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Supper fun

25 Nov, 2022
This electric water bead shooter is super fun to play with and have water gun fights. The water beads need to be soaked in water for a few hours, but once they reach full size they can be loaded into... read more »

Not Worth the buy

14 Nov, 2022
This helps keep your air fryer bottom tray free from gunk build up and a greesy mess. The problem is it has holes in it to allow air circulation and also allows grease to pass and accumulate on the bo... read more »

Doesn't work

14 Jul, 2022
First one only allowed audio and not charging full speed. Second one the audio would cut in and out and still offered slow charging instead of high speed charging  read more »

Works great

14 Jul, 2022
This printer allows me to secure cheaper shipping options by printing my own labels from home and allowing me to just drop off my packages. Well worth the investment  read more »

Broke first use

12 Jun, 2022
Save your money asthis broke first use. under light torque the gears slipped and stopped being useful.  read more »

Worth it

12 Jun, 2022
Best of the best seat cushion without spending the 100 dollars or more for the Purple branded seat cushion. read more »

Decent quality

28 May, 2022
This is a hard abs case that functions to protect the Nintendo Switch, it is on the bulky side for someone with small hands but it works great to keep it safe. The plastic is impact resistant and can... read more »

Very precise

11 Apr, 2022
This one and these tips offer a very precise pen point which is great for designers who draw and color on a day to day basis. 10_ 10 would recommend  read more »

Works great

27 Feb, 2022
This little tool is so handy, the puck allows me to clean each individual hole on the earbuds from debris and the brush helps brush it all away. The fine bristle allows you to clean and push the... read more »

Works great

24 Feb, 2022
This little pulse meter works great and keeps accurate readings of my oxygen level as well as my heart rate. Good for those who keep track read more »

Silky smooth

17 Feb, 2022
My wife said these are extremely comfortable. They have just the right amount of stretch and hold for what they are, the cotton is silky smooth, and most importantly they fit just right. read more »

Best of the Best wallet on the market

03 Feb, 2022
I use to carry the Ridgeline style wallet but understand switched over to this wallet. I like this because of its solid aluminum frame which prevents cards from vending and also being skimmed via rfid... read more »

Good quality

19 Jan, 2022
Works great to alleviate stress and tension in high anxiety situations  read more »

Great gift

19 Jan, 2022
Decent quality for a first time feild user who is just learning the ropes of knives and camping. read more »

Poorly made

19 Jan, 2022
These were so poorly made the threads unraveled and fell apart in the first wash before I got to use them. Also these are compression but once they started to unravel it was useless read more »

Great quality

19 Oct, 2021
These are awesome and work good to keep moisture and condensation from drinks from ruining your cars cup holders. I recommend getting these for every cup holder in your car   read more »

Good band

09 Sep, 2021
This is a good band and one that works with my galaxy s3 watch. My only issue is it's a bit hard to adjust when on the fly, you need something string and pointy to adjust the clasp. But aside from... read more »

Works great

09 Sep, 2021
Decent tattoo machine, works as expected and with the battery can be used anywhere.  read more »


23 Aug, 2021
This cross is just lovely. It looks and feels great and best of all has not tarnished or turned my skin green. It's the perfect weight and length, 10 out of 10 will recommend this to others read more »

Decent but could be better

04 Aug, 2021
This is a decent shower caddy, but it could be better. It uses rubber bands to hold the shelves in place, if it's not placed at an angle the shelves will slide down with weight added to them. The... read more »

Never arrived

04 Aug, 2021
Item was lost in shipping and never arrived. Seller did not send replacement  read more »

Never arrived

04 Aug, 2021
This item never arrived and was lost in shipping,  seller did not send replacement.  read more »

Perfect Oculus companion

04 Aug, 2021
This works great to extend the playing distance for the oculus go. It allows you to connect to your computer for more power and also extend the distance for charging so you can charge and play read more »

Fast charging

04 Aug, 2021
These cables are braided and offer fast charging which is super nice and helpful. The bonus is they are angled 90 degrees so you can comfortably play games and charge your phone at the same time. read more »

