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Jan, 2017

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A few years ago I started writing comprehensive, honest, yet easily digestible reviews about the products that I purchased online. I went to university for journalism and marketing, and those two things together make for reviews that are well thought out, but more importantly make people feel confident in buying the product.

If you are looking for solid, honest reviews that convert people into purchasing, I'm your girl.

Of course, I have Amazon Prime. I also have a rather large PR & media network with whom I can send my reviews to if requested.

By day I own/run a web design & full service marketing firm in downtown Oxford. At night, I hang out with my three kids, two dogs, and one husband. I also have a mild video game addiction. x

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Vitamin D in easy to swallow soft gel form

11 Jul, 2019
I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 1.5 years ago. I looked high and low for which supplements to take to help with energy. I was already taking a good probiotic and cucurmin and then added... read more »

Does what it says, it gets rid of spots.

03 Jul, 2019
I have three teenage daughters and even with good skin (which they have) they still get occasional breakouts.  This got delivered at a great time. All three kids had an occasion to try this...and... read more »

Excellent set of embroidery threads (great for friendship bracelets)

03 Jul, 2019
I have three teen daughters and I like to have fun things around for them to do activity wise. I taught them to make simple friendshp bracelets when they were smaller, but then I saw this set and thou... read more »

Does what it says on the tin but gets a bit hot if you grind too much...

03 Jul, 2019
My partner is a huge coffee drinker and he grinds his own beans. We have gone through a lot of grinders because he will grind in large batches to make special blends (he gives them to family and frien... read more »

Huge sound in a portable, durable package...amazing.

03 Jul, 2019
I have three teenage daughters that were brought up to love music. We have it playing most of the time in our house, so it comes to no suprise that they like to take it with them now wherever they go... read more »

Nice fit & feel, but odd pattern/ribbed fabric on parts of the leggings

31 May, 2019
I got these for my super sporty daughter. She had a netball tournament in Barcelona and needed some more leggings for the trip.  She says they are some of the comfiest leggings she has ever worn... read more »

Cute & comfy but the sizing wasn't exactly right

29 May, 2019
It's cute and super comfy but the sizing is off slightly. I got a L for my size 10/12 daughter which is what it said to do via their size guide. It's HUGE in the waist, but fits everywhere els... read more »

Well made, longer running shorts & they wash well

21 May, 2019
I am forever buying leggings and shorts like these for my three sporty daughters.  I picked these up as my daughter needed more for gymnastics / karate.  They fit her extremely well and have... read more »

AMAZING Soundbar, excellent sound & build

21 May, 2019
I needed a soundbar for a 42'' TV that didn't need a proper full room sound system (it's in a smallish den).  This 34'' bar fits perfectly underneath it without it having... read more »

Second one I have bought...these are a must have

11 May, 2019
I bought one for myself and my daughters loved it so much they wanted some. I picked this one up for my youngest daughter, and she loves the Flamingoes.  Very cute design, very well made. She got... read more »

Well built tweezer set

11 May, 2019
My husband reparis our computers at work (we own a company) and at home from time to time and small bits and fiddly things are always being dropped, and he was always borrowing my tweezers. I got this... read more »

Super handy makeup organiser

11 May, 2019
I wasn't sure if I was going to like this, but now that I have it, I love it. It can hold a little or a LOT of makeup and the drawstring then shrinks it to hold. It works very well for travel or j... read more »

Excellent beginners lighting kit at an unbeatable price.

03 Apr, 2019
I am a professionally trained photographer, and have a lot of kit as a result. I was looking for some extra lights and ran across these to supplement. These are better than I expected.  I am now... read more »

Solid build, very comfortable and attached sacks is super convenient

03 Apr, 2019
I have two dogs, and one loves to bite on a lead if it's dangly, so this retractable lead has been wonderful. He can't get ahold of it to chew through it.  The break and hold feature is g... read more »

Super fun, easy for small children to play

26 Mar, 2019
I got this for my 3 year old God son for his birthday. He was in need of some bath toys.  He also has an older sister. The two of them had SOOOO much fun playing with these. They are quite well c... read more »

Excellent light, works very very well.

