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Nifty and well made

09 Sep, 2022
I loved these and just knew I'd find a fun way to include them this Christmas.  They come with the back velcrow.  I sewed them onto denim fabric with ease.  The velcro seems to be h... read more »

Works, Functions, Approved

09 Sep, 2022
Being an off name brand I was hessatant to puchse this SD card but I'm pleased to report that after 2 weeks of use it has functioned perfect.  I was able to format it, add files, remove files... read more »

Always a win with Workpro

09 Sep, 2022
This brand has been my go to utility knife brand since I found it last year.  I love that this comes with extra blades and they have their own safety storage bin.  The knife lasts forever.&n... read more »

Solid, durable, quality

09 Sep, 2022
This is a great starter journal or causal notebook.  The binding is solid, the covers are durable and the pages are of decent quality.  For the price, you can't go wrong. read more »

dance and flicker

09 Sep, 2022
I love these.  The flames really do dance and flicker and they put off a warm, not overly bright light. read more »

Not bad, not good

10 Aug, 2022
The good: these are fairly bright and the length is enough to accomodate my small seed starting area.  With winter coming on the extra light will be good. The bad: the sticky on the back of th... read more »

So much fun & it held up for family battle day.

10 Aug, 2022
So much fun & it held up for family battle day.  We ordered 3 of these and took them out to the woods.  Now imagine 3 grown adults, at dusk, running through the woods playing tag with th... read more »

Woah there

10 Aug, 2022
I read the description but this big boy had me taken aback when he came out of his package.  Wow.  No complaints here. read more »

Beyond Pleasing

10 Aug, 2022
I loved that this planner started in July (i ordered it in july) and still had a full years pages.  I like the monthly overview along with the weekly dates.  I love the monthly tabs and that... read more »

So much from such a little thing

10 Aug, 2022
I am really impressed with this thing's ability.  I plugged a small air compressor into it after a roadside situation and it handled it just fine.  I was expecting it to blow the fuses i... read more »

Absolute Junk

14 Jun, 2022
This did not work for one second.  I spent a outragous amount of time trying to 'fix' my display settins before I finally plugged it into something I knew woked and found out it was never... read more »

Such a great sound

08 Jun, 2022
My husband has started collecting chimes in memerance of his grandmother.  I understand she had dozens around her house and yard.  I got this as his 3rd in the collection.  I am very pl... read more »

The price is great, the product is better

08 Jun, 2022
The price is great, the product is better.  Have you looked up the price of just blades lately?!!?  When I saw the 10 blades added to the package I figured it would be worth that alone. ... read more »

There are better ways

08 Jun, 2022
I wanted to like this.  I really did.  The vibration power is very low, the settings aren't as varied as I expected and the design... I even tried to look up a manual to see if I was usi... read more »

Can't go wrong with these hooks.

08 Jun, 2022
You can't go wrong with these hooks.  I needed big ones to hold my pans.  These did the trick perfectly.  The handles fit over the hook and not one has fallen out of the wall yet de... read more »

Cute and well made for the price

08 Jun, 2022
My son recently started collecting small momentos from his roadtrips.  He was keeping everything in a padded envelope and had no idea what to do with it.  I picked this up for him.  It... read more »

Perfect gift for teenage girls

02 Feb, 2022
I just had to have this keychain for my daughter.  She is about to turn 19 and is out of the house now and frequently calls home to share her shenanigans.  What can a mother say?  She i... read more »


27 Jan, 2022
We all want quality for a great price.  How nice that sounds.  I received these headbands and was very impressed.  Not only were the headbands very good material and sewn well but the c... read more »

Feeder? Training Tool? Toy?

27 Jan, 2022
This puzzle is advertised as a slow feeder, which it is, but is so much more.  My pup started out with this puzzle and within days was able to move the pieces around with agility and quickly find... read more »

More than just cigars

31 Dec, 2021
I originally ordered this later for the multiple jets with  The hopes that it would disperse the heat more evenly in my dab rig. I am impressed. The flame is completely adjustable by an easy to t... read more »

Memorial worthy

22 Dec, 2021
Just off of the pictures and reviews I knew I would love this chime.  Once it came I was even more pleased.  As expected it is well made and beautiful. What I didn't expect is the deep a... read more »

Clever design, holds 25 large hangers

20 Dec, 2021
The plastic pieces snap together tightly.  I had to tap it on the table to get it tight.  I don't think those will ever fall apart. It is quite sturdy.  Mine holds 25 large han... read more »

Solid blade, cool design, great price

20 Dec, 2021
The lightweight handle is easy to grip.  The blades are beautiful with the marble design.  They come packaged in a gift ready box.  Solid blade, cool design, great price. read more »

The Coolest Thing a Chicken Mom Could Want

17 Dec, 2021
The last time I purchased chickens like these I was disapointed by how tiny they were and summed it up to cheep wish items.  THIS SELLER HAS AMAZING CHICKENS.  These guys are very large, jus... read more »

Can you possibly go wrong at this price for this quality

17 Dec, 2021
The price alone impressed me.  100 blades would cost quadrupal this price in my local hardware store.  We are hard on blades so I thought that even if they were chintzy I would appreciate th... read more »

The Coolest Thing I Bought This Year.

17 Dec, 2021
I saw a large pocket knife when I purchased this.  I was not expecting a solid saw with extra blade that was made to last.  I opened this up and fell in love with it right away.  We liv... read more »

Quality and durable

17 Dec, 2021
This tapestry impressed me the second I took it our of the box.  It was heavy.  Opening the package I found a solid, well made tapestry wtih a really neat design.  It was everything the... read more »

Fantastic clock with unique patterns

30 Nov, 2021
I'll be honest, for the very reasonable price I was expecting something lighter or flimsy.  Not here. These clocks are solid, well painted and sturdy.  They come with a easy nail in h... read more »

Great clock and well made

30 Nov, 2021
I'll be honest, for the very reasonable price I was expecting something lighter or flimsy.  Not here. These clocks are solid, well painted and sturdy.  They come with a easy nail in h... read more »

The Coolest Thing a Chicken Mom Could Want

30 Nov, 2021
These little guys showed up with just enough time to put up with our tree.  I love the little holiday decorations on the chickens.   read more »

Quality, Durability & Affordable

13 Nov, 2021
I was expecting great things from this harness when I bought it but when it finally arrived I was blown away by the versatility and quality. It is true that it took some figuring out on how to adju... read more »

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