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Jun, 2017

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I love to cook and try new gadgets to make it easier.
I also love the outdoors' such as gadening, walking, fishing and camping.

I also like any items related to Buddhism.
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Good while it lasted

26 Apr, 2019
I purchased 2 of these. One came apart when I first tried to fill it. I glued it and it was.fine. I used one for salt and one for pepper. They worked pretty the beginning. You can adjust... read more »

Lovely memorial

26 Apr, 2019
I was very sad when my dog passed away. This wind chime is a lovely have in the back yard. Every time the wind blows and it chimes it makes me.think of my beloved dog and I feel.her... read more »

Great probiotics and prebiotic

14 Oct, 2018
I have Crohn s Disease and so it's important for me to take a probiotic. This Matchabiotics supplement is very good as it also has a prebiotic. The supplement works.well and helps.keep.the gut... read more »

Very nice pet water fountain

14 Oct, 2018
My puppy loves drinking running water so I was very excited to purchase this let water fountain. It was fairly easy to set up. I struggled pushing the wife through the top.until I realized there wa... read more »

Cute cat toy

14 Oct, 2018
This is a cute well thought out cat toy. My cat loves playing with dangly things so I thought this toy would be perfect for him. Once you've inserted the batteries and turned it on the little f... read more »

Good quality Bluetooth headphones

14 Sep, 2018
These Bluetooth headphones are made well and are a good quality. The sound is great, which I think is the most important thing. The music sounds clear and the bass is fairly good. I use them connected... read more »

Great wallet

12 Sep, 2018
This is a very well made money bag/ document wallet. It is a good quality product. If you want somewhere to keep.things safe and secure and not worry about damage from fire; water this is a great p... read more »

Good quality resistance bands

12 Sep, 2018
This set of 5 Namay resistance bands is very well made, good quality bands. I like that it comes with an exercise book and it has many different exercises and says to use the bands. It also comes w... read more »

Great cat hammock

30 Aug, 2018
I love this cat hammock and so.does my cat. Although the english in the instructions wasn't great it was still very easy to.assemble the cat hammock. My cat is pretty heavy but the hammock is v... read more »

Nice set good quality

30 Aug, 2018
This is a set of 6 essential oils you find in several brands. I like all the aromas very much and have found the oils to be of a very good quality. I use the oils in a diffuser and they work very w... read more »

Excellent car trunk organizer

24 Aug, 2018
This is a well.designed car trunk organizer. It is very easy to adjust the size from small to.large. I clean houses and have all my cleaning products in the organizer, which are pretty heavy. I am... read more »

Great pumice stone

24 Aug, 2018
This is a well.designed good quality pumice stone. It is ergonomically designed and fits well in the hand and is exactly.the right angle to use on the foot. It is made of good quality materials... read more »

Great sunglasses

24 Jun, 2018
I really like these sunglasses. The style is really nice and not too bulky. The lenses are nice and dark and good quality as well as the frame. They come in a nice case to keep them protected. I... read more »

Good alternative to clippers

24 Jun, 2018
If your dog is scared of jail clippers this is a great alternative. You don't have to worry about getting it in exactly the right place like you do with clippers and cutting the quick. You just ho... read more »

Great rope toys

24 Jun, 2018
These role toys are a ververyy nice quality. My puppy loves to play with them and they haven't frayed at all even though she chews on them, plays tuggy and shakes them.  Would recommend... read more »

Good quality seat cover

24 Jun, 2018
This is a very nice let seat cover. It is easy to fit and stays on well. My dog is very comfortable sitting on it and it protects the seat well even when the dog is set and dirty. It is also eas... read more »

Great mandolin slicer

24 Jun, 2018
This is a nice quality mandolin slicer. I like the interchangeable pieces and they are very easy to change. I also like the fact that there are pieces for grating, which many mandolin sliders don&#... read more »

Great dog crate bed

07 Jun, 2018
This is a very well made dog crate bed. It fits perfectly into my 24" crate.  the color is pretty and it is easily wiped down. If you need a layer to absorb accidents it is perfect. I lik... read more »

Great product

07 Jun, 2018
This bicycle soft gel seat cover is a well made product that fits well in to the bicycle seat. It makes a huge difference in comfort, especially when On a long ride. I have been able to use my bike... read more »

Great sunglassez

20 May, 2018
These sunglasses come packaged nicely in a nice case with a little handy toolset. They are made well and are a very nice quality. I really like the color of the polarized brown lenses. They filt... read more »

Good microwave splatter cover

20 May, 2018
This product does what it says. It covers the plate nicely to stop any food or liquid splattering. I like the way the magnets hold it to the top of the microwave so if you're not using it, it will... read more »

Nice socks, decent quality

20 May, 2018
These socks are made well, and are a good quality product. I have washed them several times and they have maintained their integrity. I have bought several products of this kind which have fallen apar... read more »

Good quality came pans

23 Mar, 2018
This is a nice set of cake pans. They are well made and sturdy and have a good non-stick coating. They came out well after being named at 350° F. They shape remained the same and the lock un... read more »

Good quality strainer for kitchen sink

23 Mar, 2018
This sink strainer fits perfectly in the kitchen sink, it catches all the bits really well and is very easy to lift out and empty. The curved sides are nice, so that it doesn't dig into your sk... read more »

Great quality sunglasses with handy accessories

04 Mar, 2018
These IALUKU polarized sunglasses are stylish and a great quality product with handy accessories. When you take them out of the box the first thing you notice is that they are very good quality and... read more »

Very good quality twine

05 Feb, 2018
This natural just twine is a very good quality product. It can be used for many applications. I've used it for a gardening project in fundraiser garden her and also in cooking something a turke... read more »

Good sound quality but problem with Bluetooth

05 Feb, 2018
These Lobkin Bluetooth over ear headphones are a decent quality product. I like the blue color and they are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The sound quality is good. Unfortunately I h... read more »

Good Sonic electric toothbrush

05 Jan, 2018
This Sarmocare rechargeable electric sonic toothbrush leaves your teeth really clean and smooth. Much cleaner than using a regular toothbrush. You don't need to move it around too much, as long as the... read more »

Good cat toy

28 Dec, 2017
This cat tunnel is made with good quality fabric and is made well. I like the fact that it is not just a tunnel, but also has crinkle fabric, a peep hole and a hanging ball. My cat has yet to go in th... read more »

Pretty necklace and pendant

13 Dec, 2017
This is a very pretty and delicate necklace and Chai. The chain is the perfect length for me nod the rose gold is a really nice color. Although the chain is fairly delicate, it seems strong and goo... read more »

Great screen protector

27 Nov, 2017
This curved glass screen protector was very easy to install on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It fitted the curved edges of the phone really well with no bubbling. The touch sensitivity is g... read more »

Great quality 8 Gallon Grow Bags from Koram

10 Nov, 2017 These are amazing grow bags. I've used a few different types of these and these are superb and very hi... read more »

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