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Very cool light!

06 Mar, 2022
I love this light! I was skeptical at first because of the small box it came in, but I was very happy with it once I put it together. The directions are easy to follow and all the tools needed were in... read more »

Pop keychains for the win!

06 Mar, 2022
We have a prize box at home with all kinds of small things like this for the kids. They really enjoyed these keychains. They are small and work well for car trips, on the bus, and while at school. read more »

Cute pop toys

06 Mar, 2022
My kids love these fidget pop toys so much. They also really love playing Among Us, so they really loved this toy. read more »

Quality adaptable leash

06 Mar, 2022
I really like this leash. It works well for a dog who is in training. However, if your dog pulls a lot it will wear out the elastic quickly. Leash still works well, just the bungee doesn't work an... read more »

Nice headbands

06 Mar, 2022
This is a nice set of headbands that will fit an older child or adult. They are super cute and fit my head well. read more »

My daughter loved it!

27 Feb, 2022
I got this as fidget toys for my 8 year old. She loves each of the items, especially the bags. The pop wrist band in nice to have during school so she can use it quietly when she needs to. read more »

This Dongle is Awesome!

14 Sep, 2021
My ancient computer does not have bluetooth capabilities and the sound card no longer functions. This dongle gave me the ability to use my Bluetooth headphones with it and connect to an external speak... read more »

Cool little shelf

14 Sep, 2021
Though it is small, this shelf holds at least 15 books, likely more if I didn't have so many hardcovers on it. It was very easy to put together. Due to its small footprint, it fits nicely on my en... read more »

Worked as described

14 Sep, 2021
My motorcycle battery died due to it being stored and this charger revived it. It is great for use to trickle charge motorcycle or lawn and garden batteries.  read more »

Awesome gift!

25 Jul, 2021
This mini Shiatsu massager is awesome! It works out all the knots and pain in my back and neck. The heat feature works well and it gets a lot of use. read more »

Very bright headlight!

25 Jul, 2021
I cannot wait to use this at night. So far I've only tested it out, but the light is nice and bright- much more than expected. Hooking it up to my bike was easy and I was thrilled to see it came w... read more »

Works better than I thought!

25 Jul, 2021
I've used this mini-trimmer for a couple of days now and I think it is a great value. So far I've cleared out a bunch of bushes and stuff out of my yard quickly with this. I have even used it... read more »

Perfect for Cosplay!

15 Jul, 2021
My daughter cried when she opened these. She has been asking for them for months and is so happy. They are a great size and are not too heavy of earrings for a teen.  read more »

High Quality Solar Lights

15 Jul, 2021
These solar lights have a high quality feel. They stay lit almost all night and make my front path look nicer. They make it easy to see where I'm walking without the need for me to turn on our flo... read more »

Totally worth it!

15 Jul, 2021
I bought these solar lights to light my chicken coop because it was too dark inside and there's no electricity that far from my house. I am incredibly impressed with the quality of these lights. T... read more »

So fun!

17 Mar, 2020
I got this for my kids to play with outside and they love it! It is so much fun to chase around and try to keep it in the air. We love how it lights up so that we can play outside with it in the eveni... read more »

Charges my Galaxy phone and tablet!

17 Mar, 2020
I purchased this charger for Galaxy S10 phone and Galaxy Tab 4. I often work remotely, which means I run out of battery often. This charger, unlike others I've tried actually works for my pho... read more »

Awesome addition to my room!

17 Mar, 2020
I got these lights to hang in the closet area of my room. It's not a real closet (I do not have one), but like a corner where my wardrobe is. The lighting over there was very poor. I have no ceili... read more »

Holds all my markers!

