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single mom of two boy's one 28 the other 16. Now a grandmother of a brand new baby girl came to my thoroughly love of my life I love getting, testing and trying new products . I absolutely give my 100% honest opinion on all products. I've been with this group for a couple of years and it's my favorite group by far
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My Xmas pillow cases

29 Nov, 2022
I've gotten these before for different holidays. They put together well enough to withstand being used a few times over I've washed the sets that I've got before and I still fine the sewin... read more »

SOVSEFD 8 PCS 20 Gauge Stainless Steel Nose Rings Studs L Screw Shaped Screw

06 Nov, 2022
I love these nose rings I've gotten them a few times and I'm about to order them again they do tend to come out easy when you wash in your face and the tiny so you lose them so you tend to nee... read more »

LLAZEZZZ Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser 100ML

09 Jun, 2022
I'm not too thrilled with this I received it it was cracked I put water in it when I got it and that was like a week ago and I put the water in the oil in it and nothing comes out of it I don'... read more »

Qi charger

03 Mar, 2022
I bought this for a friend of mine on Valentine's Day cuz he mentioned it a few times that he wanted one and he absolutely loved it he says it's the best thing that he's ever gotten it'... read more »

Wireless self charging holder all in one

03 Mar, 2022
I bought this for myself I love them at first but can't seem to figure out how to work now like where the button is to turn them back on and where the button is to shut them off or turn them up ev... read more »

Shimmering staring wheel cover on

03 Mar, 2022
I bought this for my son's girlfriend for one of her Xmas gifts and she loved it was quite beautiful. So worth it. The quality was subperb &:worth the price #Viralix #Sponsor . read more »

Funny saying key chains

11 Feb, 2022
I bought several of these with different sayings from son's , brother's ,mother's, boyfriend's to Best friends & they all thought they were hilarious or caring,loving & meaning... read more »

Balls Balls Balls

27 Aug, 2021
These are beautiful although I got at a discounted rate,i think the reg price although a bit high it's worth it .. These are well made Beautifully executed in how the different design come togethe... read more »

Queen for a day

27 Aug, 2021
My Girlfriend loved this.. This was absolutely gorgeous it took everything in me to give it to her .. LOL!! So know I'll be buying myself one .. It's well made sparkles like no other & can... read more »


27 Aug, 2021
My son loved this it was one of his gifts for his 30th birthday.. Hasn't broken it yet + i 5hink out of everything he got this is his favorite. It's a beautiful piece and sufficient to do what... read more »

Wall tile

27 Aug, 2021
Wasn't impressed it looks a total different color then I thought to be ..Plus u would have to buy a few packages to just due a slash guard if u wanted it done right. I'm sure someone else woul... read more »

My trip of earrings

11 Jul, 2021
Wasn't happy when I I got these because the main earring I wanted was the one with the diamonds the long one and it was broken when I got it the other earrings were okay.. I've given a lot of... read more »

Mom's day necklace

11 Jul, 2021
I got this for my daughter-in-law from her daughter who is only a year old for mother's Day it was just kind of like a cracker Jack necklace when I got it I thought it was going to be more sterlin... read more »

My kickboxing bag

10 Jul, 2021
I just turned 51 and have decided im not letting menopause & covid 19 dictate my weight so I bought this and a pair of kickboxing gloves and set off on my new daily workout . I do wish this stayed... read more »

Shower curtain tension rod

08 Jul, 2021
Tension rod is beautiful it was well worth the price it fit perfectly it holds perfectly it's everything that I would hope it would be has yet to fade rust and has been up quite a while that's... read more »

My mini lights

08 Jul, 2021
These lights are so what I thought they wouldn't be there perfect they're beautiful they're bright they go from them to medium to light they fit perfectly on my end tables and my power I w... read more »

Pandora look A like

12 Jun, 2021
I bought this for my girlfriend because she had three times that her mother left her on a necklace that broke so I wanted to get her the same quality and type but I you know the Pandora is so expensiv... read more »

