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Jun, 2018

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A young stay at home mom with 2 boys and a wide range of interests! We are active outdoors, have lots of pets of different types, and a large, close family and friend base! I personally enjoy writing reviews and blogs, and hope to start up my own social media review site soon.

I can review many different products, outdoor products, home and kitchen items, pet items, hobbies, tools, and we are very good with electronics. My husband is a programmer/coder and gamer, with our oldest son following his footsteps.

If you need a quality review, don't hesitate to contact me! I aim to do my best to help both the sellers and shoppers. I myself read reviews before buying online, and hope to contribute to others' decisions as well. I protect my amazon account, and have had the same prime account for over 4 years without issue. I can upload pictures, and video if needed.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you for these opportunities!
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Great pet bed!

19 Jan, 2019
I bought this for my cats and ferrets originally, but even my large dogs have adopted it. I got the size small, but it fits my 60 pound pitt/shepherd mix very well! Very impressed with the size and qu... read more »

Great quality sports watch!

08 Jan, 2019
Bought for my 10 year old son, I find it looks a bit big on his wrist but he doesn't seem to mind. The watch works great, and he wears it daily. Was pretty simple to set up, the backlight is a goo... read more »

Great fit and warm!

30 Dec, 2018
I bought 2 of these at Christmas time, a size Small for my 10 year old sonn, and an XL for the mens gift in a gift exchange we do on Christmas eve. The small is just a tad too big for my son, but fits... read more »

Very Pretty! Works perfect

30 Dec, 2018
Bought one for my mother in law for Christmas. She set it up right away after opening it, it looks so nice! Really glows at night to, the led colors are soft and not overly bright to use in the bedroo... read more »

Love it!

30 Nov, 2018
I bought one of these in the dark wood color a year ago, I use it almost daily and its still working like new! I recently bought another one as a christmas gift for a friend, she has always had her ey... read more »

Quality is good

30 Nov, 2018
The quality of the face mask is really good. Thick padding that does block out wind. I find it doesn't fit as comfortable on myself or kids, but it does fit my husband well. He uses it for snowblo... read more »

Work great!

19 Nov, 2018
Fit my toothbrush perfectly, work great! read more »

Nice quality, make great driving gloves for fall/winter

13 Nov, 2018
Comfortable and stretchy material, fits great and has good grip for driving. No complaints, keeps hands warm enough for cooler days. Look nice to! read more »

Great little cake pan

13 Nov, 2018
Love spring form pans, and this one is no exception! Works great, and perfect size. I have a larger spring form pan, but its nice to have the option of baking smaller cakes, or even tiered cakes. Wash... read more »

Fits adults well, warm!

10 Nov, 2018
Fits my husband well, and is very warm. Nice set, quality of material is great. Plush and thick, and very soft. Not irritating on the skin like some neck warmers can be. Looks good to! read more »

Very loud, fm radio works extremely well

10 Nov, 2018
Initially, I got this as a joke for my kids, as they tend to 'not hear' me when I call them from the gaming room downstairs. They heard me, this really caught their attention ;) Now I see that... read more »

Charges well and quick

10 Nov, 2018
Does what its intended to do, charges well, does not overheat/get hot like some do. Qc works well on my huawei p20 pro, it has a large internal battery that can take a while to fully charge usually. S... read more »

Good size, works well

10 Nov, 2018
Got one of these for my 4 year old to play with in the car. I'm saving it for christmas, but took a quick look at it first. Its a good size, not too small but also not overly big that he wouldn... read more »

Perfect fit, comfortable for walking and driving!

09 Nov, 2018
Got these for my husband. They fit true to size, and look great. They aren't a bulky looking shoe, and have kind of a dressy look to them. Usually he hates the shoe breaking in stage, and finds it... read more »

Great quality!

09 Nov, 2018
Recently entered the world of veggie steaming, haven't had an actual steamer basket though and have been using a small noodle strainer instead. My strainer actually started to warp from the heat,... read more »

Great value for amount of fuses!

09 Nov, 2018
Husband was quite happy to receive these, says they are great to have on hand. They came packaged neatly and in 2 seperate small organizer boxes, all organized by color, the perfect size to keep in th... read more »

Worked great in an older keurig model!