31 Oct, 2019
I love this little organizer. It is small, which is ideal for my desk since I do not have a lot of room for stuff. It holds all my Cricut pens and takes up little space.  read more »

Holds heavy pants well

28 Aug, 2019
My husband uses thing hanger for his work pants. It holds 5 pairs of heavy pants well and each pair are easy to remove without pulling other pairs down. Sliding new pants on the hanger is also very ea... read more »

Good quality earbuds

24 Aug, 2019
My daughter uses these earbuds and says they are great. She constantly loses her earbuds or breaks them, so this set of two should last her at least a few weeks. Sound quality is as good as more expen... read more »

Cute pencil cases

24 Aug, 2019
I purchased these to use as pencil cases for my children. They do the job and hold all their pens, pencils, erasers and highlighters. The bags are true to color. The only issue I have had is some of t... read more »

Design is so cute!

13 Aug, 2019
I love the design on this file folder. It is cute, and I love flowers. This fild folder has some very useful features such as the little pocket for a label, strap to keep it compact, and how the paper... read more »

Cute bathing suit!

09 Aug, 2019
I love how cute this bathing suit is. It fits me well, even though I am plus sized. I ordered according to the sizing chart and it fits perfectly. The bottoms are reversible. I like the fact that I ca... read more »

Folders can take a lot of abuse

09 Aug, 2019
These folders are great! They are a lot more heavy duty than the ones I purchased last year for school supplies. They are thick, have 2 folders, and are not see-through. It seems the colors vary, I go... read more »

Cute colors, good quality

09 Aug, 2019
I purchased these file folders for my daughters to use for school. These allow them to keep their homework, classwork, and study materials organized each day. They are high quality and have held up fo... read more »

Very comfortable and good looking dress

12 Feb, 2019
I wear this dress all the time. It is very comfortable for casual events and just hanging around the house. I usually wear leggings with it because it is somewhat short. The fabric is trus to color an... read more »

Fun stocking stuffers

12 Feb, 2019
I gave these out as stocking stuffers for Christmas for the younger children in the family. They loved them. These little notebooks are so cute and were a total hit. Would definately purchase again.&n... read more »

High quality glitter paper

28 Dec, 2018
This glitter paper is excellent for making cards and papercrafting. I used mine with my Cricut machine. I was able to make some cards and gift labels with this cardstock. The sheets are smaller than w... read more »

Awesome sensory toy!

08 Nov, 2018
I purchased this for my almost 2 year old ASD toddler. He needed some more sensory toys and just loves these. Loud sounds somewhat scare him and these were perfect to start getting him used to various... read more »

Very nice set

08 Nov, 2018
These are very nice earrings for the price. I purchased them for my daughter who has pierced ears who still loses earrings. At just under $10 for 5 pairs, it is okay if she loses some.  read more »

Adorable, but the sizing was larger than expected

08 Nov, 2018
I love this pajama set so much. My little pumpkin looks so cute in it! However, it does fit about a size larger than I expected. I ordered a 2T because my little guy is between that and a 18-month siz... read more »

Excellent quality snorkel

15 Oct, 2018
The quality of this snorkel is amazing. We have more expensive ones and this one is higher quality. The googles are glass and appear shatterproof. The snorkel works excellently and does not leak water... read more »

Good complement to a case

15 Oct, 2018
My kids are hard on my devices, so after a couple of scratches on the screen, I decided to invest in a cheap acreen protector. It is doing a good job so far keeping my screen from getting more scratch... read more »

Nice floor mats

15 Oct, 2018
I use these for in front of the sliding doors to our pool to keep the floor dry and to keep everyone from slipping. They work well for this purpose, but the lack of rubber on the backs means they slid... read more »

Works well

15 Oct, 2018
These rug grippers are helpful to keep the carpets from sliding on our tile floors. They are not perfect, but work much better than not having them. They still slide some, but only when the kids/dogs... read more »

Very cute

14 Oct, 2018
My 11 year old loves this. It fits her perfectly. It is thin enough for her to use alone as a blanket on these still hot Florida nights. She also likes to use it on the pool deck to keep warm on our n... read more »

Good for as young beginner artist

14 Oct, 2018
My daughter uses these for watercolor painting and they are of good quality. She likes the clear acrylic hanldes. The bristles are not too coarse or thin, making them ideal for most types of painting.... read more »

Excellent product!