Handheld Sealer With switch and rechargeable function,Suitable for Chip Bags Plastic Food Storage Bags Snack & Cereal Bags-black

04 Mar, 2021
#VeraZhang #Vidal is  #Sponsored. I love this little gadget. It is rechargeable & Magnetic so u can hang it on the refrigerator for the whole family to get at to use. This was a game changer... read more »


13 Jan, 2021
This is super sexy I did have to have it fit perfectly it's a perfect night out dancing outfit or a sexy date night outfit . It was so worth the money . Ive already bragged to a few Girl... read more »

Kids4ever Baby Girl 2 Pieces Romper Headband Long Sleeve Onesie Unicorn Ruffle Sleeve Bodysuit

13 Jan, 2021
I got this for my granddaughter she's 7months + lives in Florida so it was a perfect gift for her seeing she lives in warmer climate. She looked adorable in it. It fit her perfectly. The quality w... read more »

Womens Stainless Steel Stud Earrings Set Hypoallergenic Pierced Cubic Zirconia 6 Pairs 3-8mm

13 Jan, 2021
These are a great deal . They are beautiful & I kept the tree smaller sizes & gave my brother the 3 bigger sizes . They are great quality & highly recommend.. #UHIBROS #Viralax #Sponsorshi... read more »

Art Typographic Design Canvas Prints | Set of Three Pcs (Unframed) Size 12x16 | Modern Classical Quotes Fashionable Design Great Art Gift for Decor

07 Dec, 2020
I really have to read details better before I order I thought I ordered framed pictures but they are just the print NOT FRAMED. . But the prints themselves I am really pleased with they are exactly as... read more »

DOTKV Galaxy Rose Glass Rose Flower Forever Rose 24k Blue Rose

07 Dec, 2020
This is really beautiful.. It looks quite dainty but is very durable .  U can choose the color of rose u want & u have to adjust the fiery lights once u get it . This makes A great gift even... read more »

Letter printed throws

07 Dec, 2020
I was really disappointed to see how small this was otherwise  it is a really nice sentimental keep sake .  U can actually get a bigger size I didn't realize that the one I got was... read more »

2020] New Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headsets, IPX7 Waterproof 100H

22 Nov, 2020
I NEVER RECEIVED THESE .. They say they were delivered and a picture was added to prove delivery but I NEVER RECEIVED them.. I mean. Amazon NEVER or there delivery companies NEVER Follow my instructio... read more »

VantInter S2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

29 Apr, 2020
This is the cutest little speaker bar in the scene it looks like an old times you've blocked and is as loud as any top speaker I've heard in a long time especially coming from a small when I s... read more »

Cancun caciao body bronzer

29 Apr, 2020
This works instantly . You have  to let it dry really well because it does go on clothes & if you hug somebody it does go on them you have to be very careful with this stuff.. This looks beau... read more »

Ice cube trays

15 Sep, 2019
These are super cool.  They only make 4 ice cubes but one is enough to get a class of any beverege cold . I love different things and this is different . I highly recommend. @RankBoosterReview i#... read more »

Pattened Dress

02 Sep, 2019
Had to send mine back it was way to big I normally would get a med in a dress and this dress I could've used a small if not smaller . Wasn't happy with the quality of the dress either felt &am... read more »

Bottle opener

24 Aug, 2019
I love this.. It's the perfect tool for me. I had surgery on both my hands for carpel tunnel and since then I have lost a lot of strength in them. This tool makes it so much easier to open small j... read more »

kirken Women Sexy Lingerie Lace See-Through 2 Pieces Babydoll Mini Dress and G-String

24 Aug, 2019
It's super cute but very flimsy.. I will have to be very careful with this little outfit. Looks so sexy on my BF Is going to love it. #RANKBOOSTER #sponsored #Kirken read more »

