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Very powerful drill

30 Oct, 2021
The drill on its own is really good and powerful. The only thing I would like to change is textile bag it came with. Plastic one would be much better IMHO.  read more »

Good build bluetooth headphones

15 Sep, 2021
These are relatively good headphones. The sound is very loud and the builds quality looks like made well. I am still about to test them during a jog. What I didn't like is the lack of volume co... read more »

HiQuick 8 x AA Batteries, Rechargeable 2800mAh

25 Jun, 2021
These batteries look really good. It is too early to judge them for the performance as such. The packaging is really tight and one needs to be very careful as opening it is not an easy task and I... read more »

Decent tea but very pricy

25 Jun, 2021
I like the slight smokiness in the taste of this tea, it reminded me of our proper Azerbaijani leaf teas. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #YanHouTangTaiwan     read more »

This holder is a average quality

18 Jan, 2021
I have seen better quality similar device as this one does not fix on some edges and when it does it takes ages to fix a phone on the holder. If you need to change the orientation of the phone then yo... read more »

Quality garden gloves made of genuine leather.

18 Jan, 2021
These gloves are made of genuine leather and made to really high quality. I love them because they do fit my hands perfectly. It is perfect to get rid of stinging nettles. They are for large hand... read more »

Excellent phone holder - a light source

11 Jan, 2021
This is great for a selfie, video chats blogging etc. The item is very high quality and is much liked by my young niece.  read more »

I feel safer in it

12 Dec, 2020
It is large, a bit bulky but I feel it cover all my mouth and nose without wholes left anywhere.  The only downside, probably for a man, it looks like a lingerie a bit.  Sorry unable t... read more »

Nice underlay for Xmas tree

30 Nov, 2020
We do not get much snow in England so we were looking for something to put under our Christmas tree which may look like snow. When I was this small rug it immediately clicked and I bought it. It... read more »

Very light and nice headphones

30 Nov, 2020
Caption These headphones are not the first one I am buying for running and I am ver impressed with the build quality. The sound is not very loud but good enough for running. I guess it will be no... read more »

Amazing quality for a fraction of price of a brand

11 Nov, 2020
We used the camera in Greece this summer and I have had Go Pro Hero 4 too. This camera is amazing for the price. Of course the soft for it is not as sophisticated as Go Pro one but who cares nowadays... read more »

Really effective with mould

11 Nov, 2020
I have used it in the corners of my bath and all the black stains of mould are now gone. Yes, it smells a bit chlorine but works. read more »

Amazing set of lights for everyone

23 Mar, 2020
Love these bike lights, great value for the money. We ride infrequently and haven't had to recharge since we purchased them several months ago. Easy to install although the mount is quite firm (good f... read more »

Elegant, beautiful teapot

20 Feb, 2020
This is really nice, beautiful and elegant teapot. Unless similar teapot this one has got glass inside container with tiny wholes for infusing tea. It looks like made of durable, heat, resistant... read more »

5 meter LED Strips

24 Dec, 2019
These were initially really good and my son was very happy to have then around his bed. But literally in 2 days it started to unstick. Now after just over a week they completely unglued and strip of g... read more »

Did not suit to my basin

17 Dec, 2019
The desciption says it suits to all washing basin but did not for mines. The quality of the build is very thought. read more »

Very nice and dashcam, love it and use it every day.

08 Dec, 2019
I have had many dashcams and this dashcam is one the best ones and I like it. It is sturdy and good so far.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #senwow read more »

Nice, small and accurate device

11 Nov, 2019
I bought this device to test both of my batteries on my E320 as I wasn't sure which one is playing funny. I changed both less than a year ago and they were getting flat regardless. Drain testings... read more »

Excellent compact but almighty multi-meter

25 Oct, 2019
Morpilot's multi-meter is great asset for every household. No matter how big ar small DIY project you are doing or troubleshooting an issue in your car this is a great tool to have at home. It has... read more »

AveyLum LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights are great Xmas decoration

25 Oct, 2019
AveyLum LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights are exactly what they say on the tin. They are nice and animated giving the effect of the rain and cold frosty weather which in majority contries assosiated with... read more »

Very handy PIR rechargeable dusk light.

11 Oct, 2019
I was looking for this kind of good looking, rechargable, strong light for a long time. With dusk to dawn photocell sensor and PIR sensor, this light turn on automatically when sensing activity a... read more »

Energy booster - human normaliser!

17 Jul, 2019
Have used for a week now after being told my vitamin d levels were low and the change in my health since has been notable. This is additional supply of D3 but initially I have been presribed... read more »

Really really good power bank with an indicator

13 Jul, 2019
I have had so many battery banks in last years and majority of them was not good or large enough for at least several charges. This one is simply great and having both MicroUsb and USB-C type cables o... read more »

Really really good power bank

13 Jul, 2019
I have had so many battery banks in last years and majority of them was not good or large enough for at least several charges. This one is simply great and having both lightning and USB c cables on it... read more »

It is very good if sticky suction cup is not going to melt.