Pure fun

27 Jul, 2021
This remote control car is pure fun, battery last a decent 10 to 15 minutes at full out speed. Enough to get some good races in with your friends. Bonus: it doubles as a cat toy chaser, tie one end if... read more »


27 Jul, 2021
This is a cute little gift to give a loved one, but be weary of the stone that says I love you because ours was put in crooked so half of the words In different languages don't show when held up t... read more »

Crisp joke couns

11 Jul, 2021
These coins are meant for the crypto geek who lives all things crypto. They are gold plated coins, housed in a clear case so you can display them to your  read more »

Rocking to the beat

11 Jul, 2021
These over the neck headphones are awesome, they provide crisp clear highs and warm lows. It's amazing how great these sound given how small they are. 10 out of 10 I would recommend this to others read more »

Great for fine line artwork

05 Jun, 2021
I love these dual tip markers, they work great for fine line artwork and edge work. The colors don't bleed or run when using cotton paper. Very vibrant colors as well.   read more »

Great starter kit

05 Jun, 2021
This is a great kit for those starting out in a podcast or online gaming Streaming setup. The microphone works great and is very well isolated via the suspension bracket, paired with the boom cover an... read more »

Great organizer

19 Apr, 2021
This organizer matches my cars interior perfectly, it looks factory and I have been asked many times where others can get it.  It has enough pockets to keep all the essentials for the car with... read more »


29 Jan, 2021
This isn't made for an average size guy, can't even fit inside it even when I'm soft. Only thing it is good for is to use as a paper weight read more »

Super scrubber

28 Jan, 2021
This works great for cleaning your back and even massages is when in use. My only gripe is that it doesn't hold soap very well, so your better off soaping your back and then using this read more »

Perfect explosion

28 Jan, 2021
This box is great for displaying multiple pictures upon different tiers.  This got a 4 star because it was torn on one of the inside flaps, and while it didn't prevent me from using it it did... read more »

Best wallet on the market

19 Jan, 2021
This is by far the best wallet on the market,  it has rfid blocking tech and can hold up to 18 cards. The clip is good for holding cash or securing it to your pocket. Great all around quality&nbs... read more »

Expensive blade and handle at bargain price

18 Jan, 2021
Great price for what you get. Super sharp, very durable and the G10 handle grips and holds well in the hand. The axis lock is superb and much more secure than liner locks, with the ease and simplicity... read more »

Great quality

10 Jan, 2021
This is a great fountain! Super easy to put together and clean. My cat loves it! Be sure to keep it pretty filled, otherwise it starts to get loud. Nothing major, but for a quieter run add  wate... read more »

Perfect In every way

10 Jan, 2021
This thermos works great, holds hot liquids and keeps them hot for a long time. My initial temperature was 87°C and 4 hours later temp is as shown in my photos 77°C. So a total drop of 18 degr... read more »

Pass on these

10 Jan, 2021
I had high hopes for these ad while technically they work good, they have an inherent flaw where they want to roll down your leg. That is why they have velcro wrap on them, and while it does work to h... read more »

Great Gimbal

10 Oct, 2020
This gimbal is great, It fits my galaxy S20Fe perfectly fine. The controls are sensitive and do take some learning to get, but once you learn them this thing rocks. read more »

Perfect pain relief

20 Sep, 2020
within 5 minutes of using this my joint pain was gone. Much better than lidocaine creme in every way. Plus it last longer than lidocaine creme does as well. read more »


20 Sep, 2020
these drops did nothing but make me feel sick. From the taste to the after effect it was horrible. I do not recommend this to anyone read more »


11 Sep, 2020
 Cats will love this toy, not only does it light up on one side but the otherside houses two catnip balls which will drive the cats insane. It also spins like a fidget spinner to provide hours on... read more »

Great quality

11 Sep, 2020
Great for artist who are starting out, and graphic designers who like to see what they are drawing or working with on screen instead of having to use a blank tablet and a computer screen often having... read more »

Gets the job done

24 Aug, 2020
Great little kit, has everything I need to solder and desolder my work projects. It has everything nicely organized and easily assecible. 10/10 I would reccomend......the desoldering tool is worth the... read more »