26 Mar, 2019
I ama professionally trained photographer, but only do it as a hobby now or for the occasional client. I have a lot of photography kit as a result, and have always wanted a ring light.  This is a... read more »

Windproof and very very warm. So warm they get a bit sweaty after a long wear.

26 Mar, 2019
These are great gloves as they do exactly what they say, they just do it a bit *too* well.  When you wear them for a longer period of time, your hands will get a bit sweaty.  But that's... read more »

Great hair drying towels, microfiber makes a difference

26 Mar, 2019
I got sick and tired of having huge towels for my very long (almost to my waist) hair.  I picked these up so that I wasn't using huge bath towels for my hair, which flop all over the place. T... read more »

Great toy, well made, lovely packaging

26 Mar, 2019
I got this for my God son for his birthday and it came in really nice packaging (which is what you want if you are giving a gift).  It is easy to 'assemble', just stick it on the bath and... read more »

Great 'smurf' hat

26 Mar, 2019
My teen daughter came home and said she wanted a 'smurf hat'.  I knew what she meant (I grew up watching the Smurfs as a kid) and looked up slouch hats found this and she was very excited... read more »

Post only half full, posts are small...

26 Mar, 2019
If the pots had been filled I would have given this four stars, as the glitter is a good quality, but it gets three because the pots were only half full, they were small pots and a lot of the colours... read more »

Great beanie hat

26 Mar, 2019
My daughters all walk or cycle to school and they needed hats. One wanted a proper 'beanie' hat, and this looked cute. It is exactly like it looks in the pictures, big big beanie poof on top.&... read more »

AMAZING dress, great price

26 Mar, 2019
I got this for my 15 year old daughter. She's 5'7'' and wears a size 8/10.  She has a larger chest at a DD, so I thought that this would flatter her figure. And it really does. Sh... read more »

You get what you pay for...better suited for women with a larger chest.

26 Mar, 2019
I have three teenage daughters and they are always in need of vests, so I picked these up.  They were oddly sized through the chest and the straps so they were kind of uncomfortable and didn'... read more »

The folding razor is great, but didn't come with the blades

26 Mar, 2019
I got this for a very beardy friend who was talking about getting a straight razor. I got this for him as a gift, so just wrapped it when it came. When he opened it for Christmas, it didn't have t... read more »

Well made, not thin yoga pants WITH POCKETS that wash incredibly well

26 Mar, 2019
I have three sporty teenage daughters, so I go through so many yoga pants and leggings, I should open up my own factory.  My daughter wanted some capris but they HAD to have pockets. These ticked... read more »

Incredibly hard wearing, keeps coffee hot for hours, looks way more expensive than the price reflects.

26 Mar, 2019
I ordered this for one of my employees who was constantly complaining of making coffee and then forgetting about it, then it would be cold.  This came beautifully presented so it made a real... read more »

AMAZING. I would give it 10 stars if I could.

21 Sep, 2018
I got this for my husband for his birthday. He doesn't smoke a lot, once a month or so, but I saw a friend who had one and knowing my husband loves cool gadgets like this I thought it would be a g... read more »

Perfect size, nice materials

16 Sep, 2018
It's a perfect size for next to the small space I have next to the dryer. It has a mesh bit that you can draw string so that if it tips over, or while you are moving it, all of the clothes don'... read more »

Very nice soothing serum, I noticed a difference. Huge bottle.