14 Jun, 2019
After a week it is still sturdy. It does the job and holds both Huawei and Sony Xperia phones. The only thing I am sceptical is the rubber is very sticky and attracks dust and dirt to itself. It is so... read more »

Great swimming short/trunk

25 May, 2019
I was looking for new and cool looking swimming shorts and stumbled upon these 3D shouting with vibrant colours ones. Besides my wife doesn't like them I do.They are made very accuraely and high q... read more »

Ideal set for phone and little gadget repairs

09 May, 2019
This Precision Screwdriver Set are ideal for delicate items like phones, headphones, remote controls, cameras, laptops etc. The set comes with a magnetic sheet which is very useful for keeping all th... read more »

Very comfortable, light and comfy blouse

07 May, 2019
I bought this one for my wife and she was initially sceptical but when it arrive everything starting from outer package to inner one was hinting to desire to strive to quality. The blouse itself if ve... read more »

Very handy, compact Alcohol Breathaliser

24 Apr, 2019
Bedee's Alchohol Breaathliser is very handy, small and compact device ideal to take in a car for a Europe trip where it is required by law. I have checked it at home and it is working very well.&... read more »


08 Apr, 2019
This is a very good quality backpack or school racksack.This fashion luminous backpack for boys - the best part of this cool bag is after absorbing light in the daytime you can see the luminous e... read more »


20 Mar, 2019
This wireless inspection endoscope is a vital instrument for every household. Well maybe not every but for those who does some DIY. My celling was making dropping sounds every time when tap is used up... read more »

Very nice and sturdy car charger

11 Mar, 2019
I have had multiple car charger over the years as many of you. Several wireless charger I bought were flaky, loose or not good at all. However this one is absolutely brilliant and is very easy to use.... read more »

Very nice pipe for smoking herbs.

06 Mar, 2019
This is very slick and stulish pipe for smoking tobacco and probably other herbs. It is very small and made of high quality material. I like it because of compactness and huge amount of spare grids it... read more »

Amazing tool nothing else can beat!

25 Feb, 2019
I have always had a issues with cleaning between my teeth and always used floss, toothpick, flossed-toothpick etc. Recently I bought mobile version of the water floss but its water conteiner is too sm... read more »

Very handy chargeable light for cupboard

16 Feb, 2019
I like this lights as when I boughtmmy wardrobe from IKEA I didn't obtain lights which are always connected to electricity. These one is nice and bright, the magnetic sticky strip is perfect no ne... read more »

Nice educational set of locks

23 Jan, 2019
Two different locks with two different mechanisms which are great for learning how the mechanisms work. The locks are of good quality and being transparent you can see how they activate with the... read more »

Excellent size egg of Espresso Spoons Set

14 Jan, 2019
These are exacellent size Egg or Espresso Spoons Set. This is NOT tea spoon so do not complain if you bought wrong size. Tea spoons are also available from seller however these are excellent quality a... read more »

Nice and sturdy bike light set.

12 Jan, 2019
I bought this set for my son and he is very happy. Simple screw-down mount and flexible strap provide great safety, holding the bike lights set tightly enough to prevent falling off even on bumpy road... read more »

I was shocked how much "rubbish" it dug out of my gums.

09 Jan, 2019
Morpilot water flosser provides an easy and effective way to support proper teeth and gum health at home. But you do need to lean over the sink as water comes out of the unit at quite a quick pac... read more »

Great product, nice fit

09 Jan, 2019
Looks like very great item. I wore it for 10 minutes of so outside to check for fog and no, there were no fog inside the mask. It fits great and will make seeing the sea much better. It arrived on tim... read more »

Excellent card holder

21 Dec, 2018
I was looking for a decent small compact card holder for ages. Have bought myself a metal one and used one for a while and realised it is still heavy in my suit trausers although with jeans it is fine... read more »

USB C Hub,ink-topoint Type-C Adapter

21 Dec, 2018
This type C USB hub is compact and very useful for the laptop. Got this for my office laptop (Dell) I use this at work every day to connect power (USB-C), an external USB keyboard, a USB wireless phon... read more »


17 Dec, 2018
The camera is high build quality, built with solid material, very smart on the outside of the building as they are nice and compact. The picture quality is very sharp even at night with good IR l... read more »

Himalayan salt lamp

21 Nov, 2018
Very happy with both these saltlamps , packed well and came quickly. Not a believer this lamp will do anything apart from providing ambiance, but that it does! Lovely warm light. Easy to assemble, ju... read more »

Battery based fairy lights

21 Nov, 2018
Very good and unexpectadly bright lights which will used by us for Christmas decoration. It is excellent for isolated items, iside the jars, corners where it is hard or inpractical to put the electric... read more »

Really weak device

08 Nov, 2018
This device is weak in every aspect. It is weak to hold a phone and gets lose in hands leave alone a moving car. The design has got a major flood which is the expanding buttom phone holder which depen... read more »

Nice set of socks

03 Nov, 2018
These socks are very vibrant, soft, unusually long too. It is not too tight or too soft and sit confortable on a foot. I am very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it. #RankBoosterReview... read more »

UIOT Swivel Water Saving Tap

23 Oct, 2018
Pleased I bought this. It's hard to tell the quality in advance, so I went for this, the cheapest I could find. It didn't come with adapters, but it fitted my tap fine without any - after unsc... read more »

Very good solar charger Power Bank Portable Phone Charger

23 Oct, 2018
Sturdy item. Can charge direct from plug and also via the Sun so when on holiday not only top up your tan but your battery also.Perfect for fishing or camping trips and charging tablets and phones, th... read more »

Great headset with snappy mic and clearsound.

