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My grandson loves them

03 Aug, 2022
Bought these for my grandson. He seems to be enjoying them. read more »

Never received them

03 Aug, 2022
Unfortunately I have waited for a long time and never received them.  read more »

Grandson loves it

26 Oct, 2021
Great for teaching how to pull apart and put things back together.  read more »

Bunny loves it!!!

03 Sep, 2021
Purchased this for my kids bunny for when she wants to spend time in the living room. A nice assortment of things for her to play with, chew on or rest. read more »

Daughter Approvef

02 Sep, 2021
My daughter loves these shorts. They compliment her figure and they are comfortable to her. read more »

Perfect fit.

14 Aug, 2021
My teen dauggter loves these. They fit perfectly and they are not cheap looking. read more »


16 Jul, 2021
Very good mask but a little uncomfortable behind my ears. read more »


17 Jun, 2021
If your kids like to play dress up this is definitely a cute little set.  read more »

Beautiful colors

07 Jun, 2021
Beautiful assortment of colors. Look very nice and goes on and blends easy. read more »

So adorable

07 Jun, 2021
I wanted a bathing suit that wouldn't expose to much. It looks as described. This is perfect read more »

Nice quality

07 Jun, 2021
For some reason I thought I was getting wooden spoons. However these are way nicer. Very nice quality, sturdy spoons read more »

They did the job

07 Jun, 2021
Finally tried these out emwhen I was canning. As I was pulling out the jars from the hot pot with these, I wasn't confident they could hold them-but they did.  read more »

Has a lot of good ingredients

30 May, 2021
This is a good vitamin. I rarely see any that are non gmo that include both vitamins and minerals. read more »

Quick sick time recovery for my daughter

27 May, 2021
My daughter had gotten sick but this seemed to help her recover real quick.  read more »

Still working

23 May, 2021
Bought for my kids weeks ago and still working. read more »


17 Apr, 2021
I love these because they are classy and different. read more »

Beautiful package

24 Mar, 2021
I love bath bombs and the fact these use essential oils. I have very sensitive skin so wanted something that didn't have a lot of chemicals. read more »

Absolutely stunning!!

24 Mar, 2021
I got this to send to one of my favorite Youtubers as a gift. It looks gorgeous on her. The colors are very vibrant. You can check out the wig on her and her channel.  She is awesome too!! read more »

Good for small animals that don't hop

18 Feb, 2021
It is a good product but easy to escape from if the animal can hop, jump or press the edges down. We have a bunny and it escapes all of the time.  read more »

Great brand of rice

18 Feb, 2021
Very happy with this rice. I love Basamati rice. This one is very subtle tasting but delicious.  I made a mistake and forgot to read directions. It's specific so your rice won't break... read more »

Lighting very good.

23 Jan, 2021
Arrived on time. Great adjustable lighting for the background of whatever is being photographed. read more »

Great for granddaughter and inexpensive

23 Dec, 2020
Just wanted something for my grandchild. This is perfect and inexpensive for me. read more »

Never arrived

16 Dec, 2020
Unfortunately it never arrived. read more »

Very helpful

16 Dec, 2020
Got this for my daughter. I love the fact it has a timer in case she falls asleep with it on. It's also comfortable because of the fabric over it. read more »

Small but mighty

16 Dec, 2020
For some reason I assumed this would be a large radio-which I would've preferred- but it's actually handheld. I never looked at the details for the size so my fault. However it is small b... read more »


17 Oct, 2020
Brought this for my grandchild and it it is so cute. read more »

Piece missing

17 Oct, 2020
Unfortunately can't try because it arrived with a piece misding. read more »

Great for short hair

20 Sep, 2020
Brought these for my daughter who has short hair. Works to smooth out the wave patterns. read more »

Great for allergy season

20 Sep, 2020
Everything arrived and in package. Look forward to using these for allergy season. read more »

Works well

15 Sep, 2020
Have been using it for several months with no issues. read more »

A little delicate

15 Sep, 2020
Good lighting but a a little to delicate. Seems like it's not going to last long. read more »

Love for my hair

14 Jul, 2020
I love using aloe in my hair. This product made it very soft,manageable and helped define my curls. read more »

