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Hi Friends - thank you for visiting my profile page!

I primarily live in the USA but also have a vacation home in the beautiful country of Panama where i’m also a reviewer on degusta! I specially love taking review pictures in the beautiful rainforest!

I am looking forward to testing your products soon!

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Very Comfortable Blouse

17 Mar, 2019
I orginally tested the green AMCLOS tunic top and liked it so much that I also purchased (on my own) the royal blue. There are SEVERAL color choices to choose from. The material is very soft to t... read more »

Excellent Quality - Pecute

03 Feb, 2019
I tested this product for two months with great results. Previously, we had an issue with constantly tripping over dog bowls in our small kitchen as well as having to clean up our pug's messes, be... read more »

Durable Bands

03 Feb, 2019
After using these consistently for seven months, I've yet to have these stretch out of shape. So far,  and they have held up pretty well. When doing squats, leg bends and arm strengtheni... read more »

Stylish and Good Quality

02 Feb, 2019
I have been using this toaster since September and so far it's been working very well.  It's well made as I bought it for my home in Central America which is very humid and cheaply made a... read more »

Not Recommended

02 Feb, 2019
Product is no longer available on Amazon for a good reason - these hooks fall off the wall and don't hold anything. Not recommended.  Disncontinued product.   #RankBoosterReview... read more »

Didn't stick

02 Feb, 2019
I got these to prevent my grandson from hitting his head on the corners of the coffee table.  Unfortunately, they didn't stick very well and kept falling onto the floor.  Tried using the... read more »

Durable envelopes - good value

01 Jan, 2019
I have been testing three of these bags/envelopes since September and can attest to they’re being of good quality. I have been using the 10.2 x 6” bag to keep cash and checks inside of a f... read more »

Cute and good quality

01 Jan, 2019
This sweatshirt runs a little large but that’s a good thing as it’s winter now and my grandson can wear it over another shirt and layer for extra warmth. The material is thick and good qua... read more »

Not leak proof

01 Jan, 2019
I was really looking forward to using this product to make tea-tree lotions and sprays for travel. Sadly, they leak and when using essential oil ingredients it’s a mess. The travel bottles are v... read more »

Good company

01 Jan, 2019
I can only attest that I’ve received great products from this company in the past. Unfortunately, Amazon listed this item as “lost in transit” and was unable to replace (out of stock... read more »

Well packaged and very cute Christmas decorations!

15 Dec, 2018
Our Christmas tree has a blue and white theme so this petite ornament set perfectly complimented in contrast to our larger decorations.  Very well made and came nicely packaged.  They c... read more »

My pug loves his new cushion!

12 Dec, 2018
This new cushion is the perfect size for my little pug puppy. He immediately took to it as it’s super soft and comfortable.  I love that the grey matches my livingroom as well. Well made... read more »

Gets The Job Done

18 Nov, 2018
The LOVKITCHEN large kitchen spinner is an excellent value for the price.  We are on a keto diet which means we need to add lots of greens (fiber) to our meal planning. I like to meal prep and ma... read more »

Super Sturdy Laundry Basket

18 Nov, 2018
The WISHPOOL laundry basket with wheels is made of extra strong heavy material.  Having wheels makes this hamper even more convenient as it has an extra large storage capacity.  Not onl... read more »

Gorgeous Cardigan Sweater

25 Oct, 2018
This sweater is well made, attractive and very warm! It can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or to the officer with a skirt. It can also be worn as a cardigan over top a shirt or by its... read more »

Great for the kids and the parents too!

16 Oct, 2018
After testing, I sent these adorable Esonstyle Kids Headphones to one of my little nieces to see how she liked them and she gave them a thumbs up!  She absolutely loves the pink color and de... read more »

Loved mine so much...

16 Oct, 2018
I have the 7/8 Plus LOVPHONE armband and like it so much that I had to get the Xs for my nephew since he updates to a brand new phone every time a new one hits the stores (must be nice). This band... read more »

Luxurious Foot Spa

15 Oct, 2018
This would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves to pamper themselves with the finer things in live that well, makes them FEEL GOOD.  This spa will make your feet feel as if they've ste... read more »

Good Quality Wax Beans

10 Oct, 2018
This WEHVKEI replacement kit comes with a very large bag of beans, 100 strips, and 20 sticks.  The beans melt quickly and applies very smoothly.  I tested the wax for shaping my eyebrows.&nb... read more »

Say goodbye to plastic and go bamboo!

