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Mar, 2018

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love my life to bits! I have the most beautiful people in the world around me and they mean the world to me. There are so many things in life I want to achieve and i'm going to do them no matter what! As long as you all do what I say, you'll find I'm easy to get along with ;) I'm fanatical about Mountain Bike, Mountain Hike, 24Fitness, Swimming, Traveling and Visiting Family; anybody who knows knows this! There is nothing in the world quite like the feeling of seeing your family member even once a year. I appreciate physical beauty but it doesn't phase me. It takes a lot more than looks to impress me! I'm fun, awesome, adventurous, spontaneous and ambitious. So if you can't keep up, don't bother coming long for a ride!
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Wow and Amazing!!!

28 Mar, 2019
This headphone is amazing! I bought it because I do fly to ASIA for business trips at least 4 times a year. Here is the PRO 1) It looks exactly the same compare to my BOSE headphone 2) The materi... read more »

Used it twice on the airplane, flying to ASIA

10 Nov, 2018
I was sitting at the end of the airplane because of late checkin, I turned this headphone on and give it a try. The noise of the airplane reduce down to 50%. I was hoping it get it completely silence,... read more »

I liked it! Will buy another one for my older brother!

01 Nov, 2018
Bought this product to china trip and it's working great.  It has an external usb charger + headphone hook up!  The bag also come with locks, which is useless because you need 3 hands to... read more »

It's small for warehouse, but the number is very clean!

08 Oct, 2018
Still working after 2 months. We placed this clock in the middle of the warehouse. The number is very big and clean. We bought 1 from 99cent store for $4, but the quality is extremely ugly. IKEA sell... read more »

It's big, bigger than the one I have seen at OPEN HOUSE

27 Sep, 2018
If you're a person who don't like carry keys around like me, this is a must buy!  I know some people hidding their secret keys under front door's carpet or at their garden's pots;... read more »

It's very huge! It's as big as my desk

24 Sep, 2018
I have a shiny table, which is very expensive to all kinds of mouse. I need a mouse pad immediately, and I like to give this product a try. WARNING: This is NOT a regular mouse pad; however, it'... read more »

Beautiful Sleaky Slim Keyboards with Mouse. Best Combo so Far

08 Sep, 2018
Wife loved it very much.  We got the black version and it's matched to the color of our monitor and table. The keyboard is very thin compare to our Logitech wireless keyboard.  It also c... read more »

Beautiful on our dinning table!

13 May, 2018
This Placemat, Fashion European Style PVC Placemat Non-slip Insulation Placemat Washable Table Mats Set of 4 (blue) are amazing on our dinning table set.  The blue strip make our white table stan... read more »

This bed pad is amazing! High Quality

13 May, 2018
This pad is amazing!  The material feel soft and it can last very long.  We washed it 3 times already and it's staying strong.  The shape still remain the same!  It fits our qu... read more »

It works great with my Mazda 2 Year 2011

26 Apr, 2018
If you expected this unit to be as bright as 2018 LED lights, then you will be disappointed!  This bulb is actually works as 40% brighter compare to the orginal light bulb from my Mazda 2 Year 20... read more »

Fancy looking, Easy to work with

19 Apr, 2018
This is an true honest reviews from a wife! She likes it, it's very big compare other manual grinding.  I have attached a few photos for size comparing to Olive Oil Bottle, Salt and Nap... read more »

A True comparison between this shoes vs NIKE shoes I am wearing!

07 Apr, 2018
I compare this shoes vs the NIKE that i bought. Size Comparison: This shoes is a little larger than my nike shoes, which give me a larger feeling. But they're the same size as Reebok. I don'... read more »

It is waterproof, and we are using it inside the shower door!

05 Apr, 2018
This is an honest reviews from a customer that purchase this product! PROs: it's small, but not very small.  Connect to my bluetooth note8 automatic.  The time it takes is less than 3... read more »

Nice machine, as good or better compare to my router

27 Mar, 2018
I have been using computer for last 20 years, and I didn't know adapter and router need to upgrade to fully use my internet 100% potential.  Our internet is currently can download 16mb/s, but... read more »

Nice machine, beat my old wifi adapter!

27 Mar, 2018
I have been using computer for last 20 years, and I didn't know adapter and wifi need to upgrade to fully use my internet 100% potential.  Our internet is currently can download 16mb/s, but b... read more »

Very Convinient - Sleek Looking - High Quality

27 Mar, 2018
I hate standard wallet, I even owned a LV man wallet and it's very nice looking; unfortunately it's very bulk.  I always carry credit cards + driver license + some money on back of my pho... read more »

Great Wireless Camera, Best use for Babies!

25 Mar, 2018
This is a great security camera.  It has a nice vision for both days and Night.  I don't really understand how night vision works, but there is a button the app (Night Vision), and I can... read more »

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