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sahm of 3 children: one teen, one preteen and one infant. i like to shop, save, review, and share the love with my friends and family. i love anything that helps to keep me organized and anything that makes daily life easier as a mom and for my children.
I love trying out new things, meeting new people and so much more in life!
I'm also a member of countless Facebook groups, Product Tester chats, and I share reviews on Instagram and Facebook with tags, product links, and/or media! My posts reach thousands, not just my personal friends!
Also I find it fair that if a product isn't up to par to contact the seller before leaving a bad review!
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Quality lamp & Vibrant light

15 Sep, 2022
The lamp itself is solid, excellent quality. The led light strip inside is very vibrant, beautiful colors. There's so many options and I like the slow changing colors the most! It is perfect for l... read more »

Okay for phone printing but sizing is a pain in the....

23 Mar, 2021
I had a very awesome friend send a shipping label printer to me, but I can only use that one with my laptop or a computer.  Needless to say, I still wanted something that could print from my phon... read more »

Great for barbers

23 Mar, 2021
This is a great light for barbers although it's not the most updated one, some of us prefer controlling everything with the knobs. The only downfall is the retail price is HIGH considering mo... read more »

Only 10" light with the whole setup and carry bag!

02 Dec, 2020
I absolutely love that this light came with the carry bag and everything I needed! Well this is a gift and the light is great quality! Cane in a giftable box too, not one of those cardboard boxes most... read more »

Just as well made as name brand

02 Dec, 2020
The best things about these are the multi head options to choose from and the price! You cannot beat the quality and price for something that works just as well as name brand options! Highly recommend... read more »

Fun for the whole family

02 Dec, 2020
I can fit on this with my little one, which is why I purchased it. She's not quite old enough to get on it by herself and needed something we could do together outside and inside. Hung by tree str... read more »

Very nice set

02 Dec, 2020
Compared to several others I've purchased in the past, this one is very nice. I absolutely love the digital upgraded display on it and the remote feature. This thing will light up a football field... read more »

Extremely bright and battery lasts long

29 Oct, 2020
For the price, I highly recommend this flash light. It's come in handy at night with how dark it is in the country where we live. Also been using it more often since last night after the storm kno... read more »

Stay in place and comfortable

29 Oct, 2020
Biggest pros are that these stay in place and the material is comfortable to wear. Other pros are the colors, some neutral and some bright, love the mixture. I use these to keep my baby hairs down!&nb... read more »

More than half were missing sequins

27 Oct, 2020
No more needs to be said. Very sad they sell this. read more »

Scalp massagers are great but $10

27 Oct, 2020
The ingrown hair treatment one is kind of funny, scrape a layer of skin off maybe. The scalp massagers are a nice touch when washing your hair but it's not really worth $10....I think you can orde... read more »

Not very impressed, thin

27 Oct, 2020
Long story short, these are super thin so I had to use all 3 just to stop my hair from dripping water everywhere.... Not impressed read more »

Actually 20V!

27 Oct, 2020
This one actually arrived as a 20V, very nice and gets any job done that we have tried it on so far! The others in this brand were more of lazy household drills so this one definitely gets 5 ???? for... read more »

Can't say. Had issue with account and they cancelled order

27 Oct, 2020
I can't honestly review a few of my items due to an issue with my account not allowing me to change my payment method to the correct card, therefore the orders were cancelled and I couldn't re... read more »

I see these for up to $100!!!

27 Oct, 2020
These work amazing! I love how I can adjust it to where I need it on my back and can put a little extra pressure if needed. And have you googled these things? I have seen people pay over $100 smiling... read more »

Works just like the other ones I just shared!!

27 Oct, 2020
These may not have your vibrant bright colored buttons but they work just as well as the ones that do. The touch pad is impressive and I love that they are priced lower than the ps4 brand controllers!... read more »

Vibrant colors and works like a charm

27 Oct, 2020
Slightly different design than your original ps4 controller but easy on the hands and great feel. Kids and especially the teens haven't complained once about these. I even bought extra sets for fr... read more »

Solid built, sharp razor, great price!

