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Amazon reviewer willing to review within my facebook group or yours, on amazon (with seller feedback) when allowed, and share on twitter. I review all products honestly. I have fish, dogs, cats, and children ages 4 years (boy) to 7-9 years (girls).
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10 Jun, 2022
Versatile.  This toy in not only multi-function but bendable creating endless possibilities for play.  Fast and discrete shipping. read more »

Slim and sleek wallet

17 Mar, 2022
Very modern slim and sleek wallet.  Plenty of space for paper cash and cards.  I personally love the ribbon that you can pull to removed your deep setted cards so you don't have to stret... read more »

Strong suction, lots of options

01 Nov, 2021
Good massager with very strong suction and may options to choose from.  I suggest knowing ahead of time what selection you enjoy as some settings can be very powerful. read more »

Perfect started eyelashes

16 Sep, 2021
These lashes are perfect for costumes and as a starter set.  Lots of options for various occasions, work verses night out.  The liner is easy to apply and water proof.  For myself, it w... read more »

Iphone 12pro case

28 Aug, 2021
Sturdy case for Iphone 12 Pro.  Fits perfect and looks professional. read more »

Nice mat for your office desk

28 Aug, 2021
This is a nice flat mat for your office desk.  Easy to write on and use under your keyboard or lap top.  Helps protect your desk from damage.  Large size that is easily adjusted if you... read more »

Perfect kids masks

28 Aug, 2021
My girls are 8-10 years and these individually wrapped masks fit them perfect.  Neutral design that can be used for both boys and girls.  Being individually wrapped keeps them clean while in... read more »

Wooden doll house

18 Jul, 2021
Very pleased with this purchase.  Fits Barbie and in our case, LOL dolls.  One thing to note, the box does say doll house in big black letters so something to keep in mind if this is intende... read more »

Almost 5 stars

18 Jul, 2021
Almost 5 stars because of the noise but still a fun toy.  Very loud to me for today's standards in toys but is a nice size with various adjustabilities.  USB rechargeable. read more »

Best doll costume

18 Jul, 2021
This is so soft and super cute.  Fits 18 in dolls but some stuffed animals as well.  My daughters are bouncing this between their doll and a stuffed bunny.  Nice quality, would definite... read more »

Excellent for home school music class

23 Jun, 2021
This standard recorder is an excellent option for doing elementary home school music class.  It does not come with a music book so you will need to purchase this if you intend to use this for les... read more »

Fairy jars

04 May, 2021
Great little plastic fairy jars.  Perfect craft during a camping trip for my daughters.  Everything you need is here. read more »

Fun balls for elementary aged kids

31 Mar, 2021
Enough balls for a party or for bring with you on vacation as an activity on board the plane then you have a ball to play will all trip long.  We used sharpees and had no problem with ink stainin... read more »

Finally Ken has clothes

31 Mar, 2021
My girls have tons of clothes for Barbie but poor Ken's wardrobe is lacking.  Thanks to this set, Ken has some options for date night. read more »

Perfect for iphone and ipads

31 Mar, 2021
My kids are constantly loosing my cables and these are sturdy with a fabric feel to them.  Professional looking and different colors to differentiate between different devices or owners. read more »

Unicorn outfit for 18in dolls

08 Mar, 2021
Fits My Life 18in dolls perfectly.  My kids loved this because it matches so many unicorn outfits that kids buy today and of course they love matching their favorite doll. read more »

Great cables, love the fabric cover

08 Mar, 2021
4 pack of cables with a fabric feel cover that makes these feel high quality.  Assortment of sizes. read more »

Works perfect with my wallet case

17 Feb, 2021
Very adjustable for sizing.  I have a wallet case on my phone and this adjusted to that size perfectly.  A little hard to adjust sometimes but I'm very happy. read more »

Super soft towel wraps

21 Oct, 2020
These are super soft towel wraps that are thick and easy to use.  Love this for both short and long hair.  Why 4 stars?  2 out of 3 of my towels did not have long enough elastic bands t... read more »

