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Aug, 2018

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I am always looking for new products to try and Viralix is a great platform to find great deals for products on Amazon. I always leave reviews after purchasing a product. I like to share with other buyers about the product after I tried it. I myself always read the reviews before I buy something. It gives me feedback from buyers who have already tried the product.
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Great 10ft cord

08 Sep, 2022
Love the right angle on the charger it keeps the wire from flexing awkwardly when you want to use the phone while charging the 10ft length is great and the pastel colors are colors most people don&rsq... read more »

Useful Tool to Have

12 Aug, 2022
It's really great and I like the other things I can add as I go on. Need more programs for it so I can add if needed. Cause I would love to have an OBD reader that can do everything that a $3,000.... read more »

Brite Light

23 Aug, 2021
I bought this because my game station has become increasingly boring and i wanted to have something fun. This light does not disappoint. The color is good and it's very ea... read more »

Plenty of Plugins

28 Jul, 2021
Good quality and nice standing. Don’t need to worry about a place to plug in anything in anymore.  I also love the it has Wireless charger for your phone on the top #RankBoosterR... read more »

Great Wig

28 Jul, 2021
I really wasn't expecting the way to be that great but it was pretty good quality and if everyone is pretty easy to take care of is better than when I thought it would be. It was my first time buy... read more »

Never received order

07 Sep, 2020
I placed the order on August 13th 2020. It is not September 6th and i still haven't received my order.  Amazon said that the order may have been lost. I have contacted the seller to inform... read more »

Easy to Use

28 Aug, 2020
I tried the hair straightener today and I have got to say overall it's easy to use. I tried both straightening and curling my hair. It was a lot easier to use straightener then it was to try and c... read more »

Best Mask Ever

12 Aug, 2020
I love this mask I wear it everywhere out in public and I'm always getting comments on it everybody thinks it's cute or scary. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Jizvestia read more »

Kind of Hard to Use

19 Jul, 2020
When I got the soap dispenser I put the foam soap in and follow the directions and for some reason I would push the power button on the top and it was just blink orange at me but no soap cam... read more »

Works Great

05 May, 2020
The product took about a month to get here but it finally arrived. It works like it says it would. It was easy to set up. Great product for the bathroom. I use it a lot. #RankBoosterReview ##Spo... read more »

It Works

13 Apr, 2020
I really like this product. I have been using it for about a week now and it really has helped my hair. It also has a good smell to it. It is easy to use with the pump. #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #... read more »

Best Floor Lamp

13 Apr, 2020
This is one of the best floor lamps I have ever seen. It adds just enough light in the room. It is a beautiful floor lamp. It was a little challenging to assemble the floor lamp. The lamp does come wi... read more »

Great for Curling

24 Aug, 2019
This brush took me a few times to get the hang of how it workedworked but once i figured out how to use it it works great. II use it on damp hair with a blow dryer. It only takes me about 5 mins to do... read more »

Shower Head With Hose

25 Aug, 2018
This is a very well made shower head. It has 5 different speed settings. It was very easy to install. The materual is made of chrome and it is very durable. I would recommend trying this shower kit to... read more »

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