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I am a Mother of two boys ages 10 and 1. I love to test and try new products and tell my friends and family about them. I regularly use social media and would love the opportunity to test different products.
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Fingernail Set

11 Feb, 2021
This is a great fingernail/toenail set. It really has everything you need for great toe and fingernail care. The clippers are sharp and clip nice and even. I really love the glass nail file. read more »

Fabric Shaver

11 Feb, 2021
This is a great fabric shaver. It takes all of the little fabric balls off of my clothing and makes things look new again. It's easy to use as well as for traveling. This is a great product. read more »

Flower Fairy Lights

11 Feb, 2021
I love these fairy lights! I wrapped them around my dressing table and it makes beauty time an even better experience. I use them for self-care; the lights and colors change the vibe and it's medi... read more »

Great for riding in the country at night

11 Feb, 2021
I live in a very rural area and I purchased these for my youngest so vehicles could see him. They have increased the awareness of drivers around him while we're riding and increased the safety of... read more »

Baby's favorite teether

17 Nov, 2020
My six month old really loves this camera teether. It is his absolute favorite thing to chew on. He likes the camera itself and the balls that lead up to it. He would even chew on the clip if you let... read more »

Small 3 pack trick or treat tote decoration

17 Nov, 2020
These three bags are super cute with cute designs. I used them for decorations around the house and even used one as a toilet paper holder.  read more »

4 in 1 Construction Vehicles

17 Nov, 2020
The four vehicles are pretty cool. My three year old really enjoys them. He is more interested in the take apart aspect rather than the put back together aspect but that's okay. He uses these ones... read more »

Crab cheese mold

17 Nov, 2020
I LOVE THIS THING! It is awesome! It seriously has cut my crab cheese making time in half. This is a bonus for two reasons: the less time it takes to make them, and the less time I have to eat the fil... read more »

Soil Moisture Meter

13 Aug, 2020
This moisture meter works great! It really helps me make sure I'm not giving my plants too many nutrients and that I'm giving them the appropriate amount of water. A great tool to have.  read more »

Works Great!

07 Aug, 2020
This was super easy to install. I purchased two; one for our home and one for our cabin. I like to let the air flow so these work perfectly for the doors that don't have screens over them. It allo... read more »

Awesome Beach Toys!

07 Aug, 2020
My boys love these toys! They have been our to-go toys since I purchased them for the beach and they have been just perfect. Each little toy is unique and made very well so they will last a few season... read more »

Magnetic Lashes

30 Jul, 2020
The eyeliner is magnetic and the lashes do attach to it, however, if you misalign the lash and try to reattach it pulls the liner off of the lid and stays attached to the lash. Also, the eyeliner does... read more »

Coloring Table Cloth

14 Jul, 2020
This table cloth is interesting. It definitely does not double as a table cloth but it is great to entertain the small humans so that works for me. We also use one for painting time so we don't ge... read more »


14 Jul, 2020
This is a great stool for potty training kids! It works great for both of our toilets to assist our little one in getting onto the potty for doing his business. It folds up and easily is put away. read more »

Wooden Puzzles

14 Jul, 2020
These puzzles were crap. They were super flimsy and wouldn't hold shape when putting them back together, we threw them right in the garbage.  read more »

Portable Clothes Line

14 Jul, 2020
I took this to our cabin for quick towel drying and it works great! It reminds me of bungee cords but way long. I kind of anticipated it to be a bit larger than what it is but that's okay, it'... read more »

Beach Toy Set

14 Jul, 2020
My small human loves this set. the retractable bucket is nice for easy storage and cleanup. All the toys are super cute and have nice rich colors. They haven't been sunbaked yet and still look bri... read more »

Toy Filled Eggs

14 Jul, 2020
I bought these because my 3-year-old was super fixated on Easter even a month after it had passed and wanted to give him something to hunt down in the house. He also loves animal critters so I thought... read more »

