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no thank you

25 Jun, 2022
they were made of cheap plastic that chipped easily and quickly. threw out after the first week   read more »

a gift

25 Jun, 2022
I got this as a gift for my husband. I asked him after using it a few times and he shrugged and said 'eh'. So that must have been a good sign from the get go. He used it and kept using it so t... read more »

Worked well

25 Jun, 2022
this sous vide worked well till it fell over and cracked from a very short fall, less than 12 inches. the buttons on top are not the easiest to use.  read more »


05 Mar, 2021
I love this rechargeable light. It charges quickly and the charge lasts several weeks in my closet. I mounted it just inside the door on the frame. The sensor picks me up well. I need more of these in... read more »


28 Mar, 2020
Feels very cheaply made, kind of ugly, crap for battery life. Works. Just not as well as I wanted it to.  read more »

Must have you didn’t know you needed

28 Mar, 2020
Hear ye hear ye.... if you are a The Office fan these are a sure fire way to get a laugh on the go. I am a chef and I put these up all over my kitchen   read more »

Very cute

28 Mar, 2020
I love plants and this allows me to be able to keep my plants safe from a dog that eats anything with green on it(ANYTHING!) It is well made and has an organic aesthetic to it.  read more »


20 Dec, 2019
So I got this in hopes that it would be a good fit for me to use while I use my AUX cord on my iPhone XS max. I have an otterbox semetry case and my phone, with the case fits in there, barley, but it... read more »

They work

24 Nov, 2019
This eye mask is ideal but too heavy for my eyes all night. I use the mask for relaxing and distressing. The weight of it is calming but most of the weight goes to the bottom of the of the mask. Could... read more »


24 Nov, 2019
I wanted to really like these but couldn't. They serve purpose for a bit but then they start to fray and get stretched out fairly quickly. I stopped using them shortly after I started.  read more »

Gave it to my favorite asshole

24 Nov, 2019
Gave this to my 17 year old daughter because she was being an asshole. But she is my asshole and she is my favorite asshole. She laughed and used it everyday till she turned 18 and moved out.  read more »

Not the easiest to connect

24 Nov, 2019
I purchased these bulbs and intended on using all of them around the house. We have a dot in several rooms and many different smart devices. I am not new to the game. I was able to connect the bulbs t... read more »

Game changer

24 Nov, 2019
I work 10 hours a day 6 days a week in a kitchen and when I finally get home and sat down I get back spasms. I drape it over my back for a few hours and the stiffness just melts away. I might get my s... read more »

Worked as stated

01 May, 2019
I have a Ninja coffee station and it needs to be cleaned often. This does the trick! Leaves my coffee tasting fresh and tasty!  read more »

Not enough use

30 Jan, 2019
I have not used this band enough to give a definitve answer. When I have worn it, I have gotten many compliments. The band is a nice weight. I am afraid that it is going to turn my skin green because... read more »

Just what we needed

30 Jan, 2019
I gave one of these to my sister and put one on our front porch. Usually when we go out during the day, we do not remember to turn the outside light on. You street is pretty dark and it is hard to see... read more »


06 Dec, 2018
So far so good. Having this on my stearing wheel is so much better than the ice cold stearing wheel. It seems to be made well and has not started to peel. It is pretty nice. read more »

Sock lady

06 Dec, 2018
Hello! I love socks. These socks are cute! They are light weight so I would recomend wearing them spring, summer and fall. I have wore each pair and washed them a few times, and they have not faded or... read more »

Helps a bit

06 Dec, 2018
I bought this for my daughter who has a mystery knee pain. I asked her if it helps her. She said a little bit. It must help because she wears it off and on. It seems to be made durable.  read more »

The description is spot on

11 Nov, 2018
When I opened this scarf, I was so very pleased. The first thing I noticed about this scarf was how light weight it is. I unfolded it and I was surprised at how large it was. And the texture is very l... read more »

seems to be sturdy

30 Oct, 2018
This product seems to be sturdy. I have never used one of these before but from what I understand it is a collective effort over time that gets results. The seller keeps messaging me on FB to post a r... read more »

Very cheap

30 Oct, 2018
This is very cheaply made. The leash is not reinforced with stitches hardly at all. The plastice case is pretty flimsy. I would not recommend. read more »

Great for any occasion

30 Oct, 2018
These straws are nice because not only do they help me do my part in keeping plastic straws out of the land fills, but they also are pretty nice you use. There are 1 set of 2 straws in 3 different siz... read more »

Just what I was looking for

12 Aug, 2018
We recently purchaced a home and have a very large deck around the pool. It is very dark out there and I did not want anything else that was sucking more electricity but also something I could turn of... read more »

Easy to install

08 Aug, 2018
This screen door was very easy to install. The magnets are very strong and the dogs come and go as they please. This was a cheap alter to installing an actual screen door. The sticky velcro is weather... read more »

Mostly worked

05 Aug, 2018
I ordered 2 sets of these. Most of them worked well. Some are more bright than others. One did not work at all. I feel like there was a lot of waste since each of the lights were in a plastic baggie.... read more »

Not complete

05 Aug, 2018
I was excited to get a second defuser for my home. Upon arrival, the product did not have all the screws that were required to keep it together. The water well falls away from the base. I contacted th... read more »

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