27 Oct, 2020
Hands down, these are the best clippers quality wise on Amazon, and you cannot beat the price. Compared to all be of this brand's lighter weight clippers, these are a solid build, all metal casing... read more »

Nice and bright; next upgrade should be wireless

27 Oct, 2020
I really like these and the brightness levels are just right! Only wish is when they upgrade that they make a wireless option. I would pay $10-$25 more for that option!! read more »

Very nice design and great clippers

27 Oct, 2020
Bestbomg really does have some well made clippers, especially the ones with the different designs. The designs bring out more of a uniqueness to something that really is used often enough to have some... read more »

Going to go great with kitchen set

27 Oct, 2020
I plan on having all the extras, food,pots, pans, utensils, bowls, plates, everything that goes in the kitchen to go with the kitchen set I gift my daughter this Christmas coming up. This set surprisi... read more »

To me it's just a set of tools someone could possibly make on their own

27 Oct, 2020
I don't think this set is worth the price, even though the price isn't that high. This just seems like something an individual could possibly make on their own if they really wanted to but hey... read more »

Sound is impressive for the size of this speaker!

27 Oct, 2020
The sound quality is really impressive considering this speaker is not huge! I really like that it's small enough to tote around, take to the river, beach or wherever I want to bring it, without b... read more »

Quality and comes with everything you need!!

27 Oct, 2020
I love, love, love that this came with everything I needed to set up! No one wants to have to go buy individual pieces and parts, and if anyone is like me, end up forgetting something necessary to set... read more »

Works well, nightlight is bright!!!

27 Oct, 2020
Water fountain works as described. Not going to lie though, our cat still likes drinking from the kitchen sink for some awful reason. One downfall is the nightlight is super bright blue, like blinding... read more »

Super soft, cute and big!

16 Sep, 2020
This was a gift for my niece, shipped it directly to my sister. This milestone blanket is softer than most baby blankets she said and it's super cute and much bigger than expected! So giving this... read more »

Straps work great but buy own carabiners!

16 Sep, 2020
No need to draw this one out. Short and sweet and to the point: these tree straps for hammocks are thick, very well made and give the extra length you need. Also they are easy to setup. Only thing I w... read more »

Beautiful but short battery life imo

16 Sep, 2020
If they upgrade these, I hope they have a much better battery included with it. These really are beautiful and bright and have plenty of color options available. One setting even goes through each of... read more »

Picture and video quality A++

16 Sep, 2020
I previously purchased a baby monitor similar to this one for $50 more than this one is priced at.  That one didn't have great picture quality at all-it was very pixelated yet I could still s... read more »

Was not purchased but will vouch for the company

03 Sep, 2020
Did not purchase but if it's made from same company, I would definitely recommend! read more »

Can't give this no stars nor 5 bc this was not purchased

03 Sep, 2020
Was not purchased but have to review it due to no option to remove this from my account. I clicked 5 stars but truthfully would not know since I did not receive this product.. read more »

Super Neat and doesn't hurt your eyes!

03 Sep, 2020
Tracing LED light Pad pros: Perfect size for regular paper Light is adjustable Light does not hurt your eyes Magnetic feature makes for perfect tracing Measurements and markings on si... read more »

Not really professional but work great

03 Sep, 2020
These are definitely not professional clippers although they do work very well. Compared to a professional set, these are extremely lightweight, like they're made from cheaper material, which isn&... read more »

Basic and affordable

03 Sep, 2020
I must've forgotten about this one on the review list and it's still there for me to "write my review". Never used this but it's an affordable option, and basic, probably best fo... read more »

This brand never disappoints

03 Sep, 2020
NOOA hair clippers My first purchase in this brand was a women's electric razor in the shape and design of a real razor, that I still use to this day and it's gotten plenty of use. When I s... read more »

