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Apr, 2017

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I have 2 children, a dog, & a varied extended family. I love trying new products for review, as do my children!
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30 Sep, 2020
Great quality, nice thickness, absolutely brilliant. Really wish I had ordered more. Going to make Xmas so much easier, no wrapping, just bag it & tie it. Even comes with pre-cut ribbon. Highly re... read more »

Exactly what I needed!!

19 Dec, 2017
Fast, next-day delivery. Quick to set up & link to phone. Clear sound & lots of user-friendly buttons. I really needed this as my old 1 was on it's way out & I use mine every day. It c... read more »

Perfect xmas gift

18 Dec, 2017
These are the perfect xmas gift for my twin niece's. They are still small, but very inquisitive, so I'm certain they'll love these. They are soft, light & easy for small hands to grab... read more »


26 Sep, 2017
Perfect for my daughter to read with at night. Exactly what I was looking for.  read more »

Perfect present

26 Sep, 2017
I ordered these as they were on offer & my girls are mad for them. They are actually going up towards Christmas. (Sorry, I know it's still only September!) They are lovely,  pretty bows w... read more »


26 Sep, 2017
These do exactly as expected! They hold my kids drinks onto their bikes. Perfect, exactly what I wanted & why. No more leaving glasses or bottles behind plant pots, or kids constantly knockin... read more »

Nifty little gadget

26 Sep, 2017
Surprisingly, this is actually pretty cool! I use my phone a lot & needed something that would not only act like a stand, but that I can also clip a lanyard onto to keep my phone around my neck.&n... read more »

Good for listening to music

26 Sep, 2017
This looks lovely,  fits comfortably & is easy to work. Unfortunately, the American voice informing you of a call is grating & whilst I can hear through it perfectly, the people I spoke t... read more »

Exactly what I needed

25 Sep, 2017
This is just what I needed for the rather cramped space in my airing cupboard. I was fed up with dirty clothes over-flowing from the cupboard as they were thrown in willy-nilly all over the floor. Thi... read more »

Safe chatting!

05 Sep, 2017
This is yet another ear piece for my mom. (Not a clue what she does to them!) Anyway, she looks like iron man with this 1! It's really clear to hear her when she calls & all background noise s... read more »

Perfect for home, school, or anywhere!!

05 Sep, 2017
These are brilliant. I originally ordered them for home as my 2 kids are always getting into bumps & scrapes. Since ordering them, the children's play area that I volunteer at has also ordered... read more »

I'll just get to the point. . .

05 Sep, 2017
This is a good item, for a good price. It's noisy, but I guess that's to be expected. It sharpens the pencils to 2 different finishes,  sharp/pointed or flat/round depending on what you a... read more »

Step & sleep!

05 Sep, 2017
As an entry-level product, this is really good. It counts my steps & monitors my sleep brilliantly. The main reason I wanted it was for the sleep monitor information. However, it also has a useful... read more »

Easy to use

30 Aug, 2017
This arrived well packaged & in a nice box. It was perfect for my young neices birthday & she loved it. Even my older daughters enjoyed playing with it. Very easy for them to use, nothing... read more »

Beautifully soft

29 Aug, 2017
This is gorgeous. It's so soft & really pretty. I love headscarves & this is perfect to wrap my hair up with to keep it tidy. Lovely colour & pattern. Perfect for on my hols! read more »

Hope I never need them!!

29 Aug, 2017
As someone who has only been driving a few years, I find it hard to try & predict what other drivers may do! So, as I have children & I'm disabled, I felt that I needed something that... read more »

Perfect for craft

14 Jul, 2017
This is absolutely brilliant for craft. Especially things like jewellery making , sewing etc, as you just need a small bin to put off cuts, clipped off threads etc. I use it mainly for my sewing... read more »

Very pretty

14 Jul, 2017
I have only tried this out once, as it's actually for my sister when she has her twins! It's really easy to use, very simple, but really effective & very pretty. I'm certain that this... read more »

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