Glitter Gloves

14 Jul, 2020
I bought these for costume ideas but they are such low quality and itchy that no one would feel comfortable wearing them. read more »

Comedone Set / Manicure Set

14 Jul, 2020
This set is great for personal hygiene care. The tweezers work great, the extractors are right on point. Everything is very useful and made very well.  read more »

Great Laptop Back Pack

14 Jul, 2020
This is a great backpack for my laptop and other school items. Everything I need fits into it for every day of class and it makes transporting things simpler. I love the material and color. read more »

Nerf Targets

14 Jul, 2020
This nerf target game is awesome. It adds another fun aspect to playing nerf guns. I have two of these and we set them up at the home base and the first team with all their targets knocked down loses.... read more »

Counting Toy

17 Mar, 2020
This is a great counting toy for kids. I love that it is wooden and takes us back to basics. Great product. read more »

Long Sleeve Pajama Set - Dinosaurs!

07 Dec, 2019
These jammies are absolutely adorable!! They fit well and look great too! The little one really likes pointing at all the different dinos that are placed on the clothing as well. The images are very c... read more »

Table Desk Lamp Set with USB charging ports

07 Dec, 2019
I really love the look of these end table lamps, they are great colors and match my color scheme. The knobs to turn the lamp on and off don't really match the lamp itself though; they are stainles... read more »

Super Comfy Socks

07 Dec, 2019
These are super fuzzy and comfortable! Perfect for wintertime to keep the toes warm! I'm in a cold climate with hardwood floors so I love buying new socks and right now these are my favorite. Well... read more »

Xbox ONE Rechargeable Batteries

07 Dec, 2019
These work great! They hold a long charge and connect right to our existing android charger. They have a nice tight fit so they don't fall out of the controller. They look more durable and heavy-d... read more »

Dish Drying Rack

07 Dec, 2019
This is a very easy to assemble 3 tier rack. It was pretty tall so I couldn't use it for dishes but it works great in the pantry too! I use to organize my soft packaged items and created a lot of... read more »

3D pumpkin String Lights Solar

07 Dec, 2019
These lights work great! I actually forgot about them outside, it has been below freezing several times and they're still out there doing their job, being cute little pumpkins. They were easy to w... read more »

Blue and White Canvas Shoes

16 Oct, 2019
These shoes are very comfortable. The material is strong and a very nice color and the fit is great. The only thing I don't care for is how much rubber comes over the toe. I would prefer an inch o... read more »

Black Braided Belt

16 Oct, 2019
This is a very nice braided belt. I gave it to my significant other and he really likes it. He wears it with his darker work pants and it wears well throughout the day. It fits various sizes and is ve... read more »

Loveseat Cover

16 Oct, 2019
I love this loveseat cover! It is super soft and fits my loveseat well! it was a little confusing getting it on initially but once it was on it was snug as a bug. The pockets on the sides are gre... read more »

Sofa Cover

16 Oct, 2019
I love this sofa cover! It is super soft and fits my couch well! it was a little confusing getting it on the couch initially but once it was on it was snug as a bug. The pockets on the sides are great... read more »

Dental Floss Picks and Dental picks

16 Oct, 2019
These are great! I like these so much better than the traditional product and the picks are great for cleaning out plaque. I love the floss ends, they are perfect for taking with me when I go to resta... read more »

Door Stoppers

16 Oct, 2019
These animal print door stoppers are amazing. I have a two year old obsessed with closing doors and these prevent him from slamming his fingers in them. He loves the designs too and sometimes tries to... read more »

Dinosaur Two Piece

16 Oct, 2019
I absolutely LOVE this swimsuit. The bottoms land in a great spot, the top is comfortable. I have washed it a few times and it's still in great condition. This is a great suit. read more »

Beautiful Elephant Painting Canvas Art

16 Oct, 2019
This is a set of 3 panels that creates an absolutely beautiful picture with gorgeous colors and contrast. It brings out the colors in the room and adds something special to the space.  read more »