Dog leash

02 Aug, 2019
Very sturdy well made.. It comes with a doggie poop holder and bags. The only bad thing is the leash is rather short. If it had been longer it would be perfect  read more »

TEEMI-Long Wavy Curly Wig Synthetic Wig for Women Natural as Real H

19 Jul, 2019
I love these wigs they look natural I could actually wear them out and no one would even know it wasn't my hair is very sexy soft to the touch. A quality is excellent if you take care of them they... read more »

Jabees True Wireless Earbuds, Beez Waterproof Bluetooth Earphones,Premium Bass Stereo in-Ear Earphones W/mic, Charging Case for Headsets Included

19 Jul, 2019
When I received these they worked great the first time I use them they connected easily image of a constable and the sound was amazing the second time I put them in I could not connect each to each ot... read more »

InGwest Home - New Year Pig Coffee Mug. Pig on the Beach Mug! Changing Color Mug. Heat Sensitive Mug

17 Jul, 2019
This is a wicked cool cup it turns to a different picture and color when hot and when cold. I love it. Makes a great gift and there are different ones to choose from. I highly recommend. #RankBoosterR... read more »

TEEMI- Long Bouncy Soft Matte As Real Hair Platinum Light Blonde Costume Wigs for Women Girls

17 Jul, 2019
I love this wig it looks so great on. The quality is outstanding and is so authentic I can wear it outside without feeling like u have a costume wig on. It's so natural looking it looks like my ow... read more »

Migargle Professional Steel Tip Darts Set + 12 Dart Shafts Aluminum 2 Sizes + 6 Brass Barrels 26 Grams + 12 Flights + 4 Style Flights + Darts Sharpener +Darts Tool and Case

04 May, 2019
These are sharp & very professional looking.. It comes with everything u need besides the Dart board. I bought them for a birthday gift for my son and he loved them. They are very high quality. I... read more »

9X6.7X0.8in, Cool Soft Night Light and Cute Decor for Hall Lighting, Living Room, Bedroom, Kids Room, corridors Exhibition Halls, Hotel Lobby (Eiffel Tower)

04 May, 2019
I love this it is super cute. I love everything about Paris so this was the perfect theme for me the Eiffel Tower. It's just enough light to leave on for a night lite and super attractive. I have... read more »

Pevor Wired in-Ear Earbuds Sports Earphones Bass

04 May, 2019
These are really nice. The sound quality is crisp and very clear. They are water resistant and have a mic with noise cancelation and come in different colors I got red. I will be buying another pair f... read more »

Vibrator Gspot Dildo for Women Intense Frequent Orgasms,Adult Sex Toy for Solo Couple Relaxing and Flirting,7 Modes and 107.6°F Heated for Realistic Clitoris Vaginal Stimulation,Wand Massage Stick

14 Jan, 2019
My God tis Is to die for. Me and my husband really enjoyed tryimj this out its multiple speeds and dual ends we played all night. It's a well structured device had me in heaven  #RANKBOOSTER... read more »

Miss-Loly Women Sexy Off Shoulder Low-Cut Backless Bandage Bodycon Clubwear Mini Club Evening Party Dress

14 Jan, 2019
This is a beautiful dress. I am pleasantly surprised how well mad this garment is. It's looks like it's a sweater like dress but it's more a rayon material it's silky feel & like a... read more »

KHUFUZI Women's Sexy Mesh Lace Thong Low Rise G-String Underwear

12 Jan, 2019
These were soooo cute and fit perfect. I was surprised at the quality of them. They are the deal Ladies & Gents don't pass these by  . #BLOGBOOSTER read more »

Summer short sl Eanklosco Womens Summer Short Sleeve Cold Shoulder Tops V Neck Basic T Shirts

07 Jan, 2019
My shirt was delivered quickly. It is a silky material it fits well and is very soft to the touch. It looks beautiful on I would love to get in every color. I recommend this shirt #BLOGBOOSTER  read more »

My nightie he likes naughty

26 Dec, 2018
I was so impressed with how well this was made. Not usually the case with such skimpy items but this was, not only well made but quit beautiful. My Husband lived it. I will be ordering more from this... read more »

Not just ur kids piggy bank anymore

09 Nov, 2018
I love my new piggy bank.. It's sturdy & adds every coin u add into it . Im hoping my new piggybank with the coins I add into it gets me to Paris.. LOL!! I Highly recommend this for any kid or... read more »

I never received these. I contacted company about it.

