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Oct, 2017

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I have several Amazon accounts , and have been doing reviews since June of 2016. I have been doing a blog on YouTube and Facebook for the last year.
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Good Look

24 Mar, 2023
This is a great rug for decoration but it's thin. I like it to have my granddaughter doesn't sit on my wood floor.  read more »

Great item

19 May, 2022
I host a lot and this is helpful when serveing wine. I actually have more than one and gets the wine fresh. I can open three different kinds for my guess to get a glass.  read more »

Great Buy

10 May, 2022
This is great buy for at least the first year of your baby life. It warms the bottle evenly. You can put water on to warm early then just add bottle. You can Sterilize small things. You can even warm... read more »

Clean jewelry

03 Apr, 2022
It's tells you to use mild soap, but I would get jewelry cleaner. It works well with it. read more »


03 Apr, 2022
My granddaughter was just born and when leaving the hospital, it was great to get the sun and wind again. read more »

Could be great

03 Apr, 2022
This could be great but the directions wasn't easy and I still have not figured out how to connect it.  read more »


03 Apr, 2022
I brought this to give my iPad mini to granddaughter and it works get. It's tough and durable. It has a strap to put crossbody. It's protected. read more »

Great for everyday

26 Mar, 2022
I bought this as a gift for someone who doesn't do man bags and they love this. It's durable and easy to clean. read more »

Great idea

26 Mar, 2022
with all these devices going to c style, it's great having these to convert. I love these, brought some for my mom. read more »

Love them

24 Mar, 2022
I got this for my Apple Watch 6 but was upgraded to a 7 for Christmas and it works. It look nice and stylish for everyday wear. Even my daughter took one lol. read more »

Easy to use

24 Mar, 2022
It's easy to set up on your iPad, just make sure you have the right one. It's good on battery life because it on/off buttons. read more »

Great Ring

06 Nov, 2021
I bought this ring to give to my girlfriend soon to be more. I love the looks of and its different from the traditional rings. Great price for my budget. It have a nice weight to it.   read more »

Great product

06 Nov, 2021
This is such a great case that I still have it on my phone and will buy more. I protect from water (spills), dust, and falls . It total insult the phone. must buy!!!  read more »

Great for Beginners

06 Nov, 2021
This was a great for a beginner like me to start to learn needle point. It have different sizes and the only thing need was the yarn.  great price !!! read more »


23 Oct, 2021
This tape is great all type of activties. I use it for wrapping, craft, and hanging thinga. It hold up and it;s strong and durable.  read more »

very quiet

09 Oct, 2021
This was easy to set and use. I charge it 1st then use. It's very quiet and I love it. The best for over all. #RAPIQUE #RankBoosterReview read more »

Perfect for my kitchen

09 Oct, 2021
I got this to put in my kitchen. usually I have to change the battery alot but I haven't change the battery in months. It's also convenient to pour the soap in the top. Great over all includin... read more »

small business must

09 Oct, 2021
As a smal black own business, this is a must. This was easy to set up and use. The only thingis, you have to buy the printing paper separate when you buy this machine (does not come with any). Otherwi... read more »

love it

09 Oct, 2021
My card was starting to look bad, but I brought these for me, my partner, and child cards. it has keep it clean and have different way you can use them, I can put in a lanyard or in my purse to show v... read more »

Love it

09 Oct, 2021
Working from and using this if you have more than one montior is great because you don't have a lot of cords hanging from the desk. you can even charge your phone/airpods on top. It charges f... read more »

Great buy

09 Oct, 2021
These are great patterns you use for a lot of thing, shirts , hat, etc. and it comes thru very bright and pretty. I will need to wait to see how long it will stay on but it does give directions for wa... read more »

Beware (They can hear everything)

21 Jul, 2021
lol, this is a great mic but make sure you don't have other sounds.....the best read more »

Space Saver

03 May, 2021
It met for a thicker desk but I have fix it wil a piece of work and styrofoam and it stabilize. It's made from durable material and looks like it will las. It also leave more room to use on my des... read more »

kitchen item

05 Apr, 2021
video review read more »

Great for my guest bathroom

05 Apr, 2021   video review read more »

works like a charm

05 Apr, 2021   video review read more »

working on keys

05 Apr, 2021   Video review   read more »

Great vinyl !!

