Sunrise Alarm Clock, Wake Up Light Sunrise Simulator Daylight Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers, with 7 Colors, FM Radio, Nature Sounds, Snooze Function and Touch Control
Price: $21.99
4.80 / 5   (15 Reviews)


Love the changing colors

20 May, 2018
I love all the variables that come with this clock. The changing lights, the alarm options, etc.  i. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #Hoyee read more »


09 May, 2018
Sunrise Alarm clock,wake up light sunrise simulator daylight alarm.clock for heavy sleepers,FM radio,snooze function and touch control  This is all that I have been looking in a alarm.clock.The... read more »

I love this light alarm clock

05 May, 2018
We love this Alarm clock and all it’s features. We use it in my daughters room. What I love the most is that in can be used as a night light and that’s exactly what I was looking... read more »

I love this wake up light

30 Apr, 2018
Sunrise and sunset simulation are excellent. I use the medium level of brightness to wake up to. I have been using the light for two weeks now, and am loving it every morning, and since I am gett... read more »

Perfect for my little boy!

23 Apr, 2018
My son is beginning Pre-K this upcoming Fall (2018) and I have been searching for an alarm clock for him for awhile. Of course, I will be rising at the same time as him - if not slightly earlier - but... read more »

Let the Sun Shine In

18 Apr, 2018
I have a hard time waking up, but light can help. Enter the sunrise alarm, which lets you wake to both sound and light. The alarm was easy to set up(my husband couldn't figure it out, but I didn&#... read more »

Very cool clock

16 Apr, 2018
#rankboosterreview #sponsored #hoyee This is such a cool clock.  Looks just like a sunrise when in use.  Great gift idea. read more »

Awesome clock with many great features!

09 Apr, 2018
This is a great clock! Small in size and can use batteries if no electrical outlet is available.  7 nature sounds or radio to wake you up as well as the slowly brightening light! I loved how it p... read more »

What a nice way to wake up!

08 Apr, 2018
What a great way morning, instead of hearing and obnoxious alarm and having it jerk you out of bed! We received our clock in a timely fashion. It was packaged nicely and safely so it would not be dama... read more »

Package Arrived Severely Damaged, but I started watching the delivery guy who delivers my packages for the past few days and learned that he is so lazy to walk 3 stairs down to my door so instead he tosses my packages down the stairs(&

06 Apr, 2018
 I have bought 2 of the "Sunrisse Clocks" before for gifts to my daughter & my son & I was very impressed by the beautiful color changing ring around the clock & the way the... read more »

Nice alarm clock...

05 Apr, 2018
This is a nice alarm clock.  Wakes up and Sunset.  The FM radio works fairly well.  The alarm function works well.  read more »

Sunrise Alarm Clock

05 Apr, 2018
This clock is awesome! I wake up so much better from the light instead of a traditional alarm clock.  read more »

Best alarm I ever had

04 Apr, 2018
#RankBooster #sold by Hoyee fulfilled by Amazon :     Sunrise Alarm clock I was always worried about over sleeping but not anymore my clock has 7 different colours and nature sounds the best... read more »

It really does help get my @ss out of bed!

03 Apr, 2018
So the light comes on very softly 30 minutes before your set alarm time.  It's kinda nice, and it slowly gets brighter and brighter the closer you get to wake up time.  I love the birds... read more »

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