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Dec, 2017

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Hi I have two kids 3 and 9. My husband is a musician and techie. I am a hairdresser/cosplayer. I am a huge videogame nerd as well. Anything new and exciting I am into! Let's see what else I was a coach for 10 years. And we have two cats and two dogs.
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Doesn't work like supposed to. The video quality is way off.

09 Oct, 2020
The video quality is sub par.  Very pixelated read more »


15 Nov, 2018
I was going to save it for Christmas but I decided to give it to my husband early because he was going up to cut firewood before the big snow storm hit it worked great for him. Even has a gigantic hea... read more »

Bait and switch

09 Nov, 2018
Was supposed to be 1.95 now it's 3.25 at check out.    read more »

great for sensory

04 Nov, 2018
my son has sensory processing disorder. and i got these to help him work thru his sensory issues. they have help him alot. he finds them very fun and easy to use. it helps him self soothe and compromi... read more »

so cute

04 Nov, 2018
i love my little groot. i got him to put my scissors in for work.  he is an attention getter. very well made and sturdy! perfect gift for a marvel fan.  #sponsored #rankbooster &nbs... read more »

not great

04 Nov, 2018
i am not a fan of these earrings i got random not matching colors in some of the earrings. they are heavy and bulky with the battery.  they are not for everyday use. so use them and then take the... read more »

so warm

04 Nov, 2018
we used this in a cosplay costume and it worked perfect and kept us warm. i thought it wouldnt fit my husbands big head but to my surprise it was also fit my little boys head too it ke... read more »

sweet lord!

04 Nov, 2018
these puppies are bright and super cool i really wish that they were battery operated so i can have free reign with my tree placement but still pretty cool. it comes with a remote which is awesome bec... read more »

great purchase

04 Nov, 2018
i bought these for my husband when he hurt his knee. he is a golfer and a repair man. he was able to wear the brace under his pants without it being detectable. tthey have different sizes to choose fr... read more »

not great for thick girls

04 Nov, 2018
i bought these thinking they would be good for me. however the top kept rolling down an made me muffin top something hard. they are super cute but just not made for my body type. i had to go up 2 size... read more »

pretty awesome gift

04 Nov, 2018
i bought this as a gift for my daughter. i was gonna save it for christmas. but she found it. lol i love it it kept her busy and quiet for hours. she never got bored. she is 9 and loves hidden item to... read more »


19 Oct, 2018
I don't know about you but I am constantly losing lid to my Tupperware I bought these at a pinch because I felt the need to be able to preserve my food without the need of Saran Wrap or tin foil b... read more »


19 Oct, 2018
This fits pretty decent. I was expecting it to be two sizes too small and everything else I order off of Amazon. But this was a pleasant surprise. It is perfect for my job or if I'm going out to t... read more »


14 Oct, 2018
I have no idea whose ears he will fit but these are gigantic I got them for my daughter thinking that they would be super cute for her to wear for her Christmas performance but she can't wear them... read more »

I love this thing

10 Oct, 2018
Best lamp I have ever bought!!!! It has so many settings. Night light and bright as the sun. And everything in between.  It comes with a remote and it's easy to use. It's soft. Lighting.... read more »


10 Oct, 2018
It's cool and all. But it hums.  I wish it had more features. But still cool. So I am going to use it for a costume and call it again. #sponsored #rankbooster #dahen read more »

Good make up.

26 Sep, 2018
It's pretty decent considering the price point. That's great for theater or performing or competition. It's a good palette to have on hand because it has several colors. 48 colors to choos... read more »

Not bad.

26 Sep, 2018
I bought this for my husband as a gag present because he starting to get old man nose hairs. But it really works great. We haven't use the attachments yet but I like the fact that this thing gives... read more »

Great for xmas

26 Sep, 2018
This is perfect for the gamer who has everything. I play video games every night before I go to bed and I've been noticing I've been running through batteries like crazy and I feel guilty ever... read more »


22 Sep, 2018
This came with four lipsticks. And I was expecting them to be crappy I'm not going to lie. $10 for for nonstick lipsticks. I didn't think so but when I got them and try them boy let me tell yo... read more »

So cool

22 Sep, 2018
The light is super trippy and I love it This thing packs a punch I got this little teeny tiny box thinking this is really going to do anything in my God was I wrong. If you want a phone like to... read more »


22 Sep, 2018
I got the glove because my cat it has a ridiculous amount of fur on her. I thought she would be terrified of the glove but she did perfectly fine she laid and let me brush her for 30 minutes I got eno... read more »


22 Sep, 2018
I bought this for my son because he's having a hard time with motor skills. I wasn't expecting to get a rainbow esque type of magnetic flux in it that you use to color with. Which is amazing I... read more »

So far..

