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08 Oct, 2019
Bought for Christmas for daughter so haven't opened it. But they look nice and hopefully they hold up.  read more »


08 Oct, 2019
Smelled awful when opened so definitely do it outside. But we got 6 pearls out of it and 1 was even an om re lavender color (beautiful!) Definitely worth it!    #RankBooster #Sponsored... read more »


07 Sep, 2019
I got this for my daughter for Christmas. Came in early but not sure how it will do. I'll update review in few months when we see how it stays.  #RankBooster #Sponsored #XioNiu read more »


01 Sep, 2019
I really like this charm bracelet. It has lots of charms (some kinda hard to see what they are but that may just me lol). I'm sure my daughter will love it!    #RankBoosterReview #... read more »


29 Aug, 2019
Cute but like most soft books for babies. I got it for my granddaughters so I'm sure they will love it.    #BlogBoosterReview #Sponsored #Kirken read more »

Never received

29 Aug, 2019
Altho I did receive email from vendor stating that he spoke with post office and package was lost in mail. Disappointed because I really wanted this shirt. I'll update if it shows. ** Update he... read more »


28 Aug, 2019
This is so cute!! The telephone part comes off so kids can pretend to make calls, the rotary dial turns and there is a string in the back that if pulled will have the phone "drive" away. My... read more »


24 Aug, 2019
This set is so cute! The color of stones are extremely pretty turquoise. Just like the picture.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Marris read more »


22 Aug, 2019
Really cute and dainty. Only reason gave 4 stars is because not sure if chain will turn or not. Looks like it might but would easily be fixed with clear nail polish. Other than that it's pretty mu... read more »


20 Aug, 2019
Cute but no support. I'm 36D. I can wear over regular bra to hide straps but can't wear it alone.  #RankBoosterReview #Sponsered #Gonikm read more »


11 Aug, 2019
I got 2. One for my husband and one for my son in law. I LOVE this! It comes with everything you could possibly need all in one neat little case!! I wish I had gotten one for myself to keep in car or... read more »


09 Aug, 2019
My husband and I love these types of things. These have real weight to them and don't feel cheap at all. They are exactly like the picture! I can't wait to wear them!!   #RankBooste... read more »


09 Aug, 2019
This necklace is so beautiful! It is 92.5 silver. Looks great on! And could even use charm on any size necklace and it would look great!   #RankBoosterReviee ii #Sponsored iii #GAGAFEEL read more »

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