05 Apr, 2021   video read more »

Everything I need for placing images on shirts

05 Apr, 2021   Video review!!! read more »

Never received the product

01 Mar, 2021
Never received packages  read more »


06 Feb, 2021
This fit my new iphone 12 perfectly and it durable. I've already drop my phone (butter finger, lol) but it protected my phone. Great case for the price.  #RankBoosterReview ii. #XUE CHEN&n... read more »

Fit Perfectly

06 Jan, 2021
This is prefect to work out in and it fit my small wrist. Great buy and price.  read more »

Best thing ever

28 Nov, 2020
With everyone working from home, this great desk that you can stand and sit to work is great. It let you preset the height and how long you want it to stay that way (as reminding). Setting can remind... read more »

Great to have anyway

10 Nov, 2020
This was easy to set up and had battery with it. I like because I have dogs and I can have one with soap and one with hand sanitizer, for easy a access. When I start having guest over, don't have... read more »


09 Nov, 2020
This is for big draws in the house. Make sure you measure before buying. It's nice and sturdy and would last a long time. It's nice that it have a part for the knifes so you won't cut your... read more »

Light Jobs around the house

09 Nov, 2020
This a good light weight Drill Scrawdriver set. I have done several things around my new house, and it work great.  read more »

Great for Room

09 Nov, 2020
For someone with asthma and allergies, this has been a big help. You can adjust this and it's easy to find the filter to change. Great for the price.  read more »

Great for all desk

09 Nov, 2020
I have a sit/stand desk and it fit perfectly. It wasn't have to put and my montior fit. It leave room on your desk for other things, and it's adjustable. Over all a best buy and good deal.&nbs... read more »

Great anywhere

18 Sep, 2020
This is great to use soap or hand sanitize. You can even mount it or stand it up. This is great in this day and age with Rona runnning around doing her thing. Its easy to use and set up. Great buy. read more »

make diva must have

11 Sep, 2020
I does a good job of holding my hair back to do my make up. it's wide so it catches the "baby" hair too.  As long as you don't have twist or will work for yo... read more »

nice leather belt

21 Aug, 2020
Since losing weight, I needed small belt and thiss work perfect becauase I got a colo to go with everything. They are very sturdy and can see using these for a long time.  read more »

great buy

21 Aug, 2020
I just started using them and they apply the makeup perfectly. I'm just starting to really wear make up it it makes it easy for me to apply. Easily to clean also, so big plus on my book. read more »

Great for big dogs

07 Dec, 2019
I have two dogs that like to go for rides (Chihuahua & Chocolate Laborde). This a great cover for my leather seat, fur containment. It also comes with a bag to put it in.  read more »

Slim fit

07 Dec, 2019
If you don't having a case that make you phone heavy but keep it safe then this is the case. It's black so goes with everything and good for everyday use. I have try to add pictures... read more »

Great Cover

12 Nov, 2019
This DOESN'T include a camera but if you have a small camera then this is great cover to put it outside. I think it's best to use with a wireless camera connected to you internet. Great buy, g... read more »

Great buy

08 Sep, 2019
Watch the video for a full review. It is easy to use and clean. It's also helpful to take you medication on the go. Great buy all around. read more »


29 Jul, 2019
my dogs loves and is so happy read more »


29 Jul, 2019
amazing and goood quality read more »

awesome belt

01 Jul, 2019
this belt fits perfect and I would reccomend it for anybody read more »


24 Jun, 2019
very nice quality read more »

Great outdoor camera

19 Feb, 2019
This works great in my apartment hallway, so I can see if anyone try to take my packet. It's clean and work great day or night.  read more »

Must have

19 Feb, 2019
I have IPhone XS and it fit with but can accommodate a bigger model. It was easy to install and works perfect. I have been using it for week and haven't had any problem with the weight of my phone... read more »

Dressy and small

20 Jan, 2019
I love the color and that it's light and small. Most people carry mostly cards and this allow you to carry 14 cards and money in the pouch. you can use it by it self or as a wallet.  read more »

Light Weight

12 Jan, 2019
This was easy to put together. It's light so when you put your clothes in it won't be too heavy.  The dark color of material doesn't get dirty. read more »

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