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Looks clean modern and go ding dong

01 Jun, 2019
Bought these to replace an older all battery powered system. Happy that the two chimes plug in to power sockets to get their power. Got tired of replacing batteries in the old chime. And having two... read more »

Good so far!

21 May, 2019
Have only used one but so far working really well! the included pump is handy to have as well. read more »

Very simple to install and use

29 Mar, 2019
Very simple to install and use. It has been a great helper for stopping little baby who is curious about exploring almost everything, but can not notice the possible danger.The release buttons are dif... read more »

Keeva Cosmetics - 72 pieces Make Up Set - Diva

19 Mar, 2019
Bought this as a gift so i will update this at some point when i hear back from the user read more »

Keeva Cosmetics - 52

19 Mar, 2019
Bought this as a gift so i will update this at some point when i hear back from the user read more »

Poweradd EnergyCell 5000mAh Portable

19 Mar, 2019
I bought this for a specific reason and it works flawlessly! I recently watched a video on youtube Barnacules Nerdgasm and he done a review of some USB fans, i will put a link to them at the bott... read more »

LOCEN Premium PU Leather Car Seat Gap Filler

28 Nov, 2018
These are really great. They are flexible to fit in whatever kind of space you're working with. They seem very durable and they save me from the "lost phone" that slips in between the se... read more »

Oil Diffuser

25 Nov, 2018
I received this item and was really surprised by the great quality. It does a fantastic job, releases plenty of essential oil infused mist and will turn itself off after running out of water. I like t... read more »

ery good quality, works really well

23 Nov, 2018
I bought this after looking at more expensive ones in my local garden centre. This one is easily as good quality if not better. It comes well packaged, with power adaptor, clear instructions and a lit... read more »

Great odours in a room

20 Nov, 2018
Didn't expect that great odour in my room, works perfectly and now smells great at all times! I've never had this kind of diffuser and I recommend it, I'm thinking in get another one for t... read more »

Fantastic purchase

17 Nov, 2018
I love this machine. It comes with some free seal bags and the machine itself is light and easy to use. It has 3 functions, vacuum sealer, half and sealing only. You can use it to store food to keep l... read more »

Amazing product

15 Nov, 2018
Amazing product, really does the job as described. People commented on the air quality in my flat and the scent. It lasts up to six hours but you can adjust the timing to 1, 3 or 6 hours and choose if... read more »

Excellent Kids Mini Drone

15 Nov, 2018
Excellent Kids Mini Drone!! Its product is suitable for beginners. And it's also very high definition. It looks small, it should be easy to use.The flight time is very long, the handset contr... read more »

Great Budget Drone

02 Nov, 2018
I believe for the price its well worth the money for a starter drone would make a great present. it has a camera and comes with a 1gb memory card the camera is not great but does the job and you get a... read more »

Oil Diffuser

31 Oct, 2018
Works a charm but didn't come with any oils thought a small sample would have been in the box so beware if you're buying this. Works really well! and love the timed function on it. The wi... read more »


19 Oct, 2018
  STUNNING USB POWERED DESKTOP HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP It's not bad at all! does what you expect it would do. The only thing I would have prefered would be a dimmer switch apart from that i... read more »

Nice product. Good material and well made. Feels solid

07 Oct, 2018
Very easy to use, have managed to clean some of my wife's jewellery so far and have all turned out like new! going to pinch my granny's dentures next to see how well they turn o... read more »

Great product

29 Sep, 2018
Summer is over :( and i wish i had this earlier as it's a brilliant product for my son. This keeps the sun from blinding the fk out of him! so worth every penny, no more of those stupid stick... read more »

Amazing headphones

12 Sep, 2018
Bought these for my son who seems to prefer these to my more expensive turtle beach headset, a win-win for me as now I get mine back. Have tried them on all my devices Xbox PS4 and PC w... read more »

Cool Cooler

07 Sep, 2018
This thing worked better than i thought it would, my laptop was shutting down after long periods of gaming but since buying this it is not a problem anymore. read more »

2 Slice toaster

03 Sep, 2018
Does exactly what you expect, I only use thick bread so the extra wide slots are a must for me. Toasts to a perfect brown and the toast was easily removed. The item has a pleasant appearance and looks... read more »

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