08 Nov, 2018
Our keurig started acting funny a couple weeks ago, wasnt brewing coffee properly and sometimes not at all. Tried the hot water and vinegar route, it helped but still wasn't back to normal. Gave t... read more »

Good quality, Doesn't come with required cables

07 Nov, 2018
The camera itself feels very high quality, and came packaged extremely secure! We haven't hooked it up yet though, as it did not come with any of the required cables or instructions. Despite that,... read more »

Works great, handy to have!

07 Nov, 2018
Works great, use it near the main entrance/kitchen. Used to have to unplug the kitchen sink light and such to charge phones, now everything can plug in together. No issues, does not over heat!  read more »

Absolutely love this diffuser!

05 Nov, 2018
I got one of these for myself, my sister loved it so much when she saw it, she ordered herself one and a couple more for her friends! The glass bell shape of it and the lights reminds me of beauty and... read more »

Very bright light!

22 Oct, 2018
Very surprised how bright and long range this flashlight is, given how small it is. Very well made, great to keep in your camping or hiking bag! Do not shine near your eyes, found that out quick ;)&nb... read more »

Love these bottles

22 Oct, 2018
I got one for my mom, loved it so much I got another for myself! Fits well in the car cup holders, doesnt leak in backpacks. Very strong and well made. read more »

Works great!

22 Oct, 2018
Husband wanted this for various projects, I wasn't exactly sure what all it could be used for prior to buying. I see now that it can have many uses, even for myself, like craft projects and even f... read more »

Strong magnet backing!

21 Oct, 2018
I haven't put them up yet, but the magnet backing is very strong and sticks well to surfaces indoors! Tested them on the fridge for now, we are installing a small garage next spring. I could see t... read more »

Great for steep stairs and outdoor steps!

13 Oct, 2018
Got these for my father in law. He has a permanent back injury that restricts his ability to walk. We will be installing them on his stairs leading to the basement, they are really steep and we worry... read more »

Fit perfect!

13 Oct, 2018
I had seen previous reviews saying they don't fit adults, and especially if your hands are on the wider side. At first glance when I received them, yes, I would have agreed as they looked like the... read more »

Great cam for the price!

12 Oct, 2018
Great quality cam for a very good price. No issues, hooked up easily. Just be sure to get a micro sd card for it. Video quality is pretty good, even in low light. Gave to a friend as a gift, they'... read more »

Love them

12 Oct, 2018
Great fit, comfortable, and functional! My husband really likes them, they will be good driving gloves this winter! They fit him perfect, keep hands warm enough without restricting any movement, they... read more »

Great quality

12 Oct, 2018
My husband spends a lot of time staring at his pc when he is coding. He suffers from terrible migraines often, so I got him these glasses. His brother has a pair of these and swears by them. Its too e... read more »

Makes cool sphere shaped ice!

30 Sep, 2018
After breaking countless plastic ice trays, I figured I would give these a shot. They are really neat, and the silicone is unbreakable. The ice balls are much larger than the average tray cubes, which... read more »

Good quality, thick material

30 Sep, 2018
Both my husband and myself suffer from back pain. We are slouchers, and sitting up straight isnt even a thought for us. I got this on a whim to see if it would help. So far, it does do what its suppos... read more »

Terrible, both protectors broke on installation

05 Sep, 2018
I know these can be tricky to install sometimes, but these are basically impossible to not break or shatter when installing on the phone. I feel bad writing such a bad review, but I am honest in my re... read more »

Perfect for on my desk

05 Sep, 2018
We have so many electronics that need charging, and these keep my desk much neater. Works well, we use it multiple times a day for our phones and power banks. Consistent charging, all ports work. Very... read more »

Great for large and stubborn dogs!

05 Sep, 2018
I love this harness! First of all, it makes my shepherd/pitt mix look like a high ranked police dog. She actually looks proud to wear it too. The straps are wide and thick material, not once has she g... read more »

Nice quality, basic mens wallet

05 Sep, 2018
If you want a wallet without all the frills, this one is perfect for you. My husband is a basics and neutrals only type of guy, and this wallet fits the profile perfectly. Great quality, it will last... read more »

Great patio party light!

05 Sep, 2018
The light is much bigger than I had imagined! Just one is enough to light up our entire gazebo at night. The battery lasts a long time after charging as well. They aren't to be submerged under wat... read more »

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