Price: £11.99
4.60 / 5   (15 Reviews)


It's real!

18 Feb, 2019
I wasn't sure how real it was because of the price but I can say it definately is genuine Himalayan salt. The colours are lovely just what I needed with a toddler so don't have to worry abo... read more »

very happy

03 Dec, 2018
I was really pleased with the service having got in within 3 days. The colours are so beautiful and is commented on by everyone who calls here.i would have it on all day even without the health benefi... read more »

USB Amazing Salt Lamp

01 Dec, 2018
This product is absolutely great, a miniature 6" usb powered Himalayan salt lamp. An absolute wonder, a marvel of natural beauty. This is a must have for any gadget conscious techy. Delivered in... read more »

Nice mood lighting

26 Nov, 2018
This is a nice size for any desktop and the cable is a good length so as to not restrict the placement of the lamp. The base is wooden and adds a natural feel to the design. The colours are bright but... read more »

Lovely and relaxing

24 Nov, 2018
#rankbooster #sponsered #magicsalt   i love this lamp , very heavy and good quality. It looks lovely An... read more »

Pretty but bit quick on the colour changing

17 Nov, 2018
Lovely little lamp, as this is a natural material the one received is slightly different to the picture but thats part of its appeal. Well made, my one issue is that the colour change is quite quick w... read more »


13 Nov, 2018
I love salt lamps and colour changing lights so this lamp has both, I expect each of these lamps are individual in their making, This lamp doesn't get warm like most other salt lamps, whether that... read more »

great little lamp

11 Nov, 2018
i have tjisnin my bedroom and it's constantly on offers a range of color of light not too big but just a perfect size for a bedroom read more »

Such a lovely Salt lamp

05 Nov, 2018
This lovely lamp is easy to use as it is a usb plug. Surprisingly it came with a spare bulb. It is a colour changing lamp so it is a stylist addition to home or work. There a many claims of health ben... read more »


03 Nov, 2018
Its quite heavy for how small it is, beautifull colours slowly graduating into each one. I have had it on for the past hour and hasnt heated up at all.  I have sever allegys to my pets, but si... read more »

Salt lamp

29 Oct, 2018
Lovely small colour changing desktop salt lamp. I like how it changes through the different colours #rankboosterreview #colourchanging #saltlamp  read more »

So pleased I bought two!

26 Oct, 2018
I bought one of these to go by the side of my bed as they really do help you sleep. I love the fact that it’s not too chunky and the different colours give it a different look. I bought another... read more »

Very Nice

22 Oct, 2018
Very nice lamp pleasing to the eye the slow changing colour is very relaxing and wooden base that it sits on gives it a nice quality look and feel. Think i will probably fall asleep looking at this wh... read more »


19 Oct, 2018
  STUNNING USB POWERED DESKTOP HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP It's not bad at all! does what you expect it would do. The only thing I would have prefered would be a dimmer switch apart from that i... read more »

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