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Wish I would of found these sooner

23 Nov, 2022
What a great device to have in the sink. I can rinse off the sink after shaving a lot faster then before. If you have kids you will not want this on sinks they can access. They will have a splended ti... read more »

A good alternative to the expensive name brand flosser

09 Nov, 2022
I've only used it a couple times and like the results. The MonoSmile 350ML water flosser does a great job. My only issue with it is when I use it I have to pause the device a few times throug... read more »

Colors are brilliant and stand out

09 Nov, 2022
Throughout our neighborhood there are similar banners. Most are just singular banners hung on one side of doorway. Getting a banner for each side.of our front door that play off each other was a... read more »

A must have for any home

09 Nov, 2022
Brilliant and so easy to use. Me and my daughter use on dermatology products and toothpaste. You can leave the product standing upright in this; or if you have several items, it is easy af to pull it... read more »

Everything a bolt cutter should be

18 Jul, 2022
What a great pair of bolt cutters! They cut right through the padlock I lost the key to. To get some better leverage I did extend the handles with a couple pipes. I could have bought a... read more »

Excellent Socket Set

28 Jun, 2022
I recently got a car with chrome rims and lug nuts. I needed this set to help protect the finish when removing the tires. The 19mm oscket fits my lugs great and does the job without harning the chrome... read more »

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