18 Oct, 2018
My son wanted a headset for gaming (as did I so I couldn't hear him playing at full volume!). This one stood out to him as it lights up so instantly was a hit. I've given it a good testing tho... read more »

Very scary mask. Perfect for Halloween.

18 Oct, 2018
The mask comes vacuum sealed in a little bag, and does give off a bit of a honk when you first open it but that subsides after a day or so - I'm weird and like the smell of a new mask anyway. The... read more »

Amazing headphones for sport and jogging

12 Oct, 2018
I have tried many different headphones over last 3-4 years and have £320 worth one too. This Adorer Sport Kopfhörer are great! One of the best one I have ever had. For the price I... read more »

Great product! Saving a lot on the batteries.

01 Oct, 2018
Product arrived well packaged, only issue is that you can’t tell when they are fully charged as there is no indicator. But other than that, a great value product! The product works perfectly fi... read more »

Amazing quality for 7x zoom mirror

18 Sep, 2018
I bought this mirror for my wife and she is conpletely satisfied! She finds super amazing the 7x zoom for her makeup time. She is using it every morning and she can't manage without it anymore.&nb... read more »

Great value for money!

18 Sep, 2018
Very happy with purchase, great quality and excellent, am taking this on holiday. Fits amazing, so comfy and brilliant quality clothing #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored#RAISEVERN  read more »

Very comfy and cosy slipper.

18 Sep, 2018
The slippers look lovely - a beautiful shade of purple. They also feel very comfortable. I've stored them ready for when my current (Ecco) slippers need replacing. Good value for money. I will be... read more »

Review of Shower Water Filter with Cartridge

07 Sep, 2018
The shower Water Filter with Cartridge rather cartridges as title says. It comes with a 8-stage filter cartridge already inside the shell.  It was a bit challange installing it to my Mira... read more »

Wivarra copying lightbox

27 Aug, 2018
This is an excellent tool for copying arts, logos, small prints to a paper. It is good for my school boy and my artist wife. Both of them liked the item and will use it a lot.    #Rank... read more »

Very nice backpack, will give it to my son to use for school

07 Aug, 2018
Great backpack, it arrived just in time for my hols. I wanted one that could hold quite a bit of stuff, and this fits the bill. I used it as cabin luggage, held my I pad, phone ,chargers, passport etc... read more »

Very good for non-pro usage

30 Jul, 2018
Very good set of tools. So many useful tools in one great set and for a good price. My one complaint is that one of the screwdriver tips partially broke off quickly as I was working on my computer, wo... read more »

Nice device but discounted price only. Requires an effort to pump it a lot.

24 Jul, 2018
This is solid piece of technology which can handle a lot of preasure. It is squizes expresso amount even if you fill the hotwater container up to MAX marking.  Although instruction says pump e... read more »

Top in the range door bell

12 Jul, 2018
Easy to set up and pretty stylish in my view. The ringtones ard loud with plug in receivers and the door bell gives plenty of different choice on ring tones which are not just MIDI but polyphonic (MP3... read more »

Very small compact smart WiFi plug. 2.4Ghz only.

12 Jul, 2018
This is a compact socket that fits on a multi-gang without obstructing other sockets. The device consumes about 1 watt when off and 2 watts when on. It only supports 2.4 Ghz WiFi and limits the length... read more »

Excellent product highly recommend good quality customer service and super fast delivery.

23 Jun, 2018
Been using these for about one week there great not hungry at all and lost 4ln in weight so far all good. First time trying this product and it definitely curbs your cravings only been on them 1... read more »

Very nice dressing table. I wish it had a few but bigger drawers.

17 Jun, 2018
Very happy with this dressing table, was a bit skeptical at first because of how cheap such a nice dressing table was. It arrived quickly with Prime (beautifully packaged, very organised!) a few bits... read more »

Really good from few days using

17 Jun, 2018
I really love these pens. Always nice to have a spare pack. You can do from fine details to hold ones nice for sketching bullet journaling and lettering. My wife is artist and she ''approved&#... read more »

Fluffiest, softest, nicest blanket ever

13 Jun, 2018
This has to be the softest blanket ever. It's extremely luxurious and a dream to sleep on. The blue colour is a beautiful, deep, dark blue. I'll be buying another, perhaps in a different colou... read more »

Really good for small house projects

10 Jun, 2018
The product is too hard to start initially and it requires a bit "massaging" to soften and become ready to shaping figures. My wife is artist and she used to use artistic clays before but ne... read more »

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