Compact and easy storage

14 Jul, 2020
I wanted something small to babeque on. This is perfect for me for home and travel.  It's easy to assemble and pretty sturdy but I haven't used it yet. When I use it, I will try to remebe... read more »

Not for me

05 Jul, 2020
I hate giving small businesses bad reviews but I have to be honest. This rug is very flimsy and does not absorb well. This is a lot smaller than I thought or maybe I didn't read the measureme... read more »

Came off to easy

09 Feb, 2020
These are definitely good to help you see the blindspots but one came off after a month, so it didn't stick very well. read more »

Didn't get too hot and material is very soft

09 Feb, 2020
I got this heating pad to use on my daughter that has Scoliosis. She deals with a lot of back pain and I prefer some natural products for pain management. This heating pad didn't get to hot to the... read more »

Perfect Pillow

01 Feb, 2020
I need a pillow in my chair because my neck gets stiff. This pillow is comfortable, contours to my neck and the memory foam bounces back to keep pillow from caving in from the weight of my neck. read more »

My daughter loves them

27 Nov, 2019
I purchased these for my daughter. She wanted a pair of red stud that weren't to tiny and would dissapear in her ear. These are the perfect size. read more »

Vibrant & Coloful Coasters

05 Nov, 2019
These coasters are very adorable and decorative but to thin and flimsy for my taste. read more »

Never made it to me.

17 Oct, 2019
 i ordered them but they never made it here unfortunately. However, they did refund my money with no issues. So I will give them some stars for returning my money. read more »

Very comfortable

17 Oct, 2019
I wanted a pillow for when I travel on my train. My neck gets stiff easy so this is perfect to keep it secure becuase of the memory foam.  read more »

Very sturdy

17 Oct, 2019
So far I am rating it on the product itself. It is very sturdy and well pu together. I am going to put it in my car and update ASAP. read more »

Great storage

08 Sep, 2019
I love this box to store all of my jewelry making supplies. It helps me to stay organized so everything is easy to find in one place. It's stackable so you can unlach and open one bin with out hav... read more »

Beautiful Bathing Suit

26 May, 2019
I was pretty impressed when I received this. It's actuallly very pretty, nice material and true to size. I haven't actually swam in it yet so I don't know how well it will hold up to salt... read more »

Great for on the go

24 Feb, 2019
Htis is great for on the go. I wanted somethign I could take with me to make a shake when I am in a hurry. It's just enough for my needs.  read more »

Worked good for me being a beginner

05 Jan, 2019
I bought this to hang my curtains. As a begginer I wish the instructions were more detailed and had pictures about the componants. I wasn't sure what was what but by trial and error I eventually f... read more »

Damaged headphone

19 Dec, 2018
The headphones looked nice unfortunately one of the headphones had something lose and jiggling in it. I wish the piece wasn't lose so I could truly evaluate them. One good note is they c... read more »

Great lighting

18 Dec, 2018
It took me a moment to remembor this light has a sensor. It lights up pretty bright and can be adjusted to any angle. I especially love the blue nightlight. read more »

Versatile Scarf

06 Dec, 2018
I actually got 2 of these scarvesin different colors. I am glad I did because they are so versatile. They can be warn as a head wrap, scarf for your shoulders, scarf for your headand many more ideas.I... read more »

Beautiful scarf

06 Dec, 2018
I really wanted a scarf for my daughter to wear at night while sleeping. When I got it, I was amazed at how pretty it is and decided to keep it.  read more »

Vibrant and warm

01 Dec, 2018
This is a beautiful shawl and warm vibrant colors.  unfortunately it snagged very easy.  read more »

Heavy Duty Mould

01 Dec, 2018
This mould seems very sturdy and durable unlike the flimsy ones I have purchased from stores in the past. read more »

Very impressivee kit was more than I expected. Came with a big jewelry box and several bags of beads with a sample bag. There was also a smaller box with another bag of beads.

