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Nov, 2016

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I'm married to a wonderful man and we have two great sons!
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Excellent for using while grilling!

20 Jul, 2019
Try these amazing tongs the next time you grill.  Their ergonomic shape make  them ideal for grabbing, turning and removing food  on the grill.  Plus, they are made from a heavy... read more »

Great holder to use while exercising!

09 Jul, 2019
Excellent hands-free cell phone holder that’s ideal for using while exercising. It allows me to be able to talk on the cell phone and/or watch a movie via the cellphone while exercising. ... read more »

Great buy!

09 Apr, 2019
  Great noise reduction earbuds  with a nice clear sound. These earbuds are made from a soft silicone that’s very comfortable to wear. They are great  for wearing while exercis... read more »

Nice earphones for the money!

02 Apr, 2019
Nice stereo earphones that fit in the ear. These are  excellent  to use with Apple and android devices as well as any other device that uses a standard 3.5mm jack.  They also come wi... read more »

Very handy multifunctional USB Wall plug!

14 Dec, 2018
Very handy multifunctional USB Wall plug. It has 2 AC outlet plugs, as well as 2 USB charging ports, and serves as a surge-protector as well. It quickly, conveniently turns one outlet socket into 4 so... read more »

Great Fitness Tracker!

28 Nov, 2018
Great Fitness Tracker- I bought this for my son and he loves it. It allows him to receive calls, get SMS, SNS, calendar alerts, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Twitter Reminders and updat... read more »

Handy Smart Watch!

22 Nov, 2018
  Great smart watch that has many neat features.  It can make/receive calls, send messages and play music. It's also a Pedometer, Calendar, Stopwatch, Calculator and Alarm Clock... read more »

Great magnifying mirror!

11 Nov, 2018
Great magnifying mirror that's perfect for helping me to see every detail close-up. It's lightweight and can either be hand-held  or mounted.  It comes with two s... read more »

Does the job without scratching my floors!

04 Nov, 2018
Im using these rug grippers to secure the throw rugs in my entryway and hallway. They do an excellent job in keeping the rugs from slipping on our wooden floors.  They are easy to use,... read more »

Very durable bouncy horse!

30 Oct, 2018
I bought this very durable bouncy horse for my 1.75 yr old grand daughter. I like that it's made from a non-toxic rubber material.  Plus it's easy to inflate and comes with all... read more »

Helps make cleanup easier around the stove!

29 Oct, 2018
Nice silicon material that fits nicely between my stove and counter tops. I've noticed I have way less problems with any food falling between the stove and counter since I got this.... read more »

Very affordable earphones - (2-pack)!

17 Oct, 2018
Affordable 2 pack of earphones with a crisp, clear sound. They are compatible with both iPhone and  android devices. In fact, they are compatible with any device that uses a 3.5mm port. ... read more »

Nice stimulating you to help stimulate musical talent in older toddlers

10 Oct, 2018
I bought theses because I felt they would be a great way to introduce musical instruments to help my grand daughter. These instruments have the ability to help stimulate musical interests in older&nbs... read more »

Great case that keeps my iPhone 6 charged!

29 Sep, 2018
I'm enjoying my iPhone 6s battery case Mozeat. It's nice and sturdy so it doesn't break easily, yet it's compact and light weight so it's easy to carry everywhere. In addition, it... read more »

3 screens for the price of 1!

19 Sep, 2018
Great screen for my iPhone 6s. This durable glass screen is made from a strong tempered glass that not only protects my  phone from falls, but also protects it from scratches... read more »

Nice protection for my iPad screen!

19 Sep, 2018
This screen does a great job protecting my ipad4.  The glass screen is made from a strong tempered glass that protects the screen of my iPad from falls and daily usage. It's al... read more »

Very handy device!

14 Sep, 2018
We having been using this little device to measure the monitir our plants. It has been very helpful in helping us to keep our plants at the right moisture and in the proper lighting. We've on... read more »

Great set of 2 for 1 ear plugs!

11 Sep, 2018
I love this set of ear plugs bcuz you get two for the price of 1! They are inexpensive yet they work well with my iPhone as well as any other cell phone. I like using them because  they... read more »

Great Compact, Portable Speaker

24 Aug, 2018
Great portable wireless speaker that uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology. It works great and gives a nice crisp sound when paired with my iPhone. Plus, it's compact as well as lightweight so &... read more »

Great inexpensive earphones!

24 Aug, 2018
Great inexpensive earphones that work well with my iPhone or any other cell phone. I like using them because they have a crisp clear sound. I highly recommend the earphones because they&n... read more »

Great mats for grilling!

15 Aug, 2018
Great mats to use while  grilling. These mats make it easy to BBQ since they don't stick to the food and they are super easy to clean. We simply place them in the dishwasher or hot soapy wate... read more »

Excellent for keeping produce fresh!

10 Aug, 2018
Great refrigerator liners that keep my fresh produce crisp longer. These light weight foam liners help prolong the life of my fruits and vegetables by letting the air circulate around them. They... read more »

2 in 1 lightening cable!

02 Aug, 2018
Tired of having to have two USB cables everywhere to handle the different mobile devices? Then try this 2 in 1 lightning and micro USB cable.  It charges and transfers data.  I highly reco... read more »

Excellent landscaping lights!

02 Aug, 2018
Try these in-ground Solar Lights if you want attractive, but affordable landscaping lights. They make excellent pathway, walkway, patio, garden or pool lights.   I like them because they ar... read more »

Great compact, yet powerful flash lights!

27 Jul, 2018
These Mini LED flashlights are compact, yet make very powerful flash lights. They are bright with 300 Lumens and can operate at 3 different modes.    My husband and I love ours  bcuz t... read more »

Helps minimize sore feet and blisters!

27 Jul, 2018
I'm loving my high heel pads. This set comes with four pads that help protect my feet when I wear heels.  Now I can wear my heels without having to worry about the loose ones sliding up and... read more »

Great affordable clippers!

03 Jul, 2018
Great affordable clippers. Must get a pair. I highly recommend this clipper set. Makes an excellent, attractive  gift! read more »

Great lightning to HDMI cable!

03 Jul, 2018
I highly recommend this strong, durable 1080P HDTV cable that allows me plug up my iPhone and use my HDMI Cable at the same time. Plus, it works at lightening speed. Great cable for the... read more »

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