02 Oct, 2018
This Bonviee Bamboo Toothbrush set with travel holders came in handy while we’ve been traveling in Central America!  Bamboo is a beautiful weed that grows and spreads very rapidly and is... read more »

Super Durable Laundry Bag

16 Sep, 2018
WISHPOOL makes superior laundry products and this Double Large Foldable Laundry Hamper is no exception.  It's great for anyone from college students, children, adults and anyone else who like... read more »

Realistic Moon Lamp

16 Sep, 2018
The HeQiao 3D moon Lamp changes to 3 different colors by touch and the 4th touch turns it off. I had to move it to a higher location because my three year old grandson enjoyed making it chan... read more »

Super Soft and Comfortable!

15 Sep, 2018
My new Acorn slippers arrived a few weeks ago and I haven't taken them off since! I am typically a size 7 but these feel a little bit big on me. However, I would rather have them be a bit bigger t... read more »

Fun way to learn Spanish

14 Sep, 2018
We have been using this deck of cards to play rummy and poker for months now and it's a genius way to learn phrases as language is best learned with repitition and practice.  However, what... read more »

Great Potty Seat for our 3-year old grandson

12 Sep, 2018
I offered to test this CARESHINE potty seat with ladder for our three year old grandson because he was getting too big for the toddler potty but he's too small for the toilet.  The ladde... read more »

Excellent Knife Sharpening Tool

11 Sep, 2018
The YonSon Knife Sharpening Tool REALLY works great!  I recently used it to sharpen all of my ceramic knives that have become very dull.  It did an excellent job as last night I fileted... read more »

Stay on track with Define My Day Journals by Defined Life

10 Sep, 2018
Define My Day is a jourmal that encourages you to become more focused and productive thinking from the moment you wake up until you go to bed. This notebook enables you to schedule your daily int... read more »

Love the way the Beaulinkus Sonic facial cleansing brush feels on my skin

09 Sep, 2018
The Beaulinkus Sonic facial cleansing brush if my first experience with a product like this and I can honestly say that it has made my pores a lot cleaner; the surface of my skin feels so much be... read more »

Husband Loves his Ablue Flashlights

09 Sep, 2018
My husband collects flashlights and was amazed at how strong and bright the lights iluminate from these small flashlights.  They have three modes:  Bright, extra bright and flashing.  T... read more »

A Toaster Blast From the Past!

07 Sep, 2018
This LATITOP Toaster makes me totally nostalgic as it reminds me of the styles used when I was a little girl and since everything seems to be retro nowadays, why not? The LATITOP Toaster has m... read more »

NUDO Fireproof Safe Bag is Both Attractive and STRONG!

06 Sep, 2018
If you're looking for a larger fireproof safe bag, you can't go wrong with NUDO.  Most fireproof bags are very basic but this one is not.  It has several convenient features such as:... read more »

Very durable phone/tablet mount

06 Sep, 2018
I have been using my NNOMAX CD mount for almost two months now and love it.  It was very easy to install and hold up well. I use it for my iphone 8 plus.  It's at the exact level wh... read more »

Nice set of resistance bands

03 Sep, 2018
I started doing workouts from videos and needed a set of resistance bands and was able to find these on RankBooster (always great to find what you actually NEED).  The resistance range is from su... read more »

Roomy Enough for a Laptop

03 Sep, 2018
This is my third Y&R Direct Sling Bag/backpack that I've tested.  The first two were given to my niece and nephew but this BIGGER backpack is for me (or husband if he swipes it).&nbs... read more »

Beautiful Sounding Wind Chimes

02 Sep, 2018
These fine wind chimes made by Windic produce a very calming and soothing melody as the striker subtly hits each tube creating such lovely pleasing to the ears tunes.  I purchased these c... read more »

You can't go wrong with icyzone

02 Sep, 2018
I have been a big fan of icyzone clothing for some time.  I find their clothing is of excellent quality and usually fits as stated.  These athletic shorts are no exception; as expected,... read more »

Sizing is off

02 Sep, 2018
As a reviewer, I tend to read other reviewers thoughts when determining sizing for clothes.  In this case, the reviews were mixed.  So I ordered larger.  The results: a much longer and... read more »