Everyone old enough owns one in my home

11 Aug, 2020
For the retail price and the fact this has many features (seriously works like a $100+ sonic toothbrush), anyone who purchases is getting a steal of a deal. Some complain that the toothbrush head is t... read more »

Tall, neat looking lamp

11 Aug, 2020
This lamp is just as neat looking as in the product pictures. Unfortunately I couldn't keep due to us getting a cat-who would have torn up the material from climbing on it. The person I gave it to... read more »

Different but effective

11 Aug, 2020
This was easy to charge and put on dog and came with clear instructions on how to use. A lot of products I have ordered online don't even come with instructions these days. This was much different... read more »

Different but very useful

29 May, 2020
Only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is if you aren't careful, or you get sidetracked, you could damage whatever you're trying to remove fuzz balls or lint from. May not be a product def... read more »

Works great EVERYWHERE

29 May, 2020
Finally an electric razor that does not nick me, especially when I use on my underarms!!! I like that one side is for trimming longer hair and the other side is for shaving. My favorite thing about th... read more »

Great for liquid hand sanitizer

29 May, 2020
I used these bottles to have more hand sanitizer on hand. I ordered a larger size bottle of liquid hand sanitizer and put some in each of these smaller bottles. This way we have easy access in more pl... read more »

Love that this has multiple purposes!

04 Mar, 2020
Sensimatch - Sensica's Portable Body peeling and Pedicure Machine (also for massage) This machine really does get on the curves very well! My favorite feature is to use for giving myself a pedi... read more »

Rechargeable and waterproof!

28 Feb, 2020
Portable Waterproof Rechargeable Bullet with 10 Speeds I normally type a few paragraphs but most adults know what this thing is and what is does so I'm keeping this one short! Most of us hav... read more »

Same as the purple one! Just pink!

26 Feb, 2020
Dual Vibration Body Massager Pros Easy to use handle Multiple vibration modes Flexible Easy to use buttons Waterproof Rechargeable And fairly priced! Cons: Same as the... read more »

Here we go folks! Rechargeable and Cheap!

26 Feb, 2020
G Spot Rabbit (Purple version) Pros: Rechargeable Quiet Waterproof (shower/bath) Multiple Modes Price is really low!! Rabbit ears! Cons: Length may be short for some! read more »

Tiny bristles help deep clean!!!

24 Feb, 2020
Worthown Facial Cleaning Brush Rechargeable Pros: Rechargeable Tiny bristles deep clean!!! Comfortable to hold and use! Bristles are also really soft so it doesn't hurt! Powerful... read more »

Very strong, constant mist!

20 Feb, 2020
Kiart Quiet Cool Mist Humidifier Here's some pros and cons: Pros: Quiet Runs up to 6 hours Puts out a great amount of most Like puts out more than my big humidifier! Night Ligh... read more »

Different electric massaging options

20 Feb, 2020
Dual Channel TENS EMS Unit   This is more for my fiance than myself, but I actually benefited from using this on my lower back. I had knots that I ignored for a while. Yes, I was sore some... read more »

Straightener used for travel, oil sits on bathroom shelf

13 Feb, 2020
Hair Straightener Brush I know the product title states that this is a great gift for men, but I thought "If this little guy can straighten a beard, I wonder how quickly it can straighten thin... read more »

Very soft material for babies and toddlers

24 Jan, 2020
Night Light with Color Changing Mode and Dimming Function I previously purchased a night light similar to this one that had more features but is made with hard material. This one may have less feat... read more »

Great product! Works well in my cell phone!

24 Jan, 2020
Netac 32Gb microSD card The main thing with ordering microSD cards these days is wondering if you're going to receive a fake when it's a new or different brand. I'm happy to report that... read more »

Nice size and beautiful design

24 Jan, 2020
Organic Monthly Milestone Blanket First, the blanket comes in a nice box which makes it perfect for a baby shower gift! They even send a nice thank you note you get when you first open it! When I p... read more »

Everyday wear necklace by Santuzza!

