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A good bracelet

12 Sep, 2018
Excellent protection from mosquitoes, soft and elastic material of the bracelet. We really liked this product. read more »

Bag for storing lunches.

29 Mar, 2018
This bag, an isolated package for lunch, I use to store food on a trip to go fishing. I put in this bag the products that I prepared at home for dinner and it does not cool down quickly and is stored... read more »

Manual set of coffee grinder.

26 Mar, 2018
A hand coffee grinder made of stainless steel looks beautiful in my kitchen, works no worse than electric. The coffee bean grinds quickly and qualitatively. I like. read more »

Automatic Shaker Mills with Ceramic Core.

26 Mar, 2018
The automatic shaker does quite well with its work, grinding quickly. I have a manual but an electric one better. I hope they will work long and will not quickly break down. read more »

A set of wine accessories.

26 Mar, 2018
I bought a set of wine accessories for a friend for a birthday and he is happy. He wanted to have such a set in the wine bar and now he will always remember me and invite me. read more »

Reflective Running Belt

25 Mar, 2018
Reflective belt is made of good quality material and sewn perfectly. In the summer it will be where to put the keys to the house, the phone and the necessary trivia. read more »

The bottle opening kit

25 Mar, 2018
The bottle opening kit will be an addition to my wine bar. Well everything works, easy to open. The kit is as in the photo from the seller. read more »

Non-Stick BBQ Grill Mats

25 Mar, 2018
Protective rugs for barbecue with non-stick coating has not yet used, I will give a gift to a friend and together we will see how this will work. read more »

Magnetic Detachable Zipper Case with Strap and Card Slot.

25 Mar, 2018
I like this purchase, a purse for the iPhone and many more departments for all sorts of trivia. Convenient and practical. read more »

Vehicle Led Bars for ATV 4x4

25 Mar, 2018
I liked this light bar. I will install on my SUV and I think it will help me to travel in the dark, get to the places of fishing. I hope will serve for a long time and will not break. read more »

Universal sun hat is excellent.

25 Mar, 2018
Universal sun hat, this is what my wife needs on a hot day in the sun in the garden, on the nature. This hat will protect well and will not interfere with reading or viewing video from the tablet. The... read more »

Headphones with radio.

20 Mar, 2018
I liked the headphones, sit perfectly on my head, good sound and nice design. Everything as stated by the seller, all the functions work, I really like. My recommendation. read more »

An excellent spoon.

20 Mar, 2018
An excellent spoon with teeth helps me and my family in the kitchen, if you need to get out of a big hot pot or from a high jar. read more »

Excellent fitness bracelet.

18 Mar, 2018
Multifunction outdoor fitness sport bracelet is a very handy thing, it is very roomy. For a long walk I do not want to take anything with me, so that my hands are free. All you need to take with you,... read more »

This scanner corresponds to the price, a set of functions.

17 Mar, 2018
The auto-diagnostic code scanner is well connected to the vehicle's on-board system. The connection time is quite short. I searched a lot for the scanner for car and engine diagnostics and many di... read more »

Pleasant device.

15 Mar, 2018
An external battery is suitable for many devices in my home. I charged the smartphone, iPhone, smart watches, bluetooth headphones and even a flashlight. Everything works fine and it suits me. The sha... read more »

Clever bracelet.

15 Mar, 2018
Fitness tracker is an excellent watch. I have a little extra weight and I will control sleep and walking with this device. I hope this clever bracelet will help me and will work for a long time. read more »

Fitness bracelet is beautiful and very light.

13 Mar, 2018
Fitness bracelet is beautiful and very light. You are unlikely to feel that you have something on your wrist. On the arm of his wife look elegant. There are so many different useful functions for such... read more »

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

11 Mar, 2018
I have been managing and repairing my car for many years and I know how it is necessary to have a small digital manometer in the garage. I have a pressure gauge on the compressor for pumping tires, bu... read more »

QWERTY keyboard.