09 Nov, 2018
I never received these.. I wish I had was looking forward to see how well they worked  read more »

My Big Guy

08 Oct, 2018
I really enjoyed this dildo. It was fun to experiment in different spots because the suction cup let me place it in many different areas of my home  It came in a lovely pink case and also came wi... read more »


14 May, 2018
It is silky smooth and a little bit goes a long way. The only this is I got a rash not happy think I was allergic..  read more »

Shower Curtain Mildew Resistant

07 Nov, 2017
This is a beautiful cloth curtain. It's sturdy & well made. It's a 12 hook hole and comes with the curtain rods that match. I am very happy with this order and highly recommend.  read more »

Micogo Thigh Toner

19 Sep, 2017
It's very sturdy & well made I think. It came with different ways to use it BUT they where in & on the box it came in so if u wanted to keep them as I did I had to cut them out of the box.... read more »

Housmile 300ml Wood Grain Essential Oil Diffuser, Ultrasonic Aroma Cool Mist Humidifier

28 Aug, 2017
Best purchase ever! Great price for a great product. So easy to use, great colors, nice water capacity and overall a great product. So impressed! I Love this diffuser!! This is one of my favorite purc... read more »

LED Glow light

28 Aug, 2017
This light is great you can change the colors and rhythm of the light. It's perfect as a night light for any room . I would highly recommend this product. Just remember it's a light not Diffus... read more »

Forehead thermometer

28 Aug, 2017
Absolutely love this. I have a son who is in the medical field and he thinks this is a great tool for new Mommy's and Daddy's. I have used multiple thermometers at home have raising 2 children... read more »

Men's leather id protecter

28 Aug, 2017
I was very happy with this purchase. Its a nice looking man's real leather wallet. It's very sturdy and not only will it hold my money and credit cards it protects my credit cards with the RFI... read more »

Cellphone Ring

15 Aug, 2017
For something so small and dainty looking it's very sturdy. The only thing is if u have a kickstand cover or anything but flat you can't use. I do wish they made them attached to cases.  read more »

CRDC Life USB Charging Double-ended Heating AV Vibrator Powerful 7-Frequency Wand Massager for Women Purple

15 Aug, 2017
his is a new one for me it actually supposed to warm up imagine the warming Lubricant and this woot woot!! No this doesn't even warm up as warm as the Lubricant. This Vibrator totally killed it fo... read more »

EBL AAA Rechargeable Batteries 1000mAh Deep Cycle New Rainbow Ni-MH Battery, Pack of 10

15 Aug, 2017
I Love that these Rechargeable batteries. I love the fun colors of the batteries. I love not having tons of disposable batteries laying around. Or having g a good place to keep my rechargeable batteri... read more »

Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses, 12 oz Shatterproof cups

09 Aug, 2017
These are greay fir thev beach,ir pool side.  where bottles u wouldnt want glass.These are perfect for entertaining even when you cannot have the luxury of real stemware.The silicone glasses are... read more »

Platinum Zirconia earrings

09 Aug, 2017
This are a lot bigger than they look in the pictures. They're very bright and the dunes have great clarity. They're so beautiful, But too big for my taste. But they are perfect for men whom ha... read more »

KIDSFUN Penguin Trap Ice breaker Kids Puzzle Table

09 Aug, 2017
A fun game for the kids. (Its like break the ice)  if u are my age you'll remember my reference. I purchased this to keep for a friends granddaughter and she loved it. There are a lot of smal... read more »

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