Fun Learning Toy

02 Sep, 2018
This was a fun project for my grandson and myself to work on together.  It teaches children how to put things together by hand rather than just receiving toys pre-made.  We really enjoyed th... read more »

Very Nice Soft Toddler Pillow

02 Sep, 2018
This hypoallergenic toddler pillow by AGfun is very soft and comes with two pillowcases imprited with sleeping cats.  My grandson really liked this pillow.  It is very comfortable and h... read more »

Practical and useful

01 Sep, 2018
I have a red set like this that I use in my USA kitchen and saw these and knew they'd go great in my colorful Latin American kitchen in Central America (second home).  They hang nicely when c... read more »

Very Strong and Durable Storage Bins

31 Aug, 2018
If you're looking for sturdy bins, you'll get exactly that with WISHPOOL Collapsible Storage Bin Baskets. They are made out of a strong canvas material.  They come in white but would love... read more »

Excellent card holder

29 Aug, 2018
I use this for my ID's and credit cards for another country I live in so I can quickly switch back and forth and not have to pull everything out and change wallets. This is very convenient for me... read more »

Strong and durable cable

29 Aug, 2018
I have been using this cable in my car to charge my phone daily.  It works as specified and I have not had any problems after using it for over one month. It's long enough to reach to the bac... read more »

Review incomplete at this time

29 Aug, 2018
I was impressed with how nice lookng this product was.  However, I followed the instructions and installed the app.  Unfortunately, I was unabe to transfer my photos. Each time, I tried to m... read more »

Very Strong and Durable Bag for a Good Price

25 Aug, 2018
This document bagy by Engpow is a very nice sized bag to keep any important documents. It is made of fire-resistant fiber that's also waterproof. The inside is padded to add exra protect... read more »

Beautiful Pink bracelet

18 Aug, 2018
My niece loves this crystal bangel bracelet.  It's very feminine and pretty.  She was very happy with receiving it.  The stones shine and it fits perfectly.   Recommend... read more »

Pros and Cons with the Valtcan Hunting Hand Warmer Apple iphone iPad Mobile device Charger

18 Aug, 2018
Pros: + Very bright flash light + Heats up very quickly Cons: - Takes a long time to charge. - Doesn't stay charged very long (dies within minutes). - Takes several clicks to turn the ligh... read more »

Great Summer top!

18 Aug, 2018
I love the shade of blue for this top as well that the material is very light as this summer has been extremely hot here in the southeast.  It looks great paired with jeens or even multi-colored... read more »

Cat loves her new bed

18 Aug, 2018
I originally wanted to test this pet bed for my daughter's new puppy however, the cat won't let him on it.  "Tica" has officially claimed ownership and loves this bed. &nbs... read more »

Musical toy for young child

18 Aug, 2018
Requested this mini Xylophone toy for my grandson to learn to play but to date I have not received the ebook that the title indicates comes with it via email.  This toy arrived in good conditi... read more »

Beautiful Cases by Vimorco

14 Aug, 2018
I have several cases I've received by this company and I can honestly say that I've been impressed by each of them.  The colors are vibrant; there's nice padding; and they're over... read more »

Something I needed

12 Aug, 2018
I really like the way this iphone wallet case was designed and it is a decent price.  I gave it four stars for the necessity and price.  There are a few dislikes but again, for this price, I... read more »

Excellent Product

12 Aug, 2018
I am very pleased with my new YIGII Toilet Paper Holder Stainless Steel Toilet Tissue Roll Holder and have absolutely no complaints.  It'... read more »

Stylish Storage Boxes

10 Aug, 2018
This duo set - one large and one small is not only useful but stylish as well.  It is attractively two-tone brown and beige with a nifty design.  What I like most is that the fold over tops... read more »

Stunning Glass Diffuser

08 Aug, 2018
This is one very unique diffuser as it's elgantly made of glass.  I have the perfect spot for my new treasure; it will be shown off in a bathroom in our vacation property bathroom near the sp... read more »

Beautiful Diffuser

08 Aug, 2018
I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to test the XPLUS Essential Oil Diffuser.  XPLUS has several varietes of diffusers for sale; this one is the larger sized wood grain that would... read more »

Nice closet door shoe storage rack

08 Aug, 2018
For the very low price, this product is well worth it! It frees up space for other things by conveniently storing shoes behind the closet door.  I have two of these. I use one in my bedroom and t... read more »

Great learning tool

06 Aug, 2018
I gave it four stars mainly because my grandson thinks it's the coolest thing on earth right now.   The bank itself is plastic.  It takes two AAA batteries (not included) and for... read more »

Cute but pop off the door

06 Aug, 2018
These are adorable and very bright but I would not recommend them as they tend to pop off the door no matter what position they're placed and this could be a safety issue for choking if a small ch... read more »

Great idea!