07 Mar, 2018
This mini wireless QWERTY keyboard with backlighting, has 7 colors of backlighting, compact and made of quality material. The touchpad is built-in and highly sensitive. I use a keyboard with different... read more »

Boosts Mental Energy, Drive and Motivation

06 Mar, 2018
This nootropic additive helps me to accomplish the task. Definitely works. read more »

Omega 3 Fish Oil

03 Mar, 2018
An excellent product that provides all the necessary Omega-3 oils necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The product does not have the taste or smell of fish. Recommended. read more »

Unique formula for focus, energy and metabolism.

02 Mar, 2018
I started taking this supplement for 3 days and there is no change. Perhaps I am healthy and this supplement does not work for me for my thyroid gland. It helps my body, I became less tired. There are... read more »

Straps for the sports.

27 Feb, 2018
These sports belts are a great help to me, when I am dealing with iron, the ligaments on my hands start to hurt and I put on these straps. Belts for sports are made of good materials and I hope they w... read more »

Ozone generator.

26 Feb, 2018
This small ozone generator well ionizes the air and eliminates unpleasant odors and can be turned on even in the car via an adapter from a 12 volt network. I like him and I will use it. read more »

Men's sports jacket with a hood.

21 Feb, 2018
Men's sports jacket with a hood perfectly has suited me in size. I am going to take this with me on trips always, dressing for fishing and resting in the forest. When we will go out of town for a... read more »

I like.

20 Feb, 2018
These packing cubes help me to put things in order in my home things. This will be used differently and I will find many different uses for these bags. I like. read more »

Good results.

20 Feb, 2018
I highly recommend paneuromix. This is definitely the best nootropic I've tried, and I've used most of them. I also have a calming effect for me, helping me with mental stress. https://www.... read more »

manicure - pedicure system

16 Feb, 2018
The set for manicure perfectly suits my wife, take care of her nails, and this manicure - pedicure system. Packaging from the Amazon is good, the goods themselves did not damage the shipment. The qua... read more »

Large Capacity Picnic Bag.

14 Feb, 2018 A picnic bag is a necessary item for me and my family. In the summer we go on picnic or fishing, we take ready-made br... read more »

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

13 Feb, 2018
We have bluetooth speakers, but they are all usual desktop and are afraid of dampness, they can not be used in the bathroom or outdoors. This device, as declared by the seller and the manufacturer, do... read more »

Daily Pill Box Medication Reminder Timer

13 Feb, 2018
This device will help me on time to take daily vitamins. And if I get sick or someone from my family, it will help them too, to remind them that it is necessary to take pills. Excellent device. Packag... read more »

Ultrasonic repeller of pests.

10 Feb, 2018
Ultrasonic repeller of pests, electronic control of pests. I had mice in the garage and could not get rid of them. After I turned it on, I did not see the mice yet. By insects we will look in the summ... read more »

Wall-mounted filter head with massage.

05 Feb, 2018
The wall filter head shower with massage came to me quickly. Condition is good, packaging is in good condition. Everything corresponds to the description and photos. Everything suits me. read more »

Easy to use and enjoyable life.

05 Feb, 2018
This is a great pen, you can make a photo as a stick for a smartphone or how to pose in front of a tripod without holding a stick. Good quality of the product. Of what the stick is made I like. We wil... read more »

The mirror like.

02 Feb, 2018
A refreshing cosmetic mirror for beauty, my wife really enjoyed it. You can do makeup without using a large mirror. Use a mirror in any room where there are no mirrors. You can take with you on a trip... read more »

Bluetooth Headphones Sports

31 Jan, 2018
I need wireless headphones for sports, when I do not want to talk, just listen to music and train. I did not try to run with these headphones. The material from which the headphones are made is very h... read more »

Removable Rechargeable Battery Case for iphone 6 Plus / 6S Plus - Black

31 Jan, 2018
Invaluable in keeping a very long charge. Works great. Lasted a couple of days with lots of picture taking. No worries on loosing charge through long flights, layovers. Many movies. Really a must have... read more »

For Pistols.

31 Jan, 2018
Belt strap is made of quality neoprene material inside. It is necessary for the concealed transfer, the right or left hand gun holder. How to go on a hunt with friends I'll take with me.  ... read more »

Electric Toothbrush

31 Jan, 2018
Electric Toothbrush,  Rechargeable Electric toothbrush Sonic. Have been using it for a week now, I could say this electric toothbrush is worth of money. It can be recharged which saves money... read more »

Testosterone Booster

24 Jan, 2018
This I will try, while everything is fine. The result will be in the future. read more »


24 Jan, 2018
I have long wanted to buy such a thermometer. We often grill meat on the grill and now do not cut and look at the frying. Chicken in the oven, or lamb - everything will be ready, and beautiful. Quickl... read more »

Excellent device.