08 Sep, 2018
I am a skincare junkie and really love finding new products. I used to exclusively use OzNaturals, which were great, but they raised their prices. So I started looking for alternatives. This is as goo... read more »

Beautiful cupcake cases

08 Sep, 2018
Very cute cupcake cases at a great price. My daughter bakes a lot and she likes the more fun cupcake holders. These were great. Amazon squished them a bit, which they need to package them better when... read more »

Large box with all the essentials

08 Sep, 2018
Great set, but one colour was semi dried out (hence the four stars not the 5).  When I added it to another colour it came back to life and saved it. But other than that this is a solid set that i... read more »

It's okay. You have to mix it yourself. BUT if you add it to a clay mask, WOW, it's amazing

08 Sep, 2018
I use a lot of masks and face products and this is okay. My skin felt a bit softer but not as soft as if I use a clay mask. That being said, when I added some of the powder to a clay mask it made the... read more »

Very nice, long lasting pen set.

08 Sep, 2018
I buy my kids a lot of coloured pens and art supplies. My daughter wanted a new set of pens to draw with so I got her these, and they have lasted what seems like forever.  She carries them around... read more »

Run out of ink fast and the metallic effect isn't great.

08 Sep, 2018
I buy my kids a ton of pens for art purposes. These are okay, but for £7 I expected them to last longer than they did. They seemed to last about a week. Either they dried out or they didn't... read more »

Ridiculously fun, like much more fun than you think it will be.

08 Sep, 2018
My best friend since I was 13 and I have loved unicorns for a long time.  Now 30 years later at the age of 43 it's hard to find presents for her that she wouldn't expect (and she's th... read more »

Great makeup bag. Easy to pack up and a travel essential.

19 Jun, 2018
I love this for my makeup it makes it super easy to put everything in one large bag and then spread it out, makes it much easier to find.  Highly recommend, especially for travel.  read more »

It works, it's just quite expensive and you don't get a lot of the masks.

19 Jun, 2018
It works, which is pretty amazing. The problem is for the price you don't get a lot of masks and the effect only lasts the night really.  So to keep this up you would need to do it twice a we... read more »

Sizing is way off. It said that I needed an XL for a 10/12 it's way too big.

19 Jun, 2018
The sizing on the website is not even close to being correct, it's way off. The XL top is HUGE on my size 12 daughter. The bottoms fit fine...but the top is just huge. If I were to go down a size... read more »

Just like a Fitbit.

02 May, 2018
I got a Fitbit as a gift awhile back and my almost 15 year old daughter has wanted one since. I saw this and thought perfect, especially since it's waterproof...she's very outdoorsey/sporty. T... read more »

Gorgeous picnic blanket, very high quality and wears well

27 Apr, 2018
My kids love going to the park by our house, and it's lovely and by the lake, so this is perfect for going there and just hanging out.  It's large and super easy to clean. I just shook it... read more »

This is not clay, it's foam you can sculpt - four stars only cause it's misleading

27 Apr, 2018
This is a good set of foam that you can mold into things. I got it for my kids and 23 of the colours were great, the black was solid foam (unsculptable) as the lid was off.  At first I didn't... read more »

For £20 they may be best in £25 or under headphones, but they won't replace my expensive Steelseries anytime soon.

17 Apr, 2018
When it comes to headphones, there are three things that matter: comfort, sound quality and microphone quality and comfort.  I play a lot of online games so these three things are a must. I... read more »

Good tattoos except some are unrealistic (hands)

17 Apr, 2018
I had my kids trial some of these, it's a rather large pack so we will have plenty come Halloween, and they came out great. The only thing that they made a mistake on were the hand prints. They ar... read more »

If you own children and toys, this is a must have.

05 Apr, 2018
My kids are grown, but I had one of these for their legos when they were smaller. I got this for my Godson and his sister with a load of larger Lego.  It is a great quality, you just let them pla... read more »

Great hair kit for the price, has everything that you would need

05 Apr, 2018
I have three daughters that all like to do different braids, styles etc with their hair, and I needed some new combs anyway so this seemed like a good pick up.  There is actually more in the kit... read more »

Actually does what it says it will do, non stick WITHOUT oil. I'm amazed.

06 Nov, 2017
I would have given this five stars but the handle on mine was wiggly and didn't stand up straight, I keep tightening it (it comes disassembled) but it doesn't stay stiff for long). To be hones... read more »

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