15 Jan, 2020
Santuzza White Rhodium Plated Brass Necklace with Clover Pendant Yes, I know what you're thinking! "She's obsessed with this jewelry!" The thing is you would be too if you got you... read more »

Matching Pendant to Earrings

15 Jan, 2020
Santuzza Sterling Silver Sapphire Color Stone Necklace Pendant This is the matching pendant to the earrings I just reviewed and again, it's absolutely stunningly beautiful! Anytime I want to pu... read more »

Even more stunning than the bracelets!!!

15 Jan, 2020
Santuzza Sterling Silver Sapphire Color Stone Earrings After trying out all the bracelets, I decided to give this earring set with the matching pendant for a necklace a try! Oh my! Buying stuff for... read more »

Very, very oily!

15 Jan, 2020
Hair Growth Oil I haven't had nor used this product long enough to tell you whether or not it helps hair grow.  The product directions tell you to use it twice a day, but it's too oily... read more »

My Favorite

15 Jan, 2020
Santuzza Rose Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet with Crystals The bangle bracelet with Crystals that is rose gold plated is by far my favorite of all the Santuzza bracelets that I now own! I really like... read more »

Great for Small Wrists

15 Jan, 2020
Santuzza Rose Gold Plated Bangle Bracelet I bought this one too match the butterfly one I previously purchased. These bangle bracelets are a perfect fit for smaller wrists. They're great qualit... read more »

Decent set with silicone body and plastic lids

11 Jan, 2020
Travel Bottle Set These can be used for when you're traveling or when you're just staying away from home for a night or more! I don't stay away from home often, but when I do and I need... read more »

Unique "Water Drop" shaped night lights

11 Jan, 2020
B-right Plug in Night Light, LED With us up and down at different hours with the baby, we can never have enough night lights.  I prefer a little light over turning on a bright light that will... read more »

Extra set of thick C cables

05 Jan, 2020
Short USB C Cable I bought these just to have an extra backup set of USB C Cables. They are the short ones that I prefer to use with my power banks and they're made thick. These cables seem to... read more »

The Softest Blanket I Have Ever Touched!

05 Jan, 2020
Baby Monthly Milestones Blanket I bought this for a friend/neighbor who was a few weeks away from delivering her baby boy! I stopped by to give it to her on Christmas Eve and we both decided to go... read more »

Stole my fiance's Christmas Gift/Heating Pad!

05 Jan, 2020
Heating Pad 12"x24" The kids gifts this to my fiance for Christmas. Not even a week later I decided to use it for shoulder muscles that were bothering me. I plugged it in behind the head... read more »

Heels get much relief with these insoles!

05 Jan, 2020
Doctor Foot's Heel Insoles My tennis shoe size is 7 in women's and these fit in my Files just fine.  On the other hand, my fiance has much wider feet and they aren't very comfortab... read more »

Christmas Gift for Teen

05 Jan, 2020
I/M Eyeshadow Pallet I purchased this for a teen's Christmas gift, well one of several gifts.  She really likes this one.  This pallet has a mixture of matte and shimmery shades that... read more »

Wireless, Rechargeable,Indoor or Outdoor Security Camera

05 Jan, 2020
ZEETOPIN Wireless Security Camera I'm just going to list what's absolutely impressive about this security camera so it's easier to read!! Rechargeable with a battery that can last... read more »

Better Than the Beats Pill:Louder plus better sound quality

05 Jan, 2020
KZY Bluetooth Speaker I bought this for my 14 year old son as one of his Christmas gifts since he is always listening to music.  I'll be honest and tell you that I did not expect much from... read more »

Just as stunning as the first!

