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Jan, 2018

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i'm a 42 year old southerner who spends his days training medical professionals on how to use electronic medical records software and spends his nights and weekends dreaming of camping and fishing. i'm a simple man living in a complicated world and i believe that honesty and forthrightness are two things in short supply. i promise to be as honest and direct as i can be with my reviews and i'm thankful for the opportunity to be given a platform that allows my opinions to be heard and noted.
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Great Screen protector! Twice Tested!

30 Apr, 2018
I placed one screen protector on my daughter's phone and one on a friend of mine'l 7s and they work perfectly. Happy customers! read more »

Great smoker!

30 Apr, 2018
This thing is PERFECT for smoking cheese! You typically have to have a cold smoker, or build one, to smoke cheese properly. Not with this jewel! Place the cheese in a casserole dish, place seran wrap... read more »

Stay Thirsty My Friends!

30 Apr, 2018
Great hydration bladder. Thick design, no leaks in three days useage while hiking and camping this past weeked. I would buy another one if I could!   #RankBoosterReview   #Sp... read more »

GREAT Backpack

30 Apr, 2018
I put this backpack through some rugged testing. The results? All A's!  I intentionally placed this backpack in a creek and submerged it completely (though briefly). Results? The inside remai... read more »

Artistic pens that deliver

20 Mar, 2018
As soon as I received these pens I put them to the test. Actually, my girlfriend did. She works at a printing design company and uses these types of pens to color in imperfections within a print. Thes... read more »

I Am The Kind And This Is My Throne!

16 Mar, 2018
A friend of mine had the opportunity to lounge on my throne this past weekend while a group of us were camping and it was a struggle to take back my Seat! I LOVE this chair. Do you hear me World? I lo... read more »

Great Protection from the Elements

06 Mar, 2018
Very well made and very lightweight. I tested these legging gaiters by wearing them while walking through a creek trout fishing. Please keep in mind that the are designed to repel water from your legs... read more »

Putting the "O" in SVAKOM

06 Mar, 2018
This is the Mini Emma. You WANT the Mini Emma. Trust me. Long lasting charge and VERY powerful. It's advertised as flexible and it does not disappoint. It's flexibility allows you to mold the... read more »

Thrilla in Manilla!

06 Mar, 2018
Oh how my lady loved this purple beauty! Very powerful, well made, long lasting charge, can be used in the shower and worth the price of admission. Two thumbs up. #RankBoosterReview  #Spons... read more »

Great microphone

24 Jan, 2018
This Zoweetek SHIDU UHF Wireless Microphone 2-in-1 Headworn and Handheld for Voice Amplifier, Speaker and Any AUX Audio Devices (AUS-ZW-SDMIC01) works exactly as described and the quality of... read more »

Quality Ear Plugs

24 Jan, 2018
I tested these ear plugs out on Tuesday afternoon and they work perfectly. Very comfortable and greatly reduce all noise! Go watch a concert without coming back deaf! #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Exactly as Described

24 Jan, 2018
My girlfriend told me that they're great. I'm going to take her word for it because she's the professional! #Sponsored #RankBoosterReview #MAANGE https://www.amazon.com/Makeup-MAANGE... read more »

Fast Drying and SOFT

24 Jan, 2018
KingCamp is soon to become a household name! I have ordered four of their products and all four have: a. Been accurately described in the advertisement b. Been high quality products c. Perfor... read more »

This Rabbit's On Fire

24 Jan, 2018
My lady friend loves me. I know she loves me. I buy her all of these awesome toys. Hmm...perhaps she's just using me? There's a lot of fun to be had in being used.  Speaking of being u... read more »


20 Jan, 2018
The title pretty much says it all. The night I received these grill mats, I tested one; a...trial by fire you might say. It was the first time in my family's memory that ALL the hamburgers were de... read more »

Squishy and Fun

20 Jan, 2018
I really do not see the reason for the popularity of these squeezable, squishable toys, but the kids sure love 'em! And this one, you ask? Do kids love this one? According to my 7 year old &quo... read more »

My Dad Says...

20 Jan, 2018
Let me honest here. I don't have a clue about Guitar Effect Pedals. But my dad does. I gave him this gift and asked what he thought of it (he's a lot more blunt that I am!) and he said "w... read more »

The Cigar Protector

20 Jan, 2018
I don't smoke cigars often. Rarely in fact. But when I do, it means a great deal to me. It involves vacationing on Tybee Island, GA, Dirt Cigars, and Chatham Artillery Punch. It's a traditi... read more »

My Lady Loves It!

20 Jan, 2018
What can I say? We like to play! And play we can do with this lil' Rabbit. I will not go into as many details with this product as I have with others, but I will say that the color is vibrant, the... read more »

Love 'em

20 Jan, 2018
First off, I'm giving these a 5 star rating because of both past experience with this type of product, and the fact that these are better made (and larger) than the one I had previously. Sli... read more »

Feline Approved

17 Jan, 2018
Both of my cats, Jasper and Baby Kitten, have had a ball interacting with me well I played with them with this wand. A great way to bond with your pets. read more »

Kitten Approved

17 Jan, 2018
Both Jasper and Baby Kitten seem to enjoy their present. They played for about 10 minutes until Jasper grabbed a wand and took off running through the house. I have yet to find that one! read more »

Great quality and a good price

17 Jan, 2018
I plugged it into my Fender and it works just like it's supposed to. Thank you for offering something that I needed at an affordable price! read more »

Exactly as advertised

17 Jan, 2018
This product arrived safely and is exactly as how the seller described it. I am very pleased. read more »

Exactly as advertised

17 Jan, 2018
Product was shipped and packed correctly and arrived on time. Product is exactly as described and I have had no issues. read more »

Very Smart Indeed

16 Jan, 2018
I have attempted to write this review three times now on this website, but after saving and reshing, the review just...vanished. Let's give it one more try! The SmartPlug works perfectly! Very... read more »

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