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Sound proof

01 Feb, 2022
Definitely something I need to put up on the wall although it's not as easy as I thought it would be I figured there would be some kind of sticky pad on the back but there isn't you're jus... read more »

Clamps for practically anything

01 Feb, 2022
Great set of clamps to be used for in practically anything or sturdy and well-built interesting design. read more »

Built well easy to install

01 Feb, 2022
This hook didn't fit on my small mixing bowl but it didn't on my bigger one it's got nice silicon edges a clean bowl. read more »

Cool little tag’d dog

26 Dec, 2021
My loved it reminds use of her dachshunds. Came pack really nicely  read more »

Working and sticking many months in

26 Dec, 2021
Still working just like it should and sticking to wall still after severely tamping with placement in the beginning  read more »

Better to know

26 Dec, 2021
This group of finger measuring devices really come in handy if you wanna order something online. read more »

Classic look

26 Dec, 2021
My mom loved it and it was a perfect fit for her watch. read more »

Great little pair

26 Dec, 2021
Small , fit in my ears better then most.  Sounds pretty darn decent all around great design  read more »

Works real well

26 Dec, 2021
Works like I've seen on tv.  Works with wet food too. Going be a real food preserver  read more »

Sturdy and gives me more room

26 Dec, 2021
This things is easy to install. Best to install the pole first then place light or what not on top.  Saves me lots of room from three leg support poles read more »

Excellent phone cover

22 Aug, 2021
I like how this feels in my hand it has just the right amount of grip without being sticky.  It feels smooth but makes a huge difference when trying to hold onto you like phone read more »

Bright lite

15 Aug, 2021
Much brighter then a similar lite I bought but this one has much wider light heads with many leds. Really long power cord and a decent clip that makes it easy to get the light shining above your plant read more »

Fixing thing around the house

15 Aug, 2021
Set came in perfect timing to my door to fix a lamp shade that was put together with not much more then a little soldering. So fixing it I also madr it more sturdy.  Great little set that's g... read more »

Wide screen

15 Aug, 2021
Once I got it outside I was able to adjust distance from screen to get a clear picture.  Hooked up to my phone pretty easily. read more »

Excellent hammock to chill

26 Jul, 2021
Little smaller then I would have thought but still plenty big enough for two people.  I love the look and the comfort of laying in it. Easy to set up and came with extra cords for tieing it off o... read more »

Coolest metal detecting pinpointer

18 Jul, 2021
By far the easiest way to find what you looking for when dealing with a hold with a tiny piece of metal.  It has such a smart design with led, Scraper blade, and two differ ways to find that... read more »

Clean and happy fish

27 Jun, 2021
Great suction cleaner easy to get the water flowing come with an awesome window clearner two and two nets.   Very useful set a must have for any water tank read more »

Very cool telescope for phone or eye

07 Jun, 2021
This thing is going be very few nvto use at a baseball or football game where you setting in the back seat. Well no you can record like your right up next to your subject.   read more »

Gets up in goes

07 Jun, 2021
First off this thing is fast and quite fun.  The controller is light plastic and when I hold it worry about snapping it.  But I far it's held up and works as it should.  The ba... read more »

Mini singing bowl

07 Jun, 2021
This little bowl has an excellent ting sound that I find to be quite soothing to the ear.  With one, you could set up your safe place to meditate. read more »

For those messy situations

07 Jun, 2021
Excellent mat for any messy situation you'll find yourself in within the kitchen.  Cleans off easily. I like the grip on this non-stick mat. This will help seal a seam on... read more »

Very cool paper weight

07 Jun, 2021
Pretty cool made of plastic with heavy part on inside.  lighter then I thought but still heavy enough for a paper weight.  It's finish was nice and much better looking then the revi... read more »

Quick and easy setup

31 May, 2021
Nice looking mic stand kit. Super easy to install a retry much just had to plug in usb and my ape computer had this peg for a mic.  I liked the sound of this mic when it came to my voice I think... read more »

You'll wanna crack every lock

30 May, 2021
Cool set, with lots of lock picking tools. You can choose from the many picks To get the job done right. Once you figure the best tool to open your clear lock.  You will wanna move on t... read more »

Amazon failed to deliver

30 May, 2021
Unfortunately amazon did not send me this item and refunded my money   thank you read more »

Wrong phone

14 May, 2021
I got this but for the wrong Soho e not sure if it fit I imagine so.  Awesome sauce read more »

Amazing sound quality

14 May, 2021
I've really enjoyed using these they stay in my ear and the sound is all around amazing.  I like the fast connection with my phone just open up the case.  I would have rather liked to do... read more »

Happy plants

14 May, 2021
A four headed lamp that can clip onto almost any table. My plants will really be loving this lamp come winter.  I like the movable four long led sticks. You can really spread the area o... read more »

Excellent thick jars

29 Apr, 2021
This is an great kit of four large thick glass jars. This kit came with extra rubber seals and labels that are reusable with the chalk pen. Air-tight flip top clear glass jars that are a perfect... read more »

Wifi Antenna

28 Jun, 2018
I was I need of some wifi extension. I was unable to get a good connection where I had to stay.  Using this device made all the difference and I was able to comfortably connect to the internet&nb... read more »

Action Camera

12 May, 2018
Cool camera box comes with a bunch of extra connection pieces to hold the camera.  I was thinking about making it into a dash can for the car come with the connectors to secure camera all already... read more »

Retro aviator sunglasses

08 Apr, 2018
Retro looking pair of glasses.  A nice tinit to the lens but not much that you cant see in the house or shade.  The seem to be well made and have stood up to a bit of abuse.  All around... read more »

Great hands-free bungee leash

02 Apr, 2018
Great to have on dogs walks.  The adjustable belt has a little bag that holds doggy bags with a star hole for easy access, a push lock to keep the belt closed.   position.  I the a... read more »

Burger press and grill mat

22 Mar, 2018
Great little no-stick burger and slider forming box.  Comes with a non-stick mat you can make your burgers on read more »

These are a great fit for I love the lens and pair of sunglass

04 Mar, 2018
These are a great fit for me.  They look durable and well made all-around. I love the lens in this brands sunglasses they really allow an easiness on your eyes in the day time. Comes with bag, cl... read more »

Really nice sunglasses

02 Mar, 2018
Comes in an aweome phone case that has a magnetic flap.  There is a keychain screwdriver tiny screw on flat and Phillip head.  Slikish pouch and cleaning cloth.    The disighn i... read more »

Easy to pack around conference mic

23 Feb, 2018
I was surprised how small it was, which I didn' find to be a bad thing for a person on the move this great for the pop up conference calls. read more »

Really nice sunglasses

23 Feb, 2018
Really like the design of the arms great pair of sunglasses come with a silk-ish pouch, key ring tool, len cleansing cloth and hard pouch for glasses read more »

Smart watch with camera.

22 Feb, 2018
My android phone did not like the apk you have to download.   read more »

2 ring phone holder

22 Feb, 2018
Nicely made, easily allow you to stand the phone up on it side.  The ring is movable but not flimsy.  I do believe I will drop my phone I whole lot less.  Comes with two rings and items... read more »

Lightweight Glossy Green Money Clip

18 Feb, 2018
Sharp looking money clip green design. Super lightweight and strong. read more »

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