14 Oct, 2018
These wine glasses are beautiful! They keep my wine nice and cool. I also use them for coffee on the go. Not only did they come with straws, but all the supplies needed to keep them clean (brushes for... read more »

I love my moon!

09 Sep, 2018
This color changing moon is so cool! It currently hangs out in my office, but I can really put it anywhere. The colors are nice and bright. It would make a suitable night light for a child, but I like... read more »

Keeps my phone dry

09 Sep, 2018
These puches are perfect for use out on my pool deck and also when we go kayaking. They keep the phones dry even when fully submerged. It fits my Galaxy S9 with room to spare. Very easy to use too. read more »

Pretty colors

09 Sep, 2018
For some reason, I thought these would be larger than what they are. However, the colors are bright and vibrant. They are being used out on my pool deck because it gets the most sun. They last for a f... read more »

Very bright

09 Sep, 2018
I like this light a lot. My house is very large and my current security lighting does not offer enough coverage. This light brightens up one of the darker areas that is missed. It is very helpful when... read more »

Runs large

09 Sep, 2018
This is a very sexy nightgown. I love it, but it does run slightly larger than expected. I usually buy a size up and with this one I did not. Looks good. read more »

Good cheap shower head

09 Sep, 2018
I bought this to upgrade the crappy one in our outdoor shower. It works well for what I need it for. All 5 functions work nicely. I also get good water pressure. read more »

Very nice makeup mirror

09 Sep, 2018
I really liked this makeup mirror. It works very well so I can see what I am doing in my dark room. The lights are very bright for its size.  read more »

So cute!

31 Aug, 2018
My daughter loves moons and stars so this was perfect for her. It fits true to size. We used the size chart to get a perfect fit.  read more »

Excellent value

31 Aug, 2018
These colored pencils were purchased as a gift to my daughter's art teacher. The teachers were funding all the mazterials for this new class so I decided to help. She said they were of good qualit... read more »

Very powerful vibration

21 Aug, 2018
The vibration on this massager is very strong. It does a good job working out knots and sore mucles in my legs, arms, and back. It is very good for other areas too.  read more »

Low quality, not what I expected

21 Aug, 2018
This is a very low quality product. It does not stay on the closet rod. The hooks also are not flexible, so it is hard to move it from horizontal to vertical.  read more »

Good product, high price

21 Aug, 2018
The price is way too high for this. Otherwise, it is a good product, but the name brand ones are $9-$10.  read more »

Very high quality!

20 Aug, 2018
I am extremely impressed. The mask, snorkel and fins are better quality than expected. They are even nicer than the $60 diving set my husband purchased last spring. The feature I wish it had is a fog-... read more »

True to color, good quality for price

16 Aug, 2018
I swapped my wallet with the broken zipper to this one. The wallet has a nice layout. I like where everything goes in it, but I do have a hard time with the zipper on the change purse. It is hard to z... read more »

Works as well as the Fischer Price ones

16 Aug, 2018
I gave the larger one to my daughter and the smaller to my son. It kept both busy during our move. I love these magnet boards, it allows the kids to color without ruining anything or taking up my prin... read more »


16 Aug, 2018
I purchased this skirt not knowing if it would fit me or my daughter. Well, it fit me perfectly. I usually wear an XL, but it stretched just fine. It is the perfect length for me. Looks like a maxi on... read more »

Good replacement for my broken one

14 Aug, 2018
I purchased a different brand that broke the first time I used it. This one works well and dries my salad and veggies faster and without breaking. The parts feel good quality and everything comes apar... read more »

My first diamond paint kit

14 Aug, 2018
Wow! This is so cool. This is the first (of many) diamond paint kits that I have completed. It was very enjoyable and calming. Very different to the traditional paint by number kits. read more »

Decent set of cables

14 Aug, 2018
These are good cables to use when I cannot use the one that came with my phone. I use them in the car and have one in the kitchen and in my office. They charge my phone well, but slightly slower than... read more »