50's Style Fairy skirt for elf

18 Oct, 2020
What a great little 50's style "poodle" skirt for elf on a shelf!  Has a fantasy style fairy them with adorable little white matching fabric shoes.  Great for dressing you elf... read more »

Non slip headbands

05 Oct, 2020
These non slip headbands come in a variety of colors and fit both my children and myself comfortably.  Stays in place and doesn't pull hair.  We used these as a hair accessory to keep lo... read more »

Mermaid tail

05 Oct, 2020
This mermaid tail fits our elf on the shelf doll but also our barbie sized dolls as well.  Made from nice fabric that is sturdy and silky.  Easily applied because of the velcro back. read more »

Paper disposable masks for kids

05 Oct, 2020
Fit my elementary aged children with no problem.  Nice thickness and lasted all day at the amusement park.  Never flew off on rides and kids did not complain about not being able to breathe... read more »

Make your Elf on a Shelf a dancer

14 Sep, 2020
My daughters love to dress their elf on a shelf and pose her doing various activities.  This cute little skirt makes for a great dance outfit. read more »

Birthday gift for the hubby

26 Aug, 2020
This straigtening brush is marketed for beards but is also usable for hair as well.  No problems with usage and has a comfortable handle.  My only note is the box, before this hits a main ma... read more »

My personal covid family gym

26 Aug, 2020
Thanks to COVID, my family is spending more time at home and less time outside and at the gym.  This inexpensive set allows for a small home gym experience.  The bands are easily adjustable... read more »

Support and warmth

26 Aug, 2020
My mother is delaying her knee replacement surgery and these sleeves were found to be helpful for both gentle support while walking and warmth.  One size fits all but has plenty of stretch for si... read more »

Really large package of Barbie doll hangers

26 Aug, 2020
This package has a lot of hangers included!  We were able to hang standard Barbie size doll clothes, pants, shirts, and bathing suits.  My girls got creative and used a chopstick in a shoebo... read more »

More outfits to fit Barbie

13 Aug, 2020
This clothes fit standard Barbie dolls.  Complete 5 complete matching outfits are included giving your kids options for their imagination. read more »

Travel set that is TSA approved.

13 Aug, 2020
This is a good set for traveling with the TSA restrictions.  Easy to fill and no problems with leaking.  Each item has a different color so no confusion on shampoo v/s conditioner.  Com... read more »

Fun beginners tool for wood burning crafts

31 Jul, 2020
Great little set with everything you need to learn how to start wood burning except the wood.  My children and I wanted this set to use for Christmas crafts.  We're excited to try out al... read more »

18in doll hangers

31 Jul, 2020
These doll hangers fit 18in doll clothes perfect (My Life, Next Generation, and American Girl dolls).  My girls love buying pjs that come with the matching doll outfits and now I've converted... read more »

Barbie Anna and Elsa Outfits

25 Jul, 2020
Perfect little outfits to make your child's Barbie doll a princess.  My daughter had no problem dressing their Barbie with these dresses.  The backs are velcro which makes it easy for li... read more »

So comfortable!

23 Jun, 2020
As a woman, I am in love with these bands.  I have tried the rubber style ones in the past and they bunch up and bruise my legs.  These are fabric and have a nice wide band that can not bunc... read more »

Perfect exercise bands for quarantine!

23 Jun, 2020
Bought these bands for my husband during quarantine since the gyms are closed and he loves them.  Lots of resistance variations since you can combine colors.  The best this is that there a i... read more »

Barbie Mermaid Outfits!

23 Jun, 2020
Set comes with 2 outfits, one with a pink top and one with a blue top.  My girls loved putting these on their Barbies and pretending to be mermaid sisters.  Perfect fit for this doll. ... read more »

Well made with plenty of game storage

06 Feb, 2020
This MIFAVOR carrying case for nintendo 2DS fits my nintendo perfectly with a load of storage for my games and still fits my charging cable.  The hard shell protects everything within while looki... read more »

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