Nice and slick

24 Aug, 2020
This mat is perfect for those who have rough hardwood floors and can't easily roll over it with a chair. This mat has saved our floor from getting scuffed up and destroyed by providing a nice smoo... read more »

Kitty approved

10 Aug, 2020
this looks and feels like a quality product. MY cat didn't like it at first and pulled it off, but after leaving it next to her bed, she nuzzle it and mowed at it. I put it back on her and she ran... read more »

Great concept, but poorly executed

10 Aug, 2020
this item is great in concept but the tight weave makes it hard for air to flow through it. It works good for blocking the sun, but failed at allowing airflow through and made the car even hotter insi... read more »

Great Light with stand

03 Aug, 2020
this light works great to help with video and photography.  It goes from a small stand with light to a giant 6ft floor light that can illuminate 3 different light colors ranging from bright white... read more »


03 Aug, 2020
while this does work,it has its limitations as i experienced when trying to play a game on my phone to a big screen TV. There is serious lag in gaming and also when watching a movie, the audio will be... read more »

Very bright!!

30 Jul, 2020
top end flashlight that has proven its worth. Dont let the small price tag fool you, this is just as bright if not brighter than my O-light or my firefighter light. The dual 18650 batteries last rough... read more »

Perfect In every way

30 Jul, 2020
this back massager is perfect in every way, when laying on it centered on your spine it helps to release tension along each vertebrae. When used along the sides it provides just enough pressure to mas... read more »

Great workout!!

01 Jul, 2020
these bands are super durable and helpful when strength training from the comfort of your bed, couch, or at the office. It has a doorstop so you can anchor it to the door and get an even more intense... read more »

Portable brightness

18 Jun, 2020
A must have for all those who make videos or does photography. The brightness can be adjusted from warm to white light and in between, it has a decent length power cord which has the light switch and... read more »

Almost perfect

18 Jun, 2020
I really like this swivel monitor/TV mount, it allows me to place the screen where I need it and out of the way when I dont. The arm extends across my desk so I can have it right in front of me sittin... read more »

Larger than life

18 Jun, 2020
this scooper is really large, almost large enough yo be used for horse poop. But we use it for our kitty because she pees a ton and tends to cause the litter to clump up in large blocks, the regular c... read more »

Works with issues

16 Jun, 2020
I got this to read and clear codes on my car, it works great at reading codes and explaining what those codes are. The problem is that the unit I received had scratches all over it, it wouldn't cl... read more »

Smaller than stated size

16 Jun, 2020
while these look comfortable, I ordered a size 13 and while it says its a size 13 I barely matched up to my old size 12 sneakers. Not only that, but these advertised as having memory foam insoles, the... read more »

Melts when too hot

07 Jun, 2020
these are Gel insoles, but it seems more like they are made from gummy bear materials. They feel great, but as your feet heat up and push into heel while walking they ooze all over the place. This cau... read more »

Works, but you need to provide your own software in order for it to work

17 May, 2020
the drive does not work right out of the box, you need to have the proper software to read and write from the drive. This software is not provided and you have to either buy a license key for specific... read more »

Never shipped

01 May, 2020
Item was canceled by Amazon  due to no stock  read more »

The light that lights the way

06 Jan, 2020
This lightnis made from aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it light weight and extremely durable. It has rubber gaskets throughout that allow it to be submerged in water and still work. It uses a 18... read more »

Just ok

31 Dec, 2019
This product is smaller than it looks in the pictures. The abdomen one barely covers your stomach and doesnt reach the ends like it needs t ok to really work the muscles.  The twi arem bands are... read more »

Tarnish free

17 Nov, 2019
This chain is very high quality, it has a nice high gloss finish to it that will not tarnish. It has a heavy duty lobster claw clasp that will not come loose. The chain is stainless steel so that also... read more »

Great quality

15 Nov, 2019
This ring is much better looking in person, it has a high shine to it. Does not tarnish or fade when wearing it. The first ring was slightly to small, so I had to get a size up and the company was a b... read more »

Decent hoodie

28 Sep, 2019
This hoodie is rather lightweight and thin,  but has a nice iij overall feel to it and my wife says it works great for those warm but light winded days.   The reason for 1 stars i... read more »