01 Jan, 2020
Santuzza Yellow Gold plated bangle bracelet with Crystals and Butterfly Charm (pink) This is the second bracelet I have ordered from the Santuzza collection! This one is yellow gold plated with Cry... read more »

Fun clay set for kids ages 5-10ish

30 Dec, 2019
Modeling Magic Clay 36 Colors with Tools (air dry) This clay set comes with a lot more clay than I originally thought. Sometimes we don't read the exact weight amount on items when ordering...o... read more »

Was Sent Wrong Color but Still Cute

30 Dec, 2019
Handmade Apple Watch Band There was a slight mix up with my order and I received a different color than what was ordered. Considering this was a Christmas gift, I wasn't thrilled about the mix... read more »

Use With Power Banks

29 Dec, 2019
Short USB C Cable 4 pack with 90 degree angle These cords go great with my power banks with the short length and their 90 degree right angle. With the angle, I'm not bending the cord as much. I... read more »

Stunning, thick and very well made! Excellent quality!

29 Dec, 2019
Santuzza Rose Gold I usually do NOT order any kind of jewelry online and I rarely ever buy myself any, fake or real.  I'm so happy that I decided to get something for myself while doin... read more »

POWERADD power banks are impressive

29 Dec, 2019
POWERADD Pilot 4GS 12000mAh Power Bank This is the second POWERADD power bank I've ordered. I've come to the conclusion that POWERADD has some pretty impressive power banks. Just like the l... read more »

Small Nifty Gadget for Gift

20 Dec, 2019
Tactical Pen What can I say about a tactical Pen? First off, I've never seen one like this. It has many different features to it. I had to fidget with it for a few minutes to figure out how to... read more »

High Arch Support

20 Dec, 2019
Arch Support Shoe Inserts I had a hard time finding arch support pads that would fit inside my shoes and have enough thickness to support my arch well.  I decided to give these a try and I'... read more »

Very Well Made and Sharp!

20 Dec, 2019
Professional Hair Clipper I purchased this professional hair clipper set for a really good friend who is a hair dresser.  Right out the box, I noticed how well these clippers are made.  O... read more »

Tired of Washing 100 Bibs?!?

20 Dec, 2019
Baby-to-Love BClip This is a very nifty bib clip made of soft silicone! You can use it at home or on the go; the clip doesn't take up any room in a diaper bag! What I love most about this is I... read more »

Lifesaver For That Last Month

20 Dec, 2019
Maternity Belt 2.0 I wished I would have had this belt during the last month of my pregnancy with my baby girl!  I was miserable carrying all that extra weight around!  One of my friends... read more »

On The Go High Chair (unisex)

20 Dec, 2019
Baby-To-Love Pocket Chair (unisex) This review is very similar to the previous with one difference.  This one can be used for boys and girls with the multi-colors!  It folds up very compa... read more »

On The Go High Chair

20 Dec, 2019
Baby-to-Love Pocket Chair The design and style is perfect for a baby girl or toddler! I really like that it conveniently folds up and fits in a carry bag that comes with it. In the bag, it's co... read more »

Charges Phone Up to Two times

16 Dec, 2019
Topmate Power Bank I purchased this power bank for my son's new iPhone 6 and the bank charges his phone up to two times before needing to be recharged. This allows his teenage self to do other... read more »

Amazing Deal

16 Dec, 2019
Dual Charging Station for Xbox One Controllers Plus 2 Battery Packs The charging station comes with 2 Battery packs and works great with Xbox One Controllers.  Also the price is outstanding... read more »

Naps or Lights on? No Problem!

13 Dec, 2019
Eye Mask These are perfect for daytime naps or when you have someone that likes to turn on the lights/leave lights on when you're trying to sleep. Yes, this is my personal reasons for enjoying... read more »

Cute Design

13 Dec, 2019
Silicone Band For Apple Watch I purchased the sunflower design and it's actually a really cute design. This band is a great gift idea for a teenage girl, which is what it was purchased for! The... read more »

Perfect for Trips with You and Baby

13 Dec, 2019
Baby Car Mirror I really wanted a baby mirror for the car for when baby girl and I are the only ones in the car, so I can safely see her if I need to check on her while driving.  We don't... read more »

Memory Making Gift For New Parents

05 Dec, 2019
VERISA Adorable Baby Milestone Blanket I purchased this Milestone Blanket for my newest nephew's Mom and Dad to capture him growing each month since we don't live close by. This way they ca... read more »

Great For a House Robe/Blanket

30 Nov, 2019
Baby Bath Towel, Premium Hooded Towel Oh my goodness! Talk about soft! This baby towel has me wanting to buy a robe made alike in my size! I know it says it's a towel/bathrobe but I think it... read more »

Fun for Baby!

