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Dec, 2016

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Hello, I work for a local non profit agency. I enjoy trying new items that I would not have normal tried...if I had to pay full price.
I love to work on craft projects when I am not spending time with family and friends.
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Nice set of four

04 Apr, 2019
I am so excited to get these Poualss Leather Craft Tool. I wanted to order a set of punch tools last year but didn’t get around to. I am happy that I now have this set. These leather hole punche... read more »

did not work

30 Dec, 2018
I was very dissapointed that these headphones did not work. I attempted to use them in three different I Phones. Just didnt work read more »

Great for night time riding

30 Dec, 2018
This bike wheel light was very easy to install. I gave this as a gift for someone who has to ride at night. They said that it has helped drivers to see them.   #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored... read more »

Fun to play with the light

27 Sep, 2018
I love how bright this black light is. I was able to find stains on my carpet that I never know were there. This flashlight takes three AA batteries; making it easy to take traveling with you with no... read more »

Looks beautiful

04 Sep, 2018
This glass oil diffuser is gorgeous; this diffuser has seven different colored lights. It comes with an automatic shut off; so you never have to worry about it running out of water. It also has two wo... read more »

Loving the little brush

27 Aug, 2018
  Please tell me who does not need colored pencils. This marvelous set even came with a paint brush to be able to blend colors. As you can see from the photos below how bright the colors are.... read more »

Love having refills

27 Aug, 2018
    Coloring myself silly… This great gel pens comes with 100 refills. I don’t think I could use these pens up in a year. The folding design worked impressively to fit into m... read more »

I need more of these in my life

27 Aug, 2018
I can’t wait for my friend to open this gift. But I had to open it first. I may just have to keep this for myself. I love all the colors that it changes to. The handy remote puts all the colors... read more »

No more bugs

19 Jul, 2018
    I like that these bug killers (I got the two pack) can be charged with just a USB, (the cord in included). I have had other bug zappers that leave you feeling that bug parts are fl... read more »


19 May, 2018
  I love that I no longer have to worry when my cell phone is getting low. This charger is great, and I just set my phone on top to charge. I am so glad that I went ahead and ordered it. I hav... read more »

So much fun packed in a little bottle

19 May, 2018
I am so excited for summer to get here. I ordered the water beads to use with summer crafts with children. This package has 40000 little beads that expand once you place them in water. They are non-to... read more »

Can't wait to get these installed

27 Apr, 2018
I was very happy when I opened the box. These headlights appear to be better then the ones I just paid $75.00 for. I like that I can choose to apply the film to change the color.  read more »

Nice clear lines

27 Apr, 2018
I really like how these pens don't bleed through the other page.  They color a nice smooth line. I will be ordering them again. They also come in a nice case.  read more »

Great gift for my teenager

15 Mar, 2018
I ordered this rechargeable toothbrush for a gift for a family member; that we go round and around about how long they brush their teeth. I really like that this toothbrush has a two minute timer. End... read more »

Love my 12 hour battery life

23 Feb, 2018
I am very impressed with these Bluetooth headphones. I am the first to admit that I am very hard on my headphones. I have been using them daily for a month now. They have a nice retractable earbuds; a... read more »

Love how my skin feels

01 Jan, 2018
The power of the vacuum extractor was so surprising. My face is starting to look so much better. I love that I am able to extract the black heads without having to pinch my skin and do damage. It is e... read more »

Every color in the rainbow

01 Jan, 2018
As you can see from the photo below how thin of a line these pens write… and the wide swish from the brush tip. I am looking forward to playing more with these pens this summer. The case they c... read more »

Love the look of a candle inside

01 Jan, 2018
I Love my new solar light, love the way the light flickers. It gives the light the look of having a candle inside. It was so easy to set up in the yard. You will not be disappointed when you order thi... read more »

Happy giraffe owner

15 Dec, 2017
I am giving this a four star review as I have had it out of the box and the fold in the middle from shipping is still deformed. With that being said I love my happy giraffes. I get a smile on my face... read more »

Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

15 Dec, 2017
I have had a love hate relationship with my cold brew coffee. I have tried many different types of systems…yet I am left feeling disappointed. Well no more. It was so nice to use my new Cold Br... read more »

Nice table

30 Nov, 2017 would have been a great table, but it was broken when it got to me. This is why I am only giving it a four star review. I contacted the... read more »

Great gift for the love in your life

21 Nov, 2017
#RankBoosterReview#BonitaJewelry#MelanieKay#Sparkling#ChristmasGiftForMe#InLoveWithDesign#JewelySet#Discount I wish you could see how the light catches the sparkle in these lovely gems playing off... read more »

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