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Lost in transit

07 Dec, 2019
Unfortunately this package was lost by amazon logistics and I never recieved it  read more »

Salon quality

22 Nov, 2019
I use these inbetween salon dermaplaning appointments, they are very precise and sharp, photo attached is all the vellus hair removed in one session read more »

Quick charge

22 Nov, 2019
I have used alot of different portable chargers as we play Pokemon go and it uses alot of the battery life in the phone, this charger fully charged my phone twice highly recommend these  read more »

So much choice

18 Aug, 2018
These pots of glitter are amazing such a good choice of colours which makes everyone happy. The glitter is easy to apply and stays well on the hair and face this has been a massive hit at the summe... read more »


18 Aug, 2018
Absolutely gorgeous tea light holders, give off a nice pinky peachy hue when lit, each holder is unique and different from everyside and are very eye catching, I absolutly love the Himalayan rock salt... read more »

Small but heavy

15 Aug, 2018
Gives off a beautiful pinky/orange hue that warms the room up will be a few weeks before I start to see the health benefits of the salt lamp but having owned one before I know it will help my asthma&n... read more »

perfect for my bath bombs

15 Aug, 2018
These balls are ideal for making my homemade bath bombs we sell at the Christmas market at school to raise funds, the 2 sides clip together perfectly and create a seal and with the balls being see thr... read more »

Brilliant costume

15 Aug, 2018
My daughter loves this costume it's fun and unique and always makes people laugh and smile when they see her "riding" on a unicorn. The costume comes up small on her legs she is 10 bu... read more »

Easy to use great sound quality

29 Jul, 2018
Great quality headphones the sound quality is amazing crystal clear, the pattern is fun the ear pieces are so soft like having 2 marshmallows on my ears. The instructions are clear and easy to follow... read more »

Handy and compact

29 Jul, 2018
So handy, practical and light. Honestly made my life much easier as I don’t have to lug 100ml bottles of perfume around anymore. Also you can open these portable bottles up once perfume finished... read more »

The lights are not too bright

28 Jan, 2018
This light up mirror is brilliant my friends and I use it all the time the lights are bright enough to illuminate the face but not blind you, have had so many people ask where I got it from  read more »

Very robust

23 Nov, 2017
Heavy duty case sits great on my phone doesn' slip at all  read more »

Great addition to our caravan

23 Nov, 2017
Lovely wee speaker sits nicely on the shelf of the caravan, music is crystal clear and is loud enough for us to enjoy and for the neighbours not to hear and complain. Simple to use and connect to our... read more »


23 Nov, 2017
Purchased as a stress reliever for my son, he is autistic and fidgets when stressed or anxious the fidget spinners tend to distract him but this is a nice light alternative, he loves sitting pushing a... read more »

Works perfectly

08 Nov, 2017
Love having both remotes charging at the same time and not cluttering up the coffee table, unit sits neatly next to the ps4 glows when controller is plugged in to charge works like a dream, have put p... read more »

Great light

31 Oct, 2017
Lovely little light easy to clip to my phone and the light is not too bright and is easy to control and switch between light functions  read more »

So pretty

29 Oct, 2017
Everyone loves this light it's so pretty and simple to use, even better that it can be run off batteries so can be placed anywhere  read more »

great set

25 Oct, 2017
It's easy too use! Great relaxer! Love that there are 3 in box! read more »

easy to use

25 Oct, 2017
It's easy too use! Great relaxer! Love that there are 3 in box! read more »

Interesting thing

25 Oct, 2017
My kids are obsessed with fidget spinners so when I saw this I knew they would love it and I was right, straight away playing with it, its also doubles as a stand so they can prop their phones up and... read more »

Hard wearing

22 Oct, 2017
Hard wearing case fits so nicely  read more »

High quality

21 Oct, 2017
The cups are very firm and take a few times so get the right of suction, found it easier to use with massage oil  read more »

Really pretty and fits well

21 Oct, 2017
A really pretty phone case it fits on the phone nicely and looks lovely  read more »

So much fun

19 Oct, 2017
This light is so easy to use and install, I have mine in my kitchen set up for any spontaneous dance parties we might have read more »

Fits well

16 Oct, 2017
I love these cases so pretty and sparkly and protect the phone  read more »

Works great

16 Oct, 2017
Great powder bit messy but works a treat  read more »

Small it very useful

15 Oct, 2017
The ear piece is really small but works like I'm holding my phone in my hand, it doesn't echo and easily switches between music and calls read more »

Pretty case

09 Sep, 2017
Very pretty case fits the phone snug and is a cute case  read more »

Pretty case

09 Sep, 2017
Sturdy and fully functional case it's such good quality for the price and it's so pretty and sparkly it's hard to find pretty and practical phone cases but this one nails it  read more »

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