30 Nov, 2019
Baby Night Light A night light made just for babies, toddlers and young kids There's several modes to this night light. You can dim it and brighten it, and it gets really dim and really brig... read more »

Great For Kid's Bedrooms

26 Nov, 2019
16.4ft LED Strip Lights with Remote We haven't tested this out yet, but I can tell you that it's in a nice box, not one of those cardboard ones without pictures. I've taken it out the b... read more »

A Screwdriver Set with Extras I Can Keep Up With

24 Nov, 2019
Mini Precision Screwdriver Set Not too long ago, I purchased a red set for my fiance.  I ended up needing to use it more often than him so I had to purchase one for myself! Plus they come with... read more »

Perfect For On The Go

22 Nov, 2019
Multi Charging Cable I love anything that creates convenience! This Multi Charging Cable is the perfect length to use in your vehicle, with a power bank or whenever you just don't need a 9 ft l... read more »

Perfect For Sore Muscles

22 Nov, 2019
Professional Muscle Massage Gun I don't think I have ever taken so long to do a review on a product, but I really wanted to be able to give good details with this one. First off, my fiance has... read more »

Different color but Same Great Quality

20 Nov, 2019
Panport Classic Laptop Backpack The best feature is the waterproof material this backpack is made out of. The next best thing is the slot inside the backpack made specially for a laptop or tablet.... read more »

Waterproof Laptop Backpack with multiple uses

20 Nov, 2019
Panport Classic Laptop Backpack The best feature is the waterproof material this backpack is made out of. The next best thing is the slot inside the backpack made specially for a laptop or tablet.... read more »

Great set to purchase with the Holidays coming up

20 Nov, 2019
POWXS AAA Rechargeable Batteries These rechargeable batteries come in an 8 pack and are fairly priced. I personally use them in my baby girl's toys. I received these about a week ago, charged t... read more »

Fast charging both ways Plus Truly Handsized!

20 Nov, 2019
Finally a power bank that does exactly what it says it does! Poweradd Energycell II 100000 Pros: Extremely Fast Charging both ways (when you're charging the power bank when you're... read more »

Works but doesn't look that great

15 Nov, 2019
QUEES Car Window Shades I took a lot longer to type up this review due to the recent weather.  It finally stopped raining, but it's still cold out so I haven't been able to test out ho... read more »

Hand Size Yet Huge!!!!

11 Nov, 2019
Aibocn Uranus 20000 mAh Powerbank First off, I'll explain why I give this powerbank 3 stars. The title states it is "perfect hand feeling". Yes it fits in my hand, but it is heavy and... read more »

Convenience at a Great Price!

11 Nov, 2019
2 Rechargeable Battery Packs for Original XBox One Controller These were packaged nicely; box was pictured and labeled. Therefore it could be a great gift with the holidays coming up. One of the fi... read more »

Great Christmas Gift 10+

11 Nov, 2019
RC Stunt Car #2 The first thing you notice is the box is labeled asif it was sold in the store, great pictures. Sometimes when you order rcs online you get a plain box and you don't want that w... read more »

Great Christmas Gift for Kids

11 Nov, 2019
RC Stunt Car The first thing you notice is the box is labeled asif it was sold in the store, great pictures. Sometimes when you order rcs online you get a plain box and you don't want that when... read more »

Similar to More Expensive Baby Pillows

11 Nov, 2019
Baby Head Shaping Pillow The first thing i noticed is that this pillow is definitely a little bigger than I expected it to be, which is great! The material covering the memory foam is extra soft.&n... read more »

Readily & Easily Accessible

11 Nov, 2019
Allen Wrench Hex Key Set The Allen Wrenches feel solid and heavy: good quality! With them on a ring, they are readily and easily accessible. There's also a decent range of sizes for our needs.... read more »

Quality is worth the price! Aluminum Rod!

