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Nov, 2016

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i'm just a quirky mother trapped in the burbs trying new things out in my own way. i am makeup artist/fashion stylist that has a huge adoration for food. i grew up in my parents restaurants, so i have a lot of my chef-dad's know-how instilled in me and love for cooking and all things to do with the kitchen. i have been focusing on food writing the past few months in homage to my parents and cultures!
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so cute

18 Oct, 2017
This is such a cute pillow. Conveniently snaps closed so you can attach it to your backpack or travel carry on bag. I have placed this in my car and my girls will be using this for a long car trip... read more »


18 Oct, 2017
This is a necessity in this day and age! Adapter fits well on every cord I have applied it to. Plugs in perfectly to the phone jack and charges the same as all of our chargers that don't have the... read more »

Great for beginners

18 Oct, 2017
My nine year old is just getting into skate boarding and this set is ideal for her PLUS it is pink! The quality is just okay but good considering the price of the merchandise, it's a good item.... read more »

Smells good!

18 Oct, 2017
I used this on my husband's feet and it worked pretty well! The excess dead skin and calluses loosed up and came off over three days after the the initial use of the foot treatment.  Defin... read more »

Delayed action

18 Oct, 2017
I used the product and it made my feet itch but that made me think that the product is working. It didn't work immediately, although I was seeing results a couple days later. Don't wear san... read more »

Great size!

18 Oct, 2017
Great size for adults and children. I like that it has a little pouch inside to keep the moisture and smell at bay. The bag has a really good zipper that is the kind that doesn't snag the fabric o... read more »

Good lighting

18 Oct, 2017
I put one of these lights in my kids rooms as a night light. It has a nice glow and is not obnoxiously bright.    I DO however, plan on using the second light for our tent when we star... read more »

Great sound!

18 Oct, 2017
This pairs super easy to my phone and computer! I was able to use it right away and was very pleased with the sound quality. My tween really wants to me to give it to her... I may just purchase ano... read more »

Love this so much- buying another!

18 Oct, 2017
Hello zipper! I am so happy that this has a zipper instead of buttons or hooks like other duvet covers that I own. I initially laundered it and then I put it on my little girl's bed, that happens... read more »

Absolutely stunning!

18 Oct, 2017
Quilty/comforter has a nice weight, feel and has a look and feel of velveteen. The quilty is nice and large and hangs over the sides of the bed really well so it is nice and decorative and livens the... read more »

Great big numbers!

18 Oct, 2017
This is a great timer with a magnetic backing. I keep it on my fridge and use it for multiple uses, like on the weekend to time the quarters on soccer games for my kids.  Easy to operate once... read more »

Ideal for use in the car

18 Oct, 2017
This is very easy to use, plugs in very easily to the phone jack and charges very quickly. I like that it is coiled and for me, it is ideal for use in my car! The price is excellent for the deliver... read more »

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