20 Jan, 2018
This one, Lobkin Bluetooth Selfie Stick, will replace the broken Selfie stick. Travel is an indispensable device. We shoot photos and videos for a family archive. I like. I recommend. read more »

Power for my gadgets.

20 Jan, 2018
I have bluetooth headphones through which I listen to music, but they are already old and the battery charge for a long time is not enough and one often has to turn on the headphones to charge in the... read more »

ACRATO Sport Water Bottle, 500ml.

15 Jan, 2018
This product is suitable for all who stroll in the park, go in for sports, walk in hot weather. Does not take up much space in the bag. A very necessary thing to quench your thirst. A bottle of water... read more »

PEROVAD Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank - classy.

15 Jan, 2018
PEROVAD Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank liked, high capacity 20000mah, Small size, nice when touching. How it will work, how many weeks, months or years. For a long time I wanted to buy such a device as... read more »

Good light.

30 Dec, 2017
I  have bought it for the walkway front door. Good light. I like economical, energy-saving and eco-friendly devices. This gives the normal lighting is not as big and bright as I thought, but it g... read more »

I like it, great.

30 Dec, 2017
I like it, It keeps track of your moisture, light and soil PH, everything is very important, because most of our plants are dry and not enough light. I am very pleased with this product. https://w... read more »

A cool backpack for traveling.

24 Dec, 2017
I liked the backpack right away, good quality, will last a long time. It is useful in my travels and trips, and also will suit my wife - it is universal. It is made of high quality polyester, does not... read more »

USB Car Charger with

24 Dec, 2017
I often go camping and fishing with friends and family, we go long and far and we need such a device to stay in touch and have the phone handy if necessary. It provides convenience for both the front... read more »

2 in 1 connector

24 Dec, 2017
CSHope USB-C to USB C and USB 2.0 2 in 1 Quick charger and data synchronization cable, maximum data transfer rate up to 5 Gb / s, free use and space saving. Cable at a glance good quality. Should wor... read more »

Soft cotton sports mat.

21 Dec, 2017
This mat can be used as a flooring for a hammock, or bed for meditation. It is very convenient to lie on the grass and sunbathe in the warm sun. You can also put it on an air mattress in a summer tent... read more »

Light Comfort

21 Dec, 2017
This is a very convenient thing for recreation outside the city, fishing, walks in the park, a country weekend outdoors. It is ideal for home when you have guests to spend the night. Also it can be a... read more »

Microphone for professional studio recording

20 Dec, 2017
When I bought a microphone, I still did not know exactly what I would do with it. I thought that maybe I'll record a video on YouTube or I'll sound something. And today I remembered about a fr... read more »

brush trainer

20 Dec, 2017
After an injury a few years ago, the right hand does not work well for me, I bought this simulator to develop a motor function. I hope this will help me. read more »

Great, for work.

19 Dec, 2017
USB C to HDMI VGA Adapter, Topoint USB Type C to HDMI 4K VGA Adaptor Converter for MacBook/MacBook Pro, Samsung S8/S8 Plus. Ok! I need USB adapter to work. Quality pleases me, recommendation.... read more »

For tourists and fishermen.

19 Dec, 2017
If you are going to the forest, to the lake, to the mountains, or to any other place where you need battery-powered lighting, there is simply an indispensable LED light bulb. Illuminates and burns. If... read more »

Bluetooth-гарнитура, Handsfree Wireless Bluetooth Earpieces

19 Dec, 2017
This product is an earpiece, a very necessary thing for me. Now my hands are free and I can talk on the phone, do my different things, run, play sports, walk, draw, write, repair home devices. This is... read more »

A magnifying glass is ideal for my hobby, repair of radio engineering.

18 Dec, 2017
Dear seller, that product, the magnifying glass that I bought from you perfectly, it helps me for  household chores, I can look at small details and inscriptions.  Thank you. Alex. #Ran... read more »

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