11 Nov, 2019
Bluetooth Selfie stick/Tripod Right out the box, first thing you notice is the quality of the item. The rod isn't made of cheap plastic but it's an aluminum rod. A nice carry bag with a dra... read more »

So many features for a great price

05 Nov, 2019
ENOW- Kid's Smartwatch Let me just list some of the features below I that I think are great for the price of this watch for kids: The SOS alarm! It even sends your child's location to... read more »

Nice Touch to your Juul

05 Nov, 2019
Juul Skin Stickers I like these skins because I always have a hard time finding stuff when I lay it down somewhere. The Juul is small so it's definitely one of those things I misplace often. Wi... read more »

Great for the whole year!

05 Nov, 2019
Christmas Projector Lights 2-in-1  This projector isn't just for Christmas. It has slides for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, 4th of July, birthdays and many more holidays and... read more »

Very Convenient Packaging

01 Nov, 2019
 Dental Floss Picks These work great for what they are-dental floss picks. The best thing about these is the fact I can keep some in both bathrooms, a box in the car and one stays by my fiance... read more »

Great quality, So many pieces, Great Price

01 Nov, 2019
Min. Precision Screwdriver Set My fiance is the tool person in the house so this is more his review. He stated that it's definitely a great set quality and quantity wise. The set is perfect for... read more »

Spacious and Not Bulky

01 Nov, 2019
Diaper Bag Tote I really like the fact that this diaper bag is spacious but not bulky. You can carry it in multiple ways. It has side compartments, one for bottles and the other for wipes-just like... read more »

Perfect for Quotes, Baby Milestones and More

29 Oct, 2019
Felt Letter Board - Limited Edition I personally like this set for quotes and I plan on using it for my little one's baby milestones. I might play a game or two of darts with the ball and dartb... read more »

Soft skin and Relaxing, Strong Aroma

26 Oct, 2019
Bath Bombs Gift Set of 12   ​​​​These bath bombs smell absolutely amazing! When they arrived, I was concerned the package was damaged because the scent was coming through the packaging! The... read more »

Convenient little razor, Perfect for Moms

23 Oct, 2019
I give this 5 stars because it's very convenient to use. I usually have to get in the shower to shave. With this, I can shave my arms without having to be in the shower. Also this little razor wor... read more »

Spring in Controller bends easily; nothing to stop from overturning

20 Oct, 2019
TOMZON Remote Control Car   ​​​​​UPDATE DAY 2: Cannot turn anymore. Spring in controller bends very easily if wheel is overturned. There is nothing in remote to stop it from turning too far... read more »

Long Lasting and Fast Charging

15 Oct, 2019
ALTIZURE 15 Minutes Full Rechargeable Lithium AA Batteries with Charging Case   ​​​​​First off, I am impressed that this charger and batteries charge much faster than the Energizer name bra... read more »

Perfect length, love the sturdiness of cables

15 Oct, 2019
The two pack of 6.6Ft long micro USB fast charging cords is perfect with multiple people using the same chargers. I gave one to my fiance and I am using one myself. I love that they are sturdier th... read more »

Excellent Quality & Great Gift for Little Ones!

10 Oct, 2019
These wooden jigsaw puzzles are very nice quality and exactly as pictured. Reasons I think it's a great gift: *The pieces are perfect for little hands! *The pictures are very vibrant and... read more »

Perfect Gift for A Beginner

05 Oct, 2019
The Potensic U42 drone was simple, from setup to flying, my thirteen year old son didn't have any problems with it. There are step by step instructions that are easy to follow. Only thing I would... read more »

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