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Mar, 2017

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husband snores

26 Oct, 2017
omg does my husband snore. i end up kicking him all night to roll on his side our stop snoring. well i purchased these and didn't give him a choice but to wear it. now i can sleep without hearing... read more »

Fantastic price

26 Oct, 2017
We go threw these like crazy cause most of the ones do not fit so good our pop out. well this one is made different and stays in no matter what. it also has a couple spots to put our charger in.. caus... read more »


26 Oct, 2017
I have a lot of dogs and the smell can get outragous no matter what i do. and these actually helped suck up the bad smell. i was very surprised and pleased. this is worth the price witch isnt bad. and... read more »

daughter loves it

26 Oct, 2017
my daughter is all sparkles and glitter.. she loves this. she jumped up and down when it came in.... made me so happy for the price i got it for.... defintanly buy it read more »


26 Oct, 2017
great!!! works great.. no problems with it at all read more »


24 Oct, 2017
i love love love this.. i wear it on a daily basces its comfy and looks amazing.. couldn't be anymore happier read more »


21 Oct, 2017
great birthday present!!! my nephew loves it read more »


21 Oct, 2017
love love it great for camping read more »

good price

21 Sep, 2017
We go threw these like no tomorrow in my house of 2 adults 3 children.. So i stock up on these cause for some reason they jump out of the wall and get lost lol.. these are really good to and differ... read more »


21 Sep, 2017
Believe it our not i always get these different ones cause it only takes my son the matter of 1 minute to crack these. i have never been able to.. so he collects these and gets a kick out of cracking... read more »

Perfect for ADHD children

21 Sep, 2017
This is really good for my son with ADHD.. Really works well to keep his hands busy when he is reading. our listening in class.. He really enjoys these hand toys... and i do to. cause it actually h... read more »

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