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Terrible quality

09 Jan, 2023
I really wanted to like this tankini with its sexy cut outs, however the material felt like a cheap Halloween costume rather than a bathing suit, and had so little support it managed to make my perky... read more »

Great water dish!

09 Jul, 2022
I use this water dish as a backup in case the power goes out while I'm out of town since my cats primary water source is a fountain.  The charge lasts over a week so I never have to worry! read more »

Awesome gel starter set!

21 May, 2022
This gel starter set is amazing and had everything I was looking for for my friend for her birthday! read more »

Very cute, a bit too short

21 May, 2022
I thought this dress was very cute, however it wasn't the most flattering cut and was a little short so I'll be returning it. read more »

Excellent gel polish!

17 Mar, 2022
Really excellent coverage and formula, I really enjoyed using it and loved the results. read more »

Nice but a bit sheer

28 Feb, 2022
I liked this dress, the print is beautiful but the material is on the sheer side.  Might need to wear a slip. read more »

Just what I needed

21 Feb, 2022
I recently got a new couch and found that I needed more lumbar support, this was exactly what I needed read more »

Just what I was looking for!

21 Dec, 2021
This is a really handy set with dotting tools, pain brushes for all sorts of fine detail nail art, a huge variety of gems, line stickers and beautiful foils.  I've already used some of the to... read more »

Not great

23 Nov, 2021
This toy didnt feel very good, to the point that I will be returning it. read more »

Worked great!

23 Nov, 2021
I gained some pandemic weight and my pants were a little snug.  These were just what I needed to make a problem pair feel comfy again. read more »

These were awful

04 Feb, 2021
The ones I received were wooden instruments of metal and poorly painted. read more »

So helpful!

26 Nov, 2020
I had a recent foot injury and it's still healing.  I was looking for something to give me resistance when I flex my foot down to strengthen the ligaments and tendons on the top where the inj... read more »

Really helpful!

26 Nov, 2020
I got this to help trim my jaw.  It seems to work and gives my jaw quite a workout.  read more »

This works great!

26 Nov, 2020
I got this to help improve my posture and reduce back pain and so far it seems to be helping.  I especially like to use it while I'm doing dishes or other things that require a lot of standin... read more »

Super cool

26 Nov, 2020
These work great if you want to throw a few streaks of fun color in your hair before a party or parade or other fun event.  Really cute results and easy to use! read more »

Cat approved!

26 Nov, 2020
I wasn't sure my cat was actually going to go for these but she seemed to go nuts over these silver Vine sticks. Overall I'm really impressed and I plan on buying more of these in the future o... read more »

Great leash!

26 Nov, 2020
I got this as a Christmas present for my dad and it was just what I was looking for. It seems to be really high quality with a thick braided rope that will be much more comfortable for him to take his... read more »

These worked great!

26 Nov, 2020
I wasn't sure what to expect with these wrinkle remover patches. They were very easy to use and seemed to make a difference. I applied them before bed and when I woke up the fine lines near my eye... read more »

A little hard to use but effective!

17 Oct, 2020
I found these Josh exercisers a bit hard to use. But I suppose that's the point. I'm excited to see how my jaw line tightens up over time. read more »

Just what I was looking for!

17 Oct, 2020
I recently realized that but red had worn off the bottom of one of my favorite pairs of boots. These were the perfect fix. Now I'm no longer sliding around anytime I'm on a smooth surface. read more »

Cute cat toy.

17 Oct, 2020
My cat hasn't shown a ton of interest in this toy but when she did she seem to enjoy it a lot. She has other toys that are her favorites but I thought that this would be nice since it's a litt... read more »

Super cute!

17 Oct, 2020
I got this adorable gnome for my mom for Christmas. I'm sure she is just going to love him. He is really cheerful. read more »

Just what I needed!

17 Oct, 2020
I was looking for a new pair of oven mits and these fit the bill nicely. They are very heat resistant and I like the fact that they go pretty far up your arm. Other shorter gloves have left my fo... read more »

Works great!

17 Oct, 2020
This hair dryer Bonnet Works awesome! It's really nice when you put curlers in your hair, but also works great as a hands-free way to dry your hair. And no time at all my hair was dry and volumino... read more »

My cat doesn't hate it!