Highly effective for my beginner skater

14 Aug, 2018
These were very helpful for my daughter while she learned to roller skate. She falls a lot, and this set protects her knees, writsts and elbows.  read more »

A very modern lamp

08 Aug, 2018
This lamp is very bright for how small it is. My favorite feature is the 3 type of light that it produces: soft, bright and combination. It has a touch sensor, which makes it easy to use in the dark.... read more »

Works perfectly

29 Jul, 2018
This mouse is perfect for my work laptop. It is responsive and doesn't lag on the screen. I like the ergonomic feel of it and it fits well in either hand. read more »

I am in love with this!

29 Jul, 2018
I now have several of these. They are overallt just great to organize my vast makeup collection. Right now I have everything organized by type and color in this rotating tower. It keeps all of my favo... read more »

Fits my make I use a lot

29 Jul, 2018
This is a study and cute container for my often-used makeup. I can fit a few lipsticks, some nail polish, foundation and concealer in it. It looks nice on my bathroom counter and also would fit nicely... read more »

Worked like a charm to get through TSA

27 Jul, 2018
I didn't want the expense of buying small travel shampoo, lotion, soap, and conditioner. These bottles allowed me to bring my high-end products with me without worry, fuss, or a mess. It fit perfe... read more »


27 Jul, 2018
I purchased this bathing suit for my daughter who wanted something cute and conservative. She wears a women's medium and this fit perfectly. It is not overly sexy and doesn't show a crazy amou... read more »

Good quality sunglasses with dark lenses

19 Jul, 2018
These are nice sunglasses. They are not my favorite ones, but that has nothing to do with quality or style. They are a good backup pair to keep in my car for the days that I forget to grab my go-to pa... read more »

I like this better than my corded trimmers.

19 Jul, 2018
With this one I can go to the far corners of my yard to clean un the mess that is left behind after we mow. I have so far used it for thick bushes and to trim overly tall grass that I could not accres... read more »

Works better than my Ring

19 Jul, 2018
I love this dorrbell. My only minor complaint is that it works so well that the battery only works a month. It offers a better picture, better connection, and a clearer voice connection than the Ring,... read more »

Fit my face well, lens are just dark enough

18 Jul, 2018
This type of sunglasses are usually hit or miss for me, but this brand is definitely a hit. They fit my face perfectly. I have worn them for long hours and experienced no ear pain (sometimes happens w... read more »

Almost too cute to sleep in

18 Jul, 2018
This nightgown is very cute. I can get away with wearing it as a sun dress if I want to. It is comfortable and fits true to size. I really like how soft the material is.  read more »

Keeps my bras undamaged so I can wash them weekly

16 Jul, 2018
I used to be afraid of washing my bras. Now I can use these laundry bags and not have to worry about my bras ripping or catching on other clothing while being washed. I also can avoid the hand wash se... read more »

It works

16 Jul, 2018
I am able to connect my iPad to my projector. Seems like a decent cord. I hope it lasts, but I do not use it as much as I planned since I purchased my Android phone. read more »

Looks good on me

16 Jul, 2018
I ordered this shirt in an XL, a size smaller than normal and it looks great. It is form fitting, but the dark color hides my belly and other flaws. It is navy, so matches with most colors and pattern... read more »

My daughter loves this dress!

16 Jul, 2018
Worth noting: Order at least one size up, maybe 2. My daughter is 5 and fits mostly well in this dress. She is normally a size 6, and though it is big it is not overly so. She loves both cats and pizz... read more »

Doesn't fit my Dyson, but wow it does work!

16 Jul, 2018
This didn't fit my Dyson, but I made it work to try it out. It does a great job getting dirt and dust out of small ares like around the bottoms of the cabinets, in gaps in the tile, and my compute... read more »

Wish I had purchased more than one!

19 Jun, 2018
I bought this for my 5 year old for her birthday. She loved it, but her older sisters (11 and 13) did too. I should have purchased more. It is soft material and not scratchy. The color seems to hold,... read more »

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