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So cute for Christmas!

04 Jan, 2020
Oh I love the FuturePlusX Light Up Jingle Bell Necklace!   So cute for the holidays!   The balls not only light up, but also jingle!  It is a good length at 19.5&q... read more »

So fun for Nights!

09 Dec, 2019
These light up kids gloves are so fun!   I got these for my grandson who is 9, and they fit perfectly!  They are made of cotton, and have an elastic band in the wrist so they will not... read more »

My NEW Favorite Headbands!

30 Oct, 2019
I have found my new favorite headbands!  I have never had any that are adjustable like these before.  They are incredible!  You get 3 headbands with different prints on each side of the... read more »

Accurate and great size!

30 Oct, 2019
I wanted to get one for our little ones room.  During the cold winter months, the house gets so dry.  I run a humidifier often, but wanted to be able to see at a glance what the humidity is... read more »

Holiday fun at its best!

30 Oct, 2019
Holidays are such a fun time of year, and I am so happy with our Legendog Halloween Bean Bag Toss Game.  It is very good size about 41 inches by 25 inches!  It has ties on each corner s... read more »

Cute, Comfortable, and Warm!

22 Oct, 2019
I am so happy with this hat!   The slouchy hats are my favorites to wear during the cold winter months, and this one fits perfect!   The confetti flecks are so adorable.... read more »

Winter Fun At Its Best!!!

14 Oct, 2019
Oh these Kids LED Finger Gloves by Ausein are so amazing on all levels!     These are not only great for winter...but will be so fun for the holidays!  Red, Green, and B... read more »

GREAT peace of mind!!!

20 Jul, 2019
With a little one just learning to crawl and walk recently...these are such a huge peace of mind!  You always worry about those little fingers being slammed in a door.   You get a set... read more »

Perfect For Those Little Ears!

28 Apr, 2019
These are perfect for the kids little ears!  I love that they have adjustable velcro in the they fit the kids and adults!   She loves to fall asleep to music, and these are a... read more »

Very comfortable and Good Sound!

16 Apr, 2019
I use headphones often, and really like these!   I have been wearing them for walks this past week, and they are wonderful!  Very lightweight, and so comfortable in my ears!  ... read more »

Very nice tone and well made!

05 Apr, 2019
We were so excited when our 8-hole soprano descant recover arrived!  We needed to get one for him to use in school music class.  This one is perfect and such a beautiful color!  ... read more »

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