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Very nice stainless steel magnetic Fitbit band

22 Nov, 2018
I am not new to Fitbit’s products, I have owned a previous model. I am getting a new Fitbit Charge 2 for my birthday and knowing how the silicone/rubber bands are I always switch them out. They... read more »

Cute, comfortable, great fit yoga capris

16 Nov, 2018
I ordered a size medium in these women's yoga capri pants and I should have ordered a small, which was my fault.  I am 103, 4’11” and they are too loose for my liking, the fit I f... read more »

Nice way to update a plain garage door

04 Nov, 2018
  First of all, you have to have a steel garage door for these to work. Last year we replaced our garage door but to save money we just got a full steel door. The price of one with windows was... read more »

Compression Bags for travel

26 Oct, 2018
I travel a lot and not always having access to a vacuum or a vacuum pump I purchased these compression bags.They came with 4 large (28”x20”) and 4 medium bags 24”x16”) and 8 cl... read more »

Fast heating garment steamer

21 Oct, 2018
I travel a lot and the one thing I am very picky with is wrinkled clothes. So I decided to purchase a garment steamer. The one I chose I am very pleased with. The box includes the garment steamer, hai... read more »

Cute solar lanterns

25 Sep, 2018
These 2 outdoor solar hanging lanterns are so cute. Each waterproof lantern measures 5 ½” in height and 3 ½” in width, lightweight high-quality plastic, very well made. They... read more »

Nice 2-1 power bank/wall charger, great for travel

18 Sep, 2018
I travel a lot so the less I have to pack the happier I am. This plugin power bank/charger is just what I need. Just pop it in your bag along with a charging cord and it charges your cell phone and ta... read more »

Convenient carry picnic blanket

01 Sep, 2018
I love spending as much time outside as possible during the warm months. Whether it’s going to the park, outside concerts, to the beach or just sitting outside playing with my dog, I love this f... read more »

These rug grippers have hold power

30 Aug, 2018
Having a dog or cat scatter rugs sometimes go flying. The rug I have by my back door I am constantly straightening. I ordered this 16 piece rug grippers and one adhesive disk to solve this problem. Th... read more »

Very Nice Storage Cube with a printed pattern

27 Aug, 2018
Very nice foldable storage cube with high quality waterproof coated non-woven material. It measures 13" x 13" and the padded cover fits nicely. Very easily to assemble and makes for nice sto... read more »

Love these colorful storage bins

20 Aug, 2018
I have so many storage boxes throughout my home and I love this. This set includes 2 cubes that measure 10.6" x 10.6" x 11" made of Non-woven Fabric. I love the blue/gray... read more »

Nice wireless charger, works great with my Samsung Galaxy S9

16 Aug, 2018
I have several wireless chargers around my house. I purchased this one because it has the option to be used flat or as a stand. It works well but you can only charge your phone horizontally. It is 4 1... read more »

Nice smart light

09 Aug, 2018
This smart night light was very confusing to get working, once working it works pretty good. It is a night light, flashlight, mood light and a motion sensor light. It has a rechargeable 1800mAh batter... read more »

Easy to use manual juicer

04 Aug, 2018
I drink a lot of water and I like adding fresh squeezed lemon. I purchased this 4 in 1 multi-function manual juicer and it works better than the one I own. It comes with a two way grater, a small and... read more »

Really nice wireless charger, works great with my Samsung Galaxy S9

01 Aug, 2018
I find this Qi-enabled phone charger very nice. It lies flat on a surface and has rubber grips on the bottom to prevent sliding. There are also anti-skid pads inside the charger.  It comes with t... read more »

Everybody should have one of these devices

24 Jul, 2018
I take too many pictures with my iPhone and very quickly fill up my storage. This iPhone memory card reader is very easy to carry around with me so I can transfer my pictures from my iPhone to the dri... read more »

Cute Night Light

22 Jul, 2018
Cute night light for any age. Turn the switch to on and tap it to have it cycle through colors, pure white, warm white and 7 rotating colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple, White). Tap it if... read more »

A must-have device for a person who takes a lot of pictures

22 Jul, 2018
I love taking pictures with my iPhone and very quickly fill up my storage capacity. This flash drive is very easy to carry around with me so I can transfer my pictures from my iPhone to the drive. Jus... read more »

Easy to use, great to have if you take a lot of pictures and want to free up space

18 Jul, 2018
This is a must have device; a iphone flash drive, especially if you love taking pictures. I am overloaded with pictures on my iPhone and I wanted to free up some storage space. It is very easy to use... read more »

My friend Groot

15 Jul, 2018
I Love Groot. He is 6 inches tall, made of PVC and can be used as a pen holder, place fake flowers in or a cactus, or hold small objects, etc. There is a small hole inside for water to drain out. If y... read more »

Nice protection for your cellphone

14 Jul, 2018
Every year we go to Chill on the Hill, which is a outdoor concert. Being outside with lots of adults, children and dogs accidents happen. Last year wine was spilled on my iPhone by children tossing ba... read more »

Awesome wireless charger

05 Jul, 2018
I received a charger for my Samsung Galaxy S9. It is square, Ultra-thin Aluminum Alloy Mirror Covering, black and gold that you place your cellphone on. Came with the disc, charging cord but no AC ada... read more »

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