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Jun, 2017

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Very well made and thick stainless steel

09 Jan, 2018
I wasn't expecting this to be as thick as it is. These are both very sturdy with no bowing in the center as happens with my other baking sheet. The small pan is a perfect replacement for my old pa... read more »

Beautiful and high quality

09 Jan, 2018
These are very high quality drawer pulls. I was surprised at how heavy they were when they arrived. These aren't made from that cheap metal, these definitely feel and look like stainless steel. Th... read more »

Matches the collar perfectly

09 Jan, 2018
This puts out a very bright light. The LED bulb is located close to the handle and the light is channeled through a plastic strip down the leash, as shown in the photo. I have a few other light up lea... read more »

Wonderfully soft silicone

06 Jan, 2018
This is covered with body safe silicone and it is such a nice, soft material. This vibrator is quite different than others I've tried. This one has a bit of give to it, so it conforms to the body... read more »

Has good suction and multiple heads

03 Jan, 2018
This has good suction and the multiple heads are great to have for various uses. There is a dermabrasion head which helps to dislodge loose, dry skin and other various heads for specific purposes and/... read more »

Helps keep my black dog seen at night, even in the house.

01 Jan, 2018
This has a nice bright light that is easily seen at night. The snap ring is located right at the center of the light band opposite the buckle. The buckle naturally settles to the bottom, putting... read more »

Not just for men

01 Jan, 2018
I've been saving a ton of money and getting a great shave by using a standard safety razor. Once I discovered this great shave, I started mimicing how men shave their tough beards and began using... read more »

Doesn't include a strainer

27 Dec, 2017
This doesn't have a built-in strainer which is really needed. It's also very small. This is good or bad depending on how you intend to use this. I separate small batches of stock with this aft... read more »

Nice camp stove

26 Dec, 2017
This is a very well made portable stove. There are no rough or sharp edges. It is sturdy when put together but easily comes apart to fold flat for storage. I primarily use this to make coffee while I... read more »

Works; cutting is difficult

26 Dec, 2017
These work as advertised. They were a little difficult to cut properly. The center hole was too small for my burner and I had to cut them out more which was really difficult to do. The edges are a bit... read more »

Nice scrubbers

26 Dec, 2017
These are great for a tough scrub. There are little nubs all over the pads. The four pack is very convenient as it allows me to assign a color to a job to prevent cross-contamination. I use the blue t... read more »

Not as bright as a standard 100W bulb

23 Dec, 2017
This light is great. I love that my light by my entryway is now set to automatically come on at dusk. So far it is working great. The light is very warm and isn't the typical harsh light that are... read more »

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