up. I find it so hard to curl my hair. I literally can’t be bothered... read more »

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