05 Aug, 2018
I requested to test these magnetic curtain tiebacks because we have several windows in our home in Panama and our cleaning lady typically just ties the curtian into a knot which causes them to wrinkle... read more »

Overall nice sunglasses but with some pros and cons

05 Aug, 2018
There's good and bad with these IALUKU Wayfarer Sunglasses The bad: I was initially disappointed the way these glasses were packaged when they arrived.  One of the things I look fo... read more »

Both Niece and Nephew love their Y&R Direct backpacks!

05 Aug, 2018
To test this product, I gave the purple (looks more pink) to my 13 year old niece and the black to my 24 year old nephew. Niece:  uses her crossbody sling shoulder bag to keep items such as he... read more »

Wow! What an AMAZING Male Sex Toy!

03 Aug, 2018
Today we tested the Leten Flexible Male Automatic Electric Sex Machine Hands Free Masturbation Sex Machine.  First of all, it takes a good three hours to charge when charging for the first t... read more »

Excellent Dash Cam - Comes with everything you need!

02 Aug, 2018
The Acumen Dash Cam Car Dashboard Camera has everything you need I have tested out several dash cameras and none of them have came with the memory card which is a nice bonus.  I hate buying so... read more »

Very lovely bracelets

02 Aug, 2018
The bracelets are actually gorgeous and matches a pair of boho pants I recently purchased.  They are not too tight nor too loose.  The only part I didn't like was the tassle but I just r... read more »

Keep your phones dry with LENPOW Waterproof phone cases

01 Aug, 2018
I really like these waterproof phone cases. I am glad they came in two packs, because I was able to give one to each daughter for our trip to the beach. The phones stayed nice and dry. My older daught... read more »

Can't go wrong with this COSSCCI Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser

31 Jul, 2018
The COSSCCI Aromatherapy is a very beaitufl diffuser! It's wider than typical diffusers and would look great in any roomwith the wood grain bottom and the soft glow. I will be using this in one of... read more »

Beautiful Bead Bracelet

30 Jul, 2018
I really like my UHIBROS Bead Bracelet! I have several bead bracelet but this if the first in white.  It is very comfortable and doesn't pinch the way some of the others do.  It fi... read more »

Madetic Makes Perfect Toast

22 Jul, 2018
The defrost option is great for when we make frozen waffles because they tend to heat unevenly otherwise with standard toasters without this option. Very convenient.  I opted for the toas... read more »

Huge water bottle

14 Jul, 2018
I am on a Keto diet and drink between 64-90 oz of water every day.  This water bottle is a whopping 85 ounces!  It's a great way to ensure that watr goals are met daily. It is now a g... read more »

Awesome Value!

14 Jul, 2018
For only $12.95 you can't beat the value for what comes in this kit.  The KROM Burger Press Kit comes with a grill mat, buger mold and many (50) wax patty papers for freezing and easy se... read more »

Grandkids love it!

13 Jul, 2018
Great toddler toy. They play with this for hours. read more »

Not recommended

11 Jul, 2018
These are cute but I made the mistake of wearing them traveling. I had to do a lot of walking at the airport and they kept slipping down 1/2 way to the middle of my feet which were sore. I ended up ta... read more »

Cristal Clear Recording

10 Jul, 2018
Today I tested the Keeken Car Dash Cam Recorder and was impressed with the clarity of how well it recorded!  It was very easy to set up (date/time/display) and install.  The lens tilts up or... read more »

Smells Absolutely Wonderful

10 Jul, 2018
I absolutely love my LIQIU scented candle!  The last few days have been amazing here with the weather being in the 70’s which gave me the opportunity to do something rare: open all... read more »

Great buy - Cake Turntable by LAVANDIN

09 Jul, 2018
This Cake Turntable by LAVANDIN  Rotating Cake Stand came with cake decorating supplies, "Lavandin's Exclusive Online Cake Decorating Video Tutorials" and Complete with Flower-Makin... read more »

Niece Loves her new Sling Bag

09 Jul, 2018
My niece was very ecstatic to receive this beautiful Nylon Crossbody Sling Bag Shoulder Backpack by Y&R Direct.  She is using it to keep her snacks, lip gloss, games, pens, ipad and phon... read more »

Bringing the sunshine indoors

07 Jul, 2018
I am in love with this planter with a built-in growlight! Our condo is in a wooded area that gets very little sun. However, I love growing my own  fresh herbs. This cute planter is attractive as... read more »

Classy Looking Glasses!

