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Bright, easy to install, look great

18 Nov, 2020
These lights are very bright and really easy to install! The junction box not being attached to the light makes installation much easier. The light attaches to the power with a quick connection t... read more »

This rug really ties the room together man!

19 Aug, 2020
I bought this rug for my daughters room. She picked it out, and I ordered it. Shipping was fast and it was shipped from the U.S. This rug is the perfect addition to her room. Sometimes online shopping... read more »

Great set

11 Aug, 2020
I always lose the most used wrenches. This set has the sizes stamped into each wrench. That makes it much easier to find the correct one that I need for the job. The springs that hold them seem t... read more »

Lots of fun for the kids!

09 Aug, 2020
These balls are a lot of fun! One thing my kids have used them for is pool toys. You just have to make sure you give them time to dry out in the sun in between using them or they will get stinky. It&#... read more »

My kids are flossing now

07 Aug, 2020
These fun flossing picks have shapes and colors that have motivated my kids to floss every night before bed finally. I'll even use them on occasion, but they are made for smaller teeth. It usually... read more »

Breathable, comfortable, fits well

07 Aug, 2020
I love this shirt. The first thing I said was " Something like this should never exist." I had to have it. I'd describe it as a slim fit shirt. I may have gotten a size too small though.... read more »


23 Mar, 2019
This speaker is awesome! It lasts all day at work and is really powerful. I work in a very loud environment and I can still hear the music. It's really easy to pair, just turn it on and scan for b... read more »


03 Mar, 2019
I ordered this knife to replace one that I lost, and the other one I had fell apart. This knife feels well made and solid. I have used it every day on the job for the past two months. I did just sharp... read more »

Very convenient!

30 Nov, 2018
This charger is great! It doesn't charge as fast as the OEM plug in charger, but it's very convenient. My Note 8 charges with the case ON, just by laying it down. The charging port on my... read more »

Great quality! Like new after a few months of use!

08 Nov, 2018
These scissors are great quality! They feel well made and have stayed sharp after a few months of use. They feel like they will last long and not get loose or dull. They have already stayed sharp... read more »

Great for making sure everyone has some!

03 Sep, 2018
These disposable cups are great! They come with little spoons that are perfect for them. Taking a few minutes to prepare these before the party is a nice touch. Just fill the cups on a tray and c... read more »

Delicious healthier popcorn

26 Aug, 2018
This popcorn maker is awesome! It doesn't come with a recipe book but that's what Google is for.  I am now able to decide how healthy or unhealthy I want to make my popcorn. I found a&... read more »

Records, just doesn't connect

26 Aug, 2018
The proprietary app won't connect to my router. I can't get the camera to connect to my phone either. It records just fine if you insert an SD card. I thought the camera was broken and asked t... read more »

Only reaction was a good one!

24 Aug, 2018
No allergic reaction from this toy like others have reported. Great for beginners, perfect length and girth. The veins and shape are very stimulating. Adding a cockring with a clit vibrator sends... read more »

Great trimmers, base is not waterproof

20 Aug, 2018
The first attachment I used was the nose hair trimmer. It did absolutely nothing. I was angry, then I looked in the box and found what turned out to be the nose hair trimmer blade. Oops... read more »

Awesome quality for the price!

16 Aug, 2018
This pan/tilt/zoom with audio cam is AWESOME! I installed the app on my Android phone and synced the camera. I scanned the QR code on the bottom of the camera to do that. Then I connected it to my wif... read more »

Feels amazing on the prostate!

13 Aug, 2018
I used this for prostate stimulation and had an intense experience. It feels really good and is perfectly sized. It doesn't hurt going in and rests right on the prostate when fully inserted. All m... read more »

High quality, sturdy design

12 Aug, 2018
When I ordered this I was concerned about how it would stay standing tall. It has an inner frame that supports the wig. It feels pretty sturdy and durable. I haven't worn it for more than a few mi... read more »

Awesome learning tool for my little one!

10 Aug, 2018
My daughter loves this bank. It helps her keep track of how much she has saved. It also helps her differentiate between the denominations of each individual coin. Math also comes into play when she ca... read more »

Google Home is out of the way and no more dangling cords

07 Aug, 2018
 This is very easy to install. It took about 3 minutes from the opening of the box to a nice and neat, out of the way Google Home Mini. Just wrap the cord around the base, starting with the wall... read more »

Gets Echo Dot out of the way and looks nicer

06 Aug, 2018
This wall mount is a perfect solution to help clear clutter off of your table, night stand, dresser, or wherever else you have the Echo Dot placed in your home. The included cable is an improvement... read more »

Great tasting coffee! Perfect for cold brew too!

06 Aug, 2018
My only regret is not buying more when they were on sale. My wife and I each drink a couple 12 ounce cups of coffee a day. I fill the k-cup, tap it on the counter a few times to settle the coffee, the... read more »

Perfect fit! Great quality material no bunching up

06 Aug, 2018
These boxer briefs are extremely comfortable. The material is stretchy and breathable. They don't bunch or ride up. They stay in place perfectly even when climbing ladders and moving around. They... read more »

Fits two car seats and has backpack straps

03 Aug, 2018
 Huge car seat travel bag! Both my daughters can fit in it. You can easily fit two car seats in it. The backpack straps on it free up hands for luggage. It turns back into a little pouch when you... read more »

Great cordless clippers! Always know remaining charge!

01 Aug, 2018
These are great quality and easy to use! The blade length is adjustable and so is the speed. The different speeds are great for different hair thicknesses. These clippers went right through my overgro... read more »

Perfect fit! Protects and leaves access to everything!

23 Jul, 2018
This cover is awesome. I bought a generic cover for twice the price and had to remove it to charge the fire 7 tablet. This cover fits the Kindle Fire 7 tablet perfectly! It snaps on, and leave... read more »

Perfect fit! Protects and leaves access to everything!

23 Jul, 2018
This cover is awesome. I bought a generic cover for twice the price and had to remove it to charge the fire 7 tablet. This cover fits the Kindle Fire 7 tablet perfectly! It snaps on, and leave... read more »

Works with note 8 fast charge

22 Jul, 2018
Quick charges my Samsung Note 8. It also charges my other devices well too. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Xplus read more »

Hard wired

20 Jul, 2018
These aren't the screw in retrofit bulbs like most hardware stores carry. These do need to be wired in. The best setting is the warm setting for our home. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #... read more »

Great backpack! High Quality! Update: falling apart

10 Jul, 2018
   This bag is great. I counted 17 pockets. It holds my 14" laptop with a little room to spare. There is a nice velcro strap to hold it in place that goes over the top of the padded... read more »

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