Disposable Dust Masks,WU-MINGLU Safety N95 Particulate Respirator Mask with Breathing Valve,Multi-Layer Protection,PM2.5 Filter,Personal Protective Equipment for Home,Outdoors (20 Packs)
Price: $15.99
4.79 / 5   (38 Reviews)


EXCELLENT quality. Very good value.

04 Sep, 2021
These are VERY nice masks. With five layers of protection and a soft, skin friendly material, I can wear these masks comfortably for extended periods. They fit my nose and cheeks well and though they... read more »

work great keeps you safe

22 Oct, 2020
Disposable Dust Masks,WU-MINGLU Safety N95 Particulate Respirator... #Lanzhuo   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Review #amazon #sale #Viralix #gifts #deals I am over the moon that I h... read more »

Well made

06 Dec, 2019
Purchased them for my emergency/bug out bag. They seem well made, no funny smell and I like the fact that each comes in its individual sealed bag. Very pleased with my purchase and would buy again.&nb... read more »

Good quality

28 May, 2019
Good quality and handy read more »

Works great!

14 May, 2019
These dust masks works great! I would recommend these to anyone that works around dust. read more »

Very good quality!

07 May, 2019
I am extremely satisfied with these masks. I definitely notice a difference as fae as not wearing one and I was having trouble breathing after work. My nose would be very stuffy/clogged and I constant... read more »

Work Well

28 Apr, 2019
I got these for normal household use and they seem to work well.  Each of the 20 masks comes individually wrapped so I can put a couple in my tool chest and they won't be filthy when I need t... read more »

Really Helping With Allergies.

25 Apr, 2019
I have asthma and it gets triggered a lot by allergies. These masks have been super helpful for me and my daughter who has a sinus issue where every sinus passage inflames and I have been wearing one... read more »

Great Face Mask!

17 Apr, 2019
This disposable dust mask is individually packed and comes in 20 packs per package.  It fits snuggly on the face without issues.  Perfect for working in the yard or just be outside to filter... read more »

This is a must

15 Apr, 2019
In my household we are very creative and so there is always some diy, art or home project going on . I live in the Caribbean and that also bring high amounts of pollen in every season and high amounts... read more »

Great quality!

11 Apr, 2019
I am so pleased with this mask. It's well made, light but not cheap and comfortable. My immune system is compromised. I hated those medical paper masks, these look cute and feel great read more »

Good protection

28 Mar, 2019
i purchased these because I have bad asthma and any dust can trigger it. I like that it has a breathing valve. I don’t feel suffocated with these. It came in a box of 20. They are really good qu... read more »

Great for Crafters

28 Mar, 2019
I do a lot of work with glitter and epoxy and I have to wear protective masks.  These are excellent.  I really like that they don't make your face hot or make you feel like you can't... read more »


27 Mar, 2019
Works great for outdoor work. I used them to get rid of some grass we have and these kept me from wheezing. read more »

Just wHat I need

26 Mar, 2019
I needed this for work but i dont want to apend so much for a mask, im glad im found this ira cheap but looks and feel good .im not into expensive ones coz all i need ia a protecrion from dust and it... read more »

Disposable Dust Masks

14 Mar, 2019
Great mask.  It molds well  to my face and is comfortable behind my ears where the loops are secured.  15.99 for 20 masks makes it less than a dollar a mask, and I can use mine more tha... read more »

I like them

13 Mar, 2019
They seem to do a good job keeping particles out.  I like that they fit comfortably, while still allowing me to breathe.  Smetimes I do some sanding and need to keep from breathing in the sa... read more »

Arrived in great timing

07 Mar, 2019
Great to use for grass cutting, going places where there are smokers.  works well, filters out smoke, etc.  read more »


23 Feb, 2019
These are really good face masks. You can actually breathe with these when you use it. It kept me from breathing in a bunch of flying dust when I riding, and I don’t get sick from it to this tim... read more »


10 Feb, 2019
I work with woods  almost everyday and i go through alot of masks. These are awesome. good durable straps have used 5 so far and not 1 breakage. can use same mask severaldays and good ventalation... read more »

A lifesaver during the California Wild Fires

07 Feb, 2019
We live in CA, and as usual we have the CA Wild Fires. This year is was especially close to home in Paradise. The air quality was awful, it was rated worse than anywhere in the world for a short amoun... read more »

easy to breath through

06 Feb, 2019
I like these when I am cleaning out the animal areas because I am so allergic to dust, dander and hay/straw.  This helps to keep the particulates down when I am breathing so I don't have an a... read more »

Did the job

03 Feb, 2019
I needed these to clean some mold and paint. It did a great job minimizing my exposure. I did still get a little sick from inhaling some spores but not very much. Just some sneezing and watery eyes mo... read more »

Great for allergies

19 Jan, 2019
The breather on these keeps your face from being all sweaty. Nice masks. read more »

Great buy

11 Jan, 2019
These disposable dust masks by wu-minglu are so convenient. You can use them to clean your house so dust particles dont make your allergies go off to using them in a wood working shop to keep from bre... read more »

Comfortable and do the job

07 Jan, 2019
Work just like any of the dust masks you can buy at Lowes or Home Depot and probably do a better job at directing airflow. The vent on the side helps to prevent you from making the mask all wet from c... read more »


05 Jan, 2019
Great for sanding or painting read more »

Works great!

27 Dec, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #wu-minglu these are great to have for the outdoors.  lightweight and easy to use. read more »

Perfect for my bug out bag

17 Dec, 2018
This is a great mask to keep in your bug out bag. I'm a prepper and am so glad I found this mask with 20 extra filters. I ordered a second set for my husband. I highly recommend this high quality... read more »

Great Quality Comfortable Dust Mask

16 Dec, 2018
Great quality mask to protect you from breathing in saw dust or other particles while working with materials or mowing. Much more comfortable than ones I have used before. Individually wrapped, 2... read more »

High quAlity

15 Dec, 2018
Awesome product and it’s renewable !  read more »

Great for mechanics

14 Dec, 2018
My husband and I own a diesel repair shop and he uses these all the time when he does clutch jobs to keep from breathing in that clutch dust. These fit well and are easier to breathe thru than other.... read more »

High Quality Dust Masks

11 Dec, 2018
This is a great set of disposable masks that I plan to use for DIY projects that have fumes or dust involved, which is pretty much everything I do. I really like the quality of these; they are a cut a... read more »

Great for allergies

05 Dec, 2018
I have terrible allergies and medicines just don't work for me. Since using the mask I can breathe freely and feel so much better. The mask is soft and very comfortable. I wear it for long periods... read more »

Easy to use

04 Dec, 2018
These are nice masks. Comfortable to wear. Just wish they were a little more fitted around the whole face. I had to rearange several times to try to get a good fit to keep dust and odor out while... read more »

Works Well

03 Dec, 2018
  So, I am sure I am not the only one that has some rather irritating allergies. I am allergic to dust, which is not that bad on day to day use, but can be a pain with big cleaning, barn chore... read more »

works but

10 Nov, 2018
it works but the nose bridge part is not very tight also it does fit comfortably and is easy to breath read more »

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