Goture Waterproof Case Universal Waterproof Phone Bag Pouch Dry Bag
Price: $7.49
4.63 / 5   (30 Reviews)


Waterproof Phone Bags

25 Jan, 2021
I needed these Waterproof Phone Bags to go intertubing down the river. They worked well. They are a universal size so they fit any type of phone. They seal pretty well and are very easy to use. I like... read more »

Good product and good price.

09 Oct, 2018
These work great in the water. I've already taken one to a water park twice, with no issues. I trust them to keep my phone dry in the water. read more »

Great for the beach and pool

30 Sep, 2018
Great way to protect your phone when you go to the pool or beach.  Water stays out of pouch so phone stays dry.  Would recommend! read more »

Keeps my phone dry

09 Sep, 2018
These puches are perfect for use out on my pool deck and also when we go kayaking. They keep the phones dry even when fully submerged. It fits my Galaxy S9 with room to spare. Very easy to use too. read more »

Works great

31 Aug, 2018
These worked perfectly.  There are really simple to use and give great direction. I used mine in the shower and pool,  it has worked every time.   RankBoosterReview ii.&nbs... read more »


29 Aug, 2018
These waterproof cases really came in handy during a recent camping trip. We were able to tube the river with our cell phones always by our side. Would definitely recommend. read more »


19 Aug, 2018
these work really well at the waterpark great price read more »


11 Aug, 2018
These waterproof phone bags will save your phone! These are must haves for the beach or pool. They are well made and very durable!  read more »

Very nicely packaged, quality bags

09 Aug, 2018
I would not use this bag for my phone in the river, but it is good when I am carrying my phone and it is raining.  I love the added protection when the plastic cover.  It did take a very ver... read more »


08 Aug, 2018
I bought these for our trip to Universal so my son can take pictures while on the water rides and not worry about losing or ruining his phone. It was very slow shipping but my son loves it. It does re... read more »

Great for trips to the beach or camping!

06 Aug, 2018
I bought these for my family to use when we go to the beach, camping, or even hiking (in case of rain). I like to make sure that our phones are not getting sand or water in them and these work perfect... read more »


06 Aug, 2018
I waited for these cases forever... about 3 weeks. They are ok, tested with paper first, they work. Wanted to take them to water park. at least these are cheaper then those sold in the park, and I lik... read more »

Works great

03 Aug, 2018
They worm great they keep my ohone dry just like it says it will and its very handy and convenient when your at tge pool a nice way to shoot video underwater with your phone definitely a good product... read more »

Keeps Water Out

02 Aug, 2018
So I decided to try these out to make sure they would work before putting phones in them. I put some paper towels in them, closed them, and ran water all over the case. I could see that they were... read more »

Great waterproof case for a pinch

30 Jul, 2018
Recieved 2 cases for a very cheap price (imo).  They are like extra large hard plastic baggies.  The top has a great seal to keep water from leaking in.  I did not submerge my phone in... read more »

Let's Go Tubing

25 Jul, 2018
My son started a new summer sport called River Rafting or Tubing. A group of friends get together and drift miles down the river slowly enjoying the cool water and summer sunshine. Once they reac... read more »

Nice protection for your cellphone

14 Jul, 2018
Every year we go to Chill on the Hill, which is a outdoor concert. Being outside with lots of adults, children and dogs accidents happen. Last year wine was spilled on my iPhone by children tossing ba... read more »

These Bags are AWESOME

13 Jul, 2018
I have purchased these bags to be able to take photos underwater while snorkeling during our cruise! They work AWESOME!  Now we will be using them during our Niagara Falls vacation next month! Ca... read more »

really waterproof

11 Jul, 2018
This pouch is really waterproof. My phone didn't get wet at all. Will be perfect for my son when he is in his boat. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Goture read more »

They work

08 Jul, 2018
Purchased to wear while working a gig job. They aren't perfect but they are good for what I needed them for. I'm not 100% confident in the weight of my phone because I'm constantly checkin... read more »

No more worries at the beach!

07 Jul, 2018
Before buying the waterproof pouch from Goture I was always worried at the beach, concerned about water and sand ... thankfully this handy pouch takes care of both.  If you are going to the beach... read more »

Ease of mind

03 Jul, 2018
Having a pool and kids this gives me the peace of mind of my phone not getting wet and ruined.  It would also be great to take to the beach.  Easy to use and durable.  Great quality. &n... read more »

Great for the pool

03 Jul, 2018
  I saw someone else with bags like this not too long ago and thought it might be a good way to easily carry our phones around when we are doing things. I like the idea of having some way to k... read more »

useful and good but not that great

30 Jun, 2018
Overall a good buy though finishing is not that great but still I find it good read more »

great set

28 Jun, 2018
Cannot imagine going to the beach without these to protect my phone. This way I can still get all the great action pictures and video without damaging my phone! #rankboosterreview #sponsored read more »

Great support

27 Jun, 2018
Great support. Holds well. Phone was dry after use   read more »


24 Jun, 2018

Very nice

22 Jun, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #goture Very nice pouches.  They keep my phone and other items very drive.  I wouldn't chance taking it underwater.  Would be a nice gift. read more »

Great for Water Sports

21 Jun, 2018
These waterproof cases are great for water sports.  They will keep your mobile devices dry.  They are easy to use, super easy to set up and even easier to put away when you are finished usin... read more »

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