22 Sep, 2018
so far I like what I see it I haven't started my plant Journey yet because I wanted to test the light without anything underneath it to keep it from destroying any plant life that I might get. Buy... read more »


22 Sep, 2018
I have to be neutral on this because I'm using it for a costume. Had I paid full price for this I probably would rank it a lot lower. For the price point it seems a little bit cheaply-made. I coul... read more »

Works with pixel 2

22 Sep, 2018
the problem with the pixel phones are they aren't really compatible with your run-of-the-mill Universal plugs. I have tried several different ones in this is the only one that has worked with my p... read more »

Great value

22 Sep, 2018
I bought these for my son because he likes to watch my phone at my play practices and I can't have any loud sounds coming out of my speakers on my phone so these were perfect they synced up right... read more »

Didn't work

15 Sep, 2018
I plugged it into my coby tv .It didn't work. I am disappointed  #sponsored #rankbooster #kud read more »

Pretty cool

15 Sep, 2018
I didn't expect them to sound so quiet when I first put them on. I thought that they would not be loud enough for me to use. But when I got into the game and it's a perfect volume. I have an X... read more »

Gets em!

15 Sep, 2018
we live in the middle of the Corn desert which means we get a ton of field mice that come into our house during the summer and winter months. In one year we caught 12. It was awful so so we always hav... read more »


15 Sep, 2018
It works pretty well picture wise. But all I seem to be getting is Jesus stations. Which don't get me wrong yay Jesus. But I would like some smut too. And no smut! But it could be the trees or the... read more »

Love these

10 Sep, 2018
I bought these for my salon and home. We use a pedicure throne. And during our pedicures we do a foot mask. This thing helps us scrub off the extra mask in the water without us having to get our hands... read more »


10 Sep, 2018
This thing is great. It works on my switch and our new phones. It has a decent charge time. We now have one at home and one on the car. Cords always get lost so this is perfect for the price!! ... read more »

Alittle slow but

10 Sep, 2018
It's alittle slow but better than nothing!  For the price I am cool with it .The cord seems pretty sturdy. The cord that came with my new phone is already breaking. This one looks stronger... read more »

Great brushes.

10 Sep, 2018
I bought these for my make up artist. They are very soft. They have a nice weoght to them. They were alittle loose around the wood and the metal connecting but nothing alottle glue won't fix. Thes... read more »


06 Sep, 2018
I have had it on my counter all day and nothing.. a few fly's were on the counter next to it.. and...nothing.  not super impressed. It's portable.. but it's not chargeable. It didn... read more »

This thing is great

05 Sep, 2018
If u are brave enough to wax your own eyebrows.. this is the way to go. It's a hard wax so no strips required. Where ever u put it. It's gonna rip off so be careful. Rip away from the hair. An... read more »

This thing is great

04 Sep, 2018
. #RankBoosterReview ii. #Sponsored iii. #revolt this thing is great. No more having to fight over the charge port in the car. My husband and I can both charge our phones or our son's tablet wh... read more »

Great charger

04 Sep, 2018
. #RankBoosterReview  #Sponsored #revolt recently Samsung and LG phones have switched over to the Sea USB. And it has been almost impossible to find a decent charger. This one is pretty great.... read more »

Great grip

04 Sep, 2018
 #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored iii. #revolt I bought this little ring for my daughter's phone because she's always watching Hulu or playing a video game on it. The group is amazing I h... read more »

Amazing back brace

02 Sep, 2018
What an amazing product. I have several compressed nerves in my arm from coaching and hair dressing. My posture went to crap because of all the years behind the chair. This back brace is helping me st... read more »

Holy how this is amazing! Intense color

28 Aug, 2018
This is some intense color glitter eyeshadow. It is perfect for Halloween. Or cosplay. It wiped cleanly or my finger to my skin with nothing left behind. I plan on using it on my daughter whenever she... read more »

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