Good airbrush

03 Sep, 2019
This is a good all around air rush that can be used continuously as needed. The air compressor is nice and compact, has a spot to rest the airbrush in between use and the hoses are braided. Overall it... read more »

Great wireless airbrush

03 Sep, 2019
I was concerned at first with this being compressor free, but my worries went away when I used it. This airbrush has proven to be a great little contraption that can be used in areas where there is no... read more »

Not as advertised

13 Aug, 2019
These socks are advertised as being magnetic, but there was no magnets inside it. These are suppose to be self heating as well, but they only keep your body heat just like any regular socks. Save your... read more »

Great way to keep your phone mounted steady

19 Jul, 2019
This mount, while rather big and cumbersome at first site is that way for a reason. The mount attaches around your rearview mirror and hangs down to hold your phone in a horizontal orientation. This p... read more »

Super comfy

25 Jun, 2019
I have never liked a pillow more than I like this one. It is fully adjustable to your liking. When I first opened it it expanded  a lot, after a day it seemingly expanded to it's full size an... read more »

Mediocre at best

07 Jun, 2019
This pen, while it does trigger and work you simy cannot use it to draw unless you keep your hand off the tablet. Even when using the glove, if your hand is on the screen,it will register half of your... read more »

Really bright

06 Jun, 2019
This little light surprised me, it's very bright. Has great output and can be enhanced even more by the removal of the filter. It uses 3 double A batteries, but don't let that dissuade you as... read more »

Works great

03 Jun, 2019
These solder joint connectors work great. But you do have to be careful when melting the solder as it's a small amount and you want to make sure you don't melt or burn the surrounding sleeve.... read more »

Best tripod ever!!

30 May, 2019
I honestly did not ha e high expectations for this product based in past reviews. But upon getting it it seems they have fixed the issues prior owners have had and now this works great as it stands. T... read more »

Strong magnet

23 May, 2019
I got this for my 64oz water bottle and I have to say I am impressed. The magnet is really strong and can hold my bottle to anything metal without it sliding down due to the weight. I currently use th... read more »

Great drawing board

23 May, 2019
I'm impressed with the quality and how good this drawing board is. Each slide has a spot so it can adjust easily and maneuver as needed while drawing or drafting plans. I had e used it for both an... read more »

Decent camera

08 May, 2019
This camera works good, it's great for blog post and quick video shoots. The battery doesn't last long enough to record longer than a 30 minute video, but it can be charged while recordin... read more »

Silent massage

08 May, 2019
This kneck massager works ok, it has 5 different functions to tailor the massage to your needs. What I love is that there is an attachment to allow you to hook up 2 additional sensors to massage other... read more »

Poorly made

05 May, 2019
I had high hopes for this product, it's a video screen within a mirror that also houses a built in dash camera. But sadly the first unit I received did not work, I hooked it up fully into my car o... read more »

Great screen

02 May, 2019
This screen works great, it comes nicely folded without and creases. This is important because if there are creases the screen is ruined and impedes on the quality of the picture. But, since there is... read more »

Poorly titled, not as described

30 Apr, 2019
This product was purchased based on the title a d breif description of what it does...analog composite input to HDMI 1080p output, which is simply not true. This cannot take a composite signal and con... read more »

Fast wireless charging

15 Apr, 2019
This is a decent fast charger when used with the right plug. It charged my phone at 10w in just under 2 hours. Which is similar to my wall plug that charges my phone in an hour and 45 minutes. So not... read more »

Great hands free phone holder

15 Apr, 2019
This phone holder is good for those who need to use their phone hands free. It's flexible and adjustable to almost any angle, the reason for just 4 stars instead of 5 is because the phone holder b... read more »

Awesome sleek wallet

15 Apr, 2019
This wallet is made from sheet carbon fiber so it's the real deal and not just a printed or painted on. It has the ability to auto adjust to accept more cards. It has a nice strong belt clip that... read more »

Decently Good Microphone

01 Mar, 2019
I recently aquired this microphone to help with my Youtube videos. Upon recieving it I was thoroughly impressed by its all metal body, The fact that it came with two different cables so I could use th... read more »

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