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15 Sep, 2018
The directions are vague.  I had to search the internet to find directions that helped set up the watch.  It’s a very nice watch and great design.  The watch is durable.  Hig... read more »

Kids did not like

15 Sep, 2018
My 4 year old didn’t like the cup.  With smaller hands it wasn’t easy for her to keep a grip.  If you drink out of the cup without the lid, the edges were rough.    ... read more »


26 Aug, 2018
I love this potty seat.  My daughter is more secure in using the big potty rather then the potty chair.  Fit perfectly.  You can remove the seat to clean.  Absolutely perfect and I... read more »

It hurt and burned

26 Aug, 2018
I applied no pressure and even the buffer hurt.  I do not recommend this product.   #RankBoosterReview #sponsored #hui read more »

Extra small

04 Aug, 2018
I was thinking large meant I could separate my work uniforms from my regular clothes.  Maybe one uniform.  This would be perfect for babies or toddlers laundry.  It’s cute and dur... read more »


04 Aug, 2018
Super adorable.  Perfect for young or older.  They are small in size.  They are perfect for day or night.     #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #UL read more »

Great for pool time

12 Jul, 2018
Easy to use and not complicated to connect to your phone.  I was surprised by the sound while swimming.  Very good quality.     #RankboosterReview #Sponsored #TinaYue read more »


12 Jul, 2018
I had to use this more then five days to give an honest opinion.   I have sensitive eyes, it didn’t not burn or cause discomfort.  Easy to use.  I have seen results my lashes are... read more »


12 Jul, 2018
I was not expecting this to be so beautiful and detailed.  Set up is easy and quick.  Charge and you can chose from an orange moon or a vibrant white.  It is stunning sitting on my son&... read more »

Super cute

12 Jul, 2018
Don’t let the small package confuse you.  These are so fun for summer.  They look great day and night.  The are better if you hang them.  I haven’t found a way from the... read more »

Fresh fridge

03 Jul, 2018
Within in 6 hours I could tell the difference in my fridge.  No odors.  Air was not stale.  Easy to charge and use.  Simple click of the button.  Food is staying fresher. &nbs... read more »

Ease of mind

03 Jul, 2018
Having a pool and kids this gives me the peace of mind of my phone not getting wet and ruined.  It would also be great to take to the beach.  Easy to use and durable.  Great quality. &n... read more »

Great light and decor

03 Jul, 2018
These make an area look inviting.  Around the pool, your porch or your garden.  I put mine on my deck around the pool.  Easy to get set up and simply hang where you want.  The best... read more »

Refreshed eyes

02 Jul, 2018
Easy to use.  Cooling on the eyes.  Great for relaxing.  Finished appearance of dark circles.  My eyes felt firm after.  Not an uncomfortable feeling but youthful eyes.  ... read more »

Close shave

02 Jul, 2018
This gave me the precise closeness I was looking for.  It didn’t nick the skin or cause irration.  Small and compact can slip it in your travel bag.  Easy to use .    ... read more »


02 Jul, 2018
Very elegant.  You can either wear this dressed up or casual.  It’s a beautiful bracelet.  Durable.  The sparkle is eye catching. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #GeorgeSmit... read more »

Cute but not as described

21 Jun, 2018
First this is not fabric.  It is more of a see through vinyl material.  It is still cute though.  Seems durable.  #rankboosterreview #Feiuruhf read more »

Saves time on cleaning

21 Jun, 2018
This works great for cleaning your drawers that have small items.  You can sweep over it and it won’t be sucked up into the vacuum.  Time saver.  I don’t have to pick up the... read more »

Easy to use and comfortable

13 Jun, 2018
great to use on the beach or even your deck or yard.  Comfortable and sturdy read more »

Not impressed

12 Jun, 2018
I received this at a discounted price for my honest opinion.  It tore very easy.  Did not hold up long.   read more »


12 Jun, 2018
My kids love this especially at night when you can see the colors changing.  Very easy to use and you can customize the scent to your liking.   read more »


12 Jun, 2018
Truly beautiful.  Very realistic.  Easy to put together.  Very sturdy.  I am in love.   read more »


11 Dec, 2017
crocheted so the scale effect is minimal.  My kids love it and love to use it while watching tv before bed.  Soft and cozy.   read more »

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