Couples Vibrator

16 Oct, 2019
Works great for me as the female, doesn't fit my significant other. Made for a much smaller width.  read more »

Bonnet Hair Dryer

06 Aug, 2019
I love this product. I had been wanting one for a while and so glad I made the purchase. This thing seemed complicated in the beginning but it got easier over time once I knew what I was doing. It dri... read more »

Wrong Size, Wrong Color

06 Aug, 2019
I ordered a Green Coat that was supposed to be an XXL... Received a grey coat that was XXXL. read more »

Works Great

06 Aug, 2019
I used these for staking my plants outdoors and they have held very well overall. I usually replace the ties every so often because the plant gets heavier but these are still doing well after the firs... read more »

Cute layered bracelet.

06 Aug, 2019
Super cute layered bracelet. Sort of boho style, fits with my random outfit choices quite often. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry/accessories to wear.  read more »

Dream Catcher

03 Apr, 2019
I bought this for my chill room, to add a little more positive energy to the room. I have quite a few in the room already, and this one made the others pop with its beautiful pink color and the differ... read more »

Super Cute Swimdress

03 Apr, 2019
I absolutely LOVE this swim dress. The fit is perfect, the color is perfect, it is an overall super awesome bathing suit. The top is meant to fit women with a more full chest but it still looks really... read more »

Tanning Towelettes

03 Apr, 2019
I didn’t really care for these. I mean, they work alright, but I’m very pale and they made me look like Donald Trump. Not a big fan of orange. If I had a little bit of a tan already, I thi... read more »

Bluetooth Speaker

03 Apr, 2019
This is a great little colorful speaker. It produces great sound and has a lot of really cool colors. It’s super easy to charge with a USB or computer, the cord could be longer but that’s... read more »

Bluetooth Speaker

13 Mar, 2019
This speaker is awesome! It has great sound and amazing lights. The lights are very bright and you can change them easily. The Bluetooth connects seamlessly and easy and this speaker has multiple func... read more »

Unicorn Case

13 Mar, 2019
A lightweight attractive sparkly case with a beautiful Unicorn. Fits the phone great. Sleek design that matches the iPhone very well.  read more »

Sticky Lift Covers

21 Feb, 2019
This product not only cover without a bra but they lift without one too! Ideal for tops that won't show the sticky at the top, but there are outfits that these would be helpful for. Very stic... read more »

Durable, Stackable, Storage bins.

21 Feb, 2019
Four bins that interconnect with one another in a few different ways. You can line them up and connect them side by side, or stack them on top of one another or different variations of such. They have... read more »

HUGE diaper bag

21 Feb, 2019
Tons of room, lots of pockets for all the baby things. Has a nice liner for easy cleaning, and insulated pockets to keep bottles a good temperature. Also comes with a changing pad which is convenient.... read more »

Bluetooth earmuffs

30 Jan, 2019
These things keep your ears warm! The music could be a little louder but the buttons are easy to use and it works really well. I prefer my jams super loud so it could just be personal preference ... read more »

Pimple Tools

30 Jan, 2019
This kit is great! It has everything you need to fix an imperfection on your face in regards to a pimple, a hair or Whitehead/blackhead. The extractors work really well as long as you prep your skin a... read more »

Clown Mask

30 Jan, 2019
Its scary, seems to be made with good materials. My only issue is that the eyes are a bit off, so it made seeing a tad difficult. It fits very well on an adult male and is overall a very nice product.... read more »


30 Jan, 2019
The kids love these things. I don't understand it... but they are all obsessed. They squish, they rise. They entertain the tiny humans. Win-win for everyone.  read more »

Space Saver Bags

30 Jan, 2019
If I could give these ten stars I would! They are amazing! They worked great with my vacuum but the pump works just as good but takes a little longer. I can literally put so many blankets in one bag a... read more »

Retro Halter Two Piece Swimsuit

30 Jan, 2019
The material is great, stitched well and made well. However, the measurements for the bottoms are a bit off. These bottoms sit very weirdly on the hips. I have a few different versions of this swimsui... read more »

Headphones with Microphone

30 Jan, 2019
These headphones are wonderful. They fit nicely, they produce good sound and the microphone works great. I use these for several different activities and they always stay put. Very good set of headpho... read more »

Lock Box/Safe

23 Nov, 2018
This is a great safe for the price! It is well made, although I think the faceplate might be plastic, it is very heavy. I put my cannabis in this to keep it safe and away from the children. I would de... read more »

Works great!!