17 Oct, 2020
My cat really doesn't enjoy being brushed, she will never stay in one spot for long enough for me to brush her thoroughly. She surprisingly didn't hate this brush as much as others I've tr... read more »

Works so well!

17 Oct, 2020
I really love this back stretcher. It works great to relieve back and shoulder tension. And adjusting the different heights is pretty easy. I use it whenever my back is feeling really tight and sore. read more »

This dress is so adorable!

29 Sep, 2020
I'm so happy with this dress, not only does it fit perfectly but it's so adorable! I love vintage inspired dresses, they're so sexy and flattering and this one is a real winner.  The... read more »

Really helpful!

25 Sep, 2020
Helpful little mask support frames, they make wearing a mask more comfortable by moving it a bit further from your mouth. read more »

Nice mattress topper!

25 Sep, 2020
My friend had been complaining of neck pain for a while and decided his bed was to blame.  I helped him find this nice mattress topper to help.  He said it's really comfortable so far an... read more »

Nice shirt

25 Sep, 2020
I got this shirt for my friend, he said it fit him well and the material was comfortable.   read more »

Lovely facial roller

25 Sep, 2020
I really love this ice facial roller, it's really nice and cooling and feels great when my face is puffy or warm.  I also love the jade tools. read more »

Great night cream!

24 Sep, 2020
I got this for my friend to help with his dark spots.  He said it's very moisturizing and has helped a bit with the look of dark spots and fine lines. read more »

Just what I was looking for!

19 Sep, 2020
I needed a battery jumper that I could easily tuck away in my car without having to store it in my trunk.  I learned last year when my battery died that there's no way to access my trunk if t... read more »

My friend loves it!

19 Sep, 2020
I got these clippers for my friend who was looking for really precise adjustments for trimming his beard.  He's really pleased with how easy it is to use and adjust.  He now has a beauti... read more »

Great quality!

11 Sep, 2020
These are much nicer quality than I was expecting.  Nice sturdy silicone, easy to clean and easy to remove the frozen popsicles.  The handles have little bumps to help them grip the frozen t... read more »

Great shirt!

26 Aug, 2020
I got this for my dad, he's just going to love it!  Too funny and really represents the sentiment all of us seem to share about this year! read more »


26 Aug, 2020
What a great deal for 2 beautiful belts!  They go with jeans and dresses and are really the perfect accessory to any outfit! read more »


26 Aug, 2020
Super convenient way to make sure you are never without hand sanitizer anywhere you go! read more »

So cute!

10 Aug, 2020
I love this cute sexy sleep set! read more »

Beautiful duvet cover

10 Aug, 2020
I really love this set!  It's beautiful and classy and goes great with the tropical plants I have growing in my room! read more »

Great hose!

10 Aug, 2020
I got this hose for my parents to replace the one the got only last year that already started leaking.  They said this one is much nicer than that one was! read more »

Really great headphones!

25 Jul, 2020
I really love my new headphones.  I wanted a good pair of bluetooth headphones for travel and taking walks and these seemed to fit the bill.  I didn't read all the features and was pleas... read more »

So sexy!

24 Jul, 2020
This dress is beautiful and so sexy!  I usually wear a Medium/Large in dresses but they only had small and extra large in stock.  I ordered the small, knowing that with wrap dresses they'... read more »


24 Jul, 2020
Just what I was looking for, it seems to be working and it seriously doesn't hurt at all! read more »

Great for giving guys a touch up

17 Jul, 2020
These clippers are great for giving guys a quick haircut or touch up between trims. read more »

Great pump! Perfect for travel.

17 Jul, 2020
I got this to use while I travel to suck the air out of my vaccum packing bags in order to maximize suitcase space. read more »

Perfect for ballet flats!

06 Jul, 2020
I really love the fact that these socks have little rubberized flowers on the toe portion to stop your toe from sliding around the toe box if your shoe.  The other thing I love is the fact that t... read more »

I love that it has functional pockets!

06 Jul, 2020
This dress was even cuter in person than I thought it would be.  Really flattering cut too.  It looks great with a chunky brown belt and some gold accent jewelry.  read more »

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