21 Nov, 2018
The kit was more than I expexcted. Came with a big jewelry box with several bags of beads-one a sample bag.. Also a smaller box with a bag of beads. read more »

Quality Pouches

15 Nov, 2018
I was thoroughly impressed with these pouches. The maerial, and designs are very big. I never bothered to read the size so they are bigger than I expected-actually a good size to hold quite a few... read more »

Great for party favors

13 Nov, 2018
I love these little boxes. They are normally used for party supplies for bridal showers, wedding receptions, and party favors. I use them as packaging for jewelry when I give it as a gift. read more »

Very helpful

13 Nov, 2018
I love alternative health products. This is great for increasing circulation and to relax the tense muscles in your face. read more »

Holds my Android in place

19 Oct, 2018
It's compact and lightweight. read more »

Sturdy bangle

30 Sep, 2018
A good, solid bangle for jewelry making.  read more »

Adorable Charms

26 Sep, 2018
I purchased these for my daughter to make jewelry. They are a nice size,  so cute and great quality. read more »

Great for circulation

23 Sep, 2018
I am partial to natural ways to obtain better health. Dry brushing is a wonderful way to increase circulation throughout the body as well as exfoliate to have healthier skin. read more »

Keep your hands free

16 Sep, 2018
This tripod is good to have for those times when you need your hands free. It can bend, swivel and twist to catch those hard to get angles. It's compact and lightweight.  read more »

Good eye coverage

16 Sep, 2018
Very soft and gentle over the eyes. blocks the light very well and ajust to fit comfortably. read more »

Very nice packaging

07 Sep, 2018
Nice packaging but the Lemongrass and Eucalyptus smelled like floor cleaner. I would use these moreso to clean with.  read more »

Perfect for my daughter with sensitive skin

01 Sep, 2018
It's usually hard for me to find things for my daughter with eczema. A lot of materials make her itch or feel funny on her skin. She still has two sleeping bags since she was little. They are... read more »

Soft and comfortable

01 Sep, 2018
I purchased this for my daughter who is very particular about the feeling of the clothes on her skin. She has eczema and a lot of different fabrics feel weird and uncomfortable to her. When she put it... read more »

Seems durable

13 Aug, 2018
I am usually leary of sterling silver chains this thin because they break so easy. So I decided to gently pull on it to see how strong it is. It didn't break. I don't recommend doing thatbut I... read more »

Good support

03 Aug, 2018
This is a good product for those with arch issues. This product however is made to fit the average foot and not wide feet, so they were hard to get on and somewhat tight for me. So I would s... read more »


26 Jul, 2018
I have an Android and my kids have an iPhone. This is convenient when we are traveling to have one adapter for both phones when we are traveling. I plugged it in an it charged my phone by by 11 points... read more »


18 Jul, 2018
I design jewelry. and I was happy to come across these. They are made well as the clasp are securely tightened onto the cord. They do not fray or look cheap in any way. read more »

Lights the way

10 Jul, 2018
I am going camping this summer, so I am collecting camping gear. This is perfect to be able to do some early evening exploring. I can keep my hands free and it's nice and bright to see far enough... read more »

Decent Material

29 Jun, 2018
 There are no instructions to tell you how to put the tent up, only how to take it down. So now I have to figure it out and hopefully it will be easy. So I decided not to put it up all the way ye... read more »

Makes perfect crinkles

26 Jun, 2018
At first I was going to give this three stars. I tried to initially cut  a pear with the Crinkle cutter and it didn't cut smoothly. Once I did get it cut and cut the smaller pieces it worked... read more »

Very bright and doesn't take up much space

20 Jun, 2018
This is a very nice Lantern for camping trip, hiking or power outages. It's small and doesn't take up a lot of space. To turn on, you just put in the batteries and  lift up the top and th... read more »

Healthy Choice

09 Jun, 2018
After researching all of the benefits yogurt has on the digestive tract, I have incorporated it into my diet for years. However most store brought yogurt has too much added sugar and presevraitives. S... read more »

Zoweetek mini amplifier has quality sound

05 Jun, 2018
This was my first product to review on Rank Bosster. Very grateful to have the opportunity to test this amplifier. It worked very well as I tested it on my kids. When they are upstairs with the door c... read more »

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