23 Nov, 2018
These nail clippers are extremely sharp and made it very simple to cut my Great Dane's nails, which I have had difficulty finding sharp enough ones in the past to do the job. The nail grinder... read more »

Stinky Incense

22 Sep, 2018
These smell HORRIBLE. I can't distinguish between colors and different smells, they all just smell absolutely bad. Not really sure what I'm going to do with these other than possibly throw the... read more »

Mermaid Blanket

22 Sep, 2018
LOVE this purple mermaid-tail blanket! It's so soft and comfortable and absolutely wonderfully sewn. It looks like love and care went into each stitch. I will be giving this as a gift and I will b... read more »

Lace panties

22 Sep, 2018
These panties are very well-made, and the colors are vibrant. Very soft to the touch for comfort. However, they are not true to size so you need to upsize about 2-3 sizes. They are most certainly smal... read more »

Towel Ring

22 Sep, 2018
This was very easy to install, towel rack/ring. It matches my decor perfectly and it has a practical use. It's a great purchase if you're remodeling or just need a new towel ring. I would high... read more »

Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

06 Sep, 2018
This weed whacker is awesome! Took less than five minutes to put together and figure out from the time that it was opened. Very sleek design. I love the green color along with the silver of... read more »

Gaming Headset

05 Sep, 2018
A nice lightweight headset that works very well for the Xbox One. I luckily had an adapter so that wasn't an issue at all but it doesn't come with one so you will need to get one of those... read more »

Magnetic Screen Door

04 Sep, 2018
This item does exactly as described. It is easily installed, has a very strong hold when closed with magnets and keeps all the yucky bugs out. It is very well made and durable. Although the magnets ar... read more »

The BEST toaster EVER!

04 Sep, 2018
This is probably my most favorite toaster I have ever owned ever. I'm only 30 years old, so I have only had about 5 different toasters, but this is by far the best one. I love the color, I love ho... read more »

Retractable dog leash

04 Sep, 2018
This 16-foot long dog leash is a very good product. It is not only strong, as it holds my 60 lbs great dane, but it is very nicely designed with its colors and nicely contrasted changes. I bought this... read more »

Hover Ball

30 Aug, 2018
Very neat toy for children. Kept my 9 year old occupied for a solid hour which is pretty good considering his attention span. Easy to set up easy to understand directions.  read more »

Yoga Pants

30 Aug, 2018
These are very cute, very well fitted true-to-size yoga pants. Made with very smooth and soft to the touch fabric, as well as stitched together very nicely. Would suggest purchasing, very good pair of... read more »

Solar Bird Bath Fountain

27 Aug, 2018
This fountain works wonderfully in just about any bird bath. I had difficulty in one bird bath but it was glass and had a light in the middle so it wasn't the fountains fault the birdbath already... read more »

Reflective Dog Collar

17 Aug, 2018
This collar is a very nice collar. It is VERY reflective and the bright color makes it easy to see during the day too. Very well made, stitched together very nicely. Very good product.  read more »

Braided Fishing Line

17 Aug, 2018
The line looks very strong, but it already has fibers splitting off from the line itself. I haven't had the chance to use it yet but that concerns me. Overall, it looks like a decent fishing line.... read more »

Beautiful Toilet Paper Holder

17 Aug, 2018
This is a very well-made and crafted toilet paper holder. It appears to hold any size roll of toilet paper and has plenty of room. The shelf is a very nice feature so there is somewhere sanitary to pl... read more »

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