05 Jul, 2018
This MIVIM Twist Whiskey Glasses set will look stunning on any bar!  I needed this set which went perfectly with my Scotch serving set.  I have received numerous compliments on this set... read more »

Attractive Practical Coffee Table

04 Jul, 2018
This table by Elevens was very easy to assemble (took me all of 15 minutes) with everything needed to put it together.  No additional tools needed.  All pieces came well packed and in g... read more »

Superior Quality Organizer

04 Jul, 2018
This gray/white Polk-A-Dot Diaper Caddy sold by Wedholyr LLC is extremely well made with good quality material and very attractive! Unlike others, it stays in shape, has multiple compartm... read more »

Great quality

04 Jul, 2018
Comes very nicely packaged in a separate bag (great useful gift idea) and is very well made from durable material. Reasonably priced.    #Rank-BoosterReviews #Boulong #Sponsored &nb... read more »

Great for camping and hiking

16 Jun, 2018
I got this TANSOREN lantern set to take back with me to Panama on my last trip because our home in the mountains frequently loses power. Sure enough, we lost it twice in a two week period. These... read more »

Beautifully packaged super soft pillow

15 Jun, 2018
This wonderful contour memory foam pillow by AVESTON comes beautifully shipped in a bag with a handle and the actual pillow is wrapped in an exquisite big red bow. This would make a lovely gift. I... read more »


13 Jun, 2018
This laundry hamper has received so many compliments from people at the laundromat and recently at a yard sale (I brought clothes to sell in it) in which I received multiple offers to sell it. Tu... read more »

Grandson loves his new snorkel

30 May, 2018
The Swonder child’s snorkel is a great tool when teaching your young one to swim. My little guy loves being able to keep his eyes open and unlike the older snorkel’s this one fit... read more »

Not just any normal winter hat

05 May, 2018
My three year old grandson is obsessed with this pom-pom hat!   At first I thought he was just being silly as that's normally the case but after checking the hat a little bit closer,... read more »

Very small cutting boards

19 Apr, 2018
Most of the products in my kitchen red so I wanted to get these to basically coordinate with my color theme.  Both boards are small including the larger one.  I can stil use them for cutting... read more »

Excellent Quality

19 Apr, 2018
Kato makes some of the best bags I've purchased to date.  I previously reviewed a pink bag that I got for my daughter and she loved it.  This one is for me.  It's make out of du... read more »

Healthy beautiful cuttings

10 Apr, 2018
Today I receieved 10 assorted succulent cuttings from a company on Amazon called, "Sensual Succulents."  Their plants can be found on Amazon.  They came inside of a box that was in... read more »

Absolutely Beautiful Succulent Pots

07 Apr, 2018
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful..... Firstly, this is not a promoted review but I did find a discounted coupon publicly that anyone could use if they desired to without any kind of requirements but... read more »

Husband gives these two thumbs up

06 Apr, 2018
I ordered these for my husband as he's always brushing and flossing so I thought he'd want to give them a try. After five days, he says not only do they just work but his teeth haven't... read more »

When Privacy is Important....

04 Apr, 2018
A few weeks ago, I was having my yearly physical done when I noticed the laptop in which the nurse was entering my vitals into had a band aid over the camera hole.  I asked her why and she s... read more »

Very nice!!

28 Mar, 2018
Very comfortable socks.  They are good quality as they don't fall down and fit perfectly.  I am wearing a pair right now going to a doctor's appointment even.  I really like the... read more »

Attractive and well made sweater

21 Mar, 2018
Love this sweater! It’s very well made and looks attractive on my little guy!   It’s been warm but today we had snow and he picked this sweater to wear all by himself! Good choice... read more »

icyZone Yoga Tops

13 Mar, 2018
I have reviewed several products from this company, icyZone in the past from both RB and ER sites.  They are known for their chic